Using a Macintosh for genealogy


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Using a Macintosh for genealogy - a look at the leading Macintosh genealogy programs of today

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Using a Macintosh for genealogy

  1. 1. Using a Mac for Genealogy Dick Eastman June 7, 2014
  2. 2. Today’s slides may be found at:
  3. 3. The Macintosh is the second most popular personal computer but it isn’t peanuts! A total of 80 million Macs are in use worldwide. At an average of $1,334 per system, that is more than $100 Billion in sales!
  4. 4. Yet the Mac has relatively (!) few genealogy programs I can count six significant, full-featured programs for the Mac and several other, less powerful programs:
  5. 5. The full-featured Macintosh genealogy programs are (in alphabetical order): Family Tree Maker for Macintosh Gramps Heredis MacFamilyTree Personal Ancestry Writer II (also called PAW2U) Reunion
  6. 6. Family Tree Maker for Macintosh TreeSync™ gives you the freedom to access and update your tree no matter where you are. All you need is an Internet connection. Capture photos using your iSight or built-in camera and import it directly into Family Tree Maker. $29.99
  7. 7. GRAMPS Free and Open Source Originally developed for Linux and UNIX, later ported to Macintosh and Windows Requires moderate technical expertise to install and configure
  8. 8. GRAMPS
  9. 9. Heredis Created in France Very popular in Europe and many other countries, available in many languages Available for Macintosh, Windows, and iOS $59.99 in the App Store, a free trial version is also available
  10. 10. Heredis
  11. 11. Heredis
  12. 12. Heredis
  13. 13. Heredis Available in the App Store
  14. 14. Mac Family Tree
  15. 15. Mac Family Tree Created in Germany Very popular in Europe and many other countries, available in many languages Available for Macintosh and iOS $49.99 in the App Store, a free trial version is also available
  16. 16. Mac Family Tree
  17. 17. Mac Family Tree
  18. 18. Mac Family Tree
  19. 19. Mac Family Tree
  20. 20. Mac Family Tree
  21. 21. Mac Family Tree
  22. 22. Mac Family Tree
  23. 23. Personal Ancestry Writer II Often abbreviated as: PAW2U FREE! Modeled upon the now discontinued Personal Ancestral File program (PAF) for Macintosh Additional features that generate web pages (in HTML), word processing files (in RTF for, e.g., AppleWorks) and desktop publishing files (in MML for FrameMaker).
  24. 24. Personal Ancestry Writer II Quote for the PAW2U web site: “PAWriter is not meant to have the bells and whistles that are in the current crop of genealogical programs. The emphasis is on maintaining a genealogical database from which the user can write books and/or post web pages about a family.”
  25. 25. Personal Ancestry Writer II
  26. 26. Personal Ancestry Writer II Available free of charge at
  27. 27. Reunion
  28. 28. Reunion Probably the most popular Macintosh genealogy program in North America Highest rated mobile genealogy apps on the iTunes App Store. Has an excellent companion app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) $99 A free demo version is available, limited to 50 people in the database with no import or export capabilities
  29. 29. Reunion Very easy to use Excellent support of images and videos One of the best iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch apps Automatically builds reports that you can upload to your web site with all the necessary files, images, and graphics are generated and linked for you
  30. 30. Reunion
  31. 31. Reunion
  32. 32. Reunion
  33. 33. Reunion
  34. 34. Reunion
  35. 35. MySuggestions: Take your time! You will spend hours with the program of your choice. Try the free demos Will it work with your handheld device?
  36. 36. Today’s slides may be found at:
  37. 37. Now let’s try a few programs!