The crystal gateway april newsletter & calendar


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The crystal gateway april newsletter & calendar

  1. 1. April Newsletter & Calendar
  2. 2.  Hello to all my Friends,  I hope this finds you all well and happy and handling all the new energies the best way that you can.  I have shared with you a process to help you from Soluntra King who I find is very good, any of her exercises are.  I hope you enjoyed Equinox as I did , I am finding much more energy since and the vivid dreams are amazing, please take notice as they are your messages.  This New Moon in Aries is very strong , bringing out the I Am within and being careful to allow others to Be their I Am as well.  Often we see people think they are doing the right thing by making their friends or family to be just like they are instead of lifting them up to be as they have chosen to be themselves only to see a broken mixed up being.  We each have a journey to walk and nobody can walk it for us but we can walk it together as one in harmony and peace.  Always know that you always have full support from your guides while you are going through these times.  Easter is upon us in this month so I wish you all a Happy Easter, may you be safe and spend time doing what you Love , Blessings of Love & Light, Rosalie xoxoxo
  3. 3.  Meditating every Saturday- Runawaybay 9.30 if coming by 6  pm Friday , thankyou.  Meditation via Skype free every Tuesday morning , my skype name is roseashm  Readings & Healings by appointment Online & in person . rosalie@thecrystalgateway.0rg  Reiki all level attunements online & in person by appointment .  Face Reading Workshop 12th @ Runawaybay Gold Coast 9.30-4pm  A fun workshop including meditation where you learn about people before they open their mouths . $60 for the day manual included & morning tea & byo lunch RSVP 9/4  7th April Opening to Channel Workshop Online 7 weeks 3 hours per class  Enrol must be by the 5th
  4. 4.  I am Isis,  Dear Beloveds, Yet another Stargate opens for you bringing Heaven even closer to Earth and so becoming Earth which you are creating.  So you yourself as the Creator Goddess God creating Heaven on Earth ,the light codes of remembrance have been activated for the age of light.  It is of greatest importance you honour your body and those who are wearing disguises of everything is good can finally remove that and transmute the final stuff that has to be for there is no way of disguising it any more in the new light of day.  If you are unable to transmute it yourself ,you know there is always help, reach out.  You may feel a little off balance because of it ,eve quite dizzy.  A New Moon for some new energies so soak them in and enjoy , know that you deserve them.  Remember you always have my love and support and from many others watching over always.  Namaste I am Isis  Channelled via Rosalie today 30/5/14
  5. 5. WHO AM I? extract from LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS by Soluntra King This is the most important realisation of all and once you have found out from within your heart centre who you are, you will have strongly established your connection to the Source within which will give you: Confidence in all that you do, trust in yourself and your inner connection, the ability to laugh at life and feel joyful, liberation to be true to yourself and follow your joy. Your energy field will be able to assist others to heal and awaken just by your presence. Connecting more deeply into the stillness, peace and wisdom within which gives you the ability to have multi-dimensional experiences without having to meddle or do magic. In the stillness all is manifest, but now you come from your Inner/Higher Self which gives you the wisdom to allow. You move beyond the intellectual understanding and into your heart knowing and wisdom, the cellular memory awakens to its divinity as you integrate your state of Being through your body as spirit and matter are one. Here is an exercise that you can do to find out for yourself who you are. 1. Write down on a piece of paper who you think you are, or if you are doing this with a group each take a turn to say who you think you are. 2. Now write down or say out loud the following Affirmations three times each; “I AM ETERNAL LOVE - I AM DIVINE LIGHT - I AM RADIANT - I AM JOY - I AM PEACE - I AM THE UNIVERSAL FLOW - I AM STRENGTH - - I AM WISDOM - I AM CLARITY - I AM HUMILITY - I AM BEAUTY, I AM THAT I AM”. 3. Now get yourself comfortable ready for a meditation.
  6. 6. Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source in Divine Love and Oneness with your intention and/or prayer. Aware of the Golden Light from Source flowing down through your Crown and into your Heart…..Then through your body, legs and feet and into the core of the Earth……connecting to the earth energy and then being aware as it flows up through the earth, in through your feet, up your body and into your Heart. Then up through your chest, neck, head and out the Crown back to Source. You are connected to Heaven and Earth as the energies flow both ways through you. Become aware of your Breath, and as you breathe IN your awareness expands out into the Universe….. As you breathe OUT your awareness contracts inward into your centre... Do this for at least ten breaths remembering to breath gentle, slow, rhythmic breathes. Now having awareness in your centre... as you breath in each breath takes you deeper and deeper into the stillness within your heart centre…...Deeper and deeper…..with each breathe in deeper and deeper….into the stillness and peace …. Now ask "Who am I?".... Trust what comes back to you from your Heart. Do not think that it is your mind or ego talking, as you are in your heart and the answer comes from your heart, it may shout at you if you are discounting it, you well know it is not your ego because you will feel it come from your heart, not your head.
  7. 7. Once you have made this connection your energy field will be charged with love. Your life will change into a more joyful, loving, flowing experience. This does not mean you have by-passed all your lessons or that you will be on a perpetual high. It means that now all your challenges and learning curves will be more easily dealt with because you have your connection, you will find the peace, wisdom and love to face your life and all the situations in it that you came here to unify with strength, courage, ease and flow. This is the most important thing you can do, knowing who you are gives you everything. When you feel lack, pain, doubt, fear, guilt whatever just deep breath into your heart until you feel at peace, and from your divine self that is already unified saying the words “I am loving it, accepting it, embracing it, surrendering to it” into what ever your im-balance is reminds the cellular memory as well, it will now merge through your love and union with the divine. Enjoy the journey now you have found home. Copyright © 2000, 2006 Soluntra King All rights reserved PO Box 11 Whakatane 3158 Bay of Plenty New Zealand email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Web site