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Building startups like a boss


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Short talk on how to build startups like a boss. Given at Pecha-Kucha Night in Singapore on September 2012.

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Building startups like a boss

  1. 1. Pecha KuchaNight Singapore!Building Startups
LIKE A BOSS@benjaminjoffe!
  2. 2. Defining Startups LIKE A BOSS Temporary organization! designed to search for a!repeatable and scalable business model.!
  3. 3. Everyone things it is a bad idea! Rocking it! LIKE A BOSS You think it’s the greatest thing ever! People try to change your vision! You have co-founders! No paycheck! Long hours with no direct return!Ideas  Credits  >  h-p://­‐bands-­‐and-­‐startups  
  4. 4. Free pizza and beer! Cool Parties! You’re a boss!Living the Dream! Dress casual!LIKE A BOSS
  5. 5. Alpha, beta…!Angels! Talking Startup! VCs! LIKE A BOSS Accelerators! TechCrunch!
  6. 6. Lean!MVP! Talking Startup! LIKE A BOSS Pivot! Traction!
  7. 7. I’m a BOSSMentoring ataccelerators! Fairly lean! …and on TechCrunch!! Angel investments!
  8. 8. Style yourself! Rockstar!LIKE A BOSS Ninja! Guru! Growth Hacker (?!)!
  9. 9. Find your Passion! LIKE A BOSSJust go for the first love.!
  10. 10. Steal ideas!LIKE A BOSS Thomas Edison! “The Boss” Even Thomas Edison – who gave ideas their (terrible) symbol – was not the first nor the only working on it.!
  11. 11. Have more Ideas! Come upLIKE A BOSS with 10 ideas a day…! …and throw them away!! “I write one page of masterpiece to 99 pages of shit”! Hemingway! Ernest Hemingway! Writing Guru
  12. 12. "I have just solvedthe problem of the Hype it up!subdivision of theelectric light.”! LIKE A BOSS “When Im through, only the rich will be able to afford candles.”!“Lai dat.”!! Stock of gas companies! Thomas Edison! Boss! (finally ready after 2.5 years)!
  13. 13. Pivot! LIKE A BOFirst idea is not working out? Adjust concept, revenue model, target market, etc.!
  14. 14. First Startup!Pivots! 2007! !“3D collaboration”! LIKE A BOSS 2008! !5 prototypes! 2009  1 game!
  15. 15. Business! 2010! !Clean up everything! 2011! !Investment from Skype Founder! 2012! !1M Likes! Get 1M Likes!LIKE A BOSS
  16. 16. •  Helping people help others!!•  “Social Craigslist”!•  No noise, all signal!BRILLIANT! Second Startup!LIKE A BOSS
  17. 17. Fight! LIKE A BOSS Before launching, I found many had failed. Afterlaunching, I found others still trying, all struggling to find a market!
  18. 18. What  for  Who?  •  Early  adopters?  •  No  clear  problem  Content  •  Don’t  make  them  think  •  Charming  content   Scrap Features!LIKE A BOSS I tried and fix the service by clarifying the value proposition, identify possible early adopters, and making usage as simple as possible.!
  19. 19. Mentoring!LIKE A BOSSI went to mentor at the 500 Startups accelerator, and found many companies having clear value propositions and doing “lean”.!
  20. 20. Idea  source  >  h-p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐lean-­‐startup-­‐anG-­‐pivot/     Friends & Family Pivot! LIKE A BOSS If everything fails, there is always a possibility for afinal pivot for saving face: the Friends & Family Pivot!!