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Broadcasting video


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Broadcasting video

  1. 1. B ro adcasting Vide o the We o n b Lawrence M. Hinman University of San Diego
  2. 2. I ntro ctio du ns The Changing Nature of Computings What it looks likes Why it is worthwhiles How to do its Ethics Updatess Broadcasting animations
  3. 3. What I t L oks L ike os Gilligan examples RealVideo streaming video usually requires at least a 56K connection.s One can decide how much bandwidth is devoted to video and how much is allocated to audio. – Recommendation: Devote more bandwidth to audio, less to video.
  4. 4. Why B ro adcast Vide I s o Wo hile rthw : L iv B ro e adcastss Allows virtual observers and eventually virtual participants at conferences. – Allows many to attend who otherwise would have been unable to do so. – Programs: • RealVideo: Broadcast only • NetShow Broadcast only • NetMeeting Interactive, limited multipoint
  5. 5. Why B ro adcast Vide I s o Wo hile rthw : A rchiv Vide al os For readers, it is often helpful to associate a face and a voice with an author that they are reading.s Instructors can assign video or audio just as they would assign reading assignmentss Good conference interactions are not lost forever.
  6. 6. H o to do it ws Obtain permissionss Record events Captures Encode recordings Place encoded file on servers Stream videoRecord Capture Encode Upload Stream
  7. 7. Obtain pe issio rm nss Even if you hold an existing permission, obtain an additional one for the web.s Permissions should be non-exclusive, allowing lecturers to use material elsewhere.
  8. 8. R e rd e e co v nts Recording events simply requires standard videotaping – The better the quality of the recording, the better the web-based result – Use super-VHS if possibles High quality digital recording is even more flexibles Always pay attention to sound quality
  9. 9. Capturings The event needs to be captured on the computer before it can be encoded. – Audio: only requirement is a sound card – Video: also need a video capture card • Windows: Osprey 100--cheap, reliable, Win95 & NT compatible, and recognized by RealPublisher. $129.00
  10. 10. Enco re rding de cos You can begin with video or audio recordings not originally intended for the Web.s Use RealPublisher. It’s cheap and it will: – capture (live or from tape or file); – encode (using convenient templates); – publish as html.
  11. 11. Place e de file o se e nco d n rv rs In the past, you had to use a RealServer to have streaming audio and video. – Any server will deliver RealVideo and RealAudio that can be downloaded first and then player. – New versions--including the G2--now stream without RealServer; .s Both RealPlayer and basic RealServer are free. – Note: RealServer cannot be used free of charge to broadcast courses.
  12. 12. S tre v o am ides Basic, free RealServer will stream video to 40 connections simultaneously.s Viewers only need the free version of RealPlayer and a reasonably good internet connection (56K) to view the video.
  13. 13. Ethics U pdatess Live Broadcast: – CSU Fullerton, “Democracy and Self- Interest” conferences Current archived video: – Carol Gilligan, lecture and workshop on gender and ethics – Tu Weiming, lecture on Confucian ethics – Nancy Sherman, lecture on Aristotle and leadership
  14. 14. Ethics U pdatess Current audio: – Phillip Hallie: “Maculate Goodness” – Jean Hampton et al., “Rottenness” – Susan Wolf, Bob Adams, et al. On “Moral Saints”s Upcoming audio: – Hugh LaFollette, interviews with moral philosophers
  15. 15. F u re Pro cts tu jes Ethics lectures, etc. at conferences, colloquia, lecture series.s On-line video conferencess Philosopher’s biographies, with video includeds Custom interviews available in streaming media – audio: phone interviews – video
  16. 16. B ro adcasting A nim ns atios It is also increasingly easy to broadcast animations over the web. Currently, Macromedia offers the best format in its Flash files: – Euthanasia examples Streaming animations offer powerful ways of communicating visual knowledge over the Webs Very small file size (17K), streaming, vector graphics
  17. 17. H ardw R e u mnts: are q ire e Enco dings Video camera (for live) or tape (for archival)s Video capture cards Fast CPU (200 Megahertz Pentium minimum; dual Pentium Pro 200 preferred)s Adequate disk space (1 gig free)
  18. 18. H ardw R e u mnts: are q ire e Se e rv rs Fast server with plenty of RAMs Adequate disk space – 10-12 MB plus per hour for 56K • at $100 per gig, this is about $1 per hour for the cost of disk storage space
  19. 19. U se l u fu rl’ss This presentation: – RealNetworks – http://www.real.coms Macomedia – http://www.macromedia.coms Microsoft –