How to fail an interview in 13 easy steps & save yourself (1)


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Easy steps on how to fail an interview and how to save yourself from it

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  • Talk about the 80-20 rule
  • Can turn this into a bullet point on previous slide for time constraints
  • How to fail an interview in 13 easy steps & save yourself (1)

    1. 1. How To Fail An InterviewIn 13 Easy Steps & SaveYourselfExecutive search firm in Communications andMarketingCopyright 2013 by Lynn Hazan & AssociatesLynn Hazan &Associates, Inc.
    2. 2. •Fidget. Sitting is overrated and boring. Spicethings up with rapid, erratic movement.
    3. 3. •Avoid eye contact! The interviewer won’t beable to read you.
    4. 4. •Talk about yourself the whole interview. Get down tobusiness in the last 10 minutes! That way, it will be too lateto talk about anything important.
    5. 5. •Winging it is your strategy for success.
    6. 6. •Write the way you speak – long, rambling,incoherent sentences.
    7. 7. •Resist coaching! You’re already the expert.
    8. 8. •Don’t prepare for an interview: your computer went down,your family needs you. Plus, you already know everythingthere is to know about the company.
    9. 9. •Tell a white lie here and there. Everyone lies about theircredentials!
    10. 10. •Claim that all of your writing samples are indeed yours.When the hiring manager finds out that your well-writtensamples are inconsistent with your current sloppy work,simply shrug it off by stating “I created the first draft andsome editor finished it.”
    11. 11. •Be lifeless in your interview. Show no emotion orenthusiasm; be as low key as possible.
    12. 12. •Avoid engaging in conversation with the interviewer. “Yes”and “No” are great ways to nip a conversation in the bud.DO NOT ask probing questions!
    13. 13. •DO NOT bring samples of your work.•DO NOT bring additional materials to showcase your work.•DO NOT bring extra resumes.
    14. 14. •Swear. Swear often. I mean, everyone does it. That wayeveryone knows how cool you are.
    15. 15. • Many candidates sabotage their ownchances of success when interviewing. Doyou recognize your own behavior here? Ifso, ask yourself if you want to win or loseat the interview.
    16. 16. • If you want to win, then you need to alteryour behavior in order to change.
    17. 17. •To win, alter your behavior.
    18. 18. Why Should I HireYOU?Write down your answers.
    19. 19. How to Create Your UPSWhat makes you unique?What makes you special?What’s your story???????
    20. 20. Preparation
    21. 21. Before the interview:Research the company1.Use the web and social media tools.2.Look for recent articles.3.Check out industry competition.4.What is company known for?5.What is the culture?How do you fit?
    22. 22. Tough Questions? Not really*Real interview questions*Practice your answers!• “How do you resolve conflict?”• “Describe a time when you had to work as part of a team.What was your role and what was the outcome?”• “Why should we hire you?”• “Describe your work ethic.”• “Do you have any questions for me?
    23. 23. The Interview
    24. 24. Conversation & DialogueThe interview should be a two-sided conversation.•Be actively engaged.•Ask probing questions.•Yes/No answers = Conversation Killers.•No Shy Talk.•Be aware of dialog cues / turn-taking.
    25. 25. Role Playing in the Interview•Be prepared to answer real life questions-How would you handle…?•Hypothetical questions / scenarios are on therise!-How many tennis balls fit into a school bus?-How many baseballs are sold in Chicago per year?
    26. 26. Frame the Process:Storytelling at its Best1.Problem or need2.Opportunity or challenge3.Strategies and tactics4.Results5.What you did with results
    27. 27. PortfoliosExamples of your work-Not just for creatives-Work you did as part of a teamGo Digital!-USB/Flashdrive-VisualCV,, etc.-blogs (Blogger, Wordpress,Tumblr)
    28. 28. Money, money, money…Know salary range for,, Monster, Glassdoor-Consider stalling tactics:-“What range were you considering?”-“I feel it’s too early to discuss. I’d like to learn more.”-Don’t get defensive
    29. 29. Wow Project“Dazzle employers back”with a “Wow!” project.Shows initiative andcapability
    30. 30. To sign up for Lynn’s E-jobs, the free,confidential listserv from Lynn Hazan &Associates:Clearly print your name andemail address on the sign upsheet!
    31. 31. Contact Info+ 55 E. Washington St.Suite 715Chicago, IL HazanLynn Hazan &Associates, Inc.Copyright 2013 by Lynn Hazan & AssociatesLynn Hazan, Anne Howard & ArthurHartnett