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Music assessment


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Music assessment

  1. 1. FMCS2100Mercedes Bullock 3112528 Semester 1 2012 Music Assessment two
  2. 2. Melody In the Garden Music and Arts FestivalNewcastle offers an array of music venues for an array of genres from The Croatian Club, The LassO’gowrie, The Great Northern, to The CambridgeHotel, Panthers, Newcastle Leagues, HamiltonStation Hotel and The Pharmacy. Each venue ranging from freeto very expensive. However, there are always local artists entertaining and touring bands,whether they are big or small making a visit to the beloved Newcastle City.Some would argue that the music scene in Newcastle isdead. But niche events bring out the local supporters in all theirglory. Melody In The Garden is a festival for the indie rock, surfpunk, post punk listeners. Providing an encouraging event forthis niche and supporting local artists of Newcastle and Sydney. As wellas supporting small business in Newcastle that encourage and supportalternative music and art and lifestyle in Newcastle.
  3. 3. Melody In The Garden Music and ArtsCabins FestivalMother and SonChicks Who Love GunsDoc Holiday Takes TheShotgunYoung PrettiesThe OwlsThe NugsVulture Culture Saturday 13th of October 2012, The LassSweet Teeth O’Gowrie Hotel. 18+Hells
  4. 4. Purpose Melody In The Garden Music and Arts Festival 2012 aims to support the local Novocastrian alternativemusic and the art scene by providing the opportunity for bands to playtogether who have similar sound andattitudes. And for small independent music, art and clothing business to promote their creations and passions, who in turn also support local alternative lifestyles.
  5. 5. Purpose Melody In The GardenFestival aims to encourage the lovers of the particular genreand subculture and provide anevent that suits their niche and taste within the one area.
  6. 6. Purpose is a Melody In The Garden Festival small indie rock ,surf punk, postpunk festival consisting of local Newcastle and Sydney bands. The music genre of the bands atMelody In the Garden Festival is based around the indie rock, post punk and surf punk genre which provides an opportunity for the bands to play together as a community and encourages the fans to feel welcome and be confident that it’s a music festival for their taste.
  7. 7. Purpose Melody In the Garden Festival 2012 consists of six local Newcastle bands and four Sydney bands. Despite the festival being a festival for Newcastle artists, the Sydney bands provide an opportunity for Newcastle artists to gain further fans,support, contacts and provide further opportunity for the bands to promote their music and gain future gigs within the community of indie rock, surf punk and post punk. It’s also an opportunity for the Sydney bands to enhance their fan base and continue to support niche music and Australian artists. The four Sydney bands obtain a following of post punk, surf punk, indie rock, alternative fans throughout Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
  8. 8. Event Details When: Saturday 13th of October 2012 Where: The Lass O’gowrie (Over 18s event) Time: Doors Open 2pmArtist Times: Each artist will have a rough 30- 40minute set with a 30minute break between each set. Local business markets: Odditorium Vintage, Antique Sounds and Whites Records Cost: Free
  9. 9. Event Details Melody In the Garden Festival will be a freefestival. This is due to The Lass O’Gowrie being a local music venue that gains their profits through the service of alcohol. A cover charge may apply if the festival is repeated and their is a higher demand from bands. However, Sydney bands will still be compensated for their efforts.
  10. 10. Event DetailsMelody In The Garden Festival will be held on Saturday the 13TH of October at The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel in Wickham. Where there will be two stages set up, one in doors and one outdoors. The stalls will be set up throughout the outdoor area of the beer garden where flowers and vines will be displayed throughout the beer garden and within the pub. The festival will begin at 2pm where each band will have a 30-40minute set with 30 minutes to set up pack up.
  11. 11. Melody In The Garden will be held during October because it’s during Spring which is in congruent with the name and the warmer weather will encourage the punters and fans toattend the the festival during the day and support the local Newcastle arts, music and clothing stores. Melody In The Garden will be held at The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel because the hotel is known for their support in local bands and art In Newcastle. The Lass is also known for its indie, alternative punters and music vibe. The Lass also has an excellent layout for out door music and markets.
  12. 12. Event Details The MarketsOdditorium Vintage is a Vintage Store, Gallery, Live Music and Exhibition space. The store entails art and culture and supports the local alternative scene through promotions and live gigs.Antique Sounds Newcastle is music store that has been run through the family business since 1925 Whites Records is a newly opened record store based in NewcastleThese small Newcastle business all support local alternative music and and culture within the Newcastle Community
  13. 13. The Line Up• Cabins (Sydney)• Mother and Son (Sydney)• Chicks Who Love Guns (Sydney)• Doc Holiday Takes The Shotgun (Sydney)• Young Pretties• The Owls• The Nugs• Vulture Culture• Sweet Teeth• Hells
  14. 14. In the final moments..Overall, Melody In The Garden Music and Arts Festival is putting some of the local indie rock,surf punk, post punk artists and the local music and arts supporters of Newcastle and Sydney into one venue, on the same day at the same time. Bringing the artists together as one community and niche culture for the fans to enjoy and the artists to come together as one. * Support local artists*
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