How to find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects


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We know that quite a lot of organizations and companies of all kinds start planning their resources ahead to tackle their product development in 2013. We will explain the general process, talk about most common development stages as well as provide some case studies and share our experience as an outsourcing contractor.

Many companies consider outsourcing the entire product development or very specific components like UI or mobile application development. Being involved in many projects as an outsourced service provider, QuartSoft has learned the ins and outs of the outsourcing business. So based on our experience we would like to highlight some important points concerning selecting the right outsourcing partner to professionally help you develop and support your product.

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How to find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects

  1. 1. How to find the Right Mobile andCloud Application DevelopmentCompany for Your ProjectsPaul Ryazanov,
  2. 2. ABOUT USQuartSoft Corp. is a web design and developmentcompany established in 1999. Our specializationembraces the complete range of services in webdesign and development, graphic and art design,website optimization and search enginemarketing, technical support and maintenance.
  3. 3. SERVICE RANGEQuartSoft Corp. is one of the leaders in the domain of web design and development offering theentire range of services required for the successful implementation of web and mobile-basedsolutions of any complexity from an idea to the launch. We employ our qualified resources, know-howand cutting edge industry tools to achieve our main goal of creating high quality products within theagreed time period.Business Analysis Design Development Management Profit • Scope of work • Branding • Ecommerce • Agile & SCRUM • Marketing • Product analysis • Graphic design • Corporate sites • Daily meetings • Optimization • UI wireframes • UI interface • Promo • Team reports • Advertisement • Timeline planning • Website design • Startups • Conference calls • Mobile app design • Mobile apps
  4. 4. VOICEBASEUI design, development, long-term supportVoiceBase - a unique and verypromising startup utilizing voicerecognition technologies to allowusers to store, search and share videoand audio voice recordings. Imagine itas a Wikipedia-like platform for mediacontent. VoiceBase is a SaaS solutionbased on the Amazon cloud servicefor private members, companies andenterprise tablets & mobile Technologies:
  5. 5. VOICEBASEiPhone application, icon design, UI design, iOS developmentVoiceBase enables you to record andupload spoken content, and then share andsearch it by what was said. Click to recordhours of speeches, interviews, scripts,conferences, podcasts, webinars, etc., andthen review them later by simply performingkeyword search in your account. tablets & mobile
  6. 6. KLOXBranding, UI design, development, supportKlox offering to small and mediumsize businesses the type ofenterprise software previously onlyavailable to the largest companies,but it is improving it in two importantways: first, by making it available toyour field employees through amobile application thatcommunicates back to the “office” inreal-time; second, by hosting thesoftware, so you don’t have tomanage or maintain it tablets & mobile Technologies:
  7. 7. KLOXiPhone application, icon design, UI designKlox is a task distribution system for differentdomains such as construction, HVAC,transportation etc. designed for assigningjobs and effectively monitoring their fulfillmentthrough both web and mobile applications.The web app allows managing tasks as wellas monitoring their statuses. The mobile appallows employees to report onimplementation of jobs by changing theirstatuses and sending some additional datasuch as photos and videos to the server to bereviewed by managers. tablets & mobile
  8. 8. Cloud.Mobile.Ecommerce.Design.