Introduction to world religion


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Basic Introduction with group project.

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  • Mecca is in Saudi Arabia.
    The Khanda is the main Sikh symbol

    Golden Temple:Is regarded as the holiest shrine to the Sikhs, and is a very important symbol of the religion. To Sikhs, it is regarded as the Dharbar Sahib ‘The Court of God.’ The holy city (Amritsar) is located in Punjab (India) and is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion. It's the Number One destination for the non resident Indians (NRIs) and attracts more visitor than even the more popular destination of India.
  • BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha) Swaminarayan Akshardham is a 100-acre Hindu temple complex in New Delhi, India. It aims to showcase Hinduism's ancient art, culture and spiritual heritage.
  • Introduction to world religion

    1. 1. Introduction to World Religion
    2. 2. Name as many religions as you can, you have two minutes.
    3. 3. How many religions are there? o According to  The exact number of religions in the world is unknown. Best estimates place the number around 4,200. Of this number, a dozen have been classified as “major world religions.”  The following list mentions the twelve major world religions in alphabetical order: •Baha’I (7 million adherents) •Buddhism (360 million) •Christianity (2 billion) •Confucianism (6 million) •Hinduism (900 million) •Islam (1.3 billion) •Jainism (4 million) •Judaism (14 million) •Shinto (4 million) •Sikhism (23 million) •Daoism (2.7 million) • Zoroastrianism (150,000)
    4. 4. What is religion? (cont.)  Religion seeks to answer the following questions:  What is God?  What form is God?  How is the universe created?  What happens after death?  Why is there evil?  How do you attain salvation?  Why is there suffering?  Guidance on current issues…(abortion, capital punishment, etc…)
    5. 5. What is religion?  According to your book:  Religion is an organized system of beliefs and practices, often centered on one of more gods.  One or more gods?  Monotheism:  Mono = one  Theism = God or Deity  Polytheism:  Poly = Many  Theism = God or Deity
    6. 6. Monotheistic Religions  Christianity  God, The Trinity  Islam  Allah  Judaism  Jehovah, Yahweh  Sikhism  God, many names
    7. 7. Polytheistic/Other Religions  Hinduism  Over 2,000 gods, but many worship Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, and Lakshimi  Buddhism  No one god or major emphasis on a Deity, however, Buddha is a highly revered figure.
    8. 8. Group Project  Each group of 4-5 will be assigned one of the world’s major religions, and will complete to following task:  Create a web of the religion, include the following:  Basic Ideas & Beliefs  Symbols  Holy Books  Prophets  Clergy  Sects  Holidays/Religious Ceremonies  Funeral Practices  Places of Worship  Holy Sites & Places
    9. 9. For Example: Confucianism Beliefs Prophets Funeral Practices Symbols Place of Worship Holy Book(s) Holidays & Ceremonies Holy Sites Sects Clergy
    10. 10. Group Project (cont.)  Assign a group member to each of the areas you will need information on about the assigned religion.  Your web must include all of these areas! (This may mean writing: This religion does not have ______.)  Your group must include at least 5 pictures somewhere on/around your web. These may be hand drawn or computer printed/created.  You will have two class periods to do your research and complete your web.  Each group member will share the information they found during group presentations.  Be creative, this project should be fun!