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Training Evaluation


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Published in: Business, Education
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Training Evaluation

  1. 1. - RAHUL KANTAK
  2. 2. Meaning: Training evaluation involves assessing the effectiveness of the training program carried out by the organization in terms of the benefits to the trainees as well as the company.
  3. 3.  Since companies spend a lot of money on training it is very important for them to know the usefulness of such training. To know whether the employees were satisfied with the training, whether they were able to learn something important from such training and also to know whether they are able to apply whatever they have learnt.
  4. 4. Two basic issues to be addressed:1. Design of the study2. What to measure ?
  5. 5. Design of the study1. Time series design2. Controlled Experimentation Training Control group group
  6. 6. Time series design: Here we consider the performance of the employees before and after training to check the effectiveness of the training.
  7. 7. Controlled experimentation: It uses two groups for the evaluation. Here we take two similar groups and keep a track of their performances. One group is called the training group and the other is called the controlled group. The training group is given training and the controlled group is not given training. After the training the performances of both the groups is record over some period of time. If there is some improvement in the performance of the training group then the training program is said to be effective.
  8. 8. What to measure? Reaction Effects Results to Learning measure Behavior
  9. 9. We can measure four basic training outcomes: We can measure four basic training outcomes: Reaction: we need to evaluate employees’ reaction to the program i.e. whether they liked it…whether they considered it worthwhile. Learning: we need to evaluate or test the employees to see whether they learned the skills, the principles or concepts that they were supposed to learn through the training program.
  10. 10.  Behavior: we need to see whether the employees’ on the job behavior changed because of the training program. i.e whether there is any difference in their job performance after the training. Results: most important is to find out the final results that have been achieved because of the training program. Whether the results of the training are as per the objectives set. For eg: if the training was to improve the skills of the sales person so as to increase the sales, then if there is actual increase in sales it means that the training was effective.