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Adverbs Of Frequency


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Adverbs Of Frequency

  1. 1. Adverb of frequency Amy’s schedule
  2. 2. never always sometimes seldom often usually   watch TV  go to library     Sun play basketball   have cookery lessons    read comics     play the piano      do housework Sat Fri Thur Wed Tue Mon
  3. 3. How often do es Amy do housework? Amy always do es housework.
  4. 4. How often do es Amy read comics? Amy usually read s comics.
  5. 5. How often do es Amy have cookery lessons? Amy often has cookery lessons.
  6. 6. How often do es Amy watch TV? Amy sometimes watch es TV.
  7. 7. How often do es Amy go to the library? Amy seldom go es to the library.
  8. 8. How often do es Amy play basketball? Amy never play s basketball.
  9. 9. Hello! I am Harry Potter. I can do magic. I always stay in Hogwarts School. I usually study and play with Ron and Hermione. I often play Quidditch after school. And I sometimes travel with my broomstick. I never hurt people with magic. Do you like me?
  10. 10. The end