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15 years in asia in 15 minutes


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Talk given at La French Touch Conference in Paris in 2018.

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15 years in asia in 15 minutes

  1. 1. 15 ans d’Asie en 15 min Ecosystemes, Innovation et Hardware
  2. 2. Bonjour ! Author Forbes, Techcrunch, VentureBeat, 
 TechInAsia, Hackernoon, etc. Mostly Tech Telecom Gaming Consulting (CEO),Angel Investor Hardware (VC Partner) Quoted expert Ecosystems, Innovation,Asia, etc. WSJ, Nature, NYT, BBC, Wired… Speaker ~300 Talks TEDx (2x), SXSW, TC Disrupt, Depuis 2000 2000-10 Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing,
 2011-12 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, SF
 2013-17 Beijing, Shenzhen, HK 2018~ EU+USA(+Asia)
  3. 3. Thesis Specialized accelerators
 Special locations Hands-on Community HAX #1 in Hardware Shenzhen + SF >200 startups Quoted expert Ecosystems, Innovation,Asia, etc. WSJ, Nature, NYT, BBC, Wired… Speaker ~300 Talks TEDx (2x), SXSW, TC Disrupt, SOSV Early stage VC $300MAUM >700 startups
  4. 4. Ecosystems Infra Capital China! RegulationsTalent Market
  5. 5. Entrepreneur -ship Safety nets Capital ExitsTalent “Culture” Hara kiri?
  6. 6. Innovation Barriers Language “Not used here” Capital The Next China A.I. (grades & grades), big data Alibaba Case “Jet fighters in rice paddies” GE culture alive in China? Perception vs Reality
  7. 7. Hardware Already Wearables that heal Service robots Capital Shenzhen Here to stay! Next Human augmentation Learning from robots &AI Sci-Fi is (mostly) wrong Humanoid robots, flying cars… Ballistic = More accurate
  8. 8. Merci !
  9. 9. Global Trends Rise in IPOs Some long awaited VC grows Specialists, CVC & others China Astory in itself Unicorns Many in China Some large M&As By tech & non tech
  10. 10. Mo’IP Patents and beyond Mo’startups #1 in hardware unicorns Mo’A.I. Huge budgets & investments Mo’robots Factories + Consumer Mo’money China > US China Trends
  11. 11. VR Maybe hope with Oculus Go? Watch movies on your bed? So 2017… Trackers, (B2C) Drones, FDM 3D printing… Voice agents Alexa wins. Who else? Killer app = News + Spotify? Smart home Not much selling yet. Who’s paying? (= utilities + insurance?) Still hard Price-sensitive Where’s the need? Losing momentum vs. B2B (old) Consumer Trends
  12. 12. Digital coaching Gym, music, language… Closing the loop? Premium & Personalized From shoes to coffee Shiny? Sci-fi is wrong Shiny new thing vs. useful daily STEM Real need, real money B2C + B2G Advanced tracking Market still limited New Consumer Trends
  13. 13. Next: human augmentation? Digital Ritalin™? Other? Personal diagnostic At home / on the go / high fidelity Wearapeuthics Closing the loop & competing w/ pharma Tech giants go medical Female health, glucose Some new categories Momtech / Fertility Health Trends
  14. 14. Cheaper machines Automation of repetitive tasks Enabling local manufacturing Retrofit Sensors, Predictive maintenance, ML Smarter machines Flexible (Vision /AI / ML) Custom products New machines Dull, dirty, dangerous tasks Every industry is IoT Mining,Agriculture, Construction, Insurance…. Industry Trends
  15. 15. Health + B2B Most appealing today It’s everywhere Tech and non-tech get smart It’s not sci-fi Only better China Master of scale It’s not crypto But it’s real Final Words