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  • ServiceMaster Clean is part of a $3.2 billion dollar group of companies under ServiceMaster. Together, we are a proven leader in both residential and commercial services within the United States and around the world.
  • This section is designed to give a brief background on ServiceMaster Clean. This should follow the “Building Rapport” and “Identifying Need” steps of the MasterSales process.
  • ServiceMaster Clean is structured to handle both residential and commercial work, with a tiered approach to handling any size commercial loss. Remember, our 657 QRV Providers have to qualify and become certified before they can get work from our claim capture unit. They stand apart from our other 900 disaster restoration businesses. 354 QRV businesses, in over 400 locations, have completed rigourous commercial level certifications qualifying them to handle commercial losses. Beyond the 354, there are 46 Regional Account Managers who specialize in managing the largest commercial losses. They are a single point of contact that organizes whatever resources are needed to handle the loss.
  • You can speak that we review to compliance to a program guideline if selling a insurance program or 866Recover Program
  • Comprehensive Services. 866 RECOVER ® provides a variety of comprehensive services to minimize your business interruption. Services range from emergency procedures planning assistance to mitigation and reconstruction with large-loss capabilities. The program guarantees priority emergency response service - with one of the fastest on-site response times in the industry. Water & flood damage restoration Drying & dehumidification Fire and smoke restoration Building stabilization Emergency Board-up/Tarp Document drying & recovery Controlled demolition Reconstruction Project management & consulting Mold remediation HVAC duct cleaning Biohazard cleaning Building and site security Decontamination Soot, smoke, corrosion Complete building and contents cleaning Safety and compliance Document drying and recovery Temporary fencing
  • Disaster Recovery Presentation

    1. 1. Restoring Peace of Mind ® Disaster Recovery Program Presented by: Tim Schaefer Owner: ServiceMaster Disaster Relief by Schaefer KS/ MO Date: 06/07/12© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    2. 2. Restoring Peace of Mind® Our Company© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    3. 3. The ServiceMaster Commitment © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    4. 4. Resources of a $3.2B Global BusinessThe ServiceMaster® Company is a proven leaderin both residential and commercial services within theUnited Statesand aroundthe world. © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    5. 5. Restoring Peace of Mind® We Help you Prepare for the Unexpected© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    6. 6. Pre-Loss Agreement• 866 RECOVER is a pre-loss agreement that allows companies to use ServiceMaster as their vendor of choice to mitigate losses. This ensures the company that immediate actions will be taken when a disaster occurs to mitigate the loss. © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    7. 7. Priority Restoration Services• Do you have a plan?• Our program is designed to be part of a company’s Contingency or Disaster Recovery Plan.• 866 RECOVER Clients are given priority service in the event of a major storm of regional disaster. © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    8. 8. One Call – Immediate Response• 1-866-RECOVER (866-732-6837)• 24/7/365 emergency response• On-site within 2-4 hours• Certified trained, insured, experienced technicians• Pre-defined rates• Centralized billing © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    9. 9. Organized to Deploy our NetworkSpecialized commercial Organized to harnesstraining equips us to respond the power of our nationalto any size commercial footprint and the capabilitiesloss – anywhere in and experience of our networkthe United states. © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    10. 10. Certified Disaster Recovery Locations 12 - Strategically positioned Command and Control centers 27 - Countries where we have performed restoration services 60 - Years of restoration experience 600+ - First Response locations 1,000+ - Franchised Locations 56,000,000 - Our team has managed projects as large as $56 million in scope 3,500,000,000 - Backed by a $3.5 billion company © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    11. 11. US Certified Disaster Recovery Locations © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    12. 12. Most Common 866 RECOVER Losses•Pipe breaks•Sewage back-ups•Ceiling leaks•Floods•Fires•Sprinkler head breaks•Vandalism•Dumpster fires•Odor damage•Trauma - Bio hazard cleanup © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    13. 13. Restoring Peace of Mind ® Our Services© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    14. 14. Mitigation and Restoration Services Fire and smoke restoration Water damage restoration Water extraction, drying,When disasters such as dehumidification fire or flood impact Building stabilization your business we Safety and complianceprovide the following Soot removal services Complete building and contents cleaning Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning Odor control © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    15. 15. Specialized Services Mold remediation by mold specialists HVAC duct cleaningAside from our general Antiques and fine art restorationrestoration services, we Electronic equipment restorationalso offer these Data and document recoveryspecialized service Furniture refinishing Biohazard cleaning Crime scene clean-up © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    16. 16. Commercial ReconstructionWhere there is disaster, Temporary structural repairs andthere is often a need for stabilization reconstruction and Securing of property repair. We offer a Controlled demolition and debris variety of services removal which include both Full-spectrum reconstruction cosmetic, as well as services structural Carpet installation reconstruction. Ductwork reconstruction Tarping and roofing © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    17. 17. Management Services We work with you before Contingency plan consulting the threat of disaster Commercial project managementserving as a resource and Construction consulting guide for preparation. Real-time online claimsWe continue to serve you Management and reportingthroughout and following Single-source loss management disasters, centralizing all Centralized billing of the necessary services Project estimating in one company © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    18. 18. 866 RECOVER Program Restoration Services• Water & flood damage restoration • HVAC duct cleaning• Drying & dehumidification • Biohazard cleaning• Fire and smoke restoration • Building and site security• Building stabilization • Decontamination• Emergency Board-up/Tarp • Soot, smoke, corrosion• Document drying & recovery • Complete building and contents cleaning• Controlled demolition• Reconstruction • Safety and compliance• Project management & consulting • Document drying and recovery• Mold remediation • Temporary fencing © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved. 2011 DR First Quarter Workshop-
    19. 19. 866 Recover Claim Review• ServiceMaster Clean home office reviews all claims to ensure claim accuracy, completeness and compliance to our program including: Initial Estimate with opening statement with scope, dates and times Final Estimate and all documentation Authorization to Perform Work, Statement of Satisfaction and Authorization to Pay forms Source/damage photos Adherence to standardized commercial pricing © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    20. 20. Restoring Peace of Mind ® Our Experience© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    21. 21. © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    22. 22. Certified Disaster Recovery Locations IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY Despite flooding that damaged 17 facilities and 52 buildings, including sensitive areas such as museum collections, athletic facilities, and residence halls, ServiceMaster was able to restore the Iowa State campus in time for the start of the fall semester. “It is without hesitation I recommend ServiceMaster for disaster recovery services” Bob Currie, Director of Facility Services Iowa State University BILOXI REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ServiceMaster provided Biloxi Regional Medical Center much needed power, water, sanitation service and fuel, allowing the hospital to maintain operations despite the devastating disaster. “If it had not been for the team effort of ServiceMaster, the hospital would have been closed.” Darrin Ivey, Director of Support Services Biloxi Regional Medical Center © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    23. 23. Certified Disaster Recovery Locations THAILAND FLOODS In response to the historic flooding in Thailand in 2011, ServiceMaster mobilized to service its many clients in the affected areas. “I am not only impressed by the work done by ServiceMaster but more importantly how it is done. ServiceMaster’s style of leadership is an unexpected gift. Thank you for all you have done…you are right when you say, ‘people matter to us’”. Rich Faber, CFO Vision Ease TROPICAL STORM IRENE Heavy rain from Tropical Storm Irene flooded businesses along the Northeast coast of the United States in the summer of 2011. ServiceMaster rapidly responded to its clients’ needs throughout the affected areas, mitigating claim severity and minimizing business interruption. Reference: Jim Shafer Director of Safety Maines Paper & Food © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    24. 24. Expertise Across Industries• Hotel/Resort • Schools/Universities• Offices Spaces • Government Facilities• Industrial/Warehouse • Municipalities• Manufacturing • Retail Spaces Facilities/ • Food Services/Food• Production Plants Processing Plants• HealthCare • Entertainment Facilities• Multi-Family Housing• Casinos © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    25. 25. 866 RECOVER Purpose• To provide your business a guaranteed service source in your time of need• Minimize business interruptions, and severity of the disruption to operations• Resume critical operations ASAP• Minimize financial loss• Expedite the restoration of services• Maintain a positive image of the organization/business © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    26. 26. Consistent Results Coast to Coast•24/7/365 emergency response •Work with major insurance•Emergency procedures companies and self-insuredplanning assistance businesses•Experts in emergency •Competitive, industrymitigation and property approved ratesrecovery •Real-time reports to help with•Proven restoration procedures your budgeting and riskand technology management review•Full-spectrum reconstruction •Centralized billingservices and project •Locally-owned businesses,management backed by national resources © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    27. 27. Close to home here in KCServiceMaster Disaster Relief by Schaefer-Large Loss Certified-FBI Background Checked employees for Homeland security work-We own Kansas and Missouri Franchises-Top 5% of all SM franchises nationally-Your Disaster large or small will be our priority-We have KC covered! © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    28. 28. Local DisastersTallest Residential building in KC: One broken pipe….68 insurance claimsSRS: Fire starts, sprinkler comes on….big mess…only down for one day! © 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    29. 29. Restoring Peace of Mind®Local Contact Information forImmediate Local Response Owner: Tim Schaefer ServiceMaster Disaster Relief by Schaefer Kansas Office: 913-888-3722 Missouri Office: 816-229-1012 Email address: tim@smdisasterrelief.com© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.
    30. 30. Next Steps: -Q & A from today’s presentation? -Help us gain an understanding of how you currently operate -How do you handle disaster situations now? -Do you have a central point of contact for disasters? -Are there facilities that would take priority? -Determine if we are a fit for your needs if given the opportunity© 2011 ServiceMaster Clean. All right reserved.