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Hanna ANS video abstract


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D Hanna ANS video abstract

Published in: Education
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Hanna ANS video abstract

  1. 1. ProposingStandards forTeachingAuthentic Nursing Knowledge Debra R. Hanna, PhD at CaseWestern Reserve NursingTheory Conference March 22,2019
  2. 2. Authentictheoreticalnursing knowledgehasbeenincrementally setasidewithinofficialcurricular documentsfornearly2decades
  3. 3. Maybeonereasonwe’verelinquished authenticnursingknowledgeisthatwe neverdevelopedstandardsabouthow itshouldbetaughtateachlearnerlevel
  4. 4. When do nursing students learn to speak with the true words ofAuthentic Nursing Knowledge?
  5. 5. What isAuthentic Nursing Knowledge?
  6. 6. Is teaching simply a matter of methods or strategies?
  7. 7. Is teaching only a matter of content?
  8. 8. Which teaching standards ensure thatAuthentic Nursing Knowledge is taught at each learner level?
  9. 9. Basic Practice Pre- licensure education Enhanced Practice • Graduate Education Translational Practice • Doctor of Nursing Practice education Knowledge Development Practice PhD
  10. 10. Asimplestructureof4learnerlevels Differentiatebetweencontent,methods& teachingstandards Severalteachingstandardsarerecommended
  11. 11. TheFirstSetofCurricularStandards AuthenticNursingKnowledge&Nurses’TrueWords TheEvolvingStructureofNursingEducation DifferencesbetweenCurricularStandards,Teaching MethodsandTeachingStandards
  12. 12. This is the moment to engage in conversation