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Fresh Egg - Using customer experience insight to transform charity comms


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Using customer experience insight to transform
charity comms Event - Thursday 21 March 2019

David Somerville
Fresh Egg

Published in: Marketing
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Fresh Egg - Using customer experience insight to transform charity comms

  1. 1. David Somerville Fresh Egg Thursday 21 March 2019 Using customer experience insight to transform charity comms #CXCharityComms
  2. 2. ● Behavioural Sciences graduate, with
 a 22 year career in marketing
 ● Strategy director for Fresh Egg and customer experience projects lead
 ● Digital content specialism - run several content teams and created strategies
 for global brands
 ● And 65th in the World Belly Boarding Championships A bit about me...
  3. 3. A few people we have helped...
  4. 4. What is customer experience?
  5. 5. Customer experience is: “The customer’s perceptions
 and related feelings
 caused by the one-off
 and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products”
  6. 6. Understanding and mapping out the experiences people
 have with your organisation
 (or competitors) at every single touchpoint is critical.
  7. 7. Doing this allows you to know what you need to do to ensure their experience is a good one and leaves a positive lasting impression.
  8. 8. Why CX is great for content strategy development
  9. 9. Too much content is produced without considering what users actually want.
  10. 10. And people are feeling
  11. 11. A fresh approach... ! Informed by what needs the audience has (not just what the business needs are)
 ! Allows you to focus on specific areas, rather than everything at once
 ! Means content auditing can be simpler
 ! And resulting activity is more likely to see success quickly – you are producing content that you know your users need
  12. 12. The 10-stage
 customer journey
  13. 13. From ‘unaware’ to ‘loyalty’ (and back again)
  14. 14. Aware Stage
  15. 15. Starting the journey
  16. 16. Consideration Stage
  17. 17. Same journey, different needs
  18. 18. My content journey with Surfers Against Sewage
  19. 19. The importance
 of audience insight
  20. 20. Consider your key audiences
  21. 21. Need more insight? Segment these further
 if required, to ensure you capture the needs of these sub-groups.
  22. 22. Our method: Customer Experience Discovery
  23. 23. A simple but effective process
  24. 24. Moments of Truth The point at which things go well or badly for people.
  25. 25. Example Moments of Truth “I searched for information but couldn’t find what
 I needed” “I wanted to
 check my donation would be spent in the right way” “I wanted to
 donate but couldn’t
 with PayPal so
 gave up” “I tweeted but nobody replied (and that was weeks ago)” RESEARCH USETRANSACTIONCONSIDERATION
  26. 26. Supercharging your content with data
  27. 27. Use search, social and other data to enhance your strategy.
  28. 28. Quantitative data Website data (Google Analytics) Search data (Google, Search Console) Social media platform insights Email
  29. 29. Qualitative data Social media listening Telephone
 and email enquiries Events Face-to-face contact
  30. 30. Useful tools for search and social data analysis
  31. 31. Identify ‘Moments of Truth’ Brainstorm content solutions Prioritise and categorise ‘Now, Next, Later’ Create your measurement plan - KPIs and metrics Next steps
  32. 32. Customer experience
 Insights and content
 strategy in action
  33. 33. Digital health service launch Case study
  34. 34. What we did... ● Mapped audience research into journey
 maps to understand Moments of Truth
 ● Overlayed search and social listening data around anxiety, sleep issues, depression
 and stress
 ● Created a content strategy for a new
 digital health service, plus carried out paid advertising and other marketing support Audience and data research into mental wellbeing of Londoners
  35. 35. The results so far... ● 180,000 unique service users
 ● 5,000+ online self-assessments completed
 ● Clinically recognised improvements in
 anxiety, depression, stress and sleep
 issues Audience and data research into mental wellbeing of Londoners
  36. 36. We are multi-award winning Drum Search Awards Best public sector campaign DMA Awards Best use of search (Silver) Wirehive 100 Awards Best use of data, analytics and insight BIMA Awards Data and performance (Conscience category)
  37. 37. Key takeaways
  38. 38. CX + Content Strategy = A winning combination
  39. 39. Thank you. @FreshEgg