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The bright and dark side of india


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this is just my assumption as foreigner seeing india. give your suggestion if there is any misjudgement of mine

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The bright and dark side of india

  1. 1. The "Bright" and "Dark" sides of Indian People Faizal Risdianto/Indonesia
  2. 2. • This is my assumption as a foreigner which may be "debatable and" a little bit "controversial".
  3. 3. The Bright sides • 1 Hard-working ethics • 2.Self-Confident personality • 3. Great progress/Futuristic Moves • 4. Simplicity • 5. Powerful Government
  4. 4. 1. Hard-working ethics • Since the population of india is estimated 1,27 billions in 2014 as Prabhat Singh ever said that it is so difficult to find a good job in India. There is a tight competition/rivaly among job seekers. this is a difficult obstacle but positively it creates or builds good hard-working ethics.
  5. 5. A rickshaw wala
  6. 6. The life of Rickshaw driver • Taken from “Teach yourself: beginner’s Hindi” by Rupert Snell. • Yah Hiralal hai, jo agre me rahta hai. Hiralal risksevala hai. Jaha Hirlal rahta hai vaha bahut- se dusre riksevale bhi rahte hai. Rikse to bahut hai lekin savariya kam ati hai. Jab ek bhi savari nahi ati tab Hiralal ki jeb khali rahti hai. Jab jeb khali rahti hai to pet bhi khali rahta hai. Muft ka khana kaha milta hai? Aur jab baris hoti hai tab bhi Hiralal ko kam karna parta hai. Jo log garib hai unko har mausam me kam karna parta hai.
  7. 7. The life of rickshaw driver • This is Hiralal. who lives in Agra.Hiralal is a rickshaw driver. where Hiralal lives many other rickshaw-drivers live too. there are lots of rickshaws but few passengers come. when not a single passenger comes, Hiralal pocket remains empty. when the pocket remains empty the stomach also remains empty. when can one get free food? and when it rains, even then Hiralal has to work. people who are poor have to work in all weathers.
  8. 8. A pulled rickshaw
  9. 9. Another instance • The hard-working type of indian can also be seen in the time of rush hour in delhi metro. Particularly in a crowded t-junction like rajiv chowk and central secretariat.
  10. 10. Rush hours
  11. 11. 2. Self confidence • Indian people have much the feeling of self-confidence that the average Indonesian people like me. • I have two stories dealing with this: • A story when I met the son of a Tailor in the city of Ranchi, the province of Jharkand in 2011. • A story of My Ulema/Islamic Clerics when he visited the city of Jaipur, the paris of India?
  12. 12. the city of Ranchi,Jharkhand
  13. 13. another side of Ranchi
  14. 14. the city of ranchi
  15. 15. The city of jaipur,the paris of India?
  16. 16. dark side of the city of jaipur
  17. 17. 4. Simplicity • The simplicity of Indian can been seen on their simple city car like tata and maruti suzuki.
  18. 18. marzuki=maruti suzuki
  19. 19. 3. Great progress • Many young workers of India are able to speak English. In recent years there has been a tendency that many European and American companies made their oursourcing of IT,legal & medical works towards India. The result was India got the revenue of total $ 69 billion from the outsourcing works.
  20. 20. • This facts will enable India to defeat China in the future: • 1. The mastery of English of Indian is far better than Chinese and • 2. the limitation of the number of the child every family made the number of youngsters in China are less in number than in India.
  21. 21. 5. Powerful Government • In my opinion Indian goverment is more powerful than my government (Indonesia). • Facts: • There is no citizen openly abuses his president or prime minister. • There is no clearly seen-harmful separatist groups.
  22. 22. The Dark Sides • 1. Dirty environment • 2. Overpopulation • 3. Cheating and Corruptive Acts
  23. 23. 1. Dirty environment • One of the shocking facts seeing India at the first time is the dirty environment. • why they are ignoring this bittering phenomenon? • The solution: there should be a movement an awareness about the importance of having clean environment and the top leaders should be the exemplaries. • all community leaders should make cooperation to fight poverty and illiteracy
  24. 24. mumbai slum
  25. 25. 2. Overpopulation • The other shocking facts of India is overpopulation. With the number of 1,27 billions population I think it is very difficult for the government to manage their people. • Solution: there should be an effective family planning project for the population of India.
  26. 26. 3. cheating/corruption • There is an Arabian stereotypes which says: “If you meet snake and an Indian people, kill the indian first”. • Solution: to fight this bad mentality there should be a character building and moral education and everyone should give good exemplary. remember "walk the talk is better than just talk the walk".
  27. 27. The impacts of corruption & crimes • Slum area in nehru nagar,Bihar,central india.
  28. 28. strength and weakness • Strength: • India is 4th world's largest economy. it is predicted that it will overtake the role of USA in 2030. • weakness: • 42 Millions live in slum areas • 87 millions people live below poverty line.
  29. 29. The art of bargaining in Palika
  30. 30. last words • Terima Kasih • Bahut shukriyya