The spirit of light


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Spiritual Quote of the Spirit of Light, by @pjvalente (medium Paulo Jose F valente).

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The spirit of light

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  2. 2. Dedication This book is dedicated to Dr. Jaime de Oliveira Medium Spiritist Group Francisco Candido Xavier Sao Paulo - SP Brazil I dedicate this digital book in English for Leslie Marshall,for their tireless work in support of real democracy in the U.S. and worldwide. The author: Paulo José Fernandes Valente Twitter: @pjvalente E-mail: This work has been automatically translated by Google translator. 2
  3. 3. Presentation I saw the spirits of light for the first time when my brother was dying in a hospital bed; surrounded by half a dozen of them.They were intense beams of golden light, and seemed perform a medical operation. At that moment a strange, deep stillness gripped my heart. So I was absolutely sure that my brother would recover, and they did. God writes straight with crooked lines, I thought. 3
  4. 4. The quotes were received this book by Paulo Jose F Valente, when he attended the SpiritistGroup Francisco Candido Xavier, situated in Martin Street, 306 - Sao Paulo SP Brazil, in 2009 4
  5. 5. So who are the spirits of light?They are big-hearted souls when in earthly life, which transcendedto the higher spheres of the astral. However, returning to earth in spirit tobring understanding and relieve pain.The spiritual pathDo not worry when you walk the spiritual path. Just focus ondo good to themselves and others.Follow your heartWhen you feel lost in the way of life, see your heart.For it is only he who can rescue you to the track.Word of JesusJesus word is final: You love one another as I love you.Light of LoveWhile ignorance enslaves and liberates light of love.LonelinessNo one is totally alone in this life, nor will the other.There is always close by divine light, even if you do not see it. 5
  6. 6. Correct pathThe light path is the correct path. A blind man can follow it.Good heartThe flame is not quenched his spirit is immortal. She shines brightlylanguishes with love and hate. So cleanse your heart releasing himof hatred and ignorance.FriendshipLearn to choose your friends. Not every tree bears good fruit.People without heartWhere is the heart of people without heart?Certainly they have died and do not know.Great heartThe size of your heart will be measured by your actions.Only those who do good, goodness and love that hasa big heart.Lost in lifeThe worst loss is the one who has gone astray in life by not following your heart. 6
  7. 7. PeaceYour inner peace is divine. Who is at peace with certainly shares with others. It is well to realize that weare all interconnected. The spiritual world is everyone watching.your worksYour work reflects your thoughts, your actions and certainly your heart.MasterpieceThe most valuable work you do in earthly journey is one that lifts you up and you dignifies. She iseverything you take to the other side.Love is lightThere can be no real understanding love.Love & SexLove transcends gender, yet does not mean that so you need to dismiss it.Spiritual universeThe universe has no beginning and no end. He is eternal and infinite. Is this address your universal spiritwill live forever.Illusion & WealthAll wealth that brings harm is the result of illusion. Granted the illusion never brings good results. 7
  8. 8. WealthAll wealth is drawn from the good work and dedication will be blessed.However, it is cursed and will certainly bring troubles originates whengreed and selfishness.The bodyYour body is your school on earth. So make good use of it.Note that when you learn you do not take this "school" with him to the beyond.DesiresEnslaves the poor souls who are the uncontrollable urges that they have.New timeFree your soul and the illusory desires a new era opens for you.Mission of lightAll the land we have missions to fulfill. The most important is to purifyour hearts with love.Love LightWherever you are spiritual light, there will surely be love. 8
  9. 9. ThankThe ungrateful person thinks everyone has debt to her.Have the person know you have high debt to all. Only this lastis worthy of the kingdom of heaven.KarmaThoughts, words and actions make up your karma, but he did notnecessarily be bad. And it just depends on you.DesiresKnow that the Lord of your desires is not you but your illusions and feelings.They can take you to hell in his own lifetime.Words of LifeHis words indicate how much is light and are, or heavy and sick, your heart.WordsWords can also build and destroy. So pay attention to your speech.Avoid words that can destroy and use edifying words.DesiresThe build desires under control and give meaning to life. Instead, the desireare destructive and uncontrollable misleading. 9
  10. 10. Earthly journeyOn the journey we are tempted by earthly desires and illusions about the property of matter.Learn everything you need is within yourself. And to discover this inner treasure enough tojust open your heart.PrayerPrayer is the light that illuminates the soul: the heat that warms the heart. It is a gift you haveand what does not belong.World PeaceThe war lords and their vicious dogs will be met. This is already being fulfilled. Those who livewill see an emerging era of world peace this century.Better WorldThe new time is coming, not before a few more trials and tribulations.New time IIIn the new era dawns that material progress will be more fair for everyone. It will be a timeof light and understanding between religions exist, which germinate in a "universal religion".InjusticesThe worst are those injustices committed against his father and mother. Who will make gooddestination will not, and certainly will go through trials that are difficult to bear. 10
  11. 11. Past obsessiveWho lives in the past overlooks the present and the future compromises.LoveSpeak with love, think and act with love with love. This good news given Jesus will give you infinity and eternity.Path of LightHis actions are good and true? Do you love yourself, nature and the next?Consult your heart to answer them. If you answered positively toformulated questions, then you are following the path of light.Correct pathBeing in the right path those who do not look back do not learn the lessons of life.However, if you do not look forward to not get everywhere.Universal heartWho is evolving certainly has the universe in your heart pounding.In the path of LightAs soon as you walk the road of light, the better your future life.SuffererOh, brother sufferer. It is up to you to take away the thorns from your heart. 11
  12. 12. Stones of the roadStay tuned to the stones of the road, and if you stumble on some of them do not moan.For the stone gave you the lesson of attention and perseverance.Greater loveLove has many faces and the most perfect of these is the spiritual side.Love & LightAs the sun warms the fields, love warms the heart and enlightens the spirit.MasterThis house is a center of light that dignifies our father. It is in his name that we workers operate.HealingThe child who is crying today will be cured of his evil spirit and flesh.<01/26/2009 spirit of light, about a boy in this group Spiritist FranciscoCandido Xavier - Sao Paulo, Brazil.>PurityWe are all born with purity of heart, so we must rescue her as soon as possible.Dark pathIf you walk a path that gives you great pleasure and a little love, get it fast.Surely you are living a great illusion that will cost the nose. 12
  13. 13. Spiritual understandingThe light of spiritual understanding heart warms us and makes us immortal.Love is divineWhile love is divine; hate is human. This means that hatred destroys us as love makes us immortal.PainYour illusions and attachments are the roots of your pain.Blessing of the spirit of lightI touched your heart and your mind lit. Want blessing better than this?ParadiseHeaven is not a destination but a conquest.Need to earn it.WorksDo not be fooled by your works. The work consists of the true and eternal light.Basically we are all achievers.SerenityBefore you disagree seek the truth. Before agreeing to seek the reason and love. 13
  14. 14. SelfHe who puts his ego ahead of his quest, seeking the truth;but always see the illusion.DoubtWhen in doubt do not. Be quiet. So no need to apologize.Earthly happinessHappiness is fleeting. We look for where it is not, but if thewill find it soon.Unlimited wantsIf you link your happiness to the realization of your desires, you will never be happy.ObsessionThe more depressed a person is, the farther it is from reality.Every depression is an exaggerated attachment to a particular obsession.FoolOne who disagrees is a fool. However he agrees with everything that is equally silly.DisagreeAnyone who disagrees is wrong actually agreeing with your opponent. 14
  15. 15. ListenWho does not hear is not heard. Who would not be heard can not question and thereforecan not learn.SelfishnessSelfishness cloudy mind, heart and drought exacerbates the desires and illusions.The selfishThe selfish accumulates more than you need and less of what you want.For it is always unfortunate.GossipDo not listen to gossip. When we take care of the lives of others of our neglect, and misery comes back.Forgive but not forgetHe who says he has forgiven and not forgotten, not really forgiven.This person has a thorn in the heart and another in consciousness.SinHe who looks for the divine laws certainly would be a sin.Divine forgivenessDivine forgiveness is granted to those who repented and sought to repair the fault. 15
  16. 16. SoulDo not wash the soul except for the heart.ErrorWho makes no mistakes does not learn. And those who live in error does not evolve.God writes straightGod writes straight with crooked lines. Much of what is given "to see and hear," we are onlytruly revealed by the heart.The murkySome prefer to tread the murky, which is not good. Unless disappointment, sadness and pain.The additionIf you enter the valley of the shadow of death, let the flame of your heart brighten your everystep.Happy HeartDo not let your heart rule your desires. Leave it to govern itself.Better WorldLet the truth be told. Turn your swords into plows and feed the hungry. 16
  17. 17. Pure HeartIf your heart is light, your spirit is light.Spirit of LightIn the mundane world there are spirits of all kinds. Even those pure spirits who do not need toreturn to earth after death, and do so willingly to help others. They are everywhere and you can notimagine.Spiritual successThe path of spiritual life is long and the hardships are numerous. Do not give up that success iscertain.House of the Heavenly FatherThe fathers house is as simple as a small heart and pure. However this is short address you will findeternal life.ChildrenKeep a pure heart like the little children. It is he who will give you eternal life and heaven.His missionGo and fulfill its mission. Spread your word that all four corners of the world will hear you. <palavras the spirit of light to autor>Lack of loveThere are those who think they can live without love. In fact do not live fully. 17
  18. 18. WorkersNot far from the day that the other benefactors of this house will also see the spirits of light.<the spirit of light on the benefactors of the center espírita: Francisco Candido Xavier>True loveTrue love is unlimited and includes all beings and things.It is a divine wealth that is available to everyone.Spiritual evolutionOpen your heart to the light of the fruitful love and let it go.No major transformation.TransformationsThe baby learns to walk. The young man learns to love. The adult learns to be.The elderly learn to be reborn.MemoirsEqually important is to remember to forget. So remember the good and usefuland forget the bad things and useless. The best way to forget the bitterness is to forgive. So youll be happy.ForgiveSin is earthly and divine forgiveness. So the forgiveness you give yourself raises and dignifies you.ErrorGo and do not wander more. Forgive yourself. Does not Allah forgive? Yes, he forgives! 18
  19. 19. Universal truthsWhen the light of your heart enlighten your mind, you will know Gods truths.ImmortalityOur divine origin makes us immortal. However need to change bodymany times until we get such grace.Happiness unhappyMen cause great suffering to themselves and others seeking "happiness."Inner voiceListen and follow your heart that will open a new era for you.Divine LoveDivine love attracts people of good heart as light attracts moths.Spiritual FamilyWe formed a big family. We are all brothers.GodbrothersNever stay away from your spiritual brothers. This would be an impossible task.In fact they will always be with yourself in other lives. 19
  20. 20. TransformationThe time changes everything. Except infinity and eternity,which are powerful divine attributes.SearchThe search for truth can result in discord. Disagree but do not fight.The truth is not in fighting but in the enlightenment.DiscordWhen you disagree keep calm. Listen to what your opponent has to say.He may be right and you do not.Fluid of lifeWater is the universal fluid of life. No smell, no taste and no color.However it is essential. His spirit is like water.Pure, peaceful and essential.BlessedBlessed are they who believe and continue on the path of light.Their tracks are narrow and rocky, but the destination will be glorious.HeartYour tongue is a good indication of how good your heart.Healthy and uplifting words can only come from a good heart. 20
  21. 21. Divine lawsWhoever contrary to divine laws will be punished. However, it is not God who punishes. Theyare the very acts that will provide the offenders deserved punishment. After all, who can puthis hand on fire without getting burned?Inner voiceTo warm your heart listen to your inner voice. It comes from the depths of your spirit, whichnot only immortal is divine. Have faith and the flame of love always warms your heart.IllusionIf you do not notice the beauty of life beyond the material, then the illusion has come overyou.The Better WorldA better, more just and good is emerging before our eyes. I know you see it, but others havenot.UnitedThe nations should treat each other like sisters. In every family there are problems, it doesnot matter.In the end everything is resolved with love and justice.DiseasesThe ills of the flesh on earth ends with the burial. But the diseases of the spirit still after him.Path andThe path of good is difficult to tread, for countless desires try to divert your steps. 21
  22. 22. Eternal lifeThe path of good heart will lead you to life eternal.Our Fathers PrayerThose who pray the prayer of the Our ​Father with a pure heart, just like little childrencertainly will get aid from the spirits of light.Father & MotherHonor your father and mother. For they are the beginning of everything in our lives.Parental love is the greatest love there is.Brazil spiritualFrom Brazil came with a spiritual light energy to illuminate the world.Peace of MindPeace of mind is difficult to achieve. For it is only at peace with himself who tookthis peace to others. So do good for you, but do for others as well.Heart of LightYour actions pave your way. And your heart will give you the light you need to follow him. 22
  23. 23. TimeNobody lives in the past and so little in the future. However, they are the gooddeeds of the past to build a better future for you.Lighthouse HeartWherever you go, always follow the path of light. The heart is a lighthouse. Followhim.Path of lightEvery path of light begins in good heart. Although we do not know for sure ourdestiny, and of course at the end of it all will lead us to God.SpiritFew people understand that fire is not quenched within each one. Is it coming allhappiness and all suffering. This is called eternal fire and spirit is divine by nature.New timeA new era for humanity is emerging. For human beings are fed up with bad thingsand illusory. However, things still get worse before a little more to improve.FaithBeing on track to have faith that you get where you want. Faith purifies the heartand enlightens the mind. It is faith that will give you eternal life, not science. 23
  24. 24. Love & HateHate is not a divine creation, so he has nowhere near the power of love.Now thats divine, infinite and eternal.Pure HeartMoney, power, wealth and beauty do not lead to real progress.Only a pure heart and good can this benefit.Sweet yokeThe way of life is good live. It follows that the pure heart and good will have an easy yoke.Good thoughts, good words and good deeds is what is expected in the life journey of the pilgrimspirit.AddictionThe attachment is love with passion. And passion is a great obsession that destroys the soul in love.RealityThe measure of things just are not the expectations on them. But things in themselves.That is the stark reality.SelfDo not underestimate and not have too much pride. Then discover that you have more thanprecise and less than you think.Eternal fireThe eternal fire in your soul there. It is he who purifies your heart and enlighten your mind.It comes from the noble hopes. 24
  25. 25. Blind spiritualIf you can not see a brother in a strange, is because his spirit is enveloped by thedarkness of the ego.Light WorkersJust as the potter molds the clay, you must shape their desires and actions, as thedivine love in you.BaptismThe baptism of water is important. The water is pure. Just after crossing the warmwaters of the womb, which is to be the new light of life.ForgivenessThe heart is hard as a stone thrown against the sinner.It kills and nothing builds. Know that forgiveness is one of the greatest proofs ofdivine love.Heavenly FatherThe light of love warms our hearts and brightens the understanding that we are allchildren of God.Ways of lifeThe heart must always guide your steps along the paths of life.Not always know why the good shortcuts that only the good heart can take you. 25
  26. 26. IllusionsDeath does not extinguish the illusions of desire. It can even help the obsessive process.Therefore it is the embodied soul to seek the understanding of reality by means of the divineteachings.FardheartedHow hard is the heart of the heartless and so dark is your mind, so he does not perceive the divinelove that exists in all beings and all things?Final DestinationStanding in the way of life do not worry where you will arrive. Go ahead and help others along theway.Earthly missionIf you know what your mission on earth, your heart to see that there is a wreck of his ownexistence.School of lifeIn the ways of life are all students and teachers. No one can not learn and who can not teach.Power of moneyThe money gives the false sense of power and security. The time will come that this power will betested and it will prove ineffective.DesiresThe earthly world opens up infinite possibilities for you. But be careful with your wishes, becausetheyll follow you like a shadow and dominate for a long time. 26
  27. 27. Good heartThe rich fool who lust, but not those who have good heart.The good heart will protect you wherever you go in this or another life.Man brutalizedIt is easier for a man brutalized pull a gun, even though this is aword, to reconcile with his brother.AddictionBe careful. Its easy to indulge in that which gives pleasure. But this pleasure addictturn into pain and you steal health and reason.ImpositionWhy impose their God or their religion, their customs, or even to other hearts;if each one has free will and freedom?Error and sinDo not confuse error with sin. Mistakes are part of learning. The sins insteadare the result of moral misconduct. The sins are your karma in this life and in the other.lastTheir evil deeds of the past give you the current stored in the heart hurts. So forgetwhat happened and repair the evil you have done. So good new horizons will open for you. 27
  28. 28. Wheel of LifeThe wheel of life: birth, life, death and rebirth; constitute the law of spiritual progress;which in turn depends on your desires, feelings and actions. So cleanse your heart by doinggood.Middle pathLook to your left, see how many declined! Look to your right, note how many were lost!So do not fall into temptation. Learn the best way is the middle: balanced and correct.Law of loveJesus preached love to the world and not without reason. Love is the cornerstone that buildsspiritual progress. Without love, the spirit does not evolve and does not transcend. Withoutlove there is no return to God.Love x selfishnessLove and selfishness are mutually exclusive. Where a is not the other. Love is split; thing thatare not selfish.Bad soulsThe poor and ignorant souls are burned in the fire of hatred, envy and greed. Living hell stillalive.Stocks & KarmaSooner or later your spirit will be seen in front of ones actions. And as if in a mirror youll seeits true face: happy or unhappy. 28
  29. 29. SecretInertia does not bring evolution and not every action necessarily brings progress. The secret is to do gooddeeds, that only the good heart can practice. So reject the shady paths and follow the light,happy that fate mile for you.Control your desiresYour cravings will drive out of heaven one day. The cycles of reincarnation are instrumentsdivine for you to progress towards heaven; controlling their earthly desires.PrideHe was a lawyer and his word had the force of authority: acquit or condemn. Until one day heitself was judged by the judgment he did when alive. And also as usual, was sentencedwas weighed and its judge.Heart bitterRemorse and guilt become embittered heart, because of thoughts, words and bad deeds.The person will notice these conditions with time, that the illusions of life led to the pathsobscure the suffering and pain.Power of LoveThe mysteries of the soul are interesting. A touch or a word can heal. In both cases, both the tap andthe word must contain love. This powerful medicine only good and pure heart can hold.ReligionsThe day will come to understand that religions. The light of religious understanding shall come forth abetter world for all. 29
  30. 30. Law of ProgressYour heart and your actions will shape your karma.Finally, that he will move his wheel of reincarnation.Good deedsAlways go for the good thoughts and good deeds.Then you will have a better life and your spirit will be freed from earthly weight.GreedinessHe needed to calm the mind meditating. Instead chose the wrong way,but more tasty: chocolate ate and were satisfied. Presently he turned one of those obeseobsessed with the pleasures of the flesh.SacrificeWhen that man saw the animal in sacrifice to blood oozing, compassion came over him.Then came the light: we are all children of God.Temple withinThe largest temple is one that is within you. Find it and then take him all her love.On that day the universe will open for you.Illusion earthlyWatch your feelings because they are what you command.The bad feelings, especially anger, envy and ignorancerepresent the foundation of all illusion. Be the master of your destiny. 30
  31. 31. Inner sunThe good heart is the sun that warms our inner being. Get rid of all the coldness,hatred or bitterness.The good life depends on a pure and loving heart. Never let your heart become ablock of ice. The warm inner peace is up to you.IndecisionWhen you are unsure consult your heart and you will soon see a divine pathbefore him.GodInfinite is its power. His love is infinite. His goodness is infinite.God is the almighty creator of heaven and earth. There is no greater mercy.SinHe who sins and repents will be forgiven. He that sinneth and repenteth not shallbe punished double, and this punishment will come of itself.PunishmentThe punishment for sin does not come at the hands of God, but by the deeds ofthe sinner who create hell in your mind. This is the law of spiritual cause andeffect. Best known as karma. 31
  32. 32. SpiritualityOpen your mind and open heart results in evil.Open your heart and not open the mind results in naivety.The open mind and good heart desired to bring spirituality.ImmortalityRemember: You are dust and to dust you will return. This on the material, however, the spiritwill continue in the wheel of life to transcendence. Then look further progress in life.The force of reasonIn discussing is the truth. Otherwise pass by foolish or ignorant.GenerosityThe generous heart is so great that it is the world.The hard-hearted and mean what it contains but hell and pain?Take your timeEvery second on earth is a time of learning, experience and testing.So treasure your life. Do not waste time with useless and unproductive. 32
  33. 33. DisaffectionThe disaffection is the absence of love. What is pretty terrible, devastating andprimary source of serious diseases. Worse than no love only hate.The wheel of sufferingAt the root of your sufferings are your attachments. At the root of yourattachments are your desires.Finally there is the ignorance and lack of love.GodThose who do not believe and claim they will suffer enough in the ways land;dominated by huge egos and breathtaking illusions.Divine LightNo one is so ignorant or unwilling that can not be enlightened.Neither the divine light is so far as your heart can not find. Allwe came up with this light.Eternal LightThe divine light is the light that warms and it does not burn. It is the light of loveand understanding.It is the eternal light that we all possess. 33
  34. 34. RepentanceWhen repentance shake your heart, repair the harm you caused. Divine love isgreat and is also great for your forgiveness.EternalWhat the eyes see and the heart does not feel the time is a mirage.What the eye does not see and the heart feels, surely it is eternal.Spirit of light IThe spirit of light has an aversion to anger, pride, envy and ignorance.He knows the mysteries of life and death as anyone, since it possesses the divineunderstanding.Spirits of Light IIThe spirit of light has a light heart, an accurate understanding and infinitegoodness.Who possess the qualities that stands out most is love,without which the other attributes would not have much value.Words from the masterAnd Jesus said "Love one another as thyself."The selfish person has difficulty understanding this issue and therefore suffers.Embodied or social beings we are not always 34
  35. 35. My BrotherAnd Jesus said, "And who is my brother?"Certainly we are all brothers and sons of God.Here is another great lesson that the master has left us.Divine imageThat fire does not burn and is not quenched within us,makes us the image and likeness of God.Path of LoveWho walks not in the well is deluded and lost in darkness.One is that the light path is traversed only by those who have good heart.The GospelThe light of understanding should illuminate the dark and cold hearts at all times.Preach the gospel that your time is not lost.ParadiseMany spend a lifetime and not find a clue to its location.Actually never consulted his own heart.The key of paradiseThere are more mysteries in this world than we can imagine. One of the biggest isin our heart. There we can find the keys to happiness and heaven. 35
  36. 36. Huge egoIf you feel the center of the universe, know that you are more lost than ever.His ego is so inflated that does not realize the connection between all things.He is blind who sees and believes.Correct path- Master, what is the best way forward?In this life there are several possible ways to go as you want free will. However, the best wayforward is the one illuminated by the light of understanding and love. This path is divine.WealthMaterial wealth can bring you much comfort and pleasure. Be aware that neither wealth noryour own body you own. They are transient as the clouds in the sky. Rather than materialwealth is spiritual wealth. Therefore, take care also of your spirit. It is what will make youhappy or suffering in this and other lives.ParadiseThe unbelievers seek the key to paradise and there is none, then propalam, with all thecertainty that it does not exist. But the truth is otherwise. He does exist and its key lies in theheart of each one. There is the key to happiness: the dream ticket to heaven and eternity.Souls denseThe souls attached to the passions of the flesh have stiff and heavy hearts. Only the light-hearted souls will break into the heavenly mansions above. 36
  37. 37. PassionsThe passions of the flesh are the illusions that blur the mind and harden the heart.Source of greatest pain and sorrow there.Law of progressThere can be no progress without conscience?There can be no progress without love? No!Therefore the law of progress is the law of conscience and love.Human interdependenceNo one can evolve spiritually subjugating others.We are all interdependent. Soon we must help each other.A better world depends on this awareness by all.Texts of lightThe texts of light serve to purify the hearts and enlighten minds.They indicate the good way in this earthly life. Study them forever.Spiritual healingPacify your heart and let go of unhealthy obsessions of your mind.So you get the blessing of healing. 37
  38. 38. So who are the spirits of light?They are big-hearted souls when in earthly life, which transcendedto the higher spheres of the astral. However, returning to earth in spirit tobring understanding and relieve pain.The spiritual pathDo not worry when you walk the spiritual path. Just focus ondo good to themselves and others.Follow your heartWhen you feel lost in the way of life, see your heart.For it is only he who can rescue you to the track.Word of JesusJesus word is final: You love one another as I love you.Light of LoveWhile ignorance enslaves and liberates light of love.LonelinessNo one is totally alone in this life, nor will the other.There is always close by divine light, even if you do not see it. 38
  39. 39. Divine worksAnd Jesus said: "Whoever wants to see and those who want to hear."One who observes nature and not notice the divine works is indeed blind, deaf and ignorant.Divine plansWhen in doubt about the divine designs, admire a flower.Note how it is ephemeral. Admire a rainbow and realize how little time it lasts. You have an immortal spirit within you, and still regrets in life?ReligionDo not bother with what they say about your religion. Free will is a right for everyone.Some will say this is the way. Others will say - the way he is.In any case, follow your heart, because no true religion teaches evil.CryThink of us who will soon be among you. He who cry fervently get aid.This is our mission.Inner peaceThe greatest peace that can exist is inner peace. While living a crazy war with itself,the person enjoys a quiet deep inner peace.Spiritual learningWho is not ready for another life, not live properly.And who thinks that does not live properly, because it is not learning the lessons of life and thereforevegetation.So learn and practice the spiritual teachings. Try as they might encounter. 39
  40. 40. The lostBeing lost profligate man, one day he prayed to heaven:- God help me. Im lost!Then a voice came to consciousness:- My son, now youve met.Powerful prayer of faithGod the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.Help me avoid evil and will tread the path of goodness and love.ChoicesThe pleasures of the flesh also bring great disappointments and sorrows.So make good choices. Separate the wheat from the chaff in your life.Separate the illusion of reality. Separate the eternal perennial.High Road - good companyIn the ways of life you will always have company. So always follow the right path.The way of love. Is he that will give you happiness and good company.Grow and multiplyPersonal growth must be balanced and based on family, spiritual values​​, ethics and justice. Growand contribute to others grow as well.DeathDeath is a gateway to another dimension. The happiness you will find there will depend on thepurity of your heart lead. 40
  41. 41. PerfectionPerfection does not exist in this world. If there would be no such progress?PersistenceHave tolerance, patience and prudence, with yourself and others.RemorseIf the guilt is tearing your soul, forgive yourself even if nobody does the same about you.Go and repair the evil, the extent of its reach. Then forget that your yoke will be light.The understandingBefore praying to ask for health, pray for understanding.In general, the diseases are the result of ignorance and evil deeds.Good understanding prevents many diseases and cure many others.I Spend spiritualWhen the spirit of light blesses a person who calls for greater parent,means she will get extra energy you need to experience personal progress on the earthly plane.Spend spirit IIThe blessing is an energy transfer from the spirit of light to the person worthy of such grace. In fact the blessing purifies the heart and the body of the person honored.Treasures of Heaven and EarthYour parents are your treasure. Your brothers are your riches. Your friends are priceless.His good deeds have no price. With all this wealth because it occupies your mind with plansobsessive enrichment material? 41
  42. 42. PrayersIf your prayers do not transform their thoughts and attitudes, then you will not reach the desiredblessing.Effective prayerA good prayer should first transform your mind and your heart. Only then that grace will be achieved.Greater understandingTake heed to the meaning of life. Listen to your inner voice and ask your advice to heart.False appearancesThis world is illusory and false appearances. So who is the spiritual understanding of his refuge, findtruth and peace.Spiritual transcendenceHe who tread the path of goodness, love and spiritual understanding; one day be rewarded withspiritual transcendence, liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.InterdependenceObserve and note how the bees they are so united. Collective work of them comes the sweetest honey.In nature we are all interdependent, as creator God so willed. You would not be different. So respectand cooperate with their peers.The entireEach person has his own mission, but do not forget that all individuality is part of the whole. So work onbehalf of all too. Because working for yourself, do it all already. 42
  43. 43. The illusionEarthly pleasures muddy the minds and harden hearts. Freeing oneself from the illusions is to embrace freedom.Love LightWe need to intensify the light of love in your hearts and in your veins pulsate. So the door of the higher spiritualworld will open up for you and the spirits of light they will be receptive.The starThe countless stars in the sky remind us of our infinite possibilities and infinite also our limitations. So the fathermade ​us most immortal in our multiple lives.Lessons of lifeAppreciate your life lessons. Both good and evil are important lessons that contribute to spiritual progress.Fruits of LoveLet the fruit of your work contains love.Love is the measure of your life here and hereafter.Correct pathThe path you have chosen will their companies. Good roads will lead you to good companies and they will makeyou happy.Good companiesHow can anyone be happy only if human beings are social by nature? So follow the path of good companies, thatyour life will be full and happy.Spiritual progressEarthly life is fleeting, but gives us the lessons necessary for spiritual progress 43
  44. 44. Journey of lifeIn life you will find many disappointments and countless pleasures. But do not cling to thembecause the attachment will cause terrible obsessions that will turn away from the right path.The World of ShadowsThose living in the shadow world are prisoners of their own illusions.The illuminationLighting is reviving, with love, the divine light of the heart.World of shadowsThe inhabitants of the world of shadows possess the cold heart.They ignore the fact that only true love brings happiness.Masters of LightThe spirits of the higher echelons visit this house, because the seeds of understanding weredropped on fertile soil: the heart.Appearance of Spirits of LightNot every worker can see or feel the spirits of light.But the day will come when other mediums of the house will have that opportunity. 44
  45. 45. Difficulties of lifeThe stones of your way are their past misdeeds. The coals to your feet now tread,your hatred is rooted. The thorns imbedded in your conscience are your regrets.Go and repair the wrong you did. For there is timely to do so. There is always a light at the end ofthe tunnel.BewildermentIf you are disoriented in life, see your mind and heart. Find out what the thoughts that enslave youand the passions that devour thee, and let go of them. Be the master of your life.Self-controlTake back the field from his mind, releasing the bitterness of his heart.The lostPurify your soul by doing good deeds. Soon realize that their burden has become lighter and youmet.Traveler of lightThe light path always begins in our hearts.ChildSafeguard the child that is within you. Purify your heart from all evil and fill it with love. Hearttranscend the loftiest spirit of light that will take place in the kingdom of heaven.PovertyA rich man loved money and not love anybody. So trying to buy love as if it were possible. Andhappiness has always escaped him. And her life was like. Beyond the grave realized how miserableoutside.Moral of the story: look for the spiritual wealth as they can find. 45
  46. 46. Inner LightThe divine light has is that every director and creative. Search this light step inside and you will haveunimaginable powers.Spiritual LightThe divine light is the flame that never goes out and intensifies with love.The essence of true happiness and immortality.I fearFear is a natural instrument that protects us. However, it is like fire: useful when controlled anddangerous when out of control.Fear IIDo not be exaggerated fear of things, people or animals. Such sentiments bring bitterness andsorrow. Fear out of control takes away the joy of living.Fear IIIThe fear uncontrolled hardens the body and dulls the spirit.Fear IVThe main fears of mankind are: fear of dying and fear of suffering. Mind control and faith in divineprotection help you control these fears.Mind control IControl your mind to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant thoughts, especially negative thoughtsabout yourself or about things. 46
  47. 47. ImmortalityThe quest for immortality does not depend on the advances of science. It depends rather on theprogress of the spirit. Purify yourself and you will live forever.Revelations of Heaven and Earth IIn the material world the body is important. Beyond the grave is the important value that the spiritacquired in earthly life.Revelations of Heaven and Earth IIThe unclean spirits suffer by being deprived of the body. For the connection to the world theground is still too strong for them. Therefore reincarnate.Revelations of Heaven and Earth IIIThe land is a mixture of prison, laboratory, school and workshop. Full of rules and instructions. Orlearned by understanding or learned by pain. Freewill is a gift. Good choices are your options.Spirits of Light IThe higher spirits are detached, the commitment is a source of suffering and pain. However theyexperience the profound universal love.Spirits of Light IIFundamental energy of divine creation, the light spirits have already completed all developmentalstages of earth. So they were freed from the wheel of reincarnation. So they pass the land by theirown free will to do good.Wheel of Life IThe relatives and friends today, may not be the same as other earthly lives. Here is the living world. 47
  48. 48. Wheel of Life IIIt revolves endlessly with its cycles of birth, deaths and rebirths almost endless. Behold, one daythe spirit frees itself of the wheel of evolution. So God wanted.Love comprehensiveNothing moves without God grant. So love one another as Jesus loved us.Dear brothersLove your parents. Love nature and animals. Love himself and his fellows. Love to work with thecertainty that the father will be with you most.PerditionSome are lost in the ways of life. Reason: the fire of passion and illusion love reduced to ashes.His treasureFive things that should not be unnecessarily lost: life, control, respect, enthusiasm and love.Divine compassionIf you suffering and death are inevitable, trust that Gods compassion will defend them. Neverforget that your spirit is immortal and that he deserves happiness.Uplifting thoughtsUse the power of thoughts to things uplifting and optimistic.Try to help others with love and dedication. 48
  49. 49. In crisisBelieve that things will get better no matter how bad they are. As the clouds are temporary crisesare too. After the storm follows the calm.Mysteries of HeavenThe last divine word has not yet been told. The facts and the truth will change back. The mysteriesof the universe are infinite and they are revealed just started, according to the degree of evolutionof each and every time.False prophetsFalse prophets are everywhere. Watch your desires and control your impulses. Strengthen yourspirit so that no prophet will slaughter the evil spirits.GodDid anyone ever seen God? Happy is he who has not seen and yet believe.FatalityWhen ending his mission in the material world, know that any science can help. Then trust in Godand find strength in his own mind. Best refuge there.The revelationsYou know that these revelations are the latest. Go and spread them. END 49
  50. 50. Who is the author ?Valente, Paulo Jose F: Economist, medium and freelance writer, born in the town of Assis (Brazil) on 03/26/1954. Works in Sabesp since 1977 in the position of Management Analyst, Department of Business Organisation. Works he wrote: "The Crystal Skull" - Book of adventure on the Quest for the Crystal Skull (fiction). "Search in yourself" - A collection of quotes from self-help, with 17 threads. " “UFO - a True Story Revealed "- tells the story of a true event in 2003, recorded on video by the author and tells the inside story of Ufology. "Integrators" - Monograph dealing with complex business relationships. "The Spirit of Light – Quote Psychographic" Spiritual self-help book. The Sociocapitalism - For a Better World (politics and economics). Some of these works can be found free at: /pjvalente 50