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Selling More Over the Counter Medicine & Healthcare Products with Scent Marketing

Scent marketing can significantly boost your sales and strengthen your branding in over the counter medicine, personal care and healthcare categories. Learn how it can encourage first time trials, invigorate iconic brands, reduce spillage from open containers and improve the customer experience.

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Selling More Over the Counter Medicine & Healthcare Products with Scent Marketing

  1. 1. Scent Marketing Is Good for Your Health “Mind Control at Retail” Seminar Consumer Healthcare Products Association September 12, 2012
  2. 2. The importance of smell Consumers were asked which of their senses were the most important when recognizing brands 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Sight Smell Sound Taste Touch
  3. 3. What’s going on inside your customer’s brain? Sensory input comes in at a rate of 11 million bits of information per second. Our conscious brain can only process at best, 40 bits of information per second.
  4. 4. hippocampus Why the sense of smell is so powerful “With all of the other senses, you think before you respond, but with scent, your brain responds before you think.” (Vlahos, 2007) Smell is directly connected to the emotional & memory centers of the brain. (Herz 2002) Scent marketing can be effective even when it is under the conscious level of awareness. (Li, et al. 2007)
  5. 5. 75% of emotions are generated by smell. (Bell and Bell 2007) We are 100 times more likely to remember something that we smell than something that we see, hear or touch. (Vlahos 2007) Scent touches us in lasting ways
  6. 6. Scent has been shown to impact how consumers: Evaluate products Decide to buy a product Spend money & time Feel
  7. 7. Scent boosts sales Grocery - sales tripled when ambient scent was added. Restaurant - 15% more time and 20% more money spent in a scented environment versus non-scented. Retail clothing store - sales almost doubled on days when a scent was used.
  8. 8. What do you feel when you smell…? = alert, bracing, sharp, energized = comfort, trust, reliability = clean, happy, energetic, fresh = calm, relaxed, soothing
  9. 9. The growth in alternative medicine Increasing number of products and brands competing for customers Green movement and emphasis on natural ingredients Use of scent in OTC marketing supported by:
  10. 10. Scent possibilities at multiple customer touch points Brand or Product Product fragrance & flavor POS shelf or display scenting Scented packaging plastic, box or label Bus shelters, promos and events Scented direct mail, coupons & ads
  11. 11. The smell-taste link Flavor is 70% smell and only 30% taste Enhancing the smell of your product can make it more palatable to consumers Use iconic flavor/smells in marketing to reinforce your brand
  12. 12. Making a difference where it counts 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store, and 50% in the aisle. 39% of consumers choose a brand to purchase while in the store. Almost 30% buy in a category they didn’t plan to buy. * Research by Miller Zell and OgilvyAction
  13. 13. Make your packaging work for you What is this medicine going to taste like? I hope it doesn’t smell bad! I like that flavor/ smell. I’ll definitely buy this (and again and again)!
  14. 14. Scented packaging methods Packaging can be scented in many different ways: – Labels • Scratch ‘n sniff • Rub n’ sniff – Canister insert – Integrated into material • Cardboard box or blisterpack • Plastic container – Caps, covers and openings
  15. 15. Draw consumers’ attention Stimulate impulse purchases Encourage tries by first time buyers Final push to get them to choose you over a competitor Scenting at the point of sale What to choose…?
  16. 16. POS scenting can save you money Using scent marketing can help CPG companies and retailers save money by removing the need for costly self- sampling of scent Reduce spills, drips and damaged product
  17. 17. Small scent diffusers can be attached to shelves or incorporated into cardboard POS displays and racks • Timer activated • Motion activated • Continuous • User activated Point of sale scent methods
  18. 18. Scented advertising “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker According to a study, scented print ads were read almost 20% more than non-scented ads. (GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research 2012)
  19. 19. Your turn… How can you use the power of scent to: Increase sales Reinforce your brand Enhance customer experience Preview flavors ? ? ?
  20. 20. What are you waiting for? It’s time to • World-renowned sensory marketing expert, quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek, Advertising Age, AdWeek, Forbes and many other media • Scientifically proven methodologies tailored to your real world business • Our systems are risk-free. We are the only sensory marketing company that guarantees ROI.