2013 final book4 edition1 jesus christ


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A true story about one mother's struggle to reach her son's heart while he was incarcerated in the State of Slovakia.

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2013 final book4 edition1 jesus christ

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  3. 3. Page |3 Jesus Christ who do you think you are? Copyright text 2013 by Henni RacikAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by anymeans, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, orany information storage and retrieval system, except in the case ofbrief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews, without written permission from the author. 2011 Cover and page design created by Ikar4u and Google images A special thanks to my Family from my heart. Printed in Canada 3
  4. 4. Page |4In this book you will discover courage, strength, belief and healing tolife’s most important gift a human has to offer oneself, “The Heart”. Itis one mother’s love to reach her son’s tortured soul through her wordsfrom her own heart. It is with hope that her words transform a youngman named Erico, to save his soul. It is with Perfection’s strength andfaith in this woman’s words to heal not only her son from the numberone silent killer called “Depression” but others in our chaotic and madworld. A TRUE S T O R Y! All events set forth in this account are factual as well as re- searched. However, the names of certain individuals and institu- tions have not been revealed and certain or their characteristics have been changed in this book. 4
  5. 5. Page |5 “Jesus Christ”who do you think you are? Henni R acik 5
  6. 6. Page |6Two hands, two hearts, two lives join two separate journeys forever into a precious world of One Heart, One Soul, One Love, till the end of Time. A Mother and child. 6
  7. 7. Page |7 The Mastering Language of Love Lecturers I would like to address the translation of my first self-publishededucational healing book “Jesus Christ-who do you think you are? Thishas been written at a time of real life testing endurance. It happenedlast year when my son was incarcerated in Slovakia and by writing tohim was the only way I could communicate with him. Praying andwriting was my way to save his soul, and keep both him and me fromgoing insane. It was the teaching and guidance to a young mans life at atime of great difficulty and trial period. Our path is one heck of ajourney, more like a roller coaster and if we take the wrong turns or ridesin life, we end up going in circles of suffering in daily life episodes withinourselves. Therefore, this book was my sons guideline to life in makinghim understand and accept his present situation. Life is about learning,living and loving. So, how to help yourself and others can only happen ifyou help yourself first, then a higher being as (Perfection) God will guideyou into the right direction. I care for you, and share with you the toolsto have a successful and more so a godly life . The fact that everyday people swear by and read the bible,then how can it be possible there are so many illnesses in the world?Humans have lost touch with the importance of life through thehuman heart. We must learn to love again with our hearts for ever y-one needs the human touch. We are all t he same, playing the game oflife. To become a master in life one must grasp the language of love.We all have a life story to write and tell, each one of us is his /herown story teller. In this book you will find a true story, from onemother’s words to her son. Every child needs to be loved, but with realunconditional love. This can only be achieved through Perfection’slove. To become worthy of oneself is to love oneself and others throughunderstanding, commitment, and courage to be a true friend toyourself and others. You must want to save yourself. This process willevolve with one word; care. (Ikar4u). Therefore, I have written to youfrom my heart, Imagine with all your mind Believe with all your heart Achieve with all your might Create who you are 7
  8. 8. Page |8 Table of ContentsIntroduction…………………….. 9 Preface ……..…...13 Trust .…………..…....…….... 21 Hope ..…………….... 26 Care ………….. 33 Belief ….……. 41 Love ….………..…….. 50 Crucifixion …….…..………. 61 Inconclusive ……………...…. 66 Notes ……….……. 68 8
  9. 9. Page |9 Introduction . This book is essentially the talks of lectures that I have writtento my son during his days of incarceration. He was arrested in theState of Slovakia in September 2011, as he entered studies at theKomarno University. Upon his acceptance he was still on the sideeffects of pharmaceutical drugs. My son has been suffering in de-pression that had been silently killing his soul. At first, I was think-ing of calling the book, “From Madness of Life” but in the daily pro-cess of writing, I felt I should call it “Jesus Christ”- who do you thinkyou are? It is about Life’s mystery of finding ourselves and caringfor whom we are as well as where we are headed that truly mattersin life. The book gives meaning to finding one’s way to the heart. Itis everyone’s responsibility to find his or her purpose and path tothe mind, body and soul. Life is short, so hold on to it and never letgo, because to know who you are is the greatest gift of all, given toanyone. But, depression, can affect anyone at any given time. De-pression accounts for a tremendous amount of the medical costs ofhealthcare in our world today. It is also one of the most sought aftermarket in profit making in the world. But, it can be a taboo subjectin public and the church, because many people are ashamed to ad-mit that they suffer from this condition. It can be perceived as asymbol of weakness, especially among males.As you might expect, that bible does address the subject of depres-sion in-depth. This is not a new phenomenon, nor is it just a "lastdays" condition (though I definitely believe the church is under at-tack like never before because the devil knows that he has but ashort time). As we read from Genesis to Revelation, we find menand women who were faced with hardships and emotional strug-gles. Even David, the man "after Gods own heart" found himselfdesperately discouraged at times (just read the psalms if you dontbelieve me).This book is not intended to discredit the benefits of modern medicaltreatment, or to condemn those who seek medical help for this con-dition. By all means, use all resources available to help you. Thepurpose of this book is to show you that Perfection cares about yourinnermost feelings, and She wants to give you peace where there is 9
  10. 10. P a g e | 10anxiety and joy where there is depression, and hope where there isdespair.You may discover that the shadows and tempests of depression alterthe way you look at Perfection and the way you believe it looks atyou. When you pray you may be unable to sit still or to keep yourmind focused for more than a few moments. Everything may ap-pear to be a huge gaping hole of silence, all so useless. Perfectionmay seem to be mocking your attempts to pray. I know people whohave gone three, five, ten years without "praying," though theywere faithful to setting time aside for prayer regardless of its seem-ing uselessness. In the haunting darkness where all communicationhad gone silent, they found loneliness, boredom, frustration, andanger. Were they praying? Yes. But did they know Perfection thatis to save the soul? No. You must be disciplined, and committed tobelieve in yourself, and what you can do, and the relationship youwill have with God in your life. And in the contents of this book Iwill introduce to you the topic Bipolar. The exact beginning I willstart with is Jesus Christ. The question to ask you is: Was JesusChrist Bipolar?Many successful people throughout time in history were known tobe bipolar. For example, Vincent Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, KurtCobain, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein and Beethoven, just toname a few. Does Jesus Christ belong on this list as well? The truthis we’ll never know but we do have theories, so here is mine:If at the time there were psychiatrists around when Jesus Christwas alive, he’d be diagnosed- “bipolar I disorder” with psychoticsymptoms and put on heavy medication. Given that psychology issuch a young and underdeveloped area of study, the only thing Ifind myself attaching to is the obvious similarities between thesesuccessful artists, Jesus Christ and the 1% of the population that isconsidered bipolar. I believe we are all the sons and daughters ofwhatever it is that created this universe. I don’t exactly know whatreligion to believe, but what I am sure of is that creativity is some-how involved in the notion of God. The link between creativity andbipolar disorder is widely accepted as fact. Maybe the truth behindJesus’ stories are simply false delusions from his psychosis, but onthe other hand, maybe Jesus’ stories are true from his psychosis. 10
  11. 11. P a g e | 11 Signature traits of hypomania and mania include:(1) Delusions of grandeur and(2) Religiosity, believing you’re the son of God and your mother is avirgin may fall under these categories.(3) Hyper sexuality, Mary Magdalene, a prostitute, is notorious forbeing one of Jesus’ most important disciples, perhaps he was initial-ly drawn to her because of his extreme passionate and sexual traits.(4) Pressured speech, which is pretty much a fancy term for talkingyour face off, might cause preaching to five thousand people andgathering apostles.(5) Irritability and rage, which could explain why Jesus confrontedthe moneychangers, also known as the Cleansing of the Tem-ple, causing a riot by over-turning tables and spilling money on thefloor.In many cases, Bipolar I disorder starts with a hypomanic episode,progressing to a manic episode and then landing off in a psychosis.A psychosis is when the person cannot differentiate between realityand their imagination. A manic psychosis may include auditoryhallucinations, visual hallucinations and delusional beliefs.The main delusions are:(1) Ertomania, the belief that a person of high status is in love withthem, in Jesus’ case it was God.(2) Grandiosity, the belief that they are more powerful, has specialabilities, attain unique knowledge or that they’re gifted. No mancan enter Heaven but through me is a little grandeur in my view.(3) Jealousy, the belief that someone is cheating them, like when Ju-das was believed to have betrayed Jesus.(4) Persecutory, the belief that they are being persecuted, and some-times even followed and watched, which I’m sure he was after mak-ing such a ruckus in public, and perhaps this belief led him to hisdeath.(5) Somatic, the belief that something is physically wrong.Let’s get back to Mary Magdalene. According to the Gospels, shewatched as Jesus was crucified (Mark 15:40) and later when in histomb (15:47.) She kept vigil beside his tomb and when Jesus appearedshe wasn’t able to recognize him. Since a vigil implies being up allnight, sleep deprivation does cause hallucinations. A key trait ofmania is also a decreased need for sleep. 11
  12. 12. P a g e | 12Now let’s talk about the dark lows of bipolar disorder. His submis-sion at the garden of Gethsemane really captivates the emotions ofthe lows: the longing to throw in the towel and get down on yourknees, the disgust with desires and temptations, wanting only tobask in your sorrow. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall intotemptation. “ (Mark 14:32-42)Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. Dur-ing depressive episodes, people tend to isolate themselves, their sleeppatterns and appetite are disrupted and they’re haunted with darkvisions. Sleep deprivation and not eating right can also cause hallu-cinations. Since I have experienced the feelings of religiosity, thefeeling that you have a spiritual purpose here on earth, I truly be-lieve Jesus must have felt this way too. I think Bipolar Disordercoupled with an exceptional mind is the exact formula that madeJesus Christ such an exceptional historical figure.What is Bipolar Disorder? It is normal to experience ups-and –downs, good days and bad days and the occasional I should neverhave gotten out of bed day, but as a general rule it is important toretain an inner calm or a middle ground to which we always re-turn. However, individuals with Bipolar disorder experience ex-treme mood swings. They tend to lose their inner balance, findingthemselves at the far ends of the emotional spectrum. They mayeven find themselves alternating between periods of exuberant ela-tion or mania, when anything seems possible, and periods of deepdespairing depression that leaves them in bed for weeks and unableto function in their day-to day lives. Symptoms of Bipolar disorder(sometimes referred to as manic depression) differ greatly betweenindividuals. Some may enter a state of hypomania which is milderform of mania, while others may have full blown manic (dramatic)episodes. These episodes often involve elaborate ideas, an elevatedstate of happiness and wild plans. For example; a person having amanic episode may max out three credit cards and start tearingdown walls with the idea of building themselves a mansion. At thetime, these irrational ideas seem absolutely possible and will lead togreat success and fortune. But what goes up must come down andas a result, these manic states are often followed by periods of deepdepression as the individual comes down from their high. To thisday there is no scientific proof of what is Bipolar. 12
  13. 13. P a g e | 13 Preface *Perfection- reference God throughout the bookTo understand *Perfection (God) is to understand Life. To allow Per-fection (God) in your life is acknowledging life’s equality to living.Sin is in the world, Jesus, God’s son came on earth to take away thesins of the world, so SHE had sacrificed her only son to give new lifeand meaning to us. In order to love in an unconditional form oflove, we must learn who we are. You can become reunited with Per-fection (God) as one of Godly children by cleansing your heart andaccepting Christ as your savior, redeemer and natural soul healer.Perfection (God) is asking us that we live as it taught us through itsown example and nature in its actions and not just words writtenin the bible. However to question these words are part of life’s mys-tery, but, we must lead by actions. We must challenge mankind tocare for other people and the amazing world of Perfection (God)created. This act is called Stewardship. So, what is stewardship?“Follow Me,” Jesus simply but powerfully commanded of the Apos-tles and they did. That call is made to us as well on this day and inthis time. How do we follow Jesus? We try to live our lives as JesusChrist- the perfect steward. And more importantly, how do we findthe way to the human heart in the presence of Perfection. Steward-ship is discipleship. It is the care and use of all that we have beengiven by Perfection and is often explained in terms of talent, treas-ure and time. Why? Because communication requires that a mes-sage is sent and received and explaining stewardship in simpleterms is more effective. Here is a way to look at these aspects ofstewardship. 13
  14. 14. P a g e | 14 TalentWe are all blessed with so many talents and yet we may not knowthey exist. Talents are found in your personality, your interests andin your skills. Those who love interacting with people, love to talkand love to be with groups have incredible talents to assist with thelove of Perfection. Those who are skilled in trades or have profes-sional abilities are gifted with talents that can support not only asanctuary, Hral (Haven Racik Academy of Life) to be developedwith the Velvet Evolution Universe Tour but also charitable worksthroughout the community. Your skills and knowledge can be put tocuring many ills in our society. Your use of talent for the work ofPerfection is one of the most personally fulfilling opportunities ofyour lifetime. Payment in a smile, in relief of suffering or in lendinga hand to someone in desperate need is greater than any materialpayment you will ever receive in this lifetime to be happy ever af-ter. TreasureTreasure is a gift and also a burden. We become consumed with ma-terial goods. Yet, life can be lived very simply if we choose. It is notwrong to enjoy many of the amazing luxuries life has to offer.However, justice requires us to consider the needs of others as weenjoy the gifts we have been given. To some, food and housing hasbecome a luxury they are unable to obtain. In order to appreciatelife’s bountiful resources, we must share the wealth of the basic ne-cessities of life. Water, food, education and shelter, this is the root ofcivilization. We can achieve to flourish life’s treasures if we learn tocare and give from the heart. 14
  15. 15. P a g e | 15 T ime The gift of time is just that – a gift. None of us know exactly howmuch time we have been granted on this earth. In the time that wehave, we are asked to use that time effectively by continuing themission of Jesus Christ throughout our days. Each day has 24 hoursand consists of time at work, time at rest and time with family andfriends. We sleep about 8 hours a day on average, work about 8hours and therefore have 8 hours for “other things." At rest, wesleep or at least try, so that we may regain strength for our nextday. Sleep is essential in considering the body as a temple. In addi-tion to sleep, doing what we can to keep our bodies healthy andstrong helps us lead productive lives on behalf of Perfection.At work, our professions should help develop a better world – insome way – while how we work should better us personally in manyways. Your interaction with colleagues, customers, employees, em-ployers and others should be conducted in the spirit of the second ofPerfection’s great commandments “love thy neighbor as we loveourselves.” This includes the often stressful drive to and from home!Our twenty four hours of the day are filled with so much at home,work, school, or with friends and neighbors. Family responsibility isso important and a major part of what is connecting our faith for-mation. Both away from home and at home, we are responsible forhandling on the faith to future generations.How we interact with people in front of children teaches valuablelessons on how to live. And to be able to we interact understandtime, we then can be optimistic to Trust our time here on earth.Time is ticking. Make the most of yours by using all of your gifts tofollow in the guideline of life. Talent, Treasure, and Time, learnthese gifts and appreciate each one for how they relate in your life.Repeat to yourself, I want to be talented and have a heart filledwith a treasure of time that is my gift in life. 15
  16. 16. P a g e | 16 God loves us The divinity of Christ is clearly established Colossians 2:9 "For inHim dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” This is proof thatJesus is God who can forgive sins, heal our body, and give eternallife to anyone who will trust in believing faith on His atonement forsin. God appeared to Moses, who asked Exodus 3:13-14 “Suppose I goto the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sentme to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall Itell them?" God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what youare to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’" Jesus said from heaven Revelation 1:8 "I am the Alpha and theOmega, the Beginning and the End, who is and who was and who isto come, the Almighty." Only God knows the beginning and the endof everything. Colossians 1:19 "It pleased the Father that in himshould all fullness dwell.” The Trinity is God the Father, Jesus Christthe Son, and the Holy Spirit. There are only two categories in the universe—God who is eter-nal, and His creation that is temporal. Since Jesus is not part ofcreation, so He would have to be God. We pray to God Matthew 6:6“who is unseen;” so the apostle said 2 Corinthians 4:18 “things seenare temporary, but things unseen are eternal.” Thomas made a profound statement when he said to Jesus John20:28, “My Lord and my God.” Jesus then added John 20:29 “Thom-as, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are theythat have not seen, and yet have believed.” True believers in Christ are Titus 2:13-14 ”Looking for thatblessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and ourSaviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeemus from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people,zealous of good works.” Jesus’ ability to offer salvation is becauseHe is fully God and fully man. If He was not human He could nothave died for our sins, and if He was not God He could not forgivethem. 16
  17. 17. P a g e | 17 Jesus is the Word and the Word is God John 1:1, so the Fatherspeaks through His Word to inform us of the One on whom we mustplace our trust. Hebrews 1:8 "To the Son He says: ‘Your throne, OGod, is forever and ever.” We must overcome in the faith, to haveour name in the Book of Life. John 5:4 "For whatever is born ofGod overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has over-come the world—our faith.” Jesus is God who told us to John 15:4 ”Abide in me, and I in you.As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine;no more can ye, except ye abide in me.” When we pray to the Fa-ther, we pray to the Son. It was Jesus who took our place on thecross to disable the sin nature in us, and to enable the divine natureto control—a new nature that wants to trust God in believing faithfor everything—health, healing, protection, provisions, guidance,justice, and freedom from sinful desires. Scripture confirms Mark 12:32 ”There is one God; and there isnone other but he.” Then Jesus assures Revelation 1:17-18 “Fear not;I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and,behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of helland of death.” Only God could say what Jesus said; and only He could offerwhat He offered. Jesus, as God, will be taken seriously. Galatians6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man so-weth, that shall he also reap”. The Father, the Son, and the HolySpirit have our best spiritual interest at heart. The Father loves us,the Son forgives us, and the Holy Spirit inspires us to believe infaith on the atonement for sin. Many deny that Jesus is God, butwe know that He is God, and that we must put a trusting faith onHis atonement for our sins. That blood sacrifice enables us to claim healing without our truston medicine; to claim protection without our trust on devices; toclaim needed finances without our trust on bank loans, and to claimin faith everything else where trust on God is required. In ourhearts, we are to “set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared togive an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for thehope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” 1 Peter3:15. 17
  18. 18. P a g e | 18 Jesus is God, but not the person of the Holy Father. Hebrews2:14 “Because God’s children are human beings—made of flesh andblood—Jesus also became flesh and blood by being born in humanform. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dyingcould he break the power of the Devil, who had the power of death.” The apostle said Philippians 2:5-7 ”Your attitude should be thesame that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not demandand cling to his rights as God. He made himself nothing; he took thehumble position of a slave [no reputation] and appeared in humanform.” When Jesus said John 14:28 “my Father is greater than I,” He isreferring only to His Father’s position. God is God because of Hisnature—the same nature of Jesus Philippians 2:6. Pharaoh had agreater position as king than Joseph as governor, and says to himGenesis 41:40, "You shall be in charge of my palace, and all my peo-ple are to submit to your orders. Only with respect to the thronewill I be greater than you." Pharaoh was over Joseph only by officebecause they had the same nature. The president of a company has a higher position than the em-ployee, but he is not greater in nature. A husband is the head of thehome, but he and his wife both have the same nature. 1 Corinthians11:3 "I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ;and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ isGod." Jesus was submissive to the Father’s position, but He is notless in nature. During the growing years of Jesus, Scripture says Luke 2:51 ”Hewent down with [Joseph and Mary], and came to Nazareth, andwas subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in herheart.” Jesus was submissive to His parents as a son, and was obe-dient to God because of His position as the heavenly Father. 1 John 5:20 ”We know also that the Son of God has come and hasgiven us understanding, so that we may know him who is true.And we are in him who is true—even in his Son Jesus Christ. He isthe true God and eternal life.” Jesus was both human and divine, soHe could die as man to pay for our sins as God. We must understand the incarnation of Christ to know that Godis with us in Person. There are millions of false teachers giving mil- 18
  19. 19. P a g e | 19lions of false messages that could jeopardize one’s eternal life, be-cause they omit Jesus’ teaching on believing faith and trust for heal-ing, finances, justice, forgiveness, and all other faith issues thatcannot be omitted. John 3:18 “He who trusts in Him does not comeup for judgement. He who does not trust has already received sen-tence, because he has not his trust resting on the name of God’s onlySon.” Jesus told us John 14:14 "If you ask anything in my name, I willdo it.” If a believer in the United States, Africa, or the Philippinesall prayed to Jesus at the same time, He would have to be God toanswer each individual request. David said, Psalm 139:7 ” Or wherecan I flee from Your presence?” Where can I go from Your Spirit? Jesus said to the young man Luke 18:19 “Why do you call megood? No one is good—except God alone,” to see if he knew that itwas God who was speaking to him in Person. Jesus told him to obeythe Commandments, and then gave a lesson on financial trust. Hesaid, Luke 18:22 "There is still one thing wanting in you. Sell every-thing you possess and give the money to the poor, and you shallhave wealth in Heaven; and then come, follow me." Jesus said John 3:36 “Whoever believes in the Son has eternallife, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrathremains on him.” John 5:24 "He who hears My word and believesin Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come intojudgment, but has passed from death into life.” The unbelievingJews rejected Jesus because He referred to Himself as Yahweh or IAM Almighty God, but that is who He is. John 8:24 “If you do notbelieve that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in yoursins.” Only the Father can forgive our sins, and only the Son couldatone for them. Every prayer made in Jesus’ Name—for protection, peace, pro-visions, deliverance, healing, divine wisdom, and victory over Sa-tan’s power—is based on the fact that Jesus is God who has promisedthese things to anyone who will trust Him in faith—not trustingsomething else. Trusting God means getting on our knees, confessingour sins to Him, and then acting in faith on what He has promised. Most professing believers do not give God anything to do—witha million substitutes ahead of God, or they seriously limit His pow- 19
  20. 20. P a g e | 20er; nevertheless, He is present on earth to do great things for Hischildren. Matthew 28:20 “Lo, I am with you always, even unto theend of the world,” so anything we could need spiritually, physically,or materially is available from Him. We pray to Jesus as God because Matthew 28:18 "All authorityhas been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” He who created theworld, parted the sea, and healed the sick is standing by to do what-ever we need done. Our part—John 15:7 ”If ye abide in me, and mywords abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be doneunto you.” My Mind is clearer now and all too well I can see where we all soon will be If you strip away the myth from the man You will see where we all soon will be Jesus Christ! You’ve started to believe The things they say of you You really do believe This talk of God is true And all the good you’ve done Will soon get swept away You’ve begun to matter more Than the things you say Listen Jesus Christ, who do you think you are? 20
  21. 21. P a g e | 21 Do you trust the human race? Don’t you see we must keep in our place? We are occupied – have you forgotten how put down we are? I am frightened by the crowd For we are getting much too loud And they’ll crush us if we go too far Listen Jesus Christ, who do you think you are? With all my love, mom October 7, 2011 To my dear and only son, I hope that this letter will find your heart, and let your feel-ings express outward towards yourself. My heart bleeds that you are in such a nightmare of a situation.“Darkness”, a man’s worst enemy as is his loneliness. I don’t knowhow to begin to tell you how I feel. But, I can imagine how you arefeeling. If you can believe me that all day I keep thinking aboutyou. I have tried to wonder what you are eating, on what you aresleeping, and even thinking. I can also imagine all the hurt youmust be going through I know deep in your heart you are searchingfor love. We all seek to be loved and cared for in life. I can see avery tired, confused young man. He’s angry, but not too angry, athimself more in blame of others rather than in search of himself. He 21
  22. 22. P a g e | 22is sad, well sort of, but he is more hurting on the inside. So I thinkand wonder if he loves me... I hope he does and still needs me, aswell as confides in me as to what he feels in his heart. To have ableeding heart that is fragile and needs healing is a work of time.I want you to know that your sister, father and I truly do careabout you. I honestly, am deeply hurting for all the pain you pres-ently have to cope with as learn to decide, and deal with in yourlife. To love is to show understanding. I trust myself to be able toshow you how I feel, and hope you will do the same. I can envisionhow much you are struggling with life’s odd balls, and know it is notthat easy to catch each chaotic game of winnings, especially to re-main in Perfection’s path of life’s destiny. I know you are a youngman that has seen and experienced too much in a very short periodof time. You have had to grow up at a rapid speed to understandlife’s teachings.In our world to have someone that makes sacrifices for you is show-ing care. In this world you need to understand what real love is. Iknow you are living through really hard times, but your needs mustknow that you are an adult. You need to obey rules and laws if youdon’t, then you need to go living on an island where you can beyour own ruler. As you are learning to live with society’s mistakes,it in turn reflects on you too. Try to remember to be the best youcan be, but understand that nobody is perfect - only that being ahigher being known as Perfection. But I always try to be betterthan myself, even if I make mistakes - we all learn from our mis-takes. But smart people; really learn from other people’s mistakes. Iknow that you are still young and are not sure about life but onething you must know is that I love you no matter what in thisworld. I know at times, I have been tough with you but that is onlyto teach you the true core facts and hardships we must appreciatein order to understand the importance of life. You must start totrust yourself! I know trust is hard to do when all you see in life isunjustified circumstances surrounding you. However you mustlearn to trust your heart. Perfection’s love is the ultimate aim andpurpose in life – “Jesus Christ”- who do you think you are? Oh, Iknow maybe you think - you are Jesus Christ.My son, I only notice a lost young man in a place of silence. Yousearch for your inner strength and must know how to reach theemotional level of your heart. Maybe I don’t have much in life as 22
  23. 23. P a g e | 23materialism is concerned, but spiritually I have everything - myheart. But I am sure there are people like me who have the leastand give more, because they recognize the importance in life, that ifanything good results, it has to come from Perfection. Perfectiongives each of us a gift to use and that talent is to be discovered. Wemust learn to use our gift. If Life is teaching us a lesson we mustlearn to understand what these teachings are, for there is always asolution to every situation as long as you believe in yourself and ina higher being. Be positive always in gaining opportunity that Per-fection gives us to reach our goals in life. Always think of a higherbeing with your heart, mind and soul. Don’t let any negative emo-tions come into your heart and soul for only then you can achieveanything. Your soul must be cleansed and you mustn’t blame any-one but yourself for your own actions. We need to learn one thing inlife – “ourselves and our relationships with our family and friends”.And as I have told you many times in your life, the way to theheart is - by knowing yourself. Take a look at who you are by re-flecting upon your own heart and soul. Listen to yourself! But youtruly must start to forgive those that love you the most in your life.My dear son, up to now in your life you have been spoon fed, andgiven everything on a silver platter, well life must be balanced out,and you have to learn what it means to want, to need, to hope, andmostly to care. The fact that you are a very stubborn man with hisown way of seeing the world; it is of crucial importance to identifyyour weaknesses and strengths. But also, be aware that I have noth-ing to offer you in life but my heart for I have no other wealth andtimes are real tough for me and your sister.I know life is unfair, but nobody said it would be easy. The onething you must learn is to trust yourself, your heart and soul canonly be pure, if you know who you are and believe in yourself. Per-fection will always be with you in your darkest hours, but you needto trust, you must also stop the fear, anxiety and self-worthlessness.You have to start to really understand how to live in the presentand not in the past; this is your biggest problem. You have to stopthinking about what happened to you but you need to learn morewhy you need to help yourself and then others. We all have a say inlife, sometimes we need to share our story, so we can help othersand that is how we can help ourselves. 23
  24. 24. P a g e | 24My son, you know I am trying to bring awareness to a world wom-an project www.velvet-evolution.com because that is what a higherbeing has planned for me. I know what it feels like to be hurt. Butyou must always know that everything in life happens for a reason.Your episode now in life is only temporary. Your life will changebut only if you want to change it, because you are the only one whocan do it. However, you must want it. I cannot change it for you nomatter where you will be.If you are not happy with yourself, and do not respect, love or carefor yourself, then nothing and nobody will be able to make you hap-py. Only you and you alone with Perfection can change who orwhat you want in your life. If life was easy and if we never had tolive through hardships we wouldn’t know what it means to live. Weall appreciate what we have in our life, if we work hard for whatwe want. And we must do it not just say it. If I want to change theworld, first I must change myself. I want to write a book, I mustdiscipline myself each day to do it. If I want to show I care aboutyou, I must teach you what I know from doing it to myself and mostimportant thing I want to say to you; we must never lie to ourselvesor those we love. We especially must not cheat and steal. Perfectionteaches us lessons every day, we must learn to understand, respectwhat he is teaching us. If you trust yourself, then you will also trustothers. Life is life every day is beautiful, I know you might not thinkso, but please remember it can’t do you any good to think aboutnegative thoughts only positive ones. We are doing everything pos-sible to make sure, you will be okay. They didn’t tell us that theytook you out from the hospital and put you in front of the judge, Ionly found out because I called the police station in Komarno.I am sure you must really hate Slovakia right about now, but themost important job for your lawyer is to get you out of jail and findyou the proper medical attention you need, remember, if I could Iwould come to visit you. They didn’t allow me or your father to seeyou. So, if you truly believe in yourself and a higher being then youhave nothing to fear in life and help yourself to understand in Slo-vakia there is no law. You are presently living in nomads land,with chaos, power, and ego. The faster you realize that you cannotdo what you want the better it will be for you.In Slovakia the law is very different from Canada. My son, I loveyou, I am including a return envelope for you to write back to me. I 24
  25. 25. P a g e | 25can visit you on the 13th at 8:00am in the morning. Just remember,be strong. And you should know that Perfection is with you. And Iam with you. You have nothing to be afraid of, only yourself. Re-member in life we have love and fear, to fail is called living, to fearis to hate. Fear of failure of not coping with a situation of not beingable to relate to another person is at the heart of this fear of the dif-ferent, the strange, and the stranger. It is as if we are walking inunknown road of life. When you live a love of trust, you live withyour heart. So, when one loves with trust, one does not give things,one gives oneself and so, the human lives through the heart lovingof perfection. My son, if you don’t trust yourself, then how you canexpect me to believe in you, and what you can do or become in life.Your integrity in whom and what you can do is in your mind, andin your own hands. I pray for you and send you blessings for stay-ing sane in this mad world of ours. I send you my love. Please praywith me, and write to me. And one final piece of advice is that ifyou cannot trust yourself and your mother, than ask yourself, whoyou can trust in this crazy world created by man. Finally, Prayer is a time to let light flow in our lives, literally to“enlighten” each day. To pray is to be centered in love; it is to letwhat is deepest within us come to the surface. For me it was a wayto stay in touch with my son and much more. Prayer is also a meet-ing with the one who loves me, who reveals to me my human value,who empowers me to give life, who loves us all and who calls usforth to greater love and compassion. Prayer is resting in the quiet,caring presence to a higher force through the human heart that in aplace of freedom and trust. Prayer reflects your devotion to com-municating with Perfection. It truly is the best way to show love toand to your own heart. Trust is not easy to maintain in a relation-ship with yourself and others. But to trust in Perfection do not al-low any man to come between you and it for this is a gift. Trust inyour heart and soul that this is your life and you are the only oneyou can create. We have hope each and every day that we succeedin life. To have no hope is to have no life. It is your life, make ithappen. Trust in you.“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have notseen”. Ralph Waldo Emerson 25
  26. 26. P a g e | 26 “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The im- portant thing is not to stop questioning”. Albert Einstein October 13th 2011 My dear son, I pray that you are doing ok. I hope that my let- ter will find to your way, andthat I am now sending you my prayers and my heart. Please, keepstrong, chin up and most of all do as they tell you or life can bemore of hell than heaven. Your heart and mind is yours and I knowwith my prayers, there is hope. I love you, and remember, love isthe conqueror of all obstacles in life’s daily episodes whether theyare big or small. There is no other way than we humans to com-municate in a positive state of mind. I am writing to you in hope offinding your feelings in your heart. To begin, we are all planned ordestined to be here on earth with a purposeful meaning to createour life. I make comments and remarks such as “I am not from thisplanet” that is for the reason I think with my heartbeat. I truly dotry to love my life through listening to my heart.We all need to be influenced for some direction to our lives destiny.If we only take the time and knowledge from a one way frame ofmind, we end up with dictatorship, egoism, and imprisonment. Tobe able to understand key words such as harmony, balance, justice,freedom, human rights, requires not only intelligence to educateyourself but you must surely have a heart and soul. To have a trueheart, a human being, with an over emotional mechanism of a 26
  27. 27. P a g e | 27characteristic is how you can be related. You are sensitive, caringand loving young man. You need to be reminded or refreshed uponthe definitions of “Respect”, “Discipline”, and “Self-Control”. Itseems that the basic foundations of nature’s lessons of life’s Survivorskills course is underestimated. We all have the choices and chancesto achieve greatness. But to implement the creations take time, pa-tience, light heartedness and care. We can continue our lives andhead down the road that matters the most. And to some this meanswork through the greatness of Truth or we can take life’s short-cutsof cheating, lying, stealing, etc. Needless to say if we choose to livewith a heart, then we must focus on following signs of hope in ourheart! I understand the loss of hope and how life can be a miscom-munication of channels but it is difficult to climb the steps in lifewhen we have no hope and a healing heart to mend. I believe weall can do anything we truly desire but we really must want to doit. To be able to reach discipline, self-control and integrity, it re-quires caring and respecting ourselves, our family and our envi-ronment, in our communities.To have the strength to learn about life requires “hope and intelli-gence” to understand how to acquire a pure heart. It is not enoughto attend “Institutions” but it requires living through truth. Everyday of a human’s life can be called a daily episode or journal of life.To analyze all the details and dialogues does take time to dissecteach thought. My son, you need to be willing to take certainthoughts into your heart. You have a young, strong, open heart andto express what you feel and not be judged must be knowledge of“Emotional Intelligence”. The best way is to understand the humanmind. To realize that with the assistance of your heart is the onlyway the mind functions. If the heart is not communicating with themind, then we have turbulence in our heart and soul. And we areoff balance from the course or path of life. Here is where chaos andinsanity come into the play in the game of life. Focusing ourselvesrequires honesty and trust that we develop to survive in this crazyworld through hope. But to say one only is to believe in oneself is aquestion for the human heart. Isn’t true that people who have hadno recent talks with perfection have more turbulence, and havoc intheir lives? To live our life for ourselves is misleading to life’s exist-ence. Humans throughout history have always had faith in a high-er Universal being and I call it Perfection. Whether, this higher be-ing is God or not has been debated for centuries as thought in ques- 27
  28. 28. P a g e | 28tion of life. It must be felt in the heart and be fully aware that Per-fection is everywhere. To question God is a human’s intelligence inthe thinking process of the Universal cosmic force in Energy’s mat-ter. And if we need to learn one part of our life, it is that the body iswhere we should invest our time and money. But it is not just thebody, for the mind also needs to be exercised on a daily basis.The more of life we live, if we can acknowledge and see the thinkerswho have expressed themselves in work. Even musical writers forlyrics write down their feelings and have vocal performers act upontheir words to express their feelings of emotional experiences. Tofeel that you are alone on earth is not a pleasant thought. If youtake a moment and think to yourself yes, I was born alone and nowI must learn to understand myself, so that I can understand otherswho will be related to me in my life is not so. To fall in love is easybut to build relationships is not an easy task. The hardest thing inlife is to maintain and up keep human relationships is Perfection’stest of man. We all need emotional support and minimize long termdamage to a child’s mental health after a breakup such as divorce.To gain insightful knowledge about which one is to himself is also avery difficult challenge and achievement no matter how hard wetry to communicate and act upon the presence of relationship sta-tus depends on the individual. To deny yourself the choice or choicesto understand who you are would be a disobedience to life’s course.We all need and want the same energetic matter in our life. “Love”-love however, to my belief and research is that must be learnt pro-cess of living the process of love. And in order to learn it one mustexperience love in all forms. Humans today that are not cared foror unloved turn into or behave as animals locked up in a cage withthe key thrown away. Let’s make a scene where a young man justgraduating from middle school and knows life only from institu-tions, family and books.In actual fact and in real life drama he has no idea, how cruel andunjust the world can be. He has been protected all his life from “re-ality”. To live in a bubble of life’s reality, creates chaos in the hu-man’s mind. You must learn to love everything and everyone inyour present environment. If you will believe in your own realityand seek the truth about yourself and care enough to love yourselfthen life becomes a destined discovery of who you are. To evolve in-to a human being means to have hope on how to become human. 28
  29. 29. P a g e | 29Just as man learns to love, he also must learn to become a humanbeing with feelings. To learn how to “become human” just as manseems to love, he also learns to be a human being, so he learns to feelas a human being - to love as a human being. It has been researchedthat psychiatrists, sociologists and educators advised and suggestedin numerous case studies that love is a “learned response, a learnedemotion” how someone learns to love seems to be directly related tohis ability to learn from those who are in his surroundings andteaching him.However, society plays a major role and takes part of everydayacts, scenes and episodes to create characters in the role of life. Butto accept all that is given to us is a huge choice for everyone not on-ly to the confused or unloved or even you. You are special but mustlearn that we are all different and each person has his/her role toplay in life. We must change by following our heart and that ourpure soul will be cleansed from past thoughts. It is what does not killour soul can only make our heart stronger to survive life. Our pres-ence to life’s progression of a human being is to never forget thatnobody will believe in us, unless we believe in ourselves. To learnthe key features one must first never give up on oneself. In life thereis no other person physically or spiritually like you. So now, is to on-ly say that each day you are getting stronger in the physical sense,however you must become whole on the spiritual and mental waysand means also. As a human being you also should have theknowledge of the word, “obedience” the reason I mention the aboveword is for you to understand “The Mind”.To have an obedient life is to know how to control the mind. It is thegreatest challenge to oneself. So often the body, seeks to control themind, and quite often succeeds. If you had sufficient amount of restthat your body needs daily, it compares to a dosage of a drug forthe chemicals in the brain to react in harmony and sync. It is herewhen the brain can naturally with the body re-energize or re-activates the mind into proper channels of emotional functioningmechanisms. As for everyday living we have understood that thebody and the mind together don’t have to do anything to control thesoul for the soul is completely without need - (unlike the body andmind which are connected) and so it allows the body and the mindto have their way all the time. Indeed, the soul wouldn’t have it anyother way, for if the being is you and you are to create, and who al- 29
  30. 30. P a g e | 30lows to know who it really is, it must be through an act of uncon-scious willing, and not the act of unconscious. Obedience is not creation, and thus can never produce salvation.Obedience is a response, while creation is a pure choice that cannotbe dictated. Pure choice produces salvation through the pure crea-tion of the highest idea of the moment of now. Here is 4 C-s to aimfor in life. They are as follows: choice, chance, change and care. Youmust make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything inlife to change through care. The function of the mind is to choosefrom its alternatives. The function of the body is to act out thatchoice. When your body, mind and soul create together, in harmonyand in unity God is made present. The soul might know it’s-self in itsown experience.Right now, in this moment, your soul has again created opportunityfor you to be, doing, and have what it really takes to know who youreally are. Here is your chance to have hope and believe you’re inthe hands of God. Your soul has brought you to the words of wisdomand truth to yourself. Ask yourself, how will you become a betterhuman being to understand who you are? Whom will you choose tobe? Your soul waits behind the walls of prison. You are your ownprisoner. Here you must decide what and where you want to go inyour life. You can have anything you want; you simply must wantto have it. Or you simply must want to give yourself the chance towant it. Life is no guarantee; all we can do is keep trying to be abetter human being. We can only truly become better than our-selves. Ask yourself who do you think you are, and do you knowwho you really are? Now to wrap or sum it all up, my son life is oneof ups and downs but we must learn as adults to manage them. Forexample: As a child one can scream, yell, and have temper tan-trums like in the phase of the terrible two’s and was always able toget away with mischief. Society has given this kind of behavior alabel “the terrible 2’s” to make the understanding of the child’s be-havior in life‘s experience. Yet this cycle if it is tampered with atthe age of 21 and acts out the actions of the 2 year old, society haslabeled the adult with a personality disorder. Maybe, this is the rootof man’s irony or paradox. Let’s just say life is full of bullshit andwe need to express our hearts or simply be understood. To be differ-ent is to be unique, to be unique is to be different. To be free withhuman rights is a learnt process of living, learning, laughing and 30
  31. 31. P a g e | 31most of all loving. It is this love that is needed to a human’s well-ness in spirit, not just body and mind. Remember, I love you and Iwas so happy to see you today, that I could not stop writing; I amgoing to include your lawyer’s phone number. You know her nameand I will request her to visit you. And you must also, ask for a vis-itation form in order for me to visit you, hopefully you will not bein there for very long period of time. And send me the form requestfor sending you a toothbrush, toothpaste etc... I am going to sendyou a book photocopied called “Conversations with God”! I hope youknow in my heart that I always do what I feel is best for you andnow I am asking you to put your faith in a higher being and yourhands to educate your mind, write, write, write and mostly try towrite from your heart to have hope to gain strength each day. Ilove you, Be Strong! I pray for you. Here is an activity that I suggest you participate yourself in creat-ing a Sense of Self; Hope. Write about something uplifting. Your souldoesn’t want to hear about anything negative. Emily Dickensonsaid of hope that it “…is the thing with feathers that perches in thesoul, and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” Itis the tune without the words: hope is not about specifics–if it wereit could be dashed when the words turn out to be false prophesies. Itclaims in the soul because the mind is often so traumatized by pre-sent and past events that there is no other place for it. It is almostunknown in primitive societies and the ancient Hebraic writingsspeak little of suicide and approach reality in vastly differentterms: Perfection is an involved parent, caring for his children. InPerfection there is always hope. Modern psychologist’s today statethat hopelessness is learned and that hope is our birthright. Our so-ciety teaches hopelessness, consumerism depends on it; misguidedparents instill it in their offspring through neglect, abuse or criti-cism. Much of our media spreads ideas that hope is a waste of timeand instills upon the pharmaceutical industry. And yet even in themost depressed or traumatized modern patient, even, perhaps, in aperson contemplating suicide, hope never leaves. Even if it’s onlythe hope of being free of pain. Hope is not the same as the will tolive–it’s not another word for our survival instinct, though it maycontribute to it. Since the early 1990s the world has known a lotabout the neurobiology of hope, but very little about the psychologyof it. I think, in the end hope is a spiritual experience. We feel hopein spiritual situations and in spiritual states: in nature, in prayer, 31
  32. 32. P a g e | 32in music, in art, in deep meditation and in just being with peoplethat we love.I get a craving of hope when I watch you smile at others in quitedifferent colors, or when a child is born to be adorned and cared forin life. I get something of the same feeling when I look at you, myson and realize how much love I have for you. It is that feeling ofthe Higher Power that keeps hope alive and strong in my soul nomatter what setbacks I face every day in my life, as in yours. Amother is a child’s best doctor and knows what is best for his or herchild. Hope is medicine.Physicians know that hope heals. Diseases that would otherwise becritical can be cured through the stimulation of hope in their pa-tients. Researchers have shown that there is a kind of hope system,rather like the immune system but biologically quite different fromit. The two seem to work in conjunction to the healing process andnot all the drugs in the pharmacological industry will do much goodif the hope/immune system is not functioning properly. What I be-lieve severely depressed clients want of any doctor is hope. Hopethat the disease will vanish, that there is a point to living or thattheir lives will simply get a little better. In the end that is a moth-er’s job, to become a true aid and friend of the hope system, to in-troduce them to techniques that will empower their own soul’s re-sponse to pain and thus to heal them. And they do heal, and thepain and the hopelessness do fade away. Hope never leaves, it’s inour genes. What we have to do is unlearn hopelessness by puttingourselves in situations–spiritual in the highest sense of the word–that allows our genetics to override our identity. I hope you careenough for yourself to save your soul. It is my only way of saying tohave hope is to have care. And if you care for yourself then there isalways room for hope. 32
  33. 33. P a g e | 33“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear”.William Shakespeare October 21st, 2011 Dear son, I hope you’re well and that they are treating you with some dignity and hu- mane conditions. I remem- ber when you were in Can- ada. The time I had to live through was pure hell, but I know that God was with you then too. It was one of the hardest times in my life to live through without un- derstanding it. My son to be able to care for yourself youmust free yourself in your own mind. Learn to care to forgive andseek your own freedom of mind.” Forgive”. To be able to love,change and care to become well, one needs freedom to the discoveryof oneself. You have got to be free in your mind, in order to learn,what it is care for yourself. We need to be free to create. Everyonehas his own way to express himself, but must be allowed the free-dom to pursue it. Just so you know that I care for you. (Ikar4u)Everyone including you will find his own way, if you listen and fol-low your heart. In today’s world it is very difficult to remain trueto yourself - media, social websites, and movies, control influenceand manipulate what we should say and do. Don’t allow anybodyto impose, influence, or control your mind. As a prisoner, one can belocked up physically but in our minds and souls you are the onlyhuman being that can keep you a prisoner within yourself. Thehardest thing in the world is to be something or someone you’re not!If you know who you are, and that you are special and unique, andthere is no other person like you in the world, that alone is enoughpower to say you can be anyone or do anything. And that nothing 33
  34. 34. P a g e | 34is impossible but in fact anything is possible within a human being’smortal capacity. You are a young, strong, but mostly sensitive manand your weakness is your strength. Now you must rule yourself.How can man overcome one’s own transparency to himself? Is manreally capable to fathom “The truth”? Who we become in life solelydepends on our wants and needs. Do I want to be a millionaire, ordo I want to be a monk? This depends on the human beings emo-tional intelligence at different stages in his or her life. Even a childunderstands what it is that it wants or needs. A child needs andwants to be loved. At a very early age we become emotionallyaware of our basic foundation of life’s needs.It is our humanistic need as human beings to be cared for at allstages in our life. So, to simply say we need to be loved and caredfor as a child, also applies to adulthood. To eliminate a natural drugof life from one’s emotions is no mistake. Why ones sanity can di-minish into thin air? To walk on thin ice is also very risky and un-necessary to jeopardize the wellness of beings. Our focus and re-sponsibility as adults must guide clearance in the higher learningeducation of society. We must take notice of our surroundings andspeak out if we see matters differently than others. It is our humanright to be able to question or challenge the emotional intelligence“I’m still holding onto something that I know will never happen, be-cause inside me, I have this little piece of hope that someday, itwill”. We can take the comparison between good vs. evil if now ourbody is not feeling good that affects our two hemispheres, of thebrain left and right, connected by the corpus coliseum its where thetwo hemispheres are joined. Either the right or left side will be offbalance, but in actual fact ask yourself why are you ill in the firstplace? Perfection’s word says that our disobedience to his wordstarts the disease process in our body. And all disobedience starts asa thought in our heart. When you have a sinful thought, you havethe choice to delete or store the information in your computer thatis called the brain. Holding onto sinful thoughts or continually stor-ing those producing a toxic state within your brain and body. Yourbrain produces chemical messengers in response to every thoughtyou think. If your thoughts are good/positive - then your brain willproduce chemical messengers that will strengthen your immunesystem and increase overall well-being. If your thoughts are crueland toxic, your brain produces chemical reactivations which areharmful to your whole body and your immune system will become 34
  35. 35. P a g e | 35weaker and your overall health will diminish. In the universe thereare laws that govern things and people. Law of physics governsmatter. How it behaves through time and space. For example: onearth we have the law of gravity; also, we have civil laws in everycountry and government. And most importantly there are spirituallaws set in place by god our creator.The most natural law of Perfection is “you reap what you sow” wecan sow (“grow to plant seeds in the ground”) things in 3 waysthrough our actions through our words and through what we think.But the origins of all words and actions are the thoughts in ourheart. If someone hurts you, it is your first defense will be in yourheart. You can think: I can forgive them or you may think I’m of-fended, therefore you might become revengeful. One thought willbring bliss and wellness to you, and the other thought will bring un-pleasant feelings and disease, from anger, fear or hate. Perfectioncan make us to always forgive. But Perfection has given us free willand he wants us to do the right thing by forgiving, by making it ourown choice to obey him willingly. People often do not notice thatwhen one does not obey what Perfection’s words teaches, they notonly sin against it, but one causes damage to one’s mental and stateof well-being physically, spiritually too. One should try to move to-wards being aware and willing to learn the Ten Guidelines toLife. You will find these guidelines at the end of the next letters inchapter Belief. Always forgive people for our own benefit and well-being. For it is only when we have a healthy concept of who we arein the eyes of our creator can we reach out to those around us inlove and show forgiveness. Learning to forgive ourselves is one ofour greatest challenges. It can be difficult to face the fact that weare guilty as human beings, for simply becoming human. I am cer-tain you must feel that in today’s society, to be a human alone is acrime. I hope you can understand that children like yourself battling fear,divorce and humiliation for many years, their perception of them-selves drastically changes by the loss of either parent and the voidof communication on a daily basis. I know you are struggling tofind your own way to cope with life’s altering shocks you have ex-perienced. You are extremely sensitive to the forces of the universe,you must learn to adapt to every situation that you are given andgrasp the lesson. I know in fact you are a survivor by Perfection’s 35
  36. 36. P a g e | 36motherly nature. Your guidance to survival skills can be greatlyimproved upon with God. It is by no surprise that I being yourmother understand, and accept you, for being simply yourself. I amsure you are asking yourself, how long does the emotional pain oftrauma last? In your case my son, it has been five years out of yourlife. You still have not allowed your soul to heal and accept the di-vorce of your parents. Do you think you can allow yourself thechance to care to let go of the past and move into the present? But ifyou keep on caring to have a better future, you must stop blamingothers and focus on your situation.Human beings in general are more critical and hard upon them-selves. To dwell on our negative aspects as characteristics of beinghuman is norm. But to focus on the weak and not develop thestrength is failure of forgiveness. To refuse to accept forgiveness forus and others may in fact lead to physical and emotional healthproblems. It has been researched and known those experiencing thedeath of a loved one, divorced or loss of a job are at a higher risk ofdepression or cause cancer risk, heart-attack and so on. Therefore,in such trying confrontations in life there can be much anger, re-sentment and revengeful thoughts. It has taken me most of my lifeto realize that to blame someone for not understanding their ac-tions or personal life experiences is not righteous. So, blaming myown mother for the horrible childhood she has caused in my life isthe wrong approach for my own body, mind and soul.One must learn to understand himself in order to learn to compre-hend other people’s lives that affect our life and in turn even ourworld. Let there be no mistake illnesses that arise from emotionaldifficulties that are just as real and as serious as any other disease.We must not underestimate the power of our emotions that affectour bodies. Do not let hurt and fear of their destructive effects uponyour life. Fear is yet another trait of self destruction. To be true toourselves is to be careful and carefree, not fearful with doubts oflife’s challenges. If we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone orset foot on a plane, it is because of the “No control syndrome”. Trulyyou have to not only control it with your thoughts; therefore, wecan always be in control of our mind with positive affirmations andmanifestations. I must repeat this to you, even in the most fearfulsituation we can care to remain calm and in control of ourthoughts. The other word I would like to care and recall is for- 36
  37. 37. P a g e | 37giveness. This means to have the key tool for inner healing andhappiness. In this world, we may never know why we are permittedto suffer the wrongs we do, why Perfection does not prevent themfrom happening. Why instead of being granted answers, we are toldto – Trust in God?Maybe, it is because the tapestry of the divine plan is too infinitelycomplex beyond our comprehension. We question many aspects re-garding Perfection, but how many of us should be more concernedabout trusting and caring for ourselves. To follow your heart is be-ing content with - who you are! We all learn from our mistakes inlife, therefore we have to forgive ourselves for what happened inthe past. We must learn not to be so hard on ourselves, and acceptour mistakes as a learning experience. In order for all our feelingstoward ourselves is to be positive as to how we feel about ourselves.All our thoughts that we might have had and looked upon ourselvesin a negative way, such as holding grudges, anger, or even resent-ment towards ourselves is a feeling we must eliminate completelyfrom our mind. In order to start your life from a clean slate or bet-ter phrased on a blank canvas, you must learn to free yourself fromhurtful or painful thoughts. This step is necessary in order for youto accept your uniqueness in the presence of your world. To start tobring in care through forgiveness in your heart means becomingaware of forgetting your past, and leaving it once and for all in thepast. Then and only then you will you be able to fully live in thepresent state of mind. Becoming to be and being aware of your pre-sent feelings towards yourself to forgive your own mistakes anderase your own guilt. We also need to learn how to stay neutral oranger free from our own fears. Here are some 8 easy to use Tips tocaring for your emotional state of mind. 8 Tips on CARING for Yourself: Learn to; 1. Turn off your brain – rest in peaceful nightly positions 2. Check your body- exercise your internal mechanisms 3. Read and Write – keep journaling, for it activates the daily us- age of your mind 4. Draw a canvas- keep visualizations and mental notes in your brain 37
  38. 38. P a g e | 38 5. Exercise -the brain and body calls for daily physical activities 6. Recognize - nature’s elements and re-connect 7. Show true care- express your appreciation through words and actions, put yourself back in touch with perhaps the most pow- erful force or tool you have: the Human Heart of care 8. Spirituality - in a human is our soul, and the spiritual part of a person that most religions believe continues to exist after the body dies.So, towards Life’s goals one must try to recognize the above 8 Tipson Caring for yourself as using those more like tools to begin to fur-ther understand our emotional intelligence in caring for ourselves.1. To recognize how to be able to shut off our brain and have a rest-ful and peaceful sleep requires a pure clean soul of a human being.The calmness at night keeps kinds of daily emotions presented thatday. We tend to analyze the happenings and further predictions onthe matter. We must accept each day of thankfulness and grow inbody, mind and spirit.2. To re-evaluate our physical condition is to scan all working mus-cles and organs to our well being. Just as we get our cars goingthrough safety checks we need to have our bodies in the same scan-ning system. It is for the functioning of all our muscles, joints, andorgans to rotate in harmony and in sync.3. To rewrite and keep the mind open to wordy expressions is thera-peutic to keep or mind active. Many times to see our words in print,allows us to re-visualize our thoughts. We learn to grow from ourwords and work our mind in an emotional state.4. Allow yourself a blank canvas, visualize what you want toachieve in your life. Keep adding to the canvas, like an unfinishedpainting - life is always exciting if we are on the road of discovery.To continually paint our lives with color and different textures ofpaint is exciting to all our senses. To create your own painting withvarious hues and shades is a discovery to the outcome of perception.But to limit yourself to your own creativity and imagination wouldbe to imprison your own mind. And that would be a criminal act ofself destruction.5. Daily physical mind and body movement is essential to a hu-man’s well being. To effectively be disciplined in physical movement 38
  39. 39. P a g e | 39requires an obedient mind. If we have a restful night and re-energize we can progress in a clean and refreshed morning regimeactivity. If we actually enjoy the rewards from our exercise we aremotivated to further our actions.6. Reconnected with our Natural elements is relevant to all our in-ternal and external features. Our body benefits both aspects andvisualizes outwards on our largest organ “Skin” if you live in stressthis can be seen in adults in a forms of acne. Our illness is manifest-ing from internal organs and working its way through our largestliving organ our skin. To eliminate all negative energetic elementsrequires understanding nature. We are what we think, act or say.7. Here is a humanistic approach to the human heart in one word“care” (IKAR4u) It is here we can use volunteerism, and fundrais-ing as characteristics of caring. To help needy individuals is a nat-ural reaction to human emotions. To act upon helping the less for-tunate, is a human natural behavior that has been learnt. To care isto show emotional intelligence. To be able to feel the energetic ravesfrom acting upon following one’s heart, is a blessing. So many peoplefollow the brain waves and not the heart beats, that they keep skip-ping life’s notes. Note: In Bipolar cases the care must be dealt withcaution, because of being in an excessively good mood, later can betaken advantage and abused in excessive spending spree.8. To see your spirit on the other side of the wall, it says” somethingto think about” Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I look today tomyself and others? A mirror is only a reflection of my outward ap-pearance. It does not read my mind, and show me what I am think-ing, speaking, or my degree of intelligence, my real physical condi-tion, or my talents. It also never shows the condition of my soul. Ireally am the only one who knows the degree of my moral behaviorand the habits in everyday living that reflect in and on my soul. Areflection of oneself in a mirror constantly would become tiring tosee, because my image would become my focal point of attention -vanity that would destroy possibly inward goodness. But also, youmust realize a constant, consistent attention to seeing oneself everymoment in the day - that would cause a mental block to reality.What if a mirror could show me a reflection of my soul- hourly- dai-ly- weekly- monthly- yearly? What would it look like at the end ofthe year? If it is shadowed, shaded, the soul would appear shattered,if it is bright yet has dull areas, the soul would appear sad. It is 39
  40. 40. P a g e | 40bright with hope, and care, the soul will appear happy, and evenradiant. To look into one’s soul is to look in a mirror or crystal ball.Be true to who you are and so not allow vanity, egoism, and perfec-tionism to take the upper lip. A reflection of who we are can be atraumatic adjustment. Humans strive to be perfect, nevertheless,only it being Perfection or a Higher Being is perfect. We do try forPerfectionism in our daily living, such as nurturing, studying, play-ing, but to reach to be perfect is impossible for a human. The reason- we are all born with sin that we must learn to accept and cleanse.Our spirituality is the essence of what keeps us alive, care for your-self by showing it through your actions on a daily basis. We mor-tals, make human mistakes, we learn to reflect through our pastlife’s experiences.Is it lack of believing in the Ten Guidelines of Life, that you willlearn in my next written letter as the lack of self - esteem, and habitof pleasing others above all costs and ignoring Perfection at anycost to one’s soul? There is so little understanding of true existenceof one’s soul and its close association with it. If this were not a factthan why would Perfection have given us the only son Jesus Christto suffer for the sins of man? And do you know why man does sin inhis or her lifetime. The answer could be that we are only human be-ings striving to be in God’s perfectionism. However to error in life isto be human. Our eyes are the windows to our heart and soul. Thisnaturally is our Spirit. And not caring about your own heart orsoul, well, my dear son this would be a crime inflicted upon your-self, therefore, care for your most precious commodity in life - yourheart. And if you can care for yourself, then I believe you can doanything. I feel that you are the only being in this lifetime that canhonestly know himself and believe to care about himself. If youcannot give to yourself, then I am asking you who can. I believe inyou. Do you believe in yourself? Stay well, for I hope to see yousoon, mom. 40
  41. 41. P a g e | 41 “Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man”. Thomas Paine October 28. 2011 My only son, I would like you to be- lieve me and know simply that I have been praying for you,and most of all you must believe me that I love you and willcome to visit you very soon. I am still waiting for the form fromthe prison. I wonder if you know that Love is to have belief inwhom you are and why you exist. God has given all of us evenyou my son a purpose in life, and it is for you to believe that youwill find that road and follow it with your heart. To have beliefin you is to know Perfection. Allow yourself a blank canvas and visualize what you want toachieve in your life. Keep adding to the canvas like an unfin-ished painting. Life is always in waiting if we are on the worldof discovery. To continually paint our lives with color and dif-ferent texture of paint is exciting. To create your own paintingexperiment with life means that you are allowing life to coloryour world. Shading and living in your own shadows would beto limit yourself to your own creativity and imagination. Butmost of all it would be to imprison your mind. Daily physicalmind and body movement is essential to a human’s well-being tocontinually be disciplined in physical movement requires anobedient mind. If we have a rest for a night and are re- 41
  42. 42. P a g e | 42energized, we can progress in a clean and refreshed fashion. Ifwe actually enjoy the new aids from one’s experience, we aremotivated to further our actions. To re-construct with our nat-ural elements is intelligent to all our internal and external hu-manly features. Our body benefits both aspects and resurgesoutwards as a result of our largest organ “skin” if you live instress this can be seen in adults in a form of an acne. Our illnessis manifesting from internal organs and working its waythrough our largest living organ. Our own skin to eliminate allnegative energetic elements requires understanding nature. Tothe human heart in one word “care” it is how we can use inter-action. And fundraiser as characteristics of caring. To helpneedy individuals is a natural reaction to human emotions toact upon helping the less fortunate is a human natural behaviorthat has been learnt, so to care is to show human natural emo-tional intelligence. Humans tend to be aware of the energeticwaves from acting upon and following ones heart is a blessing,but so many people follow the brain waves and not the heartbeats, that they keep skipping life’s notes on the other wall itsays “something to think about” mirror, mirror on the wall howdo I look today to others?Do you remember in my last letter or previous chapter, I hadstated “you reap what you sow”! If you are seeking to plant thatseed, the seed holds life‘s creation and its essence an awarenessof its own particle. It seeks the ideal growing conditions for itsevolution to a phase of flowering and fruitful maturity. Byturning into your awareness of your particle and what elementsare supportive of your growth, you can also target what it isthat you work to cultivate in your life seeding your creativeprojects that you can find. Allow them to flourish by nourishingthem. Show you believe. Honor the sacred garden as yourself.Remember that in the seed is the holographic pattern for thewhole harvest. No matter how small you are, you have the seedto fulfill your highest potential within you. Aim your goals care-fully; take actions that foster growth and you will bloom. Yourresult can be an affirmation that your aware-ness flourishes tothe seeds of life creations It may also be re-stated that if youchoose to forgive, rather than allowing yourself to build up neg-ative thoughts with bad intentions, stealing, lying, cheating, etc.your brain will respond by relapsing disease producing chemi- 42
  43. 43. P a g e | 43cals throughout your body. And our physical appearance startsto be evident for others to notice as their Illnesses like form inthe body. If we sow these dirty thoughts we will reap illness toourselves, for whatever a man sowed that shall he al-so reap”Corinthians 6:7 so, now you are asking me, what are these lawsof the harvest? You reap what you sow. You reap more than you sow. You reap where you sow. You reap in different seas than you sow. For example: when a farmer plants one carrot seed, he will getwhat he planted. He will get more than one carrot if plantedmore than one seed and he will harvest at a later date not theday he planted. Now depending to when you plant toxic or poi-son thought in your body, you will reap its toxic effects in yourbody. You will reap to get something as a result of somethingelse that you do. An illness which is greater in developing thanthe one bad thought you allowed to be planted. And you willreap this illness months or years down the road. I recall notforgiving my own mother for years, and realized how much de-pression I had inflicted upon myself. It is a good thing for reap-ing to happen down the journey of life but not immediately, be-cause it gives us time and opportunity to repent to god to stopour harmful thoughts and start to obey god than the illness stopsour grieving and will start to reverse itself. You can regain yourhealth by starting with your thoughts by choosing only to dwellon thoughts that are in sync with truth and teachings of emo-tional intelligence. They say that people can’t change, but this isnot true. This is a lie from the enemy. “They” are wrong!People can change! This can happen through self-imposed careand others with god’s strength. Your thoughts develop into atti-tudes, your attitude develops into behavior, your behavior isthen part of your personality – who you are but if there are un-desirable character gratuities in your personality, you are notable to change. To be the change, you must have the knowledgeof absorbing intelligence. It is not enough to teach ourselvesemotional intelligence, but we shall go further to discover life’s 43
  44. 44. P a g e | 44multiple intelligence as maybe here you can explore and studyspiritually, which is crucial to understand and be aware of the“human soul”. Just as in a confined space where man is caged inas animals. One can only truly hope, pray and most of all havepatience within the heart. It can be said here man is his ownprisoner. Even if you don’t like yourself, you must learn to livewith yourself. Many people in the world are running fromthemselves and can’t face or look into the mirror. To seek thetruth takes a strong character with will power to accept his orher faults. We are humans that make natural and honest mis-takes that could be carelessness or either way you look at it, youshould accept it and learn from it.Or teach others to learn from it, and progress further into whatwas created from the mistake. Our thoughts have great power -they can bring us either Health – Peace or Illness - War. We arein daily action on the battlefields and this battle takes place inour minds. Perfection has prepared us for the game of tug-and-war to remain sane in our crazy chaotic world. He has given usprotective armor, “Our heart” also the one tool to help usthrough battles in our lives. Love. I give you a daily exercise torepeat the following words 5 times’ each day for your heart. “I believe in you” “Someone somewhere is teaching Praying to grasp that tool someone stands to speak out learning how to live some of us can’t lead forward we are sacred to leap and everyone is watching because we all need to feel I believe in you I can’t even imagine the possibilities I believe in you 44
  45. 45. P a g e | 45 And I just want to give you hope So you can believe in you I will never give up on you I will be the voice that is beside you I believe in you,” love mom. My words are to empower and enrich your life; I know thateach day for you now is truly a living struggle to simply survivethe hurdles and obstacles you keep facing. That is why I men-tioned in my last letter I will give you tools you can use to guideyou on your journey in life. These words can give each day anew meaning and purpose. This is your mission;TEN guidelines to Life1. I want to change myself and promise that I will, so that I can be the change for abetter world.2. I wish to be honest, trustworthy, and caring every day of my life. It is how I in-tend it to be for the rest of my life.3. I want to be able to do as much as possible in life with responsibility, disciplineand commitment with my family and friends.4. I want to be strong: I want to be me and live to be free.5. I wish for people to believe in me like I believe in myself.6. I want to feel happy with myself and then have others feel the happiness withme through my heart and soul.7. I want to be loved and respected within my heart and I will not give up on mysoul to be able to care for myself, as others.8. I will have trust- hope- care- belief-and love for who I am today, tomorrow andfor always.9. I will love myself, so I can love others for I have a beautiful life and challengemyself to be the best I can be.10. I love me, but greatly live to say: “Ikar4u”. 45
  46. 46. P a g e | 46If you can strive to live each day with the above words as a guidefor you, then I believe you can achieve anything your heart desires.We are all given the same tools, our mind, body and soul. How weaim to achieve and maintain these tools to function in our dailylives is only up to us. Each and every human has the capacity to liveby the ten guidelines to life. How many times have you tried to findsomeone that will understand your heart and mind? Now let us ex-amine the above sentences. First let us focus on the first set of words I want to change myself and promise that I will, so that I can be thechange for a better world. These words seem easy enough to grasp.However, to actually do it is another story. To be able to changeourselves takes a great amount of energy, patience and time. Wemust comprehend how to achieve such a task in life. The key totransforming you is to want to be able to invest in your greatest as-sets in your life. You need to have the want and need to first of allwant to do it. It is your first initiative in life to yourself. I want tochange me, must come from within you. Only once this is achievedcan you further go on in life to make your world a better place. Youmust be the change first. And show others the way to the future.The second point: I wish to be honest, trustworthy, and caring everyday of my life. It is how I intend it to be for the rest of my life. Thisis a godly character of a human. If you can strive to pursue yourlife in such words of integrity, and maintain to keep such qualitiesin your heart, you will actually prevent yourself from illnesses.Here you have the exact natural ingredient to preserving your life.I need not tell you that the more negative qualities you bring uponyourself, what it can do to you, and how depressed and unsuccessfulyou can become. Therefore, to focus on these 3 words as honesty, be-ing trustworthy, and above all caring, you bring upon positivecharacteristics within yourself.Your third guideline in life; I want to be able to do as much as pos-sible in life with responsibility, discipline and commitment with myfamily and friends. You only have one life, so how you spend yourtime and with who depends solely on how you use the allocated time 46