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Weather idioms


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Weather idioms with pictures, meaning and examples

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Weather idioms

  2. 2. Raining cats and dogs - Raining very heavily. It was raining cats and dogs so all flights were cancelled and I could not reach in time to my native town to join the marriage ceremony of my brother.
  3. 3. Face like thunder - Being clearly very angry or upset. She suddenly came into the room with a face like thunder.
  4. 4. Storm in a teacup - Exaggerate a problem. The whole controversy turned out to be a storm in a teacup
  5. 5. Chase rainbows - Try to achieve the impossible. He thought he could convince the boss to appoint him as the new manager, but in fact he was chasing rainbows.
  6. 6. Lightning fast - Being very fast. The robbery lasted only a minute, and then the robbers disappeared in a lightning fast car.
  7. 7. Head in the clouds - Have unrealistic or impractical ideas. My brother has his head in the clouds if he thinks he is going to become an Engineer, because he is terrible at math.
  8. 8. Snowed under - Having too much to do. He was snowed under with e-mail.
  9. 9. Under the weather - Feeling unwell, sad or lacking energy. I noticed that the cat was looking a little under the weather.
  10. 10. Sources / Credit • This information is used for educational purposes only and was taken from:  Pictures : -idioms-the-weather/  Sentences : Various websites  Background wallpaper : hero-powerpoint-templates