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Workshop Post Oil Cities: Cross Postings - Exercice Week 05 - Tutor: Jan van Schaik RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

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Frank Wirawan2

  1. 1. EXERCISE 3 Prefab Uno Roof Activities FORM Wind Power Facade Sand City Figure Artificial Nature ENVIRONMENT Figure Pyramid Group SOCIAL Public + Private 50 Ideas Refine Frank Wirawan 3093966
  2. 2. EXERCISE 3 Prefab Uno prefab housing will save energy and cost of contruction the nish prefab housing can be place like UNO stacko, this way it will save structure fee and material. Wind Power Facade wind power facade can provide power for their own building it also give a base design idea of the form Form Frank Wirawan 3093966
  3. 3. EXERCISE 3 Sand City people need to start to live in a new environment this can be create with sand as sand city or building Roof Activities roof can be a new city centre with public transport that stop on their rooftop land are now can be use to produce new energy or vegetation Form Frank Wirawan 3093966
  4. 4. EXERCISE 3 Merge With Nature we can preserve nature by creating environment to live within nature itself this environement will form as part of nature Form Frank Wirawan 3093966
  5. 5. EXERCISE 3 Underground Life arti cial nature can be create inside building a city below ground will provide their own nature, agricultural and food Figure use public or nature gure to wake the social how important is the nature Frank Wirawan Environment 3093966
  6. 6. EXERCISE 3 Public + Private provide a space which can be both for public and private normal private space in public space taking a spaces let public interact more with the private spaces Frank Wirawan Social 3093966
  7. 7. EXERCISE 1 Frank Wirawan WERRIBEE 3093966
  8. 8. EXERCISE 2 The Victorian Government is proud to deliver $52.1 million for projects in central Footscray. ing and the Mayor, City of Maribyrnong What is the shared vision for Footscray? Justin Madden MLC The Victorian Government’s $52.1 million investment Minister for Planning in Footscray will deliver the vision for the Footscray Renewal initiative as part of the Transit Cities program, with the aim of: * Enhancing access and safety around public transport services. * Ensuring transport is well-integrated into the centre and better connected to nearby shops and community facilities. * Creating a greater range of housing choices in central Footscray that will put people closer to transport, jobs, Cr Michelle MacDonald Mayor, City of Maribyrnong shops and educational facilities. a r t i s t ’s i m p r e s s i o n FOOTSCRAY RENEWAL footscray railway precinct * Boosting employment opportunities in the area. IS TAKING SHAPE... * Making physical improvements to main streets. * Improving the variety of retail outlets, better catering ment, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne Vic 3002. to the shopping needs of local residents and workers. A Victorian 8. Government rdance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. Project do not guarantee that the publication is without flaw of The vision for urban renewal in Footscray is the result of liability for any error, loss or other consequence which extensive community consultation and strategic planning work undertaken by Maribyrnong City Council, including the “(re)Visioning Footscray” study, which produced a shared vision for Footscray as a safe, artsy, edgy, affordable, regional, diverse and multicultural place. With more than 12,000 patrons using Footscray Station daily, the footbridge has been designed to create an attractive landmark structure that will improve pedestrian ow. Its strong features draw on the industrial heritage of the area and add to character of the Station precinct. FOOTSCRAY Frank Wirawan This concept drawing is an indicative artist impression. The footbridge and forecourts are subject to further detailed design. 3093966 A Victorian [ people culture opportunity ] Government Project
  9. 9. EXERCISE 2 Site Analysis 25 Development Options Example 4A - Estimated cost: $160 000 Example 4B - Estimated cost: $150 750 Example 4C - Estimated cost: $92 000 Frank Wirawan NORTH MELBOURNE 3093966