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Us & Them


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Broad introduction to the internet of things given at InfoShare at Gdansk on May 19th.

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Us & Them

  1. 1. Us & them How the internet of things redefines our relationship to the world @iotwatch
  2. 2. 2007-2010 Tinker London designswarm Good Night Lamp About me
  3. 3. What is the internet of things? The internet of things defines the potential new services, products and interactions that can exist by embedding cheap hardware and connectivity (web/mobile/radio) in previously unconnected physical products & spaces. 
  4. 4. What is not internet of things
  5. 5. For which context are people building things? Health & Safety Home Ed Tech Work Transport Elderly care Environment Industrial
  6. 6. Home : Remote access Thermostats (Nest, Hive, Ecobee) Lighting (Hue) Appliances (Samsung, Whirlpool)
  7. 7. De-coupled e-commerce decisions (Amazon Dash / Echo) Screens on appliances (Samsung) Indoor environmental monitoring (SensorCubes) Home : With & without screens
  8. 8. GPS Shoes for Alzheimer patients (Smart Sole) Medication (Glow caps) Fall detection (Lively) Personal safety (Artemis, Cuff) Health & Safety: Remote monitoring, with & without screens.
  9. 9. Air Quality (Air Quality Egg, Origins) Radiation Levels (Safecast) Environmental Monitoring: Making the invisible visible
  10. 10. Prototyping platforms (Arduino, Rpi, Sam Labs) Educating the next generation (Primo, Tio, TechWillSaveUs, Kano) Ed Tech: Making the hammers
  11. 11. Hubs & plugs (WeMo) Software & Apps (Thington, Evrythng, Xively, SmartThings, IFTTT) All: Tools to manage & enable
  12. 12. What are people building? Software platform Software platform with hardware partner Own hardware and software platform
  13. 13. Time to launch Software platform 6mo-1year Software platform with hardware partner 1-2 year Own hardware and software platform 2-3 years Time & money
  14. 14. Challenges Software platform Chicken without an egg Software platform with hardware partner Takes a while to build partnerships Own hardware and software platform Little funding available. Time & money
  15. 15. What’s missing? Health & Safety Home Ed Tech Work Transport Industrial Elderly care Environment Environment Conservation Independent Living Food Safety & Security
  16. 16. Why now? We need to think of a connected product as serving the needs of a community, not just an individual. Our industries need to be held accountable & their processes made transparent. Our environment needs to be closely monitored & agricultural processes need to become more tech- savvy.
  17. 17. Why you? The potential hasn’t fully been understood in all industries. Consumers are starting to get it & invest. Usually through crowdfunding. The partners are in place and ready (design, manufacturing, incubators, accelerators, supply chain)
  18. 18. Want to know more? Read up Watch #iot on Tweetdeck Accelerators & Incubators •  Breed Reply •  Tech Stars / RGA •  Highway1 •  HAX •  Startupbootcamp Connected Devices
  19. 19. Dziękuję @iotwatch