Preliminary Task Evaluation Report


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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report

  1. 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what Strategies put forward to was done well and what was make sure a high quality is not of good standard? Try to maintained. cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot I think that the quality if Strategies to make sure that steady holding the shot steady was this does not happen again is not up to par it was shaky firstly use a tripod whenever especially when the shot necessary and if a tripod is was meant to be still in the not of use make sure the reverse shots that we had camera person is on a strong done. I think the reason for base e.g. leaning on a table. this is that we as a group We will also make sure that and I as the camera person we give our selves ample rushed this exercise and time to record the shots we didn’t spend that extra time need in our real task. on it which I should have. Quality of the framing shots We tried to use a variety of Strategies to make sure that shots close ups, mid shots we use appropriate framing in and long shots but it didn’t our real task is replaying the go as planned as the shots footage firstly on the camera we used did not quite fit, and itself after recording it so if we example of this is when we do need to come back to it , it tried to use a long shot we can be done there and then could quite hear what our and also to check for it quality actor were saying but I do before uploading. To use the think that it does help us see appropriate framing in what different shots would accordance to the scene for look like in a frame an example make sure the example of this is that we actors speak up when the actually did a scene where camera goes further out ect. both our actors got off there To make sure that we can get seats and walked out but we both of our actor in to the could not get both of them in frame before we start filming. the frame as one is a lot taller than the other. We also got a feel of what else we can see in the frame – in the background when we used different shots especially the long shot where we did get unneeded footage of things in the background which we did not necessarily want.
  2. 2. Quality of shooting material We did do what was asked To make the script more appropriate to the task set- of us – film someone concise and to follow most if i.e. the content of your film walking through a door and not all of the script and pre and post editing was sitting opposite somebody storyboard. We can do this by consistent with the exam else and having a maybe putting more stage directives conversation. We also made directions in the script or a script which we did not maybe even putting in every follow to the tee for example cut and every camera angle we did change thing during we should use. our filming and we did story board the filming. Quality of selecting mise-en- If we were able to do this We our going to make sure in scène including colour, figure, again we probably would our real production that we do lighting, objects and setting; choose a different location research on our locations and as the location we did sets so we can choose our choose was more a locations properly. We will convenience as in it was probably choose a place less close to the editing suite and populated so we can have it all ready had a chair and less distractions from outside table ect, but it had too sources. We will also try to many variables in the make sure in accordance with background with a lot of our shot selection we make other students in and around sure that we know exactly the place where we were what can and what cannot be shooting. We also had seen in the background. many things in the background such as windows and computers which in future could be a hassle as you may see people through them. We also didn’t use any props and we may need to use props in our real film and so we didn’t get the experience of using them in our shoot. I think that one thing we did do well is use a very well lit room and the color of the scene came out very well as natural light.
  3. 3. Quality of editing so that One thing that we did not do To practice on the software meaning is apparent to the very well in is our editing as for on other videos to play viewer there is one specific moment around with the ability of the where it is very jerky; after software so that we can make the girl sits down and then it use of it when it comes to cuts to the boy talking to doing our own. Leaving time her. This happened because after the shot is done so that I as the camera man rushed it doesn’t become difficult to through the scene and it did edit afterwards. To shoot not come out as well as we most of it in one go and not hoped and so we decided to always go back to the same just film the walking scene place and do it again as the again and after we did this it small changes are very just didn’t fit into our original noticeable and this can be footage. I do think that the done if we have a lot of time other parts if the scene is to do take the footage we done to an okay standard need and also to take shots and it did jog our memories twice so we have a choice of of how to cut how to add shots we have to choose things like the opening from. We also are going to do credits. I also feel that I did research to see what shots not give enough time after other movies of the same the shot and this hampered genre and the type of editing in editing as the shot would for example the cutting end abruptly and then if we rhythms used and so we wanted to cut something the could maybe recreate them to space between the two put across more difficult shots would be minimal and meanings and messages to we had to be very precise the audience. and this made it very hard for us when we could have made it easier for ourselves. I do feel that we did get the message that the two people were having a conversation through the reverse shots. Quality of using sound with We did have a small Strategies to make sure we images and editing problem with the quality of don’t have this problem are to appropriately for the task set; sound as in the long shot we make sure that the actors we cannot hear the actors and use keep there voices up this happen because the when shooting the video, and actors didn’t speak up when also as we said before to the camera went further choose a locations with less away. In all the other shots variables such as noise in the we feel that we did a good background. job with the quality of sound
  4. 4. as we can hear the dialogue of the actors clearly. But when you cannot hear the actors does hamper the task as it does leave the viewer baffled about what was said but this can be fixed easily by the actors raising there voices. We also did get some noise from the people in the background. Quality of positioning and We feel that we did well in To research on other film of movements of actors this as I think we did get the same genre and see how good close up shots with the they position there characters in the centre of characters. the frame and it will help when we use close ups in our real task. I also feel that we got good over the shoulder shots where you can see that the two people are having a conversation. Quality of group planning, I think that we did do well for We need to make a more meeting targets, organization the first time working as a concise script as a group; we group we did meet all of our also need to continue to deadlines including script communicate as we did ect. We didn’t organize a during this task which was location very well though very well. We also need to and this was everybody’s research our locations as well fault as we used the most so we have a good idea of convenient location in terms what we want it to look like. of the closest place we We also need to continue to could get and we did not meet targets such as getting consider the distractions the script in on time which we around us, we did decide did well but the next script will very early what we were be complicated. going to do and we did execute it, but maybe not to the standard that we could have, I do feel that the next script that the group makes should be more planned out by the whole group one which includes more stage directions and more camera angles and just one that is more concise and I do think
  5. 5. that we did believe that the script wasn’t to important and that we could just improvise but we do know that this in not the case. Group dynamics i.e. how did I do think that the group Everyone expressing more your group work together dynamics are very good and opinions. we communicated as a group very well and very clearly we do need to have more group discussions about what we think and what we should do in the future but we worked well as a group as all of us know what the other is doing and the group roles have been set and we all know when the other has a free period and this is very helpful information. Other points of evaluation I think that we need to get Playing around with other ( e.g. equipment related etc) more familiar with things videos with the software. And such as the tripod and more to videos things using the importantly the editing tripod. equipment so all of us are comfortable and confident with the software.