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  • Write down why you are working at this company. Keep it handy as a reference for when the negative thoughts and feelings start to interfere with your happiness.As an individual this is an activity you do with your significant other, family, or close friends.Team – Supervisor discusses with each team member or group discussion over beers of pot luck lunch.Identify how working at this company will help you reach your dreams. (see The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelley).We did dream boards with pictures and dream plans.Not everyone had a dream, but everyone wanted to participate in helping others reach their dreams.We asked for volunteers to lead this effortResearch the company vision and values. Write down how they fit and apply to your life.We found that our vision and values had more impact when we helped connect them to people personally. Not everyone connected to every value but they found aspects they could believe in and focus on.What about the company makes you feel proud?We discovered this by accident – mostly listening to people who had been interviewed by our people. Different people were proud about different things – but together it was a group pride.If you are an executive - make sure you have a vision statement, mission statement, etc.Communicate and share it regularly with people inside and outside the company.Know the “Why” of you company and make sure everyone else knows it as well.
  • It can be something as small as when, where, or how to take your lunch break. As an individual – what are the things you can control in your workplace. What do you keep on your desk? What do you wear to work? How do you complete a task? When do you complete the task?For a team – letting different members of the group handle the lunch schedule or decide where everyone is going for lunch. Letting the group decide what role they will play on a project. For an individual – choosing who you want to work with. Offer to help someone you admire. Look for opportunities to do projects with those people or find time to take them to lunch or breakfast to learn about what they do. For a team – let them interview or at least meet and offer an opinion on future teammates or interns. Everyone seems to have a passion. Bring that to work. One guy set up a soccer team. Several people share their cooking expertise by bringing in food for the team. One girl took on training for the team. We set up an anonymous feedback email system that volunteers monitored and created solutions for.We also set up iMinors or 10% of each person’s time could be used to learn something outside of their normal job.We set up Day-in-the-Life opportunities.
  • Identify the tasks in your job that you truly enjoy and find challenging. Create undisturbed blocks of time to focus on those tasks.We had an accounting clerk who got into flow when entering accounts payable. For teams, talk as a group about who likes to do what and assign tasks accordingly. Also, cross-train each team member so they can learn new challenges and back-fill when their teammates are out sick or on vacation.We ended up hiring a lot of musicians because they had a knack for numbers and could quickly find flow working in the spreadsheets.Trade with team members. Take on their activities where you easily find flow in exchange for them doing something from your list of activities that they identify with flow.On many of our teams we had jobs that included numbers work and verbal work. We often found these team members could trade tasks and the people who liked numbers could find flow working with the data and reports while the verbal people could manage and create keywords.Create methods for making your boring tasks more challenging and interesting. We had an employee who was constantly challenging himself to complete more each day. He started with 100 high quality entries per day and then kept increasing the number daily, until we were all asking him about how many he had made it to that day. Our teams would break boring projects into pieces with mini goals and spend 60 to 90 minutes focused on each of their tasks, and then if everyone completed on time they would go outside and throw a football, kick a soccer ball or get ice cream.Competition adds challenge and helps bring focus to more easily achieve flow.
  • Include more people in your networkFacilitate and encourage friendships in the workplace. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, and babies.Host potluck lunches and Happy Hours (with reasonable non-alcoholic beverage choices).Practice Random Acts of Kindness – Bring a friend a coffee, bring a box of donuts into the officeHost competitions among small groups for best decorated office at Halloween, most food for a can drive, or Art Gallery night.Encourage participation in Company Teams (i.e., Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Walking or Running).Employee Supervisor RelationshipsA great way to be happier at work is to expand your network of friendships. Most people focus on a few really close relationships that we form early on in a particular workplace. Those are the people we go to lunch with and spend most of our time talking to. Unfortunately those people usually have very similar circumstances as far as supervisor, workload, or location. So they also have similar perspectives and feelings. By including people with different experiences we get different perspectives and have a broader base of support when things are not going well in our area.Ask your friend to invite one of their friends to lunch with you. If you are in the kitchen getting coffee, take a minute to talk to an acquaintance and find out more about them. If you are on a project, get to know the people on your team on a more personal level. One of the number one predictors of job satisfaction, engagement, and retention is your relationship with your direct supervisor. The out dated notion that you can’t be friends with your boss should be thrown out the window. Your boss is a necessary part of your success and happiness. They are difficult relationships, but it is important that they are strong and positive relationships. If you have a bad boss, find out and write down the things that are good about them. At the very least it is good to know what not to do with your employees.
  • Happiness in the work place webinar 5 10 13 pursuit-of-happiness.org

    1. 1. Pursuit_of_Happiness.orgWelcome to the Happiness in theWorkplace WebinarWhat makes you happy atwork?Type your answers in thecomments box.
    2. 2. Pursuit_of_Happiness.orgHappiness in theWorkplaceMay 11, 2013Presenter: Ray WhiteDirector of Workplace ProgramsRayWhite1@Verizon.net
    3. 3. Pursuit_of_Happiness.orgMany years ago, (2004)In a far away land, (Texas)Two Princesses had a dreamto start a new kingdom whereemployees were happy.
    4. 4. Pursuit_of_Happiness.orgThey had been kicked out of theirold Kingdom by a mean witch whopromoted her subjects based on howunhappy they were and how unhappythey made their employees.Because, if they were notunhappy, they were not workinghard enough to make her rich.
    5. 5. Pursuit_of_Happiness.orgSo the Princesses set out to changethe world. But even the Elders ofthe new Kingdom had their doubtsabout the profitability of a kingdomwith happy employees. So they hireda Chancellor from the very largeKingdom of Fortune 500.
    6. 6. Chancellor – Ray White• 33 Years of Experience – 9 at C-Level• 2 Fortune 500 Companies• 6 Start-up Companies• 14 GPTW awards for 2 Companies• Teach Happiness, Success and Leadership• Part of Pursuit-of-Happiness.org Team
    7. 7. Pursuit-of-Happiness.orgPoll:I want to improve happiness in the workplace for:1. Myself2. My Team3. My Organization
    8. 8. Defining of Happiness1. Happiness does not equal employeesskipping around the office and smiling allthe time.2. Happiness is about employees wanting toget out of bed and come to work everyday.3. Our measurements were businessperformance, employee surveys, andeventually “Great Places to Work” surveysand benchmarks.RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    9. 9. Why is Happiness Important? “Your happiest employees are 47% more productive thantheir least happy colleagues.” Jessica Pryce-Jones “We’ve been able to conclusively link employeesatisfaction and engagement to customer satisfaction andbusiness performance.” Wiley and Kowske “Studies …have shown a clear relationship between highlevels of employee engagement and improved financialand operational results.” Towers and Watson “…we have proven that engaged organizations have 3.9times the earnings per share (EPS) growth rate comparedto organizations with lower engagement in their sameindustry.” GallupRayWhite1@Verizon.net
    10. 10. Purpose “Human beings want meaning and purpose in life. The Meaningful Lifeconsists in belonging to and serving something that you believe isbigger than the self .” Martin Seligman Doctors who were allowed to work on something meaningful tothem, cut their burnout rate by 50%.THE SCIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses clearly communicating the Purposeof their kingdom: “Relationships and Results”
    11. 11. Finding Meaning and Purpose1. Write your “Why”2. What about the company or your work makes you feel proud?3. How do the company vision and values apply to your life?4. Identify how working at this company will help you reach yourdreams. (see The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelley).EXPERIENCEThe Princesses clearly communicating the Purposeof their kingdom: “Relationships and Results”RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    12. 12. Gifts1. You can give them opportunities and habitsfor happiness. You can’t give themhappiness or make them happy.2. You can give the gift – they may choose notto receive it.3. Like gifts, different things make differentpeople happy.RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    13. 13. Autonomy “Autonomy - the feeling that your life, its activities andhabits, are self-chosen and self-endorsed“Journal of Personality and Social Psychology “Having a strong sense of controlling one’s life is a moredependable predictor of positive feelings of well-being than any ofthe objective conditions of life we have considered…” AngusCampbell. Boer and Fischer found that autonomy is a better predictor ofhappiness than money.THE SCIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses gave them control of the kingdom
    14. 14. Autonomy1. When to take a lunch break.2. Who they will work with on different projects.3. How to create and take ownership over companyculture activities.EXPERIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses gave them control of the kingdom
    15. 15. Flow “The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxingtimes… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind isstretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish somethingdifficult and worthwhile.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi “The ego falls away. Time flies. Your whole being is involved. You’reusing your skills to the utmost.” Csikszentmihalyi’s Top 2 aspects of an ideal job – progress in their careers and be goodat their jobs. Pryce-Jones, author Happiness at WorkTHE SCIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses challenged each member of the kingdom tolearn and implement their roles to the best of their ability.
    16. 16. Flow1. Identify the tasks in your job that you truly enjoy and findchallenging. Create undisturbed blocks of time to focus on thosetasks.2. Trade with team members. Take on their activities where youeasily find flow in exchange for them doing something from yourlist of activities that they identify with flow.3. Create methods for making your boring tasks more challengingand interesting.EXPERIENCEThe Princesses challenged each member of the kingdom tolearn and implement their roles to the best of their ability.RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    17. 17. RelationshipsTHE SCIENCE “Experts at the Gallup Organization suggest that people need tohave good friends at work…” Diener “…social support was the best predictor of happiness duringstressful times.” Achor, Stone, Ben-Shahar “70 years of evidence that our relationships with other peoplematter, and matter more than anything else in the world.” VaillantRayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses strongly encouraged interaction
    18. 18. RelationshipsEXPERIENCE1. Include more people in your network2. Identify people vs. jobs – be authentic3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness – Bring a friend a coffee, bring abox of donuts into the office4. Facilitate and encourage friendships in the workplace.5. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, and babies.6. Events and Teams7. Employee Supervisor Relationships –Respect, Empathy, Gratitude, and AdmirationThe Princesses strongly encouraged interactionRayWhite1@Verizon.net
    19. 19. CaringTHE SCIENCE “75+% of employees want to be involved in their companies giving andvolunteer programs.” 2010 Cone Study “Millennials who frequently volunteer are more likely to beproud, loyal, and satisfied.” ”Millennials who frequently participate in their company’s employeevolunteer activities are two times more likely to rate their corporateculture “very positive” (56% vs. 28%).” “…companies that connect the dots between talent and volunteerism…will likely be rewarded with happier workers”2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT SurveyRayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Kingdom reached out to help others
    20. 20. CaringThe Kingdom reached out to help others1. Organize a charity experience – volunteer at a school, hospital, orsenior care facility, plant a tree, or work with a local shelter.2. Plan an act of kindness for a colleague going through a challenginglife change (i.e., death in the family, family illness, new baby).3. Ask your Human Resources group if your company will matchdonations to a local charity. Pick your favorite charity and donate.EXPERIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.net
    21. 21. StrengthsTHE SCIENCE Harzer and Ruch (2012) found that employees who apply theirsignature strengths to their unique work circumstances experiencegreater job satisfaction, pleasure, engagement, and meaning. There is a strong connection between well-being and the use ofsignature strengths because strengths helps us make progress onour goals and meet our basic needs forindependence, relationship, and competence (Linley et al., 2010)RayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses created opportunities for teammembers to explore and leverage their strengths
    22. 22. StrengthsThe Princesses created opportunities for teammembers to explore and leverage their strengths1. Identify and Keep a Written list of your Strengths2. Look for tasks and opportunities to apply them3. Tribes and Minors4. Day-in-the-Life5. Reviews6. Specialists and GeneralistsYou can take a test to determine your strengths athttps://www.viacharacter.orgEXPERIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.net
    23. 23. Health Researchers from the University of Bristol found that people whoexercise on work days are happier, suffer less stress and aremore productive. Data from the US General Social Survey revealed that healthypeople are 20% happier than the average person “Research shows that physical exercise strengthens both thebody and the brain! Exercise reduces stress and promotes thegrowth of new brain cells.” Marissa ToussaintTHE SCIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.netThe Princesses supported health and physical well-being
    24. 24. HealthThe Princesses supported health and physical well-being1. Softball, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball Teams2. Group Walking3. Fruit and Vegetables Delivered Regularly4. Biggest Loser5. Outdoor Meetings and Breaks6. Company sponsored Gym memberships7. Team 5k’s and Fun Runs for CharitiesEXPERIENCERayWhite1@Verizon.net
    25. 25. Work Place Happiness = PerformanceMoral of the StoryHappiness in the work place is not afairy tale.It is a business necessity. It is a directpath to sustainable performance andprofitability improvement.Pursuit-of-Happiness.orgRayWhite1@Verizon.net
    26. 26. List of Books to Read1. Drive - Daniel Pink2. Happiness - Ed Diener and Robert Diener3. The How of Happiness – Sonja Lyubomirsky4. Flourish - Martin Seligman5. Happiness at Work - Jessica Pryce-Jones6. Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi7. Dream Manager – Mathew KellyRayWhite1@Verizon.net
    27. 27. Thank YouPlease E-Mail questions and comments to:RayWhite1@Verizon.net