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FMCS2100 - Grant Application NovoMix


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FMCS2100 - Grant Application NovoMix

  1. 1. NovoMixMusic FestivalRebecca Wallisch3091473FMCS2100 – Tues 1-2pmTutor - Jason Campbell
  2. 2. What is NovoMix? A music & art festival held in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD, over 12 jam-packed hours filled with amazing music, dance, art, film and more, that aims to celebrate the unique aspects of Newcastle’s culture and community. A festival for not only Newcastle or “Novocastrian” music lovers, but all music lovers. Novocastrians + Music Mix = NovoMix!Proposed Date: Saturday 16th February, 2013Time: 11am to 11pmVenue: Newcastle CBDCapacity: 1000-1500
  3. 3. What’s in the “Mix”? Music from local, national and international musicians Dance performances from local and national performers Arts, Crafts and Photography displays and stalls from local artists Arthouse films from local film makers Food Stalls supplied by local produce Outdoor garden bars
  4. 4. More Specifically…  NovoMix differs from many other music festivals as it incorporates diverse music styles and even niche genres that are currently influential in the Novocastrian cultural scene.  Celebrates not only international and national artists, but aims to focus on many local artists.  Music is not the only focus, as the festival incorporates and promotes the local dance, film, arts & photography culture, with most performances coming from local performers.  Will be held in Newcastle’s CBD, surrounded by rich culture and history – a unique setting of indoor and outdoor areas to be appreciated by music lovers.  Has a strong focus on getting local people, business and produce involved at all levels throughout the festival.  Aimed at audiences 18 years and above, with music and art interests. Main target audience 18-35 years old.
  5. 5. Why host it? Festivals have been shown to draw communities together to celebrate local cultures (Duffy 2000) and are a great way of “getting people together for fun, entertainment and a shared sense of camaraderie” (Gibson 2012). A festival that celebrates and brings together the music & art culture of Newcastle is a great way to bring the community together, and promote local talent. The event should sell itself - “Music-lovers continue to buy tickets” as festivals “offer a sense of belonging and clues to how other people spend their lives” (Earl 2001). In other words, a festival can be a great way for locals to form a sense of identity and place within a community. If the event is successful, and becomes an annual event, it can also become central to our local identity (Gibson & Davidson 2004), as well as beneficial to the local economy through generated profits and exposure. Theodore Adorno (1976) found that art, in all forms, can show the liberating power of human creativity, which is exactly what this festival aims to do – showcase the creativeness of Novocastrians and other artists alike. Music – in both its production and consumption – can be an important influence in shaping the typically hybrid identities of people and places, of engendering a sense of place and deep attachment to place (Hudson 2006).
  6. 6. Event Details – Date & Time When is it?Saturday 16th February, 201311am to 11pm Why?“Outdoor music festivals are concentrated in the summerseason” (Holt 2010), so with Homebake at the start of summer,and Big Day Out during the middle, another festival towardsthe end of summer would be a great way to end the string ofsummer festivals in Australia. It is also towards the end of theschool holidays, just before students go back to University, so itwould be a great way to end the holidays on a high note andget refreshed for the start of a new educational year.Held over 12 hours to ensure it is a jam-packed day of music,dance, art and film with enough time to enjoy a bit ofeverything that the festival has to offer.
  7. 7. Operational Dates and Times  Wednesday Feb – 13 Bump In 8am – 6pm  Thursday Feb – 14 Bump In 8am – 6pm  Friday Feb – 15 Bump In 8am – 6pm  Saturday Feb – 16 EVENT DAY 6am – 12am  Sunday Feb – 17 Bump Out 8am – 6pm  Monday Feb – 18 Bump Out 8am – 6pm  All set up will include a mix of professional workers, artists and local volunteers sourced from the Hunter Volunteer Centre, and online volunteer applications through the events website.
  8. 8. Location! Location!NovoMix festival aims toencompass Newcastle’scultural heart and soul, sowhere better to host the eventthan in the heart ofNewcastle’s CBD?A unique setting andbackdrop filled with historiclandmarks.The blue line indicates itsboundaries and encompassesCivic Park, Civic Theatre, CivicHall and Wheeler Place.The areas highlighted in yellowwill be the main areas hostingthe various performancestaking place throughout theday.The areas highlighted inorange will host most of theart and food stalls.There will be plenty of areasfor attendees to just sit a relaxamongst the atmosphere,with benches, tables, andpicnic blanket areas beingscattered throughout thevenue.It is also easily accessible bytrain, bus, car or on foot.
  9. 9. Projected Audience – Who’s coming? Most festivals are patronised by local people and the bulk of festival- goers usually come from nearby (Gibson 2012), which is a factor NovoMix sees as positive. Local people coming together on a day such as this helps create a good sense of community. Target audiences:  18– 35 year olds  The Newcastle community Audience Attributes:  Interested and involved in music and the arts  Enjoy a creative and culture-rich life  Enjoy community engagement Almost all those who attend music festivals of any kind come with someone else, often in quite large groups; hence it is very much a social experience (Gibson 2012).
  10. 10. NovoMix’s Impact on Audience Identity Music theorists suggest that active incorporate into its theme. Individuals participation in music contributes to may then be able to identify with identity development by providing a elements of the festival as it flows in- medium for self-expression, mood line with their interests. enhancement and spiritual functions (Sloboda & O’Neill, 2001).  Music can be used increasingly as a means by which we formulate and Currently, Novocastrians are create our own individual identities, considered to be musically interested and particular situations and social and musically active, with a number groups exert a powerful influence on of different music scenes popping up what we do and what we say around the region, including niche (Hargreaves et al, 2002). genres. By incorporating these into the festival, people can identify with  So it stands to say that a music & art particular genres or artists, which in festival such as NovoMix would help turn can help further shape and attendees shape their musical develop not just their individual identities, as well as be able to place identity, but their group and even themselves within the community – gender identities. either by associating with like-minded people, or by comparing themselves Many parts of Newcastle, in to others who are different. particular Darby St, has developed an alternative/”hipster” culture, which this festival will also try to
  11. 11. Music – something for everyone A mix of music from national and international reputable musicians means an opportunity for regional musicians to interact with them, and enable career development (Gibson 2012). It also means that the Newcastle community can benefit from being exposed to a range of artists of different styles and backgrounds. There will be a wide range of music styles and sounds which reflect the tastes of many Novocastrian music lovers, including: • Acoustic • Alternative rock • Independent/Indie • Electro/Dance The chosen styles describe some of the predominant methods of producing music in the 21st century ( : • Analog – music made with natural pitch, articulation & contour • Digital – sounds created by electronic pulses or fingers • Electric – vibrations amplified by mapping a signal onto a wider range • Acoustic – carried directly by the air from the instrument to your ear
  12. 12. The Musicians The following is only a selection of what NovoMix will have to offer. A band competition will also take place in the weeks leading up to the event, where artists can enter for a chance to play during the festival.  Local Artists:  Bear at the Door (Indie/Punk/Alternative)  Harlequin (Electronic/Dance)  Firekites (Acoustic/Indie/Folk)  National Artists:  Matt Corby (Indie/Folk)  Husky (Roots/Indie)  Rufus (Dance/Indie)  WIM (Folk/Glam)  International Artists:  Explosions in the Sky (Post-rock)  Interpol (Indie Rock/Post-punk)  M83 (Electropop/Indietronica/Ambient)
  13. 13. Dance to the music  A number of dance performances will take place throughout the day  Many styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip- hop  Performances will be from local and upcoming dancers, allowing Newcastle performers to showcase their talent  Celebrates the Novocastrian dance culture and creates awareness  Performances will be held sporadically throughout the day in City Hall’s Concert Hall.
  14. 14. Art, Crafts &Photography o There will be various displays of art, crafts and photography in a section of Civic Park and other parts of the venue. o Submissions will come from local, budding artists as a way to showcase and sell their pieces to the public o Celebrates Newcastle’s artistic culture
  15. 15. Film Showcase A number of independent films will be played throughout the day from local film makers Will be shown in Concert Hall, in a unique setting of scattered lounges, chairs, pillows, blankets, etc. – relaxed, laid-back and comfortable. Chance to celebrate and promote Newcastle’s film culture
  16. 16. Themed from Life Newcastle today is a fairly thriving city with a relaxed coastal lifestyle and vibrant coastal life. To reflect this, we will try to incorporate vibrant colours throughout the event décor, also giving it a happy and fun vibe. There will be a number of places decorated with blankets, pillows, lounges and the like, for people to “chill” and simply relax and interact with one another.
  17. 17. NovoMix will not only be an amazing a fun-filled day ofmusic and art, but also a chance to celebrate Newcastle’sthriving and diverse culture. Let the music be heard fromthe heart of Novocastrians! Thank You
  18. 18. Reference List Adorno, T. 1976. Introduction to the Sociology of Music. Seabury Press, New York. Duffy, M. 2000. Lines of Drift: Festival Participation and Performing a Sense of Place. Popular Music. 19: 51-64. Earl, P. 2001. Simon’s Travel Theorem and the Demand for Live Music. Journal of Economic Psychology. 22: 335-358. Gibson, C. 2012. Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Gibson, C. & Davidson, D. 2004. Tamworth, Australia’s “coun-try music capital”: Place Marketing, Rurality, and Residents Reactions. Journal of Rural Studies. 20: 387-404. Hargreaves, D.J. & North, A.C. 1999. The Functions of Music in Everyday Life: Redefining the Social in Music Psychology. Psychology of Music. 27: 71-83. Holt, F. 2010. The Economy of Live Music in the Digital Age. European Journal of Cultural Studies. 13: 243. Hudson, R. 2006. Regions and Place: Music Identity and Place. Progress in Human Geography. 30: 626-634. Sloboda, J. & O’Neill, S. 2001. Emotions in Everyday Listening to Music. Music and Emotion: Theory and Research. 415-430.