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Dominic Pandolfini 02


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Workshop Post Oil Cities: Cross Postings - Exercice Week 05 - Tutor: Jan van Schaik RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Dominic Pandolfini 02

  1. 1. snap shots from a post oil city dominic pandolfini
  2. 2. Above/Below Ground However many stories a building is above ground, it has the same amount of levels below ground. Cool conditions below could be be used to heat the levels above and vice versa. Material excavated would be used to form structure to eliminate transport of materials in and waste away. Sub-ground levels could be partially used as a service zone to help centralise a buildings services.
  3. 3. Cash Decentralised power suppliears. All buildings have the ability to generate power and pump it onto the grid to recieve money. This will propmote individuals and small businesses to come up with new power generations ideas.
  4. 4. Structural Cooling Chilled/heated hollow structural members to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of heating/cooling systems.
  5. 5. Fish and Chips Living aquariums in water tanks to provide food and assist in processing grey water - breaking down sewerage.
  6. 6. Guys With Guns Hired guns to protect energy stores and steal other peoples
  7. 7. High Rise Farms Farms in the inner city to remove the energy needed to transport goods from the country into town
  8. 8. Guilds Reintroduction of localised manufacturing industry rather than a service based economy as produce must be sourced locally to eliminate shipping and its associated energy requirements
  9. 9. Growing Building An organic building - elements of the building are growing plants. Grow in spring to provide shade in summer and then harvested in autumn to provide fuel for heatung in winter. Could also provide food
  10. 10. Incinerator All waste from the building is incinerated on site. This eliminates the need for garbage removal and could be used to generate power. A filtration or storage devise would be required to eliminate pollution.