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From Data to Argument


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guest lecture for the spring 2017 Systemic Justice course at Harvard

Published in: Education
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From Data to Argument

  1. 1. From Data to Argument Rahul Bhargava • @rahulbot Systemic Justice Project 2017.02.22
  2. 2. Agenda [20] Intro & Collective Crit [10] A Process [15] Asking Questions [10] Finding Stories [15] Telling Your Story [15] Evaluating Stories
  3. 3. Intro
  4. 4. Group Crit The Global State of Agriculture USAID, 2011
  5. 5. Process
  6. 6. Models The Inverted Pyramid of Data Journalism Paul Bradshaw
  7. 7. Models Infographic Process Wheel Visualizing Impact
  8. 8. Asking questions brainstorming, hypothesis forming, audience and goals Gathering data Scraping, collecting, cleaning Finding a story Cleaning and analyzing Telling your story Picking a technique Trying it out Assessment My Model
  9. 9. Question Asking & Getting Data
  10. 10. Practice Asking Questions Together the Somerville Tree Census
  11. 11. WTFcsv - learning to asking questions Come back with: 1 question to ask list of other datasets you'd need how you'd try to get those datasets
  12. 12. Finding a Story
  13. 13. Sketching a Story Pick a sample or two Find a quick story Sketch how you'd tell that story
  14. 14. Telling Your Story
  15. 15. Choose the Right Chart Andrew Abela
  16. 16. tools for making charts does lots of things does one thing easy to learn hard to learn raw processing Excel Tableau gephi D3.js Illustrator Comic Life Super Lame skrollr Google Charts
  17. 17. Evaluating Stories
  18. 18. Abelson's MAGIC Magnitude - size of the claim Articulation - how precise is your claim Generality - is it valid in multiple contexts Interestingness - can this change beliefs in a way that matters? Credibility - do you believe it? Robert Abelson. 1995. Making Claims with Statistics. In Statistics as Principled Argument. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1–16. (PDF)
  19. 19. Convincing People Let's practice making arguments with data to convince people.
  20. 20. From Data to Argument Rahul Bhargava • @rahulbot Systemic Justice Project 2017.02.22