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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter May 2013


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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter May 2013

  1. 1. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra May 2013 Newsletter
  2. 2. Highlights • Management Speak • New Broker Associates • Online Training • BO & BA SPEAKS • Events and Seminars • Broker Office Activities • Power of iConnect • Awards @ RRR 4
  3. 3. Management Speak Dear Affiliates, The hottest month of the year, at least for the western region of India, is not the hottest month for property transaction. A lot of people are on vacation and roads in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad have visibly less traffic. In the army there is a saying, „The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war‟. What better month than the month of May to implement this saying? RE/MAX MGM was not on vacation and continued work as usual. We participated in Mumbai FRO (franchise show), had wonderful training sessions and continued building the brand in the MGM region, slowly and steadily. We have been investing in building relationships and are getting fantabulous results. I would like to mention that RE/MAX International is taking a keen interest in developing RE/MAX MGM and we are motivated to perform even better now. Under their able guidance we have been able to survive the varied challenges that have come our way till date. Manan Choksi Regional Director RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  4. 4. • RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra registered 7new agents in the month of MAY2013. • RE/MAX MGM congratulates all these Broker Associates for joining RE/MAX and wishes them all the best. RE/MAX Metro Sunny Chawla RE/MAX Metro Jayendra Dhanak RE/MAX Metro Jigar Pandya RE/MAX Metro Rajesh Mehta RE/MAX Advantage Sanjay Khangale RE/MAX Advantage Mukesh Patel RE/MAX Revolution Rajan Talati
  5. 5. Date Session Name 1-5-2013 Working with Sellers 8-5-2013 Design Center 15-5-2013 Working with sellers – 2 22-5-2013 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Brokers 29-5-2013 Working with FSBO, Past Clients, Expired Listings
  6. 6. BO SPEAKS: Nishant Makhija– Broker Owner RE/MAX Real Estate Service, Ahmedabad Question: How good is residential Real Estate for investment today? Residential Investment depends on Location the most, in a good location a good residential project with a well-known builder is always good taking the price into consideration. The Residential market in Ahmedabad is always good because of the migrating population that is coming from other cities and states are settling in Ahmedabad. The Infrastructure, town planning, metro rail project, BRTS project, all these facilities do attract the investors to invest in Ahmedabad for their residential needs and also for long term investment purpose. The Residential prices in Ahmedabad are still way more cheaper than in other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune, which is also one more reason that one should invest in Residential projects in Ahmedabad. And last but not the least the stable government is also the big reason one would get attracted to the investments in Ahmedabad.
  7. 7. Bijal Machado, Broker Associate RE/MAX RONISUN REALTY, PUNE What type of training you expect for agents? Real estate training is imperative though it helps to generate more business for real estate agents. Whether you are a new or experienced agent training plays an important role to generate a larger degree of success in your business. Training is an important aspect of the realty business. Firstly the training should be knowledge based as information in the realty business is changing so quickly sometimes one feels we cannot keep pace with the ever evolving market. Also as Realty Agents I feel it is necessary to be certified as it gives us more credibility, so some kind of a Certified Exam should be made compulsory. Training comprises every phase of an Agent's business to boost sales production numbers and reduce both the costs financial and time. Also an aspect of Training that is a must in India is personality development which would aid the Agents in dealing and understanding their customers better giving them more confidence. BA SPEAKS:
  8. 8. China, as you may be aware, is the world's factory. Most of the products used by the people in the world are Chinese. Be it electronics, toys, clothes, accessories, appliances, furniture or such other articles, one is sure to find a „Made in China‟ tag attached. What is the success mantra of China? The major contributor to China's growth is the formation of 4 SEZs (Special Economic Zone) in 1979. These SEZ are focused on providing comprehensive services needed by industries so that the cost of production remains most economical. For example if there is a textile SEZ, it would have the following: Business model of RE/MAX :
  9. 9. • Dyes and Chemical plant which can supply to all plants • Affluent management • Captive power plant • Raw Textile manufacturers • Processing house • Manpower training • Stitching factory • Export quality check • Legal and compliance consultants • Banks and health care facilities • In this way the group of industries work in a collaborative way to make the cheapest products, in the quickest time and on a large scale. The products are so competitive that most of the countries in the world have stopped their manufacturing units altogether and removed import duties for products from China.
  10. 10. • Lessons for a normal broker from China’s success story A broker‟s business needs a lot of common services. Let us scrutinize each service separately.
  11. 11. • Office space. Now if 50 brokers in a city individually have 200 sq feet office, they would occupy about 10,000 sq feet in total. Then to look better than each other, successful brokers will start looking for bigger offices so net effect would be about a 1,00,000 sq feet of office space. The cost of real estate increases when the customer doesn't get any value for dealing with a broker who has a bigger office space. So the RE/MAX Business model is all about sharing office space. So if 5 big offices have 10 brokers each sharing desk space, the total office space occupied will be around 5,000 sq feet and the overall cost of running the entire office will be drastically low. The overheads like electricity, administration and other common services reduce which saves a broker a lot of money each month.
  12. 12. • Technology. It is a lateral need of any broker. The cost pattern of technology is such that it has a high fixed cost and very nominal variable costs. So if brokers share the same technology platform it is cheaper. Right now most of the brokers use portals. The portals charge per listing per month for each individual broker ID. Therefore if a broker has 10 employees, each need a separate ID and they cannot have the benefit of bulk pricing. RE/MAX technology has fixed monthly charges. A broker gets to upload unlimited properties for an unlimited period on to the RE/MAX portal. Also each broker gets an ID and hence there is no need of ID per office. •
  13. 13. • Branding. Then there is a need to have a brand image and each individual broker has to build one. If a small broker starts his business today and tries to build brand image by giving small display advertisements then the first person to earn out of it would be the media house. It takes years to build a recognisable brand and also a lot of investment. RE/MAX on the other hand offers a common brand and when any of the broker advertises, it slowly and steadily builds the brand and all brokers gain from it. •
  14. 14. • Training. It is an important need for brokers as in today's economy, a well-trained person always earns more than an untrained one. Brokers individually do not know where to get trained from as there are no formal training programs for real estate brokers. However, RE/MAX has the most comprehensive training program in the real estate broking industry. The training programs solely focus on increasing the real estate business and its measure of success is growth of agent productivity.
  15. 15. • Networking. The last need of a broker which is addressed by cooperation is establishment of a network. As brokers deal with unique properties, to find a matching buyer or seller would require to get connected with a lot of buyers and sellers. A network of brokers helps in accessing a lot of buyer seller requirements. RE/MAX is one such network. Due to its model of large broker offices with a lot of agents in one office there is a lot of networking amongst agents. • SEZ has changed the way manufacturing is done across the world and the RE/MAX franchise model is about to change how real estate broking is done worldwide. Just a matter of time when brokers realise that the benefit of joining hands has more advantages that one realizes.
  16. 16. • RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO 2013 in Mumbai RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO 2013 at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai on 18th and 19th May 2013 and generated good number of inquiries. More than 500 people visited RE/MAX stall in 2 days. Regional Owner MR. Manan Choksi, Regional Manager Mr. Sahil Shah along with 4 other sales coordinators participated in the FRO and spread the RE/MAX philosophy amongst the visitors. The 61st FRO 2013 provided a direct opportunity to the investors and principals to come face to face and interact freely.
  17. 17. • With gold prices currently on the descent, many investors are asking themselves if residential real estate prices will follow. • Gold and real estate are the two primary investment routes for retail investors in India. So this is definitely a valid question to ask. The performance of residential real estate as an asset class is doubtlessly dependent on the macro-economic factors that also dictate the performance of other asset classes, including gold. Nevertheless, the correlation between gold and real estate prices is not as distinct as one may at first assume. • When it comes to opportunistic trading, gold is doubtlessly a far more suitable asset class – not least of all because one can purchase it in small or large amounts and liquefy it quickly. • Ultimately, it is demand from end-users that dictates investors‟ appetite for residential property. With gold sinking, how good is property for investment today?
  18. 18. • There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the viability of residential real estate as an asset class for investment. Different investors have different levels of expertise, experience, market knowledge and risk appetites when it comes to different asset classes. Those with insufficient expertise in stock trading are not likely to see satisfactory ROI from their activities on the stock market. Likewise, investors who lack the requisite knowledge and research to make winning real estate investment decisions will not meet with much success in this vertical. Real Estate investors who have sufficient market knowledge or work with experienced real estate consultants will not fail to see lucrative returns on their investments. • Three parameters for successful investment in any asset class are when to invest, how much to invest and when to exit. In real estate, three additional variables are where to invest, into which size and configuration, and in which location. How Good Is Residential Real Estate For Investment Today?
  19. 19. • In the short term, residential real estate prices in different cities will either remain steady, and see minor upward or downward fluctuations. In the long term, they will rise again. The fundamentals of the India real estate story are extremely strong. Even in this turbulent economic environment, India remains the cynosure of interest by global MNCs and investors who see the limitless potential of a young, growing economy, a wealth of highly trained workforces across the manufacturing, IT/ITeS and services industries. All this translates into assured job creation, and therefore demand on the residential real estate market. • Even after one has satisfied all the basic investment criteria – good location, right size and configuration, right entry point and right entry price – one needs to stay invested for the mid- to-long term in order to garner the best possible returns. As a general yardstick, an investment horizon of 3-5 years is ideal. Residential Real Estate Investment – Short-Term & Long-Term Outlook
  20. 20. • Brett Furman, a Chairman‟s Club member with RE/MAX Classic Realtors in Wayne, Pa., wanted to attract more sellers. After mulling over several ideas, Furman and his business consultant decided on a book, which Furman would write, share with clients, and use as a marketing tool. “I needed a compelling sales proposition, and we decided that the best vehicle for it would be through my own story,” Furman says. The resulting e-book, “What You Really Need to Know About Selling Your House,” changed everything. “Eighty-six percent of my business today is listings,” Furman says. “Out of 45 transactions in 2012, 15 leads came as a direct result of the book.” Marketing by the Book - Pennsylvania Star‟s e-Book Boosts Listings
  21. 21. He estimates that he‟s distributed more than 250 copies.“Not bad, considering that I only recently began promoting it extensively.” The book includes 79 pages worth of Furman‟s knowledge and advice. It ranges from simple curb-appeal tips and guidelines for choosing an agent, to the nuts and bolts of contract negotiations. “It‟s a good balance of information and marketing that explains who I am, what I do and how I do it,” he says. Besides drumming up a lot more business, the e-book reshaped Furman‟s marketing. “I advertise it through print ads, digital neighborhood emails, and direct-mail initiatives, which I really believe in. At the same time, I‟m marketing my expertise and my business.”
  22. 22. Furman‟s book can be read online at Furman‟s website,, and it‟s also available as a free download. For the less technologically savvy, Furman offers it as a printout he‟ll ship overnight. If things go his way, this might just be the beginning of Furman‟s publishing adventures. He‟s considering future projects, possibly a book on investment properties, and he‟s thinking about expanding the effort into a wide-ranging publishing and marketing platform for real estate. Big, intriguing plans; but right now, he has houses to sell.
  23. 23. • Here are the most commented-on items in Brett Furman‟s book: • The “fire me” option – Furman offers an easy exit for his clients: unless they‟re in negotiations, or a sale is pending, Furman will release his clients from their contract with two weeks advance notice. He believes this option forces him to perform at a very high level. • Pre-sale inspections – Furman advises all of his sellers to get one. Furman says, it‟s a relatively small investment that can yield thousands of dollars of in savings for the seller, it allows sellers to lock in the price, and save time as the deal nears completion. • Getting an independent appraisal – Furman is a strong believer that every seller should take this step before a property goes on the market. He says it helps establish the right selling price, and can also be used as a tool to raise the buyer‟s offer. Highlights
  24. 24. DENVER - When asked to name real estate brands, more home buyers and se llers in the U.S. and Canada think of RE/MAX than any other brand. This is the finding of a third-party survey completed in March for RE/MAX, LLC. In the survey‟s “aided awareness” results, 90% of U.S. respondents recognized RE/MAX when read a list of real estate brand names. In Canada, the percentage was even stronger at nearly 97%. But the ultimate test of a brand‟s strength is “unaided awareness,” when respondents are asked to mention companies without being presented with a list of names. In this survey, RE/MAX was mentioned more than any other real estate brand. RE/MAX also was the brand most often mentioned first – giving it the highest top-of-mind awareness in both the U.S. and Canada. “Because RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than agents with any other brand, it‟s not surprising that RE/MAX is first and foremost in the minds of home buyers and sellers,” said Margaret Kelly, RE/MAX CEO. “Our outstanding agents, supported by an extensive advertising campaign and our very popular red, white and blue balloon have created a winning formula for brand recognition.” RE/MAX IN NEWS Survey Shows RE/MAX #1 Name in Real Estate
  25. 25. The phone survey was conducted between November 2012 and March 2013 by MMR Strategy Group. Respondents included recent home buyers, sellers and those planning to buy or sell a home. In the U.S., the sample size was in excess of 2,500. A similar methodology was used in Canada with a sample size of more than 600. In both countries, the results were statistically significant to a 95% confidence level. Specific findings of the MMR survey include: Unaided Awareness - Percentage of home buyers, sellers and those planning to buy or sell, who named each brand when asked, without prompting, “When you think of real estate brands, which ones come to mind?” United States % Canada % RE/MAX 25.2% RE/MAX 51.8% Century 21 22.2% Royal Lepage 22.9% Coldwell Banker 14.7% Century 21 22.8% Prudential 7.1% Suton 8.1% Keller Williams 4.6% Coldwell Banker 5.3%
  26. 26. • Regional Manager of RE/MAX Delhi NCR; Sahil Kapoor & his HOD – Sales, Anmol Aggarwal visited few broker offices of Ahmedabad to understand and learn best practices from the brokers of our region as a part of Cross Pollination decided in RRR Goa @RE/MAX METRO @ RE/MAX ADVANTAGE @ Swaminarayan Business Park, Narol Exclusive Site visit
  27. 27. RE/MAX MGM congratulates RE/MAX METRO on their EXCLUSIVE TIE-UP for up- coming SwamiNarayan Business Park by reputed Dharmadev Group, Ahmedabad. NEWS FROM BROKER OFFICES:
  28. 28. • Realty Solutions Sells a 4BHK High End Flat in Prahladnagar because of RE/MAX Technology Support • RE/MAX Realty Solutions sold a High End 4 BHK flat for sale in almost ready for possession HERITAGE OPUS through their focus on WEB EXPOSURE to their high profile listings. • In today‟s age, where most of the people have become tech savvy and are exposed to Internet, gone are the days where High End Properties get sold through Press only. In fact, with the reducing response of High Profile Buyers from Press, Web is becoming the new trigger to generate High Profile Educated Buyers.
  29. 29. • RE/MAX Realty Solutions as an office has been focusing on the various innovative ways to be visible on top of Google searches through its web exposure on platforms like: • RE/MAX portal – Iconnect • Slideshare - Presentation of properties • Youtube Video Channel • Blog through Word press • Various other property portals like Propertyfeast, Quickr, OLX etc etc.
  30. 30. • RE/MAX Realty Solutions worked to optimize the SEO terms like "HIGH END FLAT FOR SALE IN PRAHLADNAGAR" which got them a Buyer Lead which they closed in just 1 week from the time they received lead. The buyer is a Senior Management Employee of a Reputed Corporate. • Realty Solutions as an office would like to thank the Regional Owners for giving such trainings which help us in marketing our listings in an innovative manner to out beat our competition and helping us get at least 12-15 workable new web leads every single month without incurring any cost of marketing. • We at RE/MAX Realty Solutions like to request you all to use these technological tools to market the properties speedily.
  31. 31. • Team RE/MAX Hallmark has conducted Open House for their exclusive property 4hbk flat touch with IIMA. • It is very unique property since there is no other good scheme in this area (especially with one side touch with IIMA campus). Team has received fantastic response with 10+ direct prospects visits on single and already got few offers which are now in final stage of closing this deal.
  32. 32. • Congratulation Mr Prakash (Business Associate RE/MAX Hallmark) for closing his first rental deal (rent INR 17,000) 4bhk pent house in Memnagar. In the very first month he has closed his first deal and earn INR 17000 one sided. He also has few very good inventories for 2bhk and 3bhk sale around CG Road and Paldi. • On 30 May, 2013 . Mr Prakash (Business Associate RE/MAX Hallmark) has closed another rental deal INR 12,250 ( from both side) it is 2bhk semi furnished flat near Shivrangni Cross road. • We wish Mr Prakash to have more deals and great career with RE/MAX in coming months.
  33. 33. • Congratulation Mr Vikas (Business Associate RE/MAX Hallmark) for selling 2bhk flat in Casa-Vyoma. It is one of the best upcoming scheme in Vastrapur (Centre of Ahmebadad) and currently in prelaunch stage by Ajmera Realty. Best offer @ INR 4750 per sq feet till 15 May 2013. For more details
  34. 34. • Congratulations Mr Ajay Sharma for closing his first 3bhk flat sale deal. He has earned both Buyer and Seller side commission. He has sold 3bhk flat in Parth Apartment near Ambavadi . It is spacious 3bhk flat just opposite to Central mall and having allotted car parking. He has large (100+) good 2/3bhk inventories in Vastrapur and Gurukul area as well. If you are buyer or seller please contact him on +91 99743 08627 to get best real estate services
  35. 35. Make the decision that will make your life Call us : 1800-121-7100 or email us : JOIN