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Employee Motivation and Happiness Webinar presented by Pursuit-of-Happiness.org. How do you help employees be happier and motivated so they will be more productive and stay with you longer.

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  • I am responsible for connecting Happiness and Performance
  • Research by Fredrickson and Cole shows that having purpose and meaning actually increases our health at the cellular level.Sharing the “Big Picture” Everyone needs a “Why”. Why should I get up in the morning to help this company? Why should I put in extra hours to make this company successful?Everyone wants to matter and know they are making a difference
  • It could be a Company, Team, or a Personal “Why”Explain how what they are doing makes a difference. How does it fit into the big picture.Connect the values of the company with their values. What good are you doing in the world?How is working at this company going to help them reach their dreams.
  • Give Examples:Company - Reinventing the Way Brands are BuiltTeam – Make our client successful or increase safety by reducing errorsIndividual – Help them “Share their music with others” – playing guitar in a band
  • People want to feel like they have control of their lives. Intrinsic motivation is more consistent and more powerful than external rewards. Employees will put in the extra effort to accomplish something they own vs. something they are told to do.
  • Can they decide:when they come in – flexible work hoursWhat they wear – like shorts or casual dayWhat snacks are in the office or vending machineWho they work with – get them involved in the hiring process or let them pick their team for a special projectOrganize the christmas party or other employee eventsTell them the problem – let them tell you the solutionCreate metrics that allow you to give autonomy up to a certain point.  For example; they can approve invoices under $5,000 or they can autonomously manage the department as long as the customer service score and employee retention remain above an 85%.
  • What decisions can you let them make. Even something as small as how the celebrate birthdays or team accomplishments.What parameters can you create to give them more autonomy yet protect them and the company from catastrophe.
  • Flow requires: Clear goal, immediate feedback, balance of skill and challenge, autonomy, environment supporting concentration.Delegate – they aspire to do your job. Find as many ways as possible. They will be happier and grow faster and you will have time to work on more strategic opportunities. It is more work initially, but long term it will free you up so can move higher in the organization.Can they spend time with team members in other functions, offices, or clients?Employees want to be and are more motivated when you hold them accountable. They know when they are not doing a good job and you are just ignoring their incompetence. They probably suspect it more often than it is really true. They want to know hot to get better. They want to matter and make a difference. Formal and informal training, on the job experience, job sharing/trading, career development, recognition, accountability, opportunity to learn about other parts of the business, good for transfers, move them to other jobs or other teams. Experience new clients, new industries, new geographies. Develop soft skills like leadership, organization, prioritization, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Can you let them run the weekly meetingCan you put them in charge while you are on vacationAre there classes they can takeWhat work do they need to do to get ready for the next promotion?
  • Employees come to work to see their friendsThe most successful employees have lots of friends and connections. They are able to bridge gaps and get things done.Your relationship with your supervisor is the most important relationship in determining your happiness at work and whether you are willing to put in the extra effort and whether or not you will stay at that job.We used to teach that when you as a peer get promoted, you can’t play favorites and you can’t be friends because you have to hold them accountable. The new research shows that the best way to hold them accountable is to be their friend and help them be successful. Instead of changing the relationship, leverage the relationship.
  • Encourage people to have lunch together, talk at the coffee machine, etc.Provide lots of opportunities for connection.
  • Weekly meetings – give them time to catch up personally.Share stories about kid or spouse successesKick a soccer ball, throw a football, play basketball. Especially the people who are not good at it.
  • This is based on a new study by Anik and colleagues in London. They found that “Prosocial Bonuses Increase Employee Satisfaction and Team Performance.” This connects it all together. You are rewarding for identifying with your purpose, You are giving them the autonomy to choose, you are acknowledging their Mastery of the particular project, and you are helping them connect to other people in the office or oustside of the company.
  • Employee motivation and happiness webinar 9 16 13

    1. 1. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net Welcome to the Employee Motivation and Happiness Webinar (you will need a pen and paper for 4 activities during the webinar) What makes your employees happy? Type your answers in the comments box.
    2. 2. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net Employee Motivation and Happiness October 23, 2013 Presenter: Ray White Director of Workplace Programs RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    3. 3. Defining Happiness 1. Happiness does not equal employees skipping around the office and smiling all the time. 2. Happiness is about employees wanting to get out of bed and come to work everyday. 3. Happiness is about employees being engaged and productive. 4. Happiness includes challenges as well as successes. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    4. 4. Why is Happiness Important?  “Your happiest employees are 47% more productive than their least happy colleagues.” Jessica Pryce-Jones  “We’ve been able to conclusively link employee satisfaction and engagement to customer satisfaction and business performance.” Wiley and Kowske  “Studies …have shown a clear relationship between high levels of employee engagement and improved financial and operational results.” Towers and Watson  “…we have proven that engaged organizations have 3.9 times the earnings per share (EPS) growth rate compared to organizations with lower engagement in their same industry.” Gallup Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    5. 5. Keys to Employee Motivation and Happiness Remember Pam C. P – Purpose A – Autonomy M – Mastery and C – Connection Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    6. 6. Purpose - connecting today with something in the future.  “Human beings want meaning and purpose in life. The Meaningful Life consists in belonging to and serving something that you believe is bigger than the self .” Martin Seligman  In research led by Frankl - “having a purpose or meaning in life” was chosen by more than 80% of respondents while money was chosen by around 16%.  Sisyphus Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    7. 7. Purpose - connecting today with something in the future. What Steps Should I Take 1. Identify the company’s purpose. Give them a “Why” 2. Tell them how they contribute to that purpose 3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    8. 8. Purpose - connecting today with something in the future. Activity: Write down the purpose of your company, your team, or one of your employees. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    9. 9. Autonomy - “… the feeling that your life, its activities and habits, are self-chosen and self-endorsed“ Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  “Having a strong sense of controlling one’s life is a more dependable predictor of positive feelings of well-being than any of the objective conditions of life we have considered…” Angus Campbell.  Boer and Fischer found that autonomy is a better predictor of happiness than money. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    10. 10. Autonomy - the feeling that your life, its activities and habits, are self-chosen and self-endorsed“ Journal of Personality and Social Psychology What Steps Should I Take 1. Constantly ask yourself – “What decisions can they make?” 2. Tell them What and Why – let them decide how. 3. Create Performance Benchmarks Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    11. 11. Autonomy - the feeling that your life, its activities and habits, are self-chosen and self-endorsed“ Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Activity: Write down three areas where you can give your team more autonomy. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    12. 12. Mastery - Learn, progress and constantly improve  Top 2 items participants wanted in an ideal job 1. Progress in their Careers 2. Be good at their jobs Based on data from iOpener  Wiley and Kowske found that 79% of employees who didn’t think they could reach their career goals at their current company were considering leaving. “The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    13. 13. Mastery - Learn, progress and constantly improve What Steps Should I Take? 1. Create challenge and opportunity for Flow. 2. Delegate 3. Clarify Learning and Development as well as Career Development opportunities. 4. Hold them accountable Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    14. 14. Mastery - Learn, progress and constantly improve Activity: What kinds of learning opportunities can you create for your team members? Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    15. 15. Connections - Positive relationships and opportunities to connect with peers and supervisors  “Experts at the Gallup Organization suggest that people need to have good friends at work…” Diener  “…social support was the best predictor of happiness during stressful times.” Achor, Stone, Ben-Shahar  “70 years of evidence that our relationships with other people matter, and matter more than anything else in the world.” Vaillant  One of the #1 predictors of job satisfaction, engagement, and retention is your relationship with your direct supervisor. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    16. 16. Connections - Positive relationships and opportunities to connect with peers and supervisors What Steps Should I Take? 1. Facilitate and encourage friendships in the workplace. 2. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, and babies. 3. Events and Team Competitions 4. Employee-Supervisor Relationships – Respect, Empathy, Gratitude, and Admiration Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    17. 17. Connections - Positive relationships and opportunities to connect with peers and supervisors Activity: List 3 ways you can encourage connections among your team. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    18. 18. Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery, Connections Activity: Give a bonus/budget to someone who exemplifies your company purpose. Ask them to spend it on a charity or their team members. Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    19. 19. Thank You Questions? RayWhite1@Verizon.net Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    20. 20. List of Books to Read 1. Drive - Daniel Pink 2. Happiness - Ed Diener and Robert Diener 3. The How of Happiness – Sonja Lyubomirsky 4. Flourish - Martin Seligman 5. Happiness at Work - Jessica Pryce-Jones 6. Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 7. Dream Manager – Mathew Kelly Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net
    21. 21. Thank You Please E-Mail questions and comments to: RayWhite1@Verizon.net Pursuit-of-Happiness.org RayWhite1@Verizon.net