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Olfaction and its use in marketing

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  1. 1. Summer Thompson May 14, 2012 B3The Use of Olfaction inMarketing Techniques
  2. 2. Olfaction: 1. The sense of smell 2. The act or function of smellingScent-Marketing: The use of smells in order to attract customers to a productOdotipo: A pleasant smell that consumers relate to a product
  3. 3. Scents and MoodsDifferent odors are sent to different areas of the brain, causing different moods depending on the odor. • Euphoric odors (ex: Jasmine) cause the release of natural pain-killers and cause a sense of well-being. • Scents such as lavender cause the release of serotonin which causes a sense of relaxation. • Scents like rosemary cause the release of noradrenaline, which causes the body to "wake up".
  4. 4. Scents and MemoriesThe olfactory system is the sensethat is physically closest to thelimbic system, where memoriesare processed. Therefore: • Odor-evoked memories are highly emotionally potent • People remember more of what they smell than what they remember from any other sense. (remembered: 35% smell, 5% sight, 2% hear, 1% touch)
  5. 5. Companies are Taking a Notice "Brands are increasingly recognizing that in order to wow consumers, they need to work on an emotional basis. Its no longer enough to build a rational proposition based on function, price, or convenience. Banks, airlines, and the leisure industry are just a few of the sectors getting really excited about the prospect of incorporating smell into their brand." - Simon Harrop, founder of the Aroma Company
  6. 6. Increase in Scent-marketingProgression in technology, thus: • Becoming quite simple for companies to incorporate this technique into their marketing compaigns • Odors can be cheaply added to any environments with impressive results in terms of increased salesLarge increase in reasearch of the Olfactory System, leading to advanced understanding of the sense of smell and how to use it to a companys advantage.
  7. 7. Several Techniques Available in Scent-marketing Campaigns: • In the shops o For a particular product o For an entire store • In shopping malls or department stores • Fragranced merchandising • Fragranced packaging
  8. 8. In the shops:Companies who use this technique are looking for an odor that will increase the value of their brand, increase sales, and bring customers back to their shops."Its purpose really is to keep customers in your store, to create this welcoming environment - and it works; it does keep people in your store longer. It helps people feel better in their shopping, and in a lot of cases causes them to spend more money." - Mike Gatti, Executive director of marketing at the National Retail Federation
  9. 9. Net Cost Supermarkets in Brooklyn,NY • Uses artificial food aromas throughout their store • Pipes the smell into the air by specially-designed scent-machines • For example, chocolate smells are pushed into the air next to the candy aisle, fruit smells abound in the produce aisle, and the smell of freshly baked bread is pumped into the air next to the bakery.
  10. 10. M&M World Store in Londons LeicesterSquare: • Have been pumping the scent of chocolate into the store • Have used the scent directly outside of the store to attract customers • the goods come pre-packaged, so the store looked like it should smell like chocolate, but didnt. Now it does thanks to scent-marketing technology.
  11. 11. Other Shops:Hamleys, a toy shop: • Use the general scent of Pina Colada • Believe the odor entices parents to linger in the store for longer periods of timesHotels, such as Holiday Inn: • The focus is reception in common areas • Its about creating a fresh, airy, and welcoming environment that reflects the brandCasinos: • Use "musky, masculine scents" • Believe it makes men remain on the premises for longer periods of time
  12. 12. Outside of shops:• Think outside of the box• Used to create an even more well-known brand• A technique that allows the companys fragrance to be taken home and become more likely to be remembered by the consumer (Odotipo)
  13. 13. Merchandising:• Scented candles, soaps, incense, perfumes, etc. o can be used to ensure the fragrance is abundant in the consumers home• Printed fliers and forms o Companies can advertise in two senses at once o Incorporate the sense of sight by using their logo, and utilise the sense of smell by attaching a fragrance to the fliers• Merchandising can increase the likelihood of a fragrance becoming fully associated with a product
  14. 14. Packaging: • Some companies are putting their fragrance inside packaging • By doing this, the company ensures that the fragrance becomes part of the consumers homeDirect Mail is one company utilising thistechnique • Have seen an instant success • "In one door drop for a laundry product, putting a fragrance on brand literature doubled the response rate compared to the non-scented equivalent. Its made us realize there are opportunities around smell."
  15. 15. Scentair:• Aids companies through the process of beginning a scent-marketing compaign• Scentair creates the scents for companies o "shelf" scents which are premade and cheaper o Custom scents for companies that want the perfect scent to represent their company ($5000)• Provides the "full Service" package once the scent is created o Supplies, installs, and replenishes fragrances for the companies
  16. 16. Future of Scent-Marketing:• Increasingly large amounts of companies are beginning to use scent-marketing• Scentair has reported that they currently have 600 clients, with a large increase of clients within the last 6 months.• Appears to be a bright, full future where scent- marketing will become a common phenomenon
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