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W1 Lucazhang1

  1. 1. 50 ideas imagined sustainable architecture Luca zhang s3103683
  2. 2. expandable folding chair _Made of honey-combed cardboard _chair/lounge _light-weight and easy to carry _Reused cardboard paper _Folding, green and save space 1
  3. 3. foldable table _made of timber _table _reshaped furniture _multi-propose use _save space 2
  4. 4. paper shoes _paper _shoes _light-weight _easily to recycle _use the paper to fabricate 3
  5. 5. portable kitchen _recycled fireprofing materilal _kitchen elements _portable _green and simplified the living system _space saving, Prefabricated 4
  6. 6. creat diy bike routes _Organically colour paint _bike route _more precise to legal bike route _not render _recycled, personality 5
  7. 7. sitting on hurdles _timber hurdle _tranasform to be a chair _Prefabricated design _suitable to most land-condition _sustainable, multi-functional 6
  8. 8. New identification for CD cases _wasted CD cases _green house _for photosynthesis _helps the plant growing _recycled 7
  9. 9. smarshed beer bottle _glass _beer bottle _smashed bottle to be glass _not use the glass to drink _multi-use production 8
  10. 10. skiing car _with Ski Blade Board _car _suit in the snow _Petrol saving _more useful 9
  11. 11. play pump _Project for improve the African water system _have a great effect as insulation _Idea that to retreat the waste clothing into building _Human activities converting to be the energy _sustainable 10
  12. 12. grass carpet _natural moss _carpet _feel smooth and touch the nature _not use the Chemical fabrication _green, better effect 11
  13. 13. cylindrical green superstructure _water catchment system _is drainge _have plants inside of pipe _insulated the building _green 12
  14. 14. live in bush _planting bush _roof and garden _Refreshing the inhabitants _cut off the duct _naturally insulates to interior 13
  15. 15. grass facade _facade cover _carpeted grass _insulated exterior of building _sustainability on the exterior _green 14
  16. 16. a living green wall _Grass embeded _interior wall _improve the living condition inside _bring the city indoors into the organic nature _Green 15
  17. 17. vertical farm _Agricultural plants _farm _Insulating the high-rise building _More purposeful with multi-function _green, interaction in between 16
  18. 18. green-roofed skyscraper _green roof garden _helps to insulate the interiors _reduce rainwater runoff _mitigate the urban heat island effect _idea for save the energy on the insulation and vetilation system 17
  19. 19. grass-lined green railways _grass _tram route _Refreshes and life up the traffic condition _re-identified the traffic route _green 18
  20. 20. Straw bale building _Straw bale _facilities in the countryside _easy to built _nature production instead of chemistry _green, indigenous matrial 19
  21. 21. foam igloo _foam _home dome _Help the homeless people _litters as insulation _for low-cost building 20
  22. 22. denim insulation _Recycled denim cotton _insulation _great effect insulating _material from the waste jeans _recycled 21
  23. 23. sheep wool insulation _woolen _insulation _great effect insulating _not use the chemical production _green 22
  24. 24. mixed up _used clothing _cloth _pattern has so much _not produce more industries _recycled 23
  25. 25. wall by the newspaper _newspapers _cavity inside of wall _intersting way to build wall _enlighted to use paper litter _recycled 24
  26. 26. Recycled Glass Bottle Buddhist Monastery _glass bottles _monastery _artistical _Use leaser on cavity on the wall and column _recycled 25
  27. 27. recycled pavilion _recycled plastic _theatre _polished, fascinating _New technical chemistry material _recycled 26
  28. 28. stonefridge _the wasted fridge _mimic of ‘Stonehenge’ _the waste re-used _re-treat useless fridges _new identified to use the waste 27
  29. 29. light on curtain _use solar energy _gathering the power in daytime _light reflects on the curtain _new design for light _green 28
  30. 30. solar lamp _solar production _Gathering the energy in the daytime _Lighting at night _Idea to change the lighting system in the building _green and sustainable 29
  31. 31. gain the energy via facade _silicon solar cell _solar facade _well-proportioned _reduce the pollution _gain the energy via nature 30
  32. 32. cylindrical green superstructure _concept of self-provide energy system _gain the energy via concave solar pannel _a rainwater catchment system _sample of sustainability _green 31
  33. 33. green shed _combined amount of green systems _a shed _aim to provide the energy to itself _Prefabricated _green, sustainable 32
  34. 34. windmill building _using wind-power _footbridge _green and Eternity power _reduce the pollution _gain the energy via nature 33
  35. 35. cylindrical green superstructure _was a oil Rig Platform _reuse the existing structure _become Hospitality building _save and retreat cast building _save the budget 34
  36. 36. hotel in airplane _was an airplane _become a hotel _have a new experience for air _use the existing structure _save the budget and reduce the constructure process 35
  37. 37. new cover for old building _Corrugated façade and roof _keep the part existing constructure _renew the building _reduce building process _sustainable 36
  38. 38. prefab hotel _Hotel by prefabricated shipping containers _have a great effect as insulation _Idea that to retreat the waste clothing into building _Human activities converting to be the energy _sustainable 37
  39. 39. house in the shipping container _Modular green house _Built by 4 shipping containers _easy to build _Recycling the wasted shipping container _Save the method and material 38
  40. 40. tree house _Project for improve the African water system _have a great effect as insulation _Idea that to retreat the waste clothing into building _Human activities converting to be the energy _Effetely advertise the height and thermal mass 39
  41. 41. Minimal house _glazing and timber structure _house _minimalist the house design for every parts _Save the material as possible _formless design to reduce the waste 40
  42. 42. house in carpark _made of timber _caretaker room _housing in the underground carparks _re-identified the function _sustainable 41
  43. 43. Green cantilevered space _timber facade _more plant to inprove the living conditions _build based on the catilevered area _stable and increase volume of space _green and sustainable 42
  44. 44. sliding house _one exterior timber facade _another glazzing facade layered inside _sliding the exterior facade _change the openness _sustainable 43
  45. 45. house with a new crown _timer _updated interior veneer and roof _keep the basic building structure _maximally to use the building as renew _low-cost 44
  46. 46. sand-bag house _sand-bag _house _Simplifying the constructural methods _cut off the insulation _recycled, low-cost 45
  47. 47. cylindrical green superstructure _using rammed earth construction _sited in wild area with despited weather _respond to environmental conditions _most of energy gathring from local district _sustainable 46
  48. 48. soil house _soil _house _have a great effect of sound isolation and insulation _no other chemical production _green, easy to formalized 47
  49. 49. rock house _stone as Principal material _house _stable _use natural indigenous material _low-cost, engage the site 48
  50. 50. House manager _computer system _interface all electronic applications within house _see electrical current _find the waste _way to save energy 49
  51. 51. Electricity lined to pollution _Possibly covert the pollution into proper energy _A planning green energy system _produce the safer energy _cuts its toxic coal-fired pollution _Green, improving the environment 50
  52. 52. CROSS REFRENCE OFCRAIGIEBURN LINE Craigieburn Roxburgh Park Broadmeadows Jacana Glenroy Oak Park Pascoe Vale Strathmore 59 Glenbervie Essendon Moonee Ponds 57,82 82 Ascot Vale Newmarket 57 57,59 LEGEND Kensington Train Line Tram Line North Melbourne Train Station Tram Route 59 Cross between Train (direct to CITY LOOP) and Tram Proposal Site