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A presentation that explains a few of the services available from the MyHeritage genealogy powerhouse.

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Using effectively

  1. 1. Using Effectively Dick Eastman March 4, 2017
  2. 2. Today’s Slides may be found at:
  3. 3. MyHeritage is Now the Third or Fourth Largest Family History Site  and are #1 and #2  MyHeritage and FindMyPast are #3 and #4 • The exact numbers vary depending upon who compiles the numbers!
  4. 4. MyHeritage is a:  Large collection of vital records from all over the world, called a Data Subscription  A large collection of digitized newspapers from many different countries  Contains 8+ billion records from all over the world
  5. 5. MyHeritage is a:  A web site to store your family tree privately or share it with a few relatives or share it with everyone  A place to compare your family tree against those submitted by others  A photo storage and matching web site  The most accurate Matching Technology of any genealogy web site
  6. 6. MyHeritage is available:  In more than 40 languages (far more than any other genealogy web site).  In countries all over the world.
  7. 7. MyHeritage has four primary offerings:  8+ billion images of original records plus fully searchable contents of 450,000 genealogy- related books  2.2+ billion profiles in 32 million family trees contributed by other MyHeritage users  DNA testing  FREE software for Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS
  8. 8. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  Upload a GEDCOM file  Use the MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone and Android  Use Family Tree Builder, a free genealogy program for Windows and Macintosh  Enter the data on the web site, one at a time
  9. 9. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  You always own the data! Your data cnnot be changed by anyone else without your permission!  You may add, delete, or modify your contributed data at any time.
  10. 10. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site  Use Smart Matches, Record Detective, and SuperSearch to compare your entries against vital records, census records, newspapers, entries contributed by other MyHeritage users, and more.  Searches may be performed on U.S. records as well as records from many other countries, especially from both Eastern and Western Europe.
  11. 11. Build Your Own Family Tree Web site
  12. 12. Family Trees You Can Create  MyHeritage has three levels of family tree users:  A FREE basic website for registered users, with up to 250 persons permitted in the tree - FREE  A Premium website permits 2,500 persons in the tree – $75/year ($6.25/month)  A Premium Plus website permits an unlimited number of persons in the tree - $119.40/year ($9.95/month)
  13. 13. Data Plan  A Data Plan costs $119.40/years ($9.95/month).  You never enter a for-pay service without being warned ahead of time and being asked if you wish to proceed.
  14. 14. Data Plan
  15. 15. MyHeritage contains:  No info on living persons in family trees (except in your own family tree)  Family trees, historical photos, census records, birth/death/marriage records, military records, immigration records, genealogy books, newspapers, yearbooks, historical maps…  Built by genealogists for genealogists
  16. 16. Search for names  1,500 databases  Records from 75 million users  1.2 billion profiles  200 million images  Search for Exact, Soundex and Megadex options  Save the search results to your MyHeritage site and click through the matches at your leisure
  17. 17. SuperSearch contains  Super algorithms  Super Name Matching
  18. 18. Smart Matches  Once the tree is online on MyHeritage, the their "Smart Matches" system finds potential matches of the user's tree persons with persons in the trees of other MyHeritage users.  These Smart Matches come in the online email at MyHeritage and at the user's home email address. This is truly "finding relatives without searching.”
  19. 19. SuperSearch looks like this:
  20. 20. Advanced SuperSearch looks like this:
  21. 21. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  22. 22. “But Wait, There’s More!”  An Instant Discovery™ is a “package” of family history information that you can apply in one click. If an individual in your family tree connects to a branch in another family tree, you’ll be alerted about this and can then choose to add everyone in that branch (up to 40-50 people) to your tree, who is not already there, in one go, rather than manually add people one by one, and amend the data piece by piece.
  23. 23. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  24. 24. “But Wait, There’s More!”  A Photo Discovery provides users with a set of photographs of ancestors and relatives they may have never seen before, originating in family trees contributed by others. Users can add the photographs to the matching profiles in their family tree, in a single click. .
  25. 25. “But Wait, There’s More!”  Layered on top of MyHeritage’s highly accurate Smart Matching™ technology, which locates matching profiles in other family trees, and Instant Discoveries™, which enable users to add entire branches to their family tree in just a few clicks, Photo Discoveries identifies the profiles that have no photographs in the user’s family tree and provides photographs of these individuals from matching profiles on other family trees. .
  26. 26. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  27. 27. “But Wait, There’s More!”  The Consistency Checker employs 36 different checks on the family tree data, ranging from the obvious (e.g., a person was born before their parent, or when the parent was too young to be a parent) to the subtle and hard to find (e.g., a person was tagged in a photo and the photo is dated before the person’s birth; or two full siblings were born 5 months apart, which is impossible).
  28. 28. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  29. 29. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  30. 30. “But Wait, There’s More!”  The Name Dictionary is Amazing!  For instance, let’s say you are looking for a person named Alexander who may have lived in any of several countries. Family members called him “Alex.”  Should you search for “Alex” or “Alexander?”
  31. 31. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  32. 32. Different Records Automatically Use Different Search Methods  Newspaper searches are non-structured. That is, all words are searched.  In contrast, census records are always very structured in columns. Only names will be searched when you specify a name. • Photos are searched by metadata
  33. 33. International Search Engine  Can search the world or  Can search by continents or  Can search by country  Or combinations of these areas.
  34. 34. All Records Found may be Saved Directly to Your Family Tree  It will be visible to you and…  (optionally) visible to invited guests  (optionally) visible to everyone  Including complete source citations
  35. 35. Your Data May be Saved…  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be downloaded in GEDCOM format to import to a user's desktop software.  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be synchronized with the (FREE) Family Tree Builder software for Windows and Macintosh  A member's tree on the MyHeritage website can be synchronized with the handheld iPhone/iPad and Android apps.
  36. 36. Collections Include:  450,000 genealogy-related books online  One of the largest online collections of newspapers  High School yearbooks  Other members’ family trees  Census records  Military records  Many vital records
  37. 37. “But Wait, There’s More!”  Family Tree Builder  A full-featured genealogy program for Windows and Macintosh  Fun to use  Supports SmartMatching Technology  Private family sites  FREE!
  38. 38. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  39. 39. “But Wait, There’s More!”
  40. 40. Data Plan
  41. 41. For more information: 
  42. 42. Today’s Slides may be found at: