Fisher oysters-australia-update-2012


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Fisher oysters-australia-update-2012

  1. 1. Rachel  King,  Execu0ve  Officer  
  2. 2. ?  
  3. 3. Aim   As  an  Australian  community  of  oyster  growers,   guided  by  a  na6onal  body  for  advocacy,   research  and  development,  we  are  passionate   about  and  commi:ed  to  becoming  world   leaders  in  responsible,  profitable  and   sustainable  oyster  produc6on  
  4. 4. Why?   •  Development  of  a  na6onal  profile  for  the  oyster  industry   •  Representa6on  of  states  around  a  na6onal  table   •  Enable  a  na6onal  levy  to  streamline  &  replace  exis6ng  state   levies  if  requested  by  industry   •  Enable  matching  of  funds  for  na6onal  projects  –  esp  R  &  D   •  Combine  policy  (SICOA)  and  R  &  D  (Oyster  Consor6um)   around  one  table  for  be:er  efficiency    
  5. 5. What  structure?  
  6. 6. Objec0ves   1.    Commissioning,  managing  and  repor6ng  on  na6onal  R&D  projects.     2.    Liaising  closely  with  the  states  to  ensure  there  is  a  commonly  ar6culated   understanding  and  view  on  R&D  projects  to  eliminate  duplica6on  of  effort   and  resources.     3.    Over  6me,  poten6ally  become  the  na6onal  body  responsible  for  the   commissioning  and  managing  of  na6onal  marke6ng  and  promo6on   ac6vi6es.     4.    In  the  short  term,  replacing  core  func6ons  of  the  Shellfish  Industry  Council   of  Australia  (“SICOA”).  Over  6me,  OA  would  develop  a  more  ac6ve  role  in   the  development  of  a  na6onal  and  higher  profile  in  the  eyes  of  regulators,   government  and  others  in  the  supply  chain.     5.    Oysters  Australia  will  comprise  the  board  of  6  directors,  an  Execu6ve   Officer  and  Chairman.    
  7. 7. Report  card   Area   No.  Business  Plan   High  Priority  areas   addressed   Comments   Profile  &   structure   10.5  out  of  11   OA  has  been  built.  News  &   communica6on  forum  built.  Future   work  areas  =  communica6on  &  r’ship   with  chain,  fund  bodies,  Gov’t   R  &  D   6  out  of  6  (not  incl   market  priori6es)   R  &  D  is  OA’s  strength  and  main   ac0vity.    It  has  funded  execu6ve   support  via  CRC   Policy   1.5  out  of  5   SICOA  (soon  part  of  OA)  has   voluntary  capacity  &  so  can  only   have  reac6ve  focus  eg  POMS.  Needs   resource  to  allow  it  be  proac0ve.   Market/   promo0on   4  out  of  7  (achieved   via  CRC)   Room  for  improvement!  Needs  $  to   achieve  priori0es  post  Seafood  CRC  
  8. 8. To  do  list   1.    Bring  SICOA  across   2.    Sort  out  funds  –  replace  &  streamline  ‘clunky’   state  levy  setups  around  country?     3.  Build  profile  –  public/government  events?                                                            -­‐  industry  communica6on   h:ps://   4.  A  new  strategic/Business  Plan    >2014  
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  13. 13. Thank  you  for  being  a  part