Listen For Life Concert at Carnegie Hall


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Concert on January 8th, 2012 at Carnegie hall (Zankel Auditorium) 8 internationally acclaimed musicians playing to benefit the Listen for Life Foundation a non-profit that uses music to promote peace.

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Listen For Life Concert at Carnegie Hall

  1. 1. CONCERTInspiring Musicians From Around the World CARNEGIE HALL (Zankel Auditorium) January 8, 2012 Clockwise from left: Erin Nolan (UK) Multi-Genre Violist Yair Dalal (Israel) Oud master Van-Anh Vanessa Vo (Vietnam) Dan Tranh Master Taylor Eigsti (USA) Jazz Pianist Patrick Landeza (USA) Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist Faisal Zedan (Syria) Percussionist Donna Stoering (USA) Classical Pianist Naser Musa (Palestine) Oud Master SPONSORSHIPOPPORTUNITIESListen For Life is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All contributionsare tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law. To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212) 710-4329
  2. 2. About The Dear Potential Sponsor: Initiative On January 8, the Listen for Life Foundation will be hosting an event of global significance at Carnegie Hall. An elegant VIP reception hosting dignitaries, celebrities donors and sponsors from around the world will precede a concert featuring 8 musicians who represent a cross-section of cultures, in Carnegie Hall’s most intimate setting: Zankel Auditorium. The concert will be a wide- ranging, multicultural celebration including world-renowned artists of classical, jazz and world music traditions. Listen for Life’s dedication to the preservation and advancement of music culture worldwide has Our Mission: changed the lives of over 9 million people in 55 countries. This event will offer sponsors the To build global opportunity to support the work of this worthwhile organization and reach an international group of peace…not active supporters. violence. As a sponsor your company will receive recognition in our promotional activities in print and broadcast and of course, at the event itself. This document is an overview of the organization, the venue, the city and the opportunities to reach an audience primed for your product while supporting an organization with a mission to build global peace through music. Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of this event. Please contact me at (212) 450-1619 with any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking to you. Larry Woodard President & CEO Graham Stanley Advertising Sponsorship Agency To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212) 710-4329
  3. 3. About The Organization Listen for Life (LfL) is a global organization created for the preservation and advancement of musical culture by serving the needs of music, musicians and music listeners in every region of the world. Through a variety of outreach, education and media projects, LfL aims to create an international family of music listeners, in community with those who compose, teach, and perform all of the wonderfully diverse musical styles that can be heard on the planet. LfL has been frequently asked by UN-related organizations in Geneva to create music festivals and events worldwide that will raise awareness of the UN Millennium Development Goals and/or International Peace Day. LfL is often asked to speak to global organizations on the use of cross-cultural music to address conflict resolution, gang/violence prevention, cultural diversity training and international education initiatives. Listen for Life has also been asked to set up projects in northeastern China, South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya,Join with us as using innovative music and media production training programs to bring together disparate groups torn apart by fighting, economic hardship or cultural disintegration.we bring cultures Listen for Life has also created the "MusicMessage Campaign", a workshop program for schools and after- school programs throughout the USA, raising the awareness of students, parents and teachers about the powertogether, through of music and lyrics to impact their mood, thoughts, academic success, cultural attitudes and subsequentthe unifying force behaviors, while inspiring them to create their own positive songs (musicmessages) as a tool for communication.of music. LfL has founded new cross-over music festivals on three continents, along with the "Notes for Nourishment" project, music in hospitals and prisons, the "justGO!" concert formats worldwide, supported music therapy projects in Bosnia and Polynesia, created its own record label and radio programs, and archived nearly 400 hours of proprietary cross-cultural music media programming for television and online broadcast. The international board and executive team of Listen for Life includes such luminaries as Carl Meyer (former VP of NBC, CNN Asia, now Pres/CEO of Americas Greatest Brands), Andy Orgel (a founder of MTV, Nickelodeon, A&E Channel, Wisdom Channel), Ron Tamura (former General Mgr/Head of Intl Marketing for Apple, and founder of successful digital music-media start-ups in Japan), Gerry Foster (branding and marketing guru formerly with Procter & Gamble) and LfL founder Donna Stoering ( an internationally renowned musician, speaker, author, Marshall Scholar, social entrepreneur, and former Artistic Ambassador for both the USA and Great Britain. Listen for Lifes tremendous accomplishments to date have been funded internally by members/donors, gifts-in- kind and corporate sponsorships. It is a 501(c)3 organization with volunteer chapters throughout the world and principal headquarters in California and UK.
  4. 4. About The Concert Inspiring Musicians From Around the World CONCERT Zankel Hall at CARNEGIE HALL January 8, 2012 The Listen for Life Concert at Carnegie Hall (Zankel Auditorium) will bring together 8 internationally renowned musicians, representing 8 world cultures and performing a total of 8 different instruments in a variety of genres and combinations: Erin Nolan (UK), Multi-Genre Violist; Yair Dalal (Israel), Oud master; Van-Anh Vanessa Vo (Vietnam), Dan Tranh Master and also playing two other traditional Vietnamese instruments; Taylor Eigsti (USA), Jazz Pianist; Patrick Landeza (USA),Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist; Faisal Zedan (Syria), Percussionist; Donna Stoering (USA), Classical Pianist; and Naser Musa (Palestine), Oud Master. We will also be premiering work by two internationally acclaimed composers, Brent Heisinger and Avner Dorman. We look forward to a magical night of outstanding performances. In addition to their prodigious skills, each of these musicians has made a special commitment to use their music to promote peace, understanding and harmony in the world. Each musician not only performs but teaches as well. This event promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that the audience will treasure forever. 3 To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212)
  5. 5. About The Venue Over 8 million people live in New York City, another 50 million come to New York City each year to visit. With hundreds of places to hear live music on what could be called the world’s biggest stage, arguably the most prestigious venue is Carnegie Hall. Legend has it that the great pianist Arthur Rubinstein was once asked on the street how to get to Carnegie Hall. “Practice, practice, practice” was his reply. Carnegie Hall is well known as a venue for the world’s most talented musicians. It is also architecturally distinctive outside and breathtakingly beautiful inside. Its acoustics are impeccable and it is elegantly furnished. Arthur Zankel (a businessman who made his fortune on Wall Street) and his CARNEGIE HALL wife Judy made a $10 million dollar donation to Carnegie Hall which largely funded the construction of Zankel Hall. The space, which seats 599, was developed to be a more intimate setting for chamber music, recitals and popular music. We are pleased that it will be the venue for the Listen for Life Concert on January 8, 2012. Zankel Performance Hall at Carnegie Hall To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212) 710-4329
  6. 6. About The City For the past few years, New York City has carried the distinction of being the number one tourist destination in the United States. Rich in diversity, New York is a place where the world’s cultures are on display, from languages and fashion to food and music. A walk down the streets of Manhattan is like putting your finger on the pulse of the world. From a music perspective, at any given time, there is a wide variety of music being played, from grand stages to busy street corners. Carnegie Hall is located in the heart of the city on the west-side of Midtown Manhattan. The Listen for Life Concert at Carnegie Hall will be performed a little over a mile from the world headquarters of the United Nations. Concert attendees will encounter a mind-bending selection of accommodations, shopping venues, restaurants, museums and other attractions. Having New York City as the location for the Listen for Life Concert, we believe, enhances our ability to attract a prime audience for the event and offers Manhattan Midtown Skyline sponsors a stunning backdrop for the delivery of their marketing messages. 5 To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212)
  7. 7. "I think Taylor is one of the young, jazz What People are saying geniuses of the piano." about the - DAVID BENOIT performers “Miss Stoering is a pianist among pianists…” -Harrow Observer “Dalal takes you on a captivating journey where conventional concepts of time, space and freedom do not exist. - Jerusalem Post “In the supple hand of Van-Ahn Vo, the Dan Tranh is transformed into an instrument of expansive beauty. - “Landeza is one of the best and most dedicated of the new generation of slack key players” - George Winston “Truly world music, some of the most human music you’ll hear…essential “Nasar uses his great knowledge of Eastern and - East Bay Express Western music to create a haunting and sensual complexity of the ancient Arabic scales and rhythms. -Anna Kunkin To Inquire about Sponsoring call :(212) 710-4329
  8. 8. About The Young multi-genre violist Erin Nolan is an avid chamber musician, world-music performer and orchestralMusicians: musician. Erin grew up in Italy and the UK, studying on full scholarship at the Junior Dept. of the Royal Academy of Music in London and then at The Purcell School for International Young Musicians. She learned her love ofErin Nolan chamber music at an early age from mentor Emanuel Hurwitz and primary teacher Ivo Van der Werff of the Medici String Quartet. Later, as a student at Rice University, Erin had the opportunity to be coached by the Guarneri String Quartet, the Juilliard String Quartet, and members of the Cleveland String Quartet. In 2005, she was chosen to be a member of the Resident Young Artist String Quartet at both the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival and the La Jolla Summer MusicFest. From 2006-2010 Erin was based in London where she was touring with the English Chamber Orchestra, the BBC Symphony, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After traveling to Bosnia for the first time in 1998, Erin developed a strong interest in improvisation and diverse musical cultures, which led to further travel and performances in Bosnia, Croatia, Lebanon and Panama. In 2004 she participated in a ten-day program with Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project which culminated in four performances in Carnegie Hall, featuring works from Iran, India, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Romania, and China. Erin has also toured throughout Europe with Russian music legend Boris Grebenshikov in his new cross-cultural group involving traditional musicians from Ireland, India, Poland, England, and Russia. Erin is currently based in Boston and continues to travel/perform as violist in a variety of concerts while also working for WGBH radio’s ‘From The Top,’ a classical music radio program that features outstanding young musicians. Erin is also the founder of Notes for Nourishment (, a global project that enables musicians to donate their time and talents to play benefit concerts, raising money for worthy causes. Notes for Nourishment is a project under the Listen for Life umbrella, as well, but Erin has actually been "Music...nourishes the soul and a part of LfL for several years, performing in LfL events on several continents and appearing in some LfL can be a source of peace, life, Productions. rest, healing, or joy to the listener. As a musician, I am Erin has also participated in several CDs: one with popular flautist/singer Wissam Keyrouz in Lebanon, two always trying to think of ways recorded with Rumanian violinist Melinda Dumitrescu in Bosnia and Croatia, and on several recordings with the of using music for a deeper ECO, RPO and the BBC. Composers in various countries have written pieces for Erin to perform, and presently purpose" the Israeli composer Avner Dorman is creating a new work for Erin to premiere at Carnegie Hall with oud master Yair Dalal and pianist Donna Stoering. The three of them hope to share this new work with many different audiences in the coming years. 7 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450- 1619 or(212) 710-4329. Email
  9. 9. Yair Dalal, born in 1955, is a composer, violinist, oud player and singer. A prolific ethnic musician, he plays About The an important role in shaping the global world music scene. Over the last decade he has released 12 albums, covering widely varied cultural territory and authentically representing Israeli, Jewish and Middle Musicians: Eastern cultures while fusing them into a whole. Yair Dalal Much of Dalal’s work reflects his extensive musical skills in both classical-European, Jazz and Arabic music and also reflects the strong affinity that he has for the desert and its inhabitants. Dalal’s family came to Israel from Baghdad and his Iraqi roots are embedded in his musical work. Whether working on his own, or with his Alol ensemble, Dalal creates new Middle Eastern styles of music by interweaving the Iraqi and Jewish Arabic traditions with a range of diverse influences from the Balkans to India. The result is a collection of evocative compositions with a unique and colorful sound. Yair Dalal participates and lectures in various music educational institutes and universities both in Israel and worldwide. Besides his musical endeavors, Dalal is also a peace activist, devoting much of his time and energy to helping remove ideological barriers between different cultures and, in particular between Jews and Arabs. Dalal performed at the Nobel Peace Prize gala concert in 1994 honoring the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat. Dalal has won several Israeli awards acknowledging his contribution to Israeli music and he was also nominated in 2003 by the BBC World Music Awards for his musical achievements, as “best musician from the middle east”. He of course continues to tour, playing in concerts and festivals and collaborating with top musicians from different disciplines and musical heritages around the world, while also commencing “The musical instrument oud is the most beautiful and important instrument in the some new projects and compositions. middle east. It is the most beloved and Yair has been a treasured part of the Listen for Life family since 2004, and is featured in several Listen for shared instrument for Arabs and Jews. With the oud, as in the desert, time resonates in its Life productions including the highly acclaimed series Travels with Music ( that own unique, boundless form, a type of offers an interactive exploration of the world’s cultures with their master musicians as the tour guides. Taqsim. Peace, too, takes its time.” TWM is now licensed to the BBC and several other international networks. Yair has, for quite awhile, been wanting to perform with UK violist Erin Nolan so he is excited to be premiering a work being written for the two of them, (along with pianist Donna Stoering) by Israeli composer Avner Dorman, as part of the Listen for Life programs for Carnegie Hall and beyond.
  10. 10. About The Van-Anh Vanessa Vo dedicates her life to creating music on the dan Tranh (16-string zither) and otherMusicians: instruments of her culture, fusing her Vietnamese traditions with fresh new approaches in structure, form, and improvisation.Van-Anh Vanessa Vo Ms Van-Anh began studying the dan tranh from the age of four, and graduated with distinction from the Vietnam Academy of Music. In 1995, Van-Anh won the championship in the Vietnam National Dan Tranh Competition along with the first prize for best solo performance of modern folk music. She has since performed in more than fourteen countries and recorded in many broadcast programs inside and outside of Vietnam. Since settling in California, she has been a collaborator and solo artist with such musicians and groups as the Kronos Quartet, Nguyen Le, Paul McCandless, Ali Ryerson, Charles Loos, SOMEI Taiko Ensemble, Wobbly World, Winnie Wong and the China Spirit Music Ensemble, as well as lending her talents to fundraising events for several non-profit organizations. Continually cultivating the beauty and versatility of the dan Tranh to feature her beloved instrument in an international music genre, Van-Anh has been co-composer and arranger for the film Daughter from Danang (2002) which was nominated for an Oscar® and won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary. She has also been a co-composer and performer on the soundtrack for the Emmy® Award- winning program Bolinao 52 (2008), and the multiple award-winning film A Village Called Versailles (2009). Recently, Van-Anh released her newest CD “She’s Not She” with award-winning composer Do. Her first CD “Twelve Months, Four Seasons” was released in 2002. She continues to live in California where she teaches dan tranh and other Vietnamese traditional instruments, and she was an exciting and successful speaker/performer“All of the other stresses and challenges of life at the TEDx conference held there this past October, generating a tremendous response from the attendees andfall away when you are performing, sharing, other participants.and expressing your culture - it is a tremendousgift and responsibility to be able to do this.” Van-Anh Vanessa Vo has been a highly valued member of the Listen for Life family since 2010, when she was one of 120 international musicians who generously donated their talents to perform in Listen for Life’s annual cross- cultural celebrations to mark UN International Peace Day ( – events that Listen for Life coordinated that year in the United States, Great Britain, and Eastern Europe. Vanessa has been helping to plan and prepare this special Listen for Life program for Carnegie, as she is excited to represent her Vietnamese culture and instruments both in this famed hall and in other locations/venues throughout the globe. 9 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  11. 11. 27-year-old jazz phenomenon Taylor Eigsti became devoted to the piano after the death of his sister, Shannon,About The a talented pianist who succumbed to cancer when he was just three. He began playing a year later, and atMusicians: eight, he opened for his friend and mentor, jazz pianist David Benoit. At 12, Eigsti shared the stage with Diane Schuur and also opened for Diana Krall and Al Jarreau. When he was 13, he sat in with Dave Brubeck, whoTaylor Eigsti commented, "Taylor is the most amazing talent I’ve come across. Remember him." During his high school years in northern California, Eigsti worked with such respected jazz artists as Bobby Hutcherson, Red Holloway, and Kevin Mahogany. Taylor also made his mark in the classical field, performing with singers Frederica von Stade and Sylvia McNair, as well as with numerous symphony orchestras. In more recent years Eigsti has performed to rave reviews at venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Tanglewood Jazz Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival, and appeared with Lee Konitz, Marian McPartland, Patti Austin, Edmar Castaneda, Kitty Margolis, Joshua Redman, and scores of other major musicians. . Taylor’s newest recording, “Daylight at Midnight” (his 3rd album on Concord Records) was released to high ciritical acclaim in September 2011. “Let it Come to You” (2008) garnered tremendous awards and included electrifying duets with world-music artists. Before that, his album "Lucky to Be Me" (2006), was nominated for two GRAMMY awards for Best Instrumental Composition and Best Instrumental Jazz Solo, and was amongst the top 15 most-played jazz albums on the radio. “Resonance” (2003) was released when Eigsti was only 19 years old and climbed to the top 5 in National Radio Airplay for several weeks, receiving many 4-star reviews from publications such as Billboard Magazine, All Music Guide, and DownBeat. Taylor has been featured on the cover of both JAZZIZ and Keyboard Magazine and in his own BET Television "All of the amazing people I am lucky enough special. Taylor has also performed on NPR and in other BET concert specials, filmed at Lincoln Center and in the to play with inspire me to British West Indies. Most recently, Taylor was chosen to compose and perform the soundtrack for Adrien never stop trying to Brody’s latest film! He is managed by acclaimed jazz manager Mary Ann Topper. develop and grow, as a musician and human Taylor Eigsti first met Listen for Life’s founder Donna Stoering through their mutual friend, composer Brent being" Heisinger, after a concert in which Taylor had spectacularly performed the improvisational piano solos in "Ekta", Heisingers eclectic and innovative concerto. Taylor became excited about the scope and nature of LfL’s goals and they began discussing ways in which to collaborate. He has since performed in a concert with several LfL musicians, some of whom are also on the Carnegie Hall program. 10 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  12. 12. An award winning musician, performer, recording artist, composer, and producer, Patrick KahakauwilaAbout The Kamaholelani Landeza is considered a leading young exponent of the Hawaiian slack key (Kiho’alu) style. Born and raised in Berkeley CA to native-Hawaiian parents, Patrick began learning guitar while in highMusicians: school and soon became a protégé of the Hawaiian slack-key masters, who traveled through the BayPatrick Landeza Area while on tour. That opportunity inspired him to dedicate his life to sharing this musical heritage and art form with the world. He was also encouraged by Hawaiian music master Cyril Pahinui, who wrote: “I’ve known Patrick since he was 17 years old... I’m very proud of him and of what he is doing to perpetuate slack key guitar ” and another positive comment from Dennis Kamakahi, Hawaii’s legendary composer and slack key master: “{Patrick is} a true innovator of Hawaiian Music and a vocalist of pure nahenahe (sweet sounding) quality” . A local Bay Area journalist, writing in the San Jose Mercury News, ultimately said “Hes as good of a ki hoalu guitarist as any Ive seen, right up there with the likes of Cyril Pahinui and Keola Beamer, and he possesses a tender, warm singing voice. He’s the real deal.” At 34, Patrick became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Kapalakiko Aloha Spirit award for his work with slack key. Patrick received the 2010 Hawaii Music Award for his latest release “Ku`u Honua Mele” (My Music World) in the slack key category. This past April, Patrick’s CD received the Na Hoku Hanohano nomination, Hawaii’s equivalent to the Grammys. He is the only mainland-born artist of Hawaiian descent to ever be nominated for this meaningful honor. "I remember as a kid growing Patrick is the founder of The Institute of Hawaiian Music and Culture and is responsible for planting the up in California, you couldnt find Hawaiian music seeds for many Hawaiian musicians to perform concerts across the USA. Patrick also continues to tour, anywhere...and now its performing and teaching slack key guitar in workshops and festivals. He runs an Hawaiian Music venue in everywhere! Its thrilling to be a Concord, California called “The Cue” and together with his production company, LandezaPresents, he part of Hawaiian musics renaissance, and an honor to continues to bring Hawaiian music to as many locations as possible! bring slack-key to Carnegie Patrick’s positive energy, ideas, enthusiasm and warm spirit make him a treasured member of Listen for Hall" Life, and like Vanessa Vo, he first became involved with LfL as a performer in Listen for Life’s UN International Peace Day events of 2010. Offstage after performing at that event, he turned to LfL founder and artistic director Donna Stoering and shared his dream of bringing Hawaiian traditional music to Carnegie Hall. They discussed the idea of inviting major LfL artists from other representative cultures around the globe, and the plan was born. 11 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  13. 13. Born in 1972 in Oum D’Baib, Syria, Faisal Zedan grew up impassioned with the derbakki. At the age of 15,About The after intensive study with a local percussionist, Faisal embarked on a journey of learning, through exposure to a wide repertoire of Arabic classical and contemporary music. He tells his listeners and fans that “years ofMusicians: tireless practice, along with God’s grace” have resulted in the mastery of the derbakki, as well as the riqq andFaisal Zedan the tar (frame drum). Upon moving to the USA and arrival in California in 1992, Faisal met UCLAs noted professor of ethnomusicology, Dr. Ali Jihad Racy, and was then invited to join the acclaimed UCLA Near East Music Ensemble. In 1993, Faisal was a founding member of the Near East music group, Kan Zaman. Specializing in the classical singing genre of Muwashahat and Adwar, the Kan Zaman group performed at Arabic cultural centers, city- sponsored events, and private shows along the West Coast of the United States. Along with Donovan Lerman, Faisal is also a founding member of the Los Angeles-based Youm It Talaata percussion group, performing at festivals, cultural events and with local Middle Eastern dancers in Southern California. In 1996, Faisal taught at the Northern California Middle East Music Camp held in Mendocino. Since then, he has performed and studied annually with international artists and musicians at that event. Faisal also conducts workshops at the Kosmos Camp annually. 2009 saw the birth of another group, Ajyal. Under the direction of Faisal Zedan, Ajyal features prominent "Performing this music helps musicians, Nazir Latouf, Husain Resan, Susu Pampanin and Laurie Eisler. The group preserves and performs us to erase some of the diverse genres of traditional music and dance from the Arab world. negative stereotypes about Arabic people and culture. … Currently, Faisal continues to be also a member of Eliyahu & Qadim, Stellamara, Kan Zaman and Zikrayat. the complexity, depth and Faisal Zedan’s new recording “Madar” has been released in 2010 to high critical acclaim. In 2010 he also power of this music impacts me personally to keep going began working with Listen for Life, as a participant and leader in LfL’s new MusicMessage Campaign programs in life and make it better for for inner-city schools ( - teaching students of all ages about the power others" of music to influence (for good or for bad) their mood, thoughts, cultural attitudes, and behaviors - and helping each student to create their own positive musicmessages (rhythms or melodies) for peace. Faisal is extremely popular in any of LfL’s projects, programs or productions because of his genuine warmth and incredible musicianship. 12 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  14. 14. Donna Stoering has been performing public concerts since age 5, composing, directing and producing her own musicals since age 13, and teaching piano and conducting choirs, both privately and in renowned musicAbout The schools, since the age of 14. After completing her BA and MA degrees in music and sociology at age 19 , sheMusicians: studied intensively with Mary Sauer, renowned pianist of the Chicago Symphony, and then a Marshall ScholarDonna Stoering ship brought her to the UK, where she eventually was heard by the late Sir Georg Solti. Donna has been performing worldwide ever since as a critically acclaimed concert pianist, vocal soloist, choral conductor, composer, award-winning recording artist, Artistic Ambassador for both the USA and Britain, Artist in Residence at Oxford University, and as a television producer/presenter of programs about music and arts that are currently shown on the BBC and other networks. Donna has been the youngest-ever judge of international music competitions in Russia, Italy, Canada, UK and USA, and while based in Europe she coached soloists of the La Scala, Munich and Covent Garden opera houses. She has given Master Classes for the major music conservatories in Russia, Norway, Italy, Republic of Georgia, India, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the USA. Donna has performed as soloist with major conductors/orchestras and chamber music ensembles, as principal guest artist on international cruises, and in solo recitals at the famed concert halls and music festivals. These appearances have brought her to Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, the Philippines, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the Ukraine, throughout the USA, and Wales. Donna has been the subject of one-hour specials on the BBC, PBS, HKRT, Brazilian TV and several NPR affiliates, and featured guest on the networks of many other countries including Netherlands, France, Panama and Italy (RAI). "My goal is to open An internationally regarded keynote speaker and social entrepreneur, Donna Stoering has spoken at venture hearts, and then capital conferences in Oxford and London, education conferences throughout the USA and UK, and to UN- ears....not the other way related organizations in Geneva and NGOs worldwide on the use of music to address conflict resolution, around. Music is completely capable of cultural diversity and international education initiatives. She has been offered her own television channel in that, and it is our greatest Europe and Asia, and founded companies in both the UK and USA that use music programs, projects and gift as both food and productions to make positive change in the world. inspiration for our lives.” Donna continues to especially enjoy designing/producing new music festivals and television programs, performing as piano soloist with renowned chamber music ensembles/quartets, composing, giving private coaching for advanced performers/teachers, serving on the board of two music schools, performing as vocal soloist in requiems/choral works, doing Notes for Nourishment concerts, performing duo recitals with major singers and instrumentalists, and conducting choirs internationally. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Listen for Life and the author of an upcoming book “Change Your Music, Change Your Life”. 13 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  15. 15. About The Naser Musa is recognized by experts of middle eastern music as an Oud virtuoso, talented singer/songwriter,Musicians: award- winning composer, and versatile studio musician. Naser has composed, arranged, and recorded for numerous projects in the Middle East and USA. One of his many recent recordings, the "Arabia 3D" soundNasar Musa track, was: winner of the GSCA award for best score and best sound track of 2010. Naser Musa’s name appears on dozens of other artists’ recordings as well, including projects for Hollywood with John Debney and John Cameron. He has recorded with pop stars Shakira, Beyonce and Michael Sembello. Naser has shared the stage with Lebanese and Egyptian vocal stars, and his Oud-playing was heard on the soundtrack of the film "The Passion of the Christ" by director Mel Gibson. Naser has performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Hollywood Bowl, the United Nations and Chicago’s Symphony Hall. He has toured the United States, South America and the Middle East, represented the Arab world in the World Culture Open in NY in 2004, and was a featured soloist with the Cairo Orchestra during its 2005 U.S. tour with Grammy award winners Youssou N’Dour of Senegal and Egyptian producer/arranger Fathy Salama. For the past 5 years Naser has been touring worldwide with the acclaimed Persian band Niyaz and renowned singer Azam Ali. A Jordanian of Palestinian decent, Naser Musa started studying Arabic music at an early age while living in Amman, Jordan. Throughout his career, his objective has been to combine Arabic maqams (melodic structures or series of phrases based on Arabic scales), with Western elements, in order to present a style of Arabic music that is understood and appreciated by the Western listener. "Music is the sole border Naser Musa is in great demand as an Oud and vocal instructor, giving lectures and workshops throughout the that we may all cross USA, where he has been based since 1982. together with the Naser meanwhile continues his work as a peace activist by performing/ promoting concerts and presentations passport of love in our hearts and peace in our with artists from around the world. He performed his award-winning song Salam at the United Nations’ 60th souls." year celebration in 2004. Listen for Life met Naser Musa through our mutual friend Yair Dalal, and we immediately began to discuss the idea of bringing both Naser and Yair, along with Syrian percussionist Faisal Zedan, all together on one stage - not only at Carnegie but in as many cities around the globe as we can, to make “a musical statement for peace” in 2012. 14 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  16. 16. Brent Heisinger (born 1937) says about his music, “My works bounce from one palette to another. I have no desire toAbout the Featured own a style.” This approach is evidenced in the diversity of his music that has been published and performed throughout the world. Nubes Aztecos (Invocacion y Canto), commissioned by The Choral Project of San José, receivedComposers performances in Mexico and Costa Rica, Essay for Band and March for Timpani and Brass are popular in westernBrent Heisinger Europe, Eklektikos— In Five Pieces, has seen performances throughout the U.S., and also in Israel, Finland, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, Manila, and India. A Walk Within Winter (composed for pianist Donna Stoering) has beenand Avner Dorman performed by her in Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, England, Brazil, and many other countries, as well as throughout continental USA and Hawaii. Heisinger’s Concerto No.2 for Piano and Wind Ensemble has received three major awards, including 2nd Prize at the 5th International Composition Competition (“Coups de Vent”) in Europe. Both the United States Air Force and Navy Bands have performed his symphonic band music. Embracing a new direction that involves considerable improvisation, Heisingers work "Ekta (“oneness”), commissioned by the San José Chamber Orchestra, was premiered in 2005. The unusual scoring (for solo piano, tabla, jazz bassist, drum kit, string orchestra and two percussionists) and its integration of an Indian raga and tals with American jazz in a “classical” orchestral setting, was very enthusiastically received. "Ekta" was recently heard again with jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti in the piano role, to ecstatic reviews, and two more successful commissions have recently been completed. Brent has been a tremendous supporter of Listen for Life since its inception, and served on the global team that worked together to create LfLs extremely successful series, Travels with Music. Avner Dorman (born 1975) has quickly risen to become one of Israels most successful and renowned composers. At Brent Heisinger the age of 25, he became the youngest composer to win Israels prestigious Prime Ministers Award for his Ellef Symphony, and that same year he was awarded the Golden Feather Award from ACUM (the Israeli Society of Composers and Publishers). Since coming to the United States, Dorman has received several international awards from ASCAP, ACUM, and the Asian Composers League. Dormans unique approach to rhythm and timbre has attracted some of the worlds leading conductors, including Zubin Mehta, Marin Alsop, Asher Fisch, and Simone Young, to bring his music to international audiences of the Israel Philharmonic, NY Philharmonic, orchestras of Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Nashville and the famed Cabrillo Music Festival, among others. Dorman aims to combine rigorous compositional construction with the sense of spontaneity and excitement usually associated with jazz, rock or ethnic music. His two percussion concerti are quickly becoming staples of the repertoire and he has also written unique works for mandolin, piccolo, or saxophone as soloists with orchestra. A pianist and chamber music devotee, Avner has composed many successful works for those genres as well, and their subsequent recordings have received wide critical acclaim. Dormans fresh, spontaneous style lends Avner Dorman itself well to the screen and he has written the music for Nitzan Aviram’s award-winning film Son. Avner Dorman is exclusively published by G. Schirmer, Inc. and some of his works are available on NAXOS records. Violist Erin Nolan met Avner Dorman when both of them were participants in a project of Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road project that culminated in 4 performances at Zankel Hall a few years ago. She learned that he had successfully arranged works for Yair Dalal to perform on his oud as well, so Listen for Life invited Avner to compose a new work for viola, oud and piano that will be premiered on the Carnegie Hall program. 15 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  17. 17. Sponsor Benefits SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The Listen For Life Foundation has a wide following of music lovers. Through its websites, newsletters, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, events around the world and strong media presence, it has reached well over 9 million people. We anticipate that partnering with this event will give you exposure equal to 150,000 impressions (unique people who will see, hear or participate in activities leading up to the Carnegie Hall event). This is in addition to the 600 people who will attend the event, giving you the opportunity to activate your message on-site. The following pages give an overview of the sponsorship opportunities available. At any point, you can pick up the telephone and call us at (212) 710-4329 to get more information or to present an idea of your own that will help make this event a worthwhile sponsorship opportunity for your organization. 16 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  18. 18. Sponsorship Level:VIP Reception Prior to the Concert, there will be a VIP Reception. Sponsor would become the naming sponsor of the VIP Reception: [Sponsor Name] VIP Reception. The reception will feature an international tapas style menu making it a natural for a restaurant or manufacturer in the food or beverage industry. The Reception will also feature a silent auction. There is the opportunity to raffle off airline tickets or a resort stay. The event would also be ideal for an upscale apparel designer, jewelry or watch- maker. Sponsor will have extensive signage and the opportunity for video monitors or gobos. 17 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450- 1619 or(212) 710-4329. Email
  19. 19. Sponsorship Level:Naming Sponsor Naming Sponsor will have company be featured as the naming sponsor in all materials: [Company Name] Listen For Life Concert at Carnegie Hall (Zankel Auditorium): Inspiring Musicians From Around the World. In Addition: • Name on cover of Program booklet and company profile page • Full page ad in Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases and in Social Media activity • Autographed set of CDs from performers • Program booklets autographed by all performers • VIP Gift bag • Back stage access after event • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 50 premium seat tickets to event • 35 VIP tickets to private reception prior to event $50,000 18 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  20. 20. Sponsorship Level:Gold Level Sponsor Gold level Sponsors of the Listen For Life Concert at Carnegie Hall (Zankel Auditorium): Inspiring Musicians From Around the World. • Full page ad in Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases and in Social Media activity • Autographed set of CDs from performers • Program booklets autographed by all performers • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 25 Tickets to event • 15 VIP tickets to private reception prior to event $25,000 19 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  21. 21. Sponsorship Level:Silver Level Sponsor Silver level sponsor of Listen For Life Concert at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall: Inspiring Musicians From Around the World. • Full page ad in Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases and Social Media activity • 4 Pack of artists music • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 15Tickets to event • 15 VIP tickets to VIP reception prior to event $15,000 20 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  22. 22. Sponsorship Level:Ivory Level Sponsor • Full page ad inside Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 8 Tickets to event • 8 Tickets to VIP event • Mentions in Social Media marketing • Choice of 2 artists CDs $10,000 21 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  23. 23. Sponsorship Level:Ebony Level Sponsor • ½ page ad in Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases • Choice of 2 CDs from performers • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 4 Tickets to event • 2 VIP tickets to private reception prior to event • Mentions in social media activity $5,000 22 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  24. 24. Sponsorship Level:Rosewood Level Sponsor • ¼ ad in Program booklet • Mention in all PR releases • Choice of 1 CD from performer • Recognition of contribution at event • Featured on LFL website (3 months) • 2 Tickets to event • 2 Tickets to VIP event $2,500 23 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  25. 25. Additional SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 24To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or(212) 710-4329. Email
  26. 26. Sponsorship Level:In Kind SponsorshipGift bag Sponsorship Preceding the Concert will be a VIP reception, that will include a silent auction. We are open to in-kind proposals from companies who are able to provide the following: • Food items with a cultural or international flair to feed 150 people/ • A minimum of 150 items for the gift bag • Unique music, international, travel related, premium branded and one-of- a-kind (autographed or limited edition) items for the silent auction. • An apparel partnership to do branded apparel • Printing services for posters, tickets and/or program booklet • Airline tickets for performers traveling to event 25 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  27. 27. Patron & Friend LevelSponsors Individuals, non-profit organizations, schools and community-based programs who wish to support Listen for Life may do so as a Patron or Friend. • A donation of between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars from a single individual, family or organization will qualify as Patron and receive the following benefits: – 2 Tickets to event and VIP Reception – Autographed Program Booklet – Choice of 3 CDs • A donation of $500 to $999 dollars from a single individual, family or organization will qualify as Friend and will entitle Friend to: – 1 Ticket to event and VIP reception – Autographed Program booklet – Choice of 1 CD 26 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450-1619 or (212) 710-4329. Email
  28. 28. Program BookletAdvertising Guidelines Program Booklet Quarter Full Page 5.5”w X 8.5” l $1,000 2.75”w X 4.25”l Half Page 5.5”w X 4.25” l $500 ¼ Page 2.75”w X 4.25”l $250 Full 5.5”w X 8.5” l Half 5.5”w X 4.25” l Materials will be accepted as a 133 lines per inch mechanical as a .PDF, Corel or Adobe CS file (Illustrator or InDesign) Files can be emailed to 27 Listen For Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  29. 29. Media Outreach Listen for Life will be aggressively seeking earned media opportunities in the print and broadcast press and will be listed in event calendars in the print media and on-line. Each of their performers has a wealth of information about their music and the mission of Listen for Life. In addition, this concert presents a tremendous opportunity to compare and contrast the efforts of musicians the world over to engage in activities that enrich lives and bring people together. Please call us at (212) 710-4329 to schedule one of the LfL performers for an interview.
  30. 30. Ticket Prices Zankel Hall seats 599 people. Ticket prices will range between $65 dollars and $275 dollars. 29 To talk live about sponsoring this event please call (212) 450- 1619 or(212) 710-4329. Email
  31. 31. Listen for Life Concert Zankel Hall at CARNEGIE HALL SPONSORSHIP COMMITMENT FORMName ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________Business Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City ________________________________________________________________ State ________________ Zip Code _________________________Phone ___________________________________________ Email ___________________________________________________________________________ I/We would like to sponsor the Listen for Life Concert Zankel Hall at CARNEGIE HALL at the following level: Sponsorship Level _______________________________________________ Amount $ _________________________________________________ I/We would like to purchase an ad for the Listen for Life Concert – Zankel Hall at CARNEGIE HALL Ad Size: __________________________________________________ I/We would like to make a donation of $ _________ (between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars to become a Patron.______ I/WE would like to make a donation of $ _________ (between $500 and $999 dollars to become a Friend.______ I/We are unable to attend but would like to make a donation of $ _______ to provide a ticket to a music student.Please forward your ad to Derrick Garrett at in the proper specifications no later than December 15, 2011PAYMENT INFORMATION: (please make checks payable to: Listen for Life)Payment enclosed: □ Check □ Money Order □ Credit Card Type: ___________ Number: ______________________Exp. _____________ CSC # ____Name as it appears on card: ____________________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________You can fax completed form to our secure fax number (510) 540-8097 or mail to Listen for Life · Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Ste. 104, Oakland CA 94612