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Yes Yes For Prescott Education


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Here is information on What the Bond and Override Vote will mean to Prescott Arizona as a community.
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Yes Yes For Prescott Education

  1. 1. 1. Arizona: A Broken Economy Education in Arizona
  2. 2. Arizona Statistics 185,000+ home foreclosures in Metro Phoenix since 2008 370,000 jobs lost during Recession (30% of lost jobs were construction) Arizona unemployment rate is 7.9% (Prescott rate is 8.4%) 1.3 million, or 20% of Arizonans on AHCCCS (Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System as of June 2013)
  3. 3. Arizona Statistics • Over 1 Million Arizonans live in poverty (Poverty rate 2012 – $23,050 for a family of 4) • Child poverty rate: 20% in Prescott • Free/reduced lunch program: Yavapai - over 48% of students qualify
  4. 4. 2. Arizona: a Broken Budget Arizona: A Broken Budget
  5. 5. Loss of Revenue $1.6 Billion per year or $2.6 Billion per year Adjusted for inflation & population. Source: Dennis Hoffman & Tom Rex, ASU Economists
  6. 6. State Education Budget Cuts Over the past three years: • K-12 Education $1.4 billion ($0.089 billion restored FY12) • Community Colleges $120 million (72% cut) • Universities $428 million (50% per student)
  7. 7. How do District’s manage the cuts? • Class size increases • Decreasing take-home pay • Fewer supplies, textbooks & technology • Special area reductions (Music, P.E., Art, libraries, counselors, special needs, nurses) • Decreases in support staff / supervision • School closures or shortened week
  8. 8. • PHS Average Math _______English _____ • GMMS Average Class ___________ • Mile High Average Class _________ • K – 5 – numbers range ____ to ____ PUSD Class Sizes for 2013-2014 School Year
  9. 9. Did you know? • Jail for 1 year / 1 person = $24,500 • That’s $17,000 more than the state pays to educate a student in school for one year • The number of jail/prison cells are calculated by the reading scores of students in 3rd/4th grade, as those far behind in reading are most at risk to drop out Shouldn’t we better fund education?
  10. 10. Did you know? • Prescott’s average teacher salary is $42,655 • The State average teacher salary is $45,1934 • The National average teacher salary is $56,069 • Prescott is 25% below the National Average!
  11. 11. 1. Arizona: A Broken Economy Arizona: The Challenge Ahead
  12. 12. MOUNTAIN MEGAS: Blueprint for American Prosperity The Brookings Institute
  13. 13. • Infrastructure • Quality Places • Innovation • HUMAN CAPITAL • Infrastructure • Quality Places • Innovation • HUMAN CAPITAL These attributes are needed for a community’s economy to succeed and grow
  14. 14. The New Economy Jobs will change more skills needed
  15. 15. Skills By 2018, 64% of Arizona job openings will require a college degree Human Capital = SKILLS By 2018, 61% of Arizona job openings will require a college degree
  16. 16. TODAY Young Arizonans with a College Degree? Less than 30%
  17. 17. ew/id/104
  18. 18. ew/id/104
  19. 19. ew/id/104
  20. 20. ew/id/104
  21. 21. • Arizona ranks 47th among states in per pupil spending • 45% of high school graduates do not pursue higher education • Almost 800,000 adults in Arizona do not have a high school diploma. We are 38th in the country for high school graduation • “Best Educated”- based on student achievement, positive outcomes and personal attention from teachers, Arizona ranks 50th out of 50 states Arizona Statistics
  22. 22. Return on Investment Increase Investment in Education Improve Workforce Economic Growth Higher Tax Revenue
  23. 23. Prescott
  24. 24. Quality education in Prescott will… • Support & enhance property values • Lower crime rate
  25. 25. Quality education in Prescott will… • Attract new businesses to our community and boost local economy
  26. 26. Quality education in Prescott will… • Attract quality medical care providers, physicians and other professionals
  27. 27. Quality education in Prescott will… • Provide facilities for a 21st century education; keep knowledgeable students local
  28. 28. Quality education in Prescott will… • Deliver the highest level of education to our children • Prepare today’s kids for tomorrow’s jobs
  29. 29. PUSD FACTS • Prescott Unified School District’s education budget has been cut a total of $13 million since 2008 • Declining enrollment has cost Prescott $3 million; the District has cut over $4 million in M&O, since 2008 and has lost over 600 students (Over 200 students in the last 12 months)
  30. 30. PUSD Facts Continued • Prescott schools average 67 years old • The state has discontinued funding any repairs and maintenance since 2008 (This has cost the district between $3 and $4.8 million)
  31. 31. • Our computers are 6+ years old and most come from other agencies when they upgrade • This bond and override will directly benefit our community and the IT environment, security and necessary maintenance PUSD Facts Continued
  32. 32. Support the bond !!  Improve Safety & Security at all PUSD Schools/Buildings  Allow PUSD to address many overdue building repairs and provide necessary maintenance  Provide Technology for a 21st Century Education What can we do???
  33. 33. What can we do??? Support the override !!  Help attract and retain quality staff and teachers  Maintain programs that are at risk of being eliminated  Provide competitive pay to our faculty and educators
  34. 34.  There is a direct correlation between quality educational system and the real estate values in the community  The marketability of our homes directly correlate with perception of the schools and the community Improve Real Estate Values
  35. 35.  “The majority of our physician candidates and their spouses come with stated concerns, stories and the perception that Arizona Public Schools are not competitive with the rest of the nation.” John Amos, COO YRMC 5/2013  There are a substantial number of medical positions that are not being filled in our community, therefore the best medical care availability is not being offered to our community Provide Professionals in Prescott
  36. 36. The State Legislature • Has sent a clear message that education is not a priority by their significant lack of funding • Has not been funding public education to the necessary capacity in Prescott & other Arizona communities
  37. 37. Voter Tax Information On Assessor’s Tax Value of $100,000 home Year Month • Bond $32.53 $2.71 • Override $32.00 $2.66 Average Value Home in Prescott is $185,000 (using 2012-13 information). The bond & Override would commence for 2014-15. The 10% override is estimated to be at $2.2 million.
  38. 38. PUSD Bond Prop #? Technology Safety Energy Management Building Maintenance & Repair Transportation Athletic Facilities YES YES for Prescott Education
  39. 39. YES YES for Prescott Education PUSD Override Prop # Maintain & Enhance Programs Attract Students to PUSD Attract & Retain Quality Staff & Teachers Health & Safety Provide Competitive Pay
  40. 40. YES YES for Prescott Education Successful schools are everybody’s business Don’t our children deserve a 21st Century Education?
  41. 41. Prescott has always been a community that comes together to overcome the challenges; this makes us proud to call Prescott- “Everybody’s Hometown” Unite for Prescott
  42. 42. Unite for Prescott Keep Education Strong!
  43. 43. Sources • US Census • Matthew Murray, Morrison Institute for Public Policy • Dennis Hoffman & Tom Rex, ASU Economists • Richard Florida, Atlantic Monthly • Mountain Megas Report, Brookings Institute • Governor’s Office • Children’s Action Alliance • Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce • Maricopa Community Colleges, Workforce Development • Jay Butler, ASU W.P. Carey School of Business • Dropped? Latino Education and Arizona’s Economic Future, Morrison Institute • Auditor’s General Report & PUSD COO Reports