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Django BarCamp SF 2014: Technical Interviews for Beginners


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This is a talk/discussion I gave at Django BarCamp 2014 on basic hints and tips for beginners to technical interviews.

If you want a more detailed talk, see

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Django BarCamp SF 2014: Technical Interviews for Beginners

  1. 1. technical interviews for beginners what to expect when you’re expecting to get a job
  2. 2. before the interview
  3. 3. Resume / LinkedIn • this is the only thing about you the interviewer sees (probably) • know what’s on it. we’ll ask. • Linkedin is recruiter crack
  4. 4. Prepare like the SAT • Programming Interviews Exposed • Cracking the Coding Interview • Project Euler, Career Cup, etc
  5. 5. Interview at bad companies • Practice at companies you don’t care about • Only way to get good is to practice
  6. 6. the interview
  7. 7. Introduce Yourself • “So, tell me a bit about yourself” • Doesn’t have to be super slick, but prepare something
  8. 8. General tips • Make sure you understand the question before you start. Repeat it back to make sure • Often I’m instructed to leave out information to see if you’ll ask about it
  9. 9. Be interactive • Talk, talk, talk. Talk out loud. Talk a lot • If you’re quiet and not coding, I assume you’re googling
  10. 10. Whiteboard • We know whiteboarding sucks. • Psuedocode is fine.
  11. 11. General tips • Solve it the dumb stupid slow way first. • Check all the edge cases (null input, etc).
  12. 12. If you get stuck • it is okay to ask questions • IT IS OKAY TO ASK QUESTIONS
  13. 13. At the end • If you can’t solve it, ask how it would be solved • Chances are, you’ll see it again
  14. 14. At the end • ask questions • ASK QUESTIONS
  15. 15. Good questions • “What is success like” • “What are your challenges” • “What do you like best”
  16. 16. thanks!