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input and output devices

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P.jeet ppt

  1. 1. Input and Output devicesAn input and output devices are working as a INTERFACE between USER andCOMPUTER. Interface Computer User Output Devices Input Devices 2
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. Input Device Output device Keyboard Monitor Mouse Printer Scanner Plotter Microphone Projector Webcam Speakers JoysticksBarcode Reader Touch Pads 4
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  5. 5. It allows data entry into a computer system by pressing a set of keys . It isan also called 101 QWERTY keyboardStandard Keyboard has 101 Keys.It contains :-1. Function keys : f1-f12.2. Alphanumeric keys : a-z,0-9.3. Special character : ‘ , ’’ , ( , ) , { , } , [ , ] , @ , $ , ^ , & , * , _ , + , - , _ , = , ! ,~,`,<,>,?,.,|,/,,4. Control keys : shift, ctrl, alt5. Special purpose keys : space, backspace, home, page up, page down, end, print screen, num lock, caps lock. 6
  6. 6. Function Keys Special Purpose Keys Control KeysAlphabetic keys Arrow Keys Numeric keys 7
  7. 7. Second most important input deviceis mouse which is a pointing deviceconnected to CPU used in GUIenvironment to pointing any objectspresenting in console.Its available in two type:-1. Wired Mouse2. Wireless Mouse Normal Laser Wired Mouse 8
  8. 8. In this type of Mouse has no wires itis directly connected with CPUusing wireless connections i.e.Bluetooth. Wireless Laser Mouse 9
  9. 9. A scanner is an input device that translatespaper documents into an electronic formatsthat can be stored in computer. The inputdocument may be typed text , pictures,graphics, or even handwritten material. Scanne r 10
  10. 10. Barcode reader is used to read barcodewhich is present on any product , booksor any product. These code are in formof block and thin bars which gives theinformation about the product.Barcode Reader Generally used inShops, library and post offices etc. Button Reader Barcode Reader 11
  11. 11. A touch pad is pointing devicefeaturing a Tactile Sensor, aspecialized surface that can translatethe motion and position of a user’sfingers to a relative position onscreen.Generally it founds in Laptops,PDA’s & Portable media player. Itis also used as substitute for amouse. 12
  12. 12. A Microphone is hardware inputdevice that takes sound as a inputto computer. It convert the soundinto an electrical signal to send tothe computer for communicatingany other terminal or to record thesound. Generally it connected with3.5 mm jack plug. Microphone 13
  13. 13. A webcam is a video camera feeds itsimages in real time to a computer orcomputer networks often via USB ofWi-Fi. The most popular use is theestablishment of video links formeeting or chatting or others work. Webcam 14
  14. 14. An input device that looks similar to acontrol device you would find on anarcade game at your local arcades.A Joystick allows an individual to easilymove an objects in a game such asnavigating a plane in any games. Buttons Handle Joystick 15
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  16. 16. Monitor is a most important part of thecomputer and is to be used to producing ansoft copy of output. They display thegenerated output on a television screen.Two basic types of monitors used todayare:-1. CRT(Cathode-Ray-Tube) :- It works much like a television screen and are CRT Monitor used with non-portable computer system. 17
  17. 17. 2. LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) :- LCD flat panel monitors are thinner, lighter and are used commonly with portable computer system like notebook computer(Laptops). Now a days maximum users using the LCD Monitors in place of CRT Monitors. LCD Monitors 18
  18. 18. Printed PagePrinters are the most popular output devices forproducing hard-copy output. Its a peripheral whichprints a text or graphics of documents stored inelectronic form in the memory of CPU.Generally Printers are divided into two category:1. Impact printer2. Non-Impact Printer But for the Best result of output user generally Laser Printer uses the laser or inkjet printer. It gives the High Quality good color printing in documents. 19
  19. 19. Its is a type of printer which is used toprint or produce hard copy of document.Many engineering deigns applicationlike architectural plan for building,design of mechanical components of anaircraft or a car etc. So the aboverequirement are completed by plotterbecause these designs are printed inlarge size of paper. Normal printer can’tcomplete this requirements. Plotter 20
  20. 20. Operation Projection Lens buttonsA projector is an output device thatreceives a video signal and projects thecorresponding image on a projectionscreen using a lens system. All videoprojectors use a very bright light to projectthe image, and most modern ones cancorrect any curves, blurriness, and otherinconsistencies through manual settings.Video projectors are widely used for manyapplications such as, conference room Projectorpresentations, classroom training, hometheatre and concerts. 21
  21. 21. Speaker are also an part of computer. Itconverts the sound from electronic formof sound signal which are stored inCPU.In multimedia application software it isvery important element of computer.Some time at the time of creatingpresentation it should be necessary thatto insert the sound file in presentation tomake presentation effective,understandable and meaningful. A pair of Speaker set withGenerally it is used for listening music woofer systemand watching videos. 22
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