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Speeches on prayer by Rev Sun Myung Moon


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Published in: Spiritual
  • Thank you, Father!
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  • Beautiful speeches! Exposing the confusion of traditional Christianity. I'll pray that Unificationists can help them overcome the lies they've been fed about our Heavenly Father and about Jesus.
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  • Another speech: how wonderful. Let's make more speeches; while a billionaire eats off gold plates and thinks he has accomplished his mission and fulfilled his portion of responsibility: but is unaware of the existence of my Father Jesus; who happens to be sitting on the Throne of God as the LORD GOD of the New Creation; remember; a New Heaven and a New Earth: it's going to be a liitle DIFFERENT than the old heaven and earth: that I can assure you...

    Here's a missive to Tossa Cromwell and the rest at HSA-UWC

    Read it; if you are not too busy,,,

    Bless you all in the Name of my Father Jesus; in position on the Throne as 'God in His Roghteousness'.

    Have a nice Day the Last Day; in fact.
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Speeches on prayer by Rev Sun Myung Moon

  1. 1. Prayers and Speeches on prayer By Sun Myung MoonHow to Gain Spiritual Help......................................................2The Importance of Prayer.........................................................6The Necessity of Prayer..........................................................17Mission and Prayer.................................................................29Lifestyle of Prayer..................................................................49Prayers by True Father...........................................................63
  2. 2. How to Gain Spiritual Help November 27, 1978What attitude do we need to nurture in order to move the spirit world? We need to change ourconcepts. Our attitude is an environment that must be prepared in order to receive spiritualhelp. We must use Fathers words and make ourselves channels to receive spiritual power.Actually, the spirit world wants to be part of everything we have and do. They want to beinvolved to such a great extent. So whatever we may look at, we must search for the nobilityin it, and treat it as if it were owned directly by True Parents. Then everything becomes like anexpensive antique, a God-given treasure. Each object is waiting for your touch, hoping to feelthe vibration of God through you.Consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable?Because of the vibration of the holy man. So you, too, should give all things a holy value.When you touch something, feel that you are giving it glory.The same holds true for the people we meet and live with. When you see another person, howmuch do you care for him or her? How do you feel towards that person? You must really lovethe people you meet, because they are the temple of God. When you touch another person,feel that through your touch, both of you will be blessed.Each of us has two aspects, mind and body. Our true mind wants to touch our body with heartand give love to it. We should think of our mind as Gods mind, because God loves it and thatis where He dwells. Look at each man or woman as a holy person. Regard each persons bodyas sacred and their mind as hallowed.If you live like this, soon you will hear inside of yourself a small voice, the sound of yourmind. Wherever you walk, no evil or darkness can remain. Only good spirits can touch you ifyou create such an atmosphere. If you place yourself in such a position, then spirit world willpour down upon you its abundant blessing and power.You must attract this power from the spirit world and then weld yourself to it. Make it onewith your body, so that even your arms and legs feel special. When you are in bed, even if it isa sleeping bag, your surroundings will become like a kings palace; your body will be restingin a kings bed.You must name yourself as the dwelling place of God. Then all good spirits will touch you.When you go to bed, lie down with a beautiful mind. Remove all ugliness from it. In themorning when you wake, come before the deep bosom of God, and then, when you go out toyour mission, you will embark from the throne of God. 2
  3. 3. The spirit world is always around you, listening and attentive. Always be aware that it iswithin your reach. If you keep thinking this way, then you will be able to control yourcircumstances. Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along Godsfrequency. Resonate with Gods unselfishness.If you partake of this resonance with God, then when you see someone, you will automaticallybe able to sense what type of person he is. Sometimes you will be able to see your own spiritman with your own eyes. Train yourself and discipline yourself to develop this capacity. Ifyou live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way when an emergency arises.You are in competition with the spirit world, so you must be determined to surpass it. Adamsposition is to control the spirit world, not the other way round. With prayer coming from deepwithin your mind, you can move a man from outside to inside. Become a magnet, a mover ofpeoples spirits; become a spiritual magnet, drawing people with love. Maintain this conditionor attitude, and then your prayer will become a reality.Pray with all your heart, focusing your mind and soul on the object of your prayer, otherwiseyour mind will become restless and hasty. In the life of prayer, you must make the time topray. Sit down even if it takes eight hours and pray; this time will never be wasted. Then youcan go out and work eight hours for God. Therefore, be prayerful now and then go out, youand God together. If you have to write a sermon, for instance, the spirit world will help youprepare it. If you go out, the spirit world will lead you. You will discover the feeling ofbreaking through; you will become selfless, feeling the power of your mind and body pullingtogether in harmony. So the key word for this kind of life is respect.Respect all things as holy things.Respect all men as holy men.Respect yourself as a holy person.Respect your mind as holy.Respect your body as holy. Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person theymay be. As a child, be respectful towards an elderly man. Think over your words three timesbefore uttering them and always have a humble attitude.Always share with others the best thing you have. Empty your pocketbook to give; then youwill deserve the best result. If you do not do good for your fellowman, you will have no sleep;if you have done good, then your mind will rest in peace. Unpack the dirty elements insideyourself and cleanse them. Open up the baggage of your mind and look what you find there.Dont harbor selfish feelings; repent publicly for any selfish feelings you may haveentertained. Practice the virtue of meekness.If you push yourself to develop these attitudes, then the spirit world must descend to assistyou. The spirit world is using so many channels by which to come down and participate inGods providence; they will choose the best one to use first.In the Unification Church a true leader must be able to mobilize the spirit world. When youtouch it, all kinds of phenomena start to occur some very strange, some very wonderful. Dont 3
  4. 4. be manipulated by them. You be the subject. Dont let yourself be driven by strangephenomena; before this, you may have had to face these challenges all alone, but now youhave a clearer understanding.You already know the secret of tapping power from the spirit world; witness to others,pouring out all your heart, soul and mind for them. When I was in prison camp, I would pray,and prisoners would just come to me and stand there. When they were introduced to methrough the guidance of spirit world they would cling to me.You, too, can be like me. The problem is that you are often too distant from thinking about thespiritual dimension: holy things, holy mankind, holy temple, holy mind. When I was in theworst of situations, lonely and hungry, a revelation would come or an important guest wouldappear before me. When I needed money, the spirit world would guide someone to me. Spiritworld is never far away; they can cooperate with us. We should always feel that we are notdoing quite enough, and that we always have to try harder.Act with the support of the spirit world. If they are behind you, you will never be lonely, youwill always have energy and power. Even though you may be penniless, still have no fear.You can be adventurous and bold. On the road of success, the more you walk, the further youyearn to go.Who knows how long he or she will live? Maybe tomorrow you will die, at a mere 25 or 30years of age. Do you have some guarantee from God how long you will live? No one has sucha guarantee.A wise person thinks like this: "I have only a short time to live. Within this time I mustprepare myself for eternity. The way I live in the next two years will be the model for myeternal life." Then explode your sense of love. Love God, and love another person as God. Foran entire day, 24 hours, pour out your entire energy for someone. If you love a person likethis, even though you may die early, you will have made the highest accomplishment in alleternity. Then when God gives you more time to live, your response will be immensegratitude. Push yourself to live more fully. The person who expects death and then is givenlife dwells in the fullest gratitude.Leave behind something that God can praise. Each moment is so precious there is no time forworry or frustration. The person who recognizes that earthly life is short compared to eternityand, therefore, condenses his accomplishments is a wise man indeed. Think about what"label" you wear spiritually on your forehead. Ask yourself how many people, how manyclans, how many tribes, how many nations you have loved.Seek to become that master of love. Program your life like that, and you will never be a loser.Plan as if you only had two years to live, and then by the third year, when you are still alive,think of the joy of living! This is "resurrected" living. I still have so much to do love my wife,love my children, love all mankind. I have to love the Unification Church; I must payindemnity for all mankind; I need to liberate man from sin. I am determined to leave behindtremendous assets. 4
  5. 5. When you work, you must love that business, love the products you work with, and, of course,love the people. Always give honor to the other people. God created us, but we are alsoshaping ourselves and restoring our original value. Return a portion of what you earn to Godas a tithe. Give one-tenth to the local church, one-tenth to the national level work and one-tenth for the worldwide level three-tenths in all.When you give to others, dont think that you are giving to them out of your own pocket. Giveout as though it were coming from a heavenly treasure. Then the person who is receivingthrough you is actually receiving from God. The spirit world can then help you, and God willremember everything and return it to you ten times over.Make your company a dwelling of God; dont just feel like a worker or supervisor. Invest yourheart in your work. Determine to make it a business that will serve all people. Then whereveryour business goes, it becomes Gods "love extension." Whatever you are responsible for, giveit your heart and soul on a 24-hour basis; feel like you are the parent and it is your baby.Whatever you do, think that you are carrying it out in partnership with God. Feel that you arethe second owner and pour all your love into it. The one who loves something the most is theultimate owner. When you give love, you will attain infinite value. 5
  6. 6. The Importance of Prayer April 15, 1979Everyone harbors hope; there is no one without hope. How each one can accomplish that hopedepends not upon heaven but upon the individual. There are two ways of doing so-throughyour own power alone, or by receiving cooperation from others. If your desire is extraordinaryand great then your responsibility is also great. If you cannot fulfill it on your own, you needhelp from outside.When you start elementary school your purpose is to finish with a good record. In order tofinish with good marks your own effort plus the effort of your teachers is needed. The same istrue of junior high, high school and college life. It is not easy to fulfill 100% of your desire ateach level of study. What kind of attitude is needed? First you need total concentration whichleaves you time for nothing else. If you think about playing and meeting your friends first, youcannot fulfill 100% of the goal.From this standpoint let us analyze the life of believers. What is our goal ? It is to becomesons and daughters of God. There are many kinds of sons and daughters: An adopted son is ason; also there may be a rebellious son, a son of filial piety, and a son who is mediocre. In thissituation becoming a true son and daughter is difficult.In order to become a true son or daughter you must concentrate on the goal 100%, looking tothe True Parents constantly and thinking of nothing else. Just becoming good sons anddaughters to your natural parents is not easy, but how much more difficult it is to becomeabsolute sons and daughters of God. When you call upon God, your Father, He does notanswer right away. Even though you call upon God, if in your innermost heart you are notsure whether He even exists then God would not answer.What is the fall of man? It is nothing more than departure or separation from God. Man hasbeen separated to the degree that he has nothing to do with God. We are going back to restorethat original union. We can use an analogy from our world. Perhaps because of an unfortunateincident a child is separated from his parents at a very early age. After he is grown he mayhave occasion to meet his parents, but they will be total strangers to him; he will not knowwho they are. This young man must have some assurance that this man is his father, and at thesame time, there must be some witnesses to testify to the fact. Even if he knows they are hisparents, there is still some conflict and feeling of estrangement between the two parties.In order to become a true child to your parents, you must inherit their desires. Between thetwo there should be only one desire; their road in life should be your life, and your desireshould be theirs. Parents give their heart and soul to the children, and the children must do 6
  7. 7. likewise. When you are in one union, even though there are two separate parties there is stillonly one goal and one desire and purpose. Then the fulfillment of each becomes the joy of theother. Fulfilling a task becomes the common joy of father and son. When you continue thatway of life for one year, ten years, a whole lifetime, there is total unity between parents andchildren.Today our task is to discover the true desire of God, because as believers our goal is to be sonsand daughters of God. What we eat and drink and where we live are not part of Gods centralconcerns; these are things everyone does. In the Bible Jesus said not to worry about where todwell and what to eat, that this is what nonbelievers worry about. You must seek God and Hisrighteousness first. What is His kingdom and what is that righteousness?For us as Unification Church members, that kingdom and righteousness is the fulfillment ofthe Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. When Jesus spoke of Gods kingdom, he wasntreferring to just one nation; Gods righteousness isnt limited to one nations righteousness, butincludes the whole kingdom that God designed. For instance, the American peoplesrighteousness is secondary to that of the kingdom, not primary. If the righteousness of a wholenation is secondary, then clearly your own personal desires are much farther down the line.Gods kingdom should engulf the nation, and the family and individual should come withinthe scope of that nation. Imagine that this large circle is America; within it are circles for thesociety, tribe and family. The shapes are the same and they differ only in size so they can allbe contained within the large circle. The crossing point of the axes is the center of each of thecircles. There may be a big nation and small nation, but the same vertical line cuts throughthem both. Everything is centered on that axis, and that alignment can be connected to oneprimary desire.An individual trying to achieve the highest goal does not have to leave his own country orsociety or family; he must actually go to each of them and penetrate each stage. Another wayof depicting this is to picture you as a locomotive pulling a family behind you, plus a society,nation and world. All of these can be aligned behind you. When you move, the train of thefamily, nation and world and spirit world moves behind you.Does this concept apply in the context of todays America? This is the so-called "megeneration," and among other things it means that America is totally isolating herself from therest of the world. God is trying to fulfill one harmonized world, and so when anyone thinks inselfish fashion he is a traitor to Gods own desire. Americans say they dont care about theircountry. There are people of all five colors of skin in this country, and if they only care abouttheir own race then in Gods sight they are the most traitorous foe. They are causing barriers toemerge between the races, which is totally opposite to Gods will.I want you to understand that Gods will always centers on one focal point for everyone-forthe family, nation, world and cosmos. Thats the way God designed the world. What is thatcenter? That central principle or axis of the universe is the fatherson relationship. In anyfamily there is a fatherson axis and everything else surrounds that. When one family assumesthe father position, other families assume the sons position. 7
  8. 8. Any corporation operates the same way; the president is in the fathers position and theemployees are in the childrens position. The concept should be that the employer is workingfor the sake of the employees and each employee is working not for his boss, but for thewellbeing of his own corporate family. A head of state is in the parental position and thepeople are in the childrens position. A true central figure should be thinking like a fatherwould think. Without that parental heart anyone in that position is a false central person.The criterion of comparison is whether he is better or worse than your own father. The peopleshould love the central figure of their nation like their own father, because after all, their ownnatural fathers are also in the position of children to that per son. Those fathers would expecttheir children to love the head of state and the nation more than their own fathers. With thisviewpoint the children can participate in patriotic action even to the extent of giving up theirown lives and sacrificing their own families. Above the president of the nation should besomeone in the position of president of the entire world. The head of state should be loyal tothe president of the world to the same degree. Almighty God resides above that man, and heshould be loyal to God in the same fashion that everyone is loyal to him.Why should it be like this? From the individual to God there should be one central connectingaxis, with the result that everything in between is like a bridge between the individual andGod. In any company operating under this principle the president would serve his employeeslike a father would his own children. The employees would work for the wellbeing of thecompany just as children would for their father, and naturally such a company would prosperand be righteous.What about the Unification Church in light of this principle? The Unification Church is boundtogether by the fatherson relationship, but our purpose is not to advance the wellbeing of theChurch. We are here to accomplish something greater for the sake of the world and cosmos. Ialways teach you to sacrifice yourselves to help the nation and God, never to live for theprosperity of the Unification Church. If we truly practice this ideology then it has to becomethe central theme of the world. Then we can use the Unification Church as a ladder, going allthe way to the top with the same principle. You are working toward being tribal messiahs,then national and world messiahs, all the way to God.When I was searching after the Principle I spent many agonized nights in prayer, and thecentral theme of those prayers was to understand what the central axis and core principle ofthe universe was. Ultimately the answer came that the central axis was the fathersonrelationship, which I have just explained. When we live up to that principle then we are goingto bring a world of peace and unity. Since the universe is organized this way when you lookhorizontally at other people you are seeing no one else but your brothers and sisters. You arelinked together because you have common parents.If the younger children serve and love their elder brother more than their parents, would theparents be jealous? No, they would smile ear to ear to see such an exchange of love betweentheir children. I know you love me and love God, but when I look at you I want to see whetheryou have that love among yourselves. That becomes my joy and something beautiful tobehold. In order to become true sons and daughters you must first love each other more than 8
  9. 9. your parents; that is the most beautiful gift you can give your parents. If you are loving in thatway then you are positioning yourself closest to the parents. Then even if you dont knowPrinciple intellectually, no one could say you dont know the truth.In the Unification Church we have a common rule about who is the true member of theChurch; he is the one who truly loves his brothers and sisters. Not only I think that way, butcompany presidents, national and world leaders should think that way as well. God Himself isthat way. Do you think there are different principles working on each different level? Wouldyou welcome this principle of love if this works in every different situation?To become sons and daughters of God you have to move the heart of God and entice His love.If a person leaves for a faraway place, would he be separated and not have anything to do withthis theme? Whether a poplar tree is at Belvedere or New York, it is still a poplar tree.Wherever you go, this principle shall remain as the standard. If you want to dive by anotherprinciple, I say to you, go ahead and try to find a better one. Do you agree that Gods kingdomand righteousness shall be built by this fatherson relationship?When this relationship is expanded horizontally it is known as the subject object relationship.Right now I am subject and you are objects. When you are united in that relationship withothers, even a piece of chalk can be very precious. In this relationship everything you do isrewarding and serves a purpose. Of itself studying is nothing, but when you take the centralposition and have a purpose, studying becomes very important. Instead of saying you hateyour books, you really love them.No matter what you see in this universe, when you think it is related to you in this subjectobject relationship, everything becomes very important all of a sudden. With this point ofview you are a dynamo and ambassador of the love of God and there is nothing that is notlovable or precious. There is happiness and harmony wherever you go when you are a subjectof the love of God. I dont think God could think up any better way than this.Our job today is not to seek what to eat or drink or where to live but to seek Gods kingdomand His righteousness. Now we know where to look. God is not unaware that you need foodand shelter, but He knows that when you take care of the important things first theneverything else will be taken care of. You have to decide to win the love of God first.Words are cheap and this sounds good, but how far are you from realizing this? When youlook at yourself you know better than I do where you are in terms of realizing this. Is therealization of it quite far away or close at hand? As an ideal this sounds good, but living it isanother thing entirely. Maybe you think you are not cut out for such a life because you can seemany, many problems to be solved. The problems of the family are as big as the family; theproblems of the nation are as big as the nation. The problems of the world and universe are asbig as the world and universe. How can you cope with such vast and complex problems?The easiest thing you can do is just give up, right? But thats no solution. If your capacity isnot adequate then you must seek the help of others. Where can you get the necessary help and 9
  10. 10. guidance? Is there anyone to turn to? Now we have come to the topic of todays message, theimportance of prayer.The most important thing in prayer is the attitude of the person who is praying. The mostessential thing is your commitment to go toward this destiny without reservation. If anythingwants to block you, you have to be decided that it will never stop you. Unless you have thatcommitment first, God will not waste His time trying to help you. He has always beendeceived in history, so what God needs to see is proof of what you are and how strong yourcommitment is. You may tell God you are totally committed, but He will shake His head andthink, "I have to wait three more years and see." If God sees that something isnt quite right inyou, He wild wait before sending down His help. God needs to be sure.God is foolish if He gives His help freely but then at the end of several years the person is allin pieces. If I were God I would also wait and see. Suppose you were God; what would youdo? You may tell God, "You see I am living as a Moonie and I will die as one." Then God willnotice and look more closely, but no matter how firmly you pray, without this basiccommitment nothing will happen and you will be wasting your time. A decisive attitude is thekey.Do you think I made a commitment to God that I would never change, not for fifty years orthe rest of my life? I prayed first for the absolute faith which could say, "Even if not a singleperson in this world can believe, I will believe and follow in whatever incredible course Yougive me." Second, I asked for absolute knowledge and wisdom. Third, I asked for absolutelove. I prayed for these three things throughout my life, and now in looking back I see thatthey have been fulfilled, even when I didnt know it was happening. There is no other powerthat could go beyond the boundary of race and nation. Since God could give me this absolutewisdom, I could search and find the Divine Principle and the truth about the world.An attitude of absoluteness is the basis for everything. Nowadays most of you think in termsof when you will get married, thinking that you are getting older and older. If this worries youthen your absolute commitment is starting to shake. Instead of shrinking, you can make yourcommitment much thicker by thinking, "Marriage? That doesnt bother me or change mycommitment. " When you face great problems and agony, after you finally overcome themyour faith will be like iron. When you can see the kind of obstacle that might confront you,you can clear the field.Suppose you have been married for some time and are deeply in love, but then suddenly yourwife or husband dies. Would all of heaven and earth crumble for you? That might be the verymoment you could curse God for taking your loved one away, but instead you can thank Himfor His grace in giving you a situation that will strengthen your faith. Then your belief canbecome stronger instead of weaker. God is a parent, and if He takes a loved one away it is notbecause He hates you but for some greater reason. If you can accept it and have faith in thatpurpose then you are ready for another challenge.In our Unification Church faith the most beautiful word is indemnity; through indemnity wecan pay the debt of sin. You can think that no one else could stand such a burden of 10
  11. 11. indemnity, so God is asking you to pay instead as His champion. You can accept it with athankful heart. When you compare the time you spend without the person you loved with themillions of years your generations will live, your payment of indemnity is small incomparison to the blessing God will give you and your descendants. If the death of your lovedone was really accidental and not direct intervention of God, yet you pray with this attitude ofgratitude, then God will feel that He has really found an extraordinary child and His blessingwill automatically be yours. Your attitude will decide the amount of blessing.Are you ready? If an extraordinary grief or tragedy hits you, are you ready to thank God andask what is next? You know the law of indemnity; you cannot expect only good things andthen curse God when unpleasant things happen. With knowledge of indemnity there should benothing you cannot bear. That is the attitude of those who truly know God. When you firstjoin this Church your eyes might be bright and filled with fervor, but after three years youreyes get a little duller, dont they? No? Ten years later? It is easy to say no, isnt it? But do youreally have confidence?Prayer is an absolute necessity. You may kneel all the way down to pray, but the mostimportant thing is that you create an environment of commitment first. Unless your basicattitude is ready, no amount of prayer will be useful. In the Christian world today many peoplepray every day, but do you think they pray to destroy the Christian churches? No, they prayfor prosperity, but the churches are crumbling nevertheless. Do you pray for the sake of theUnification Church? You dont have to pray for the Unification Church; pray for the bigthings-the nation, the world, the liberation of God. What you are really doing then is prayingfor a cross even bigger than the Unification Church.If you pray for yourself or for things smaller than the Church then God will not answerbecause He is not interested in listening to such boring prayer. When you talk about the nationand world, He gets excited and starts looking for ways to help. This is training for how to lovegreater things. If you really live like that then even if you dont have time to pray God will stillback you up.In churches today people pray for their denominations, their social security check or theirfamily problems and their pet. Gods ears hurt when He hears those prayers and He will plugHis ears. If those people prayed for God to use their church to help save the world and liberateGod, He would perk up and be amazed because God is a person just like you. When you onlytalk about yourself in your prayer, God is thoroughly bored and nothing will happen. But ifyou pray for His righteousness and His kingdom, He will be caught up in your passion.In order to fulfill bigger things you need an adventurous mind willing to take risks. Then Godwill tell you not to worry, that He is right behind you. If you throw yourself into overcomingthe stone walls and persecution before you, God will take up your battle for He knows who isjust and who is unjust. But first God will watch, giving you a chance to knock your opponentdown with your own capability. This is the same thing a father and mother would do. If youcome running to God to ask for help before you even confront your enemy, He, like anyparent, will be ashamed to hear you and will send you back out again. Create a good problem:be a heavenly troublemaker instead. 11
  12. 12. I came to America and became a good troublemaker, and thats why America doesnt like me.America has built a prosperous society, but I came to shake this nation and Americans resentmy disturbing their peace. But I did not come to destroy America, only to warn this nation thatthere is danger ahead. Someone has to warn the people and bring them out of disaster. Youknow there is a big battle coming so you must ready yourself in body and spirit. After you gofirst you can ask God to come and help you with anything you lack. Then God will say, "Goahead. I am right behind you."If you seriously sit down and pray in those circumstances, God will encourage you. As soonas proof of your commitment comes to God, an avalanche of help will come to you. I havehad the experience of thinking about some problem and not even praying about it, but alreadyGod knew my thoughts and went one step ahead of me. When I discovered that my thinkinghad been fulfilled, He smiled and said, "See what I did?"You need the basic attitude of sincerity as a foundation of prayer. Otherwise, no prayer willwork. More important for creating that atmosphere is to go out and serve one more person,knock on one more door, receive more persecution. That is more valuable than sitting forhours in a dark room praying. Prayer is only needed after you have exerted all your energyand it was not enough. Then you can ask God to come help. When you can do it then youdont have to ask God, but can tell Him to relax. The prayer for all seasons is the prayer forGods kingdom and His righteousness.Do you think God prays sometimes? Sometimes without thinking a parent murmurs to himselfor herself, "Oh, I wish my son would do this, or be that way." That is Gods prayer also. Godis murmuring about you, about me and about the Unification Church because this is anemergency and He is engrossed in His concern. That is Gods prayer. You dont even have tosit down to pray; you can just talk to yourself as you go, whispering and murmuring yourconcern. Thats prayer. In our case praying and doing is our life. Praying and waiting is notour life.If you pray unconsciously in everyday life then undoubtedly you are becoming sons anddaughters of prayer. you give your last ounce of energy but it is not enough, then ask God forassistance and your prayer will be answered. If that were not the case, how could we eversubjugate Satan? Satan has given unending anguish and heartbreak to God for 6,000 years andif there were no way we could finally subjugate him then there would be no end to it. Theremust be a way.The power of prayer works wonders, but prayer must be serious and done with one unitedheart, not a divided heart. When the moment of engagement comes, it is a most seriousmoment for both men and women, but in the Unification Church it is different because youleave it to me. Do you realize what a formidable job it is to pick your own spouse? In thatmoment you become dead serious, but prayer is even more serious than that. If you pray withthat attitude then it will be answered. If your parents are on their deathbed it is a seriousmoment, and the words you speak then are urgent. There is no way you could doze at thattime. Your prayer to God is more serious than that. 12
  13. 13. Prayer is like a covenant between you and God, a promise. Once you make a contract, youfollow through and then it will undoubtedly be fulfilled. That is the attitude I am talkingabout. You must not be disappointed when prayer is not answered immediately. Someanswers come late. At other times you should not be overjoyed when prayer is answeredquickly. That is not necessarily the best thing.Because you are surrounded by the world there are many stages to go through horizontallyand vertically. The answer to prayer does not come from you but down from heaven and ittakes time to reach you. There have been many foolish people who received answers to theirprayers up to a point but who didnt go the final inch, and when they werent satisfied theybetrayed God. When you pray for the world you may not see things changing immediatelyaround you, but far away the communist world starts to crumble. The impact of prayer can befelt in a faraway place. If you are in the Abel position, the answer comes from Cain and takestime to reach you.You must think that your prayer today may not be fulfilled until thousands of years from now.I pray such prayers. I am not praying just for this world today; I am praying for 1,000 and2,000 years from now. If that prayer makes a bridge between that time and now then theUnification Church will continue to flourish even a long time after I am gone from the earth.That kind of prayer is needed.If many of you pray that kind of eternal prayer, the world will start to shake and the impact befar-reaching. The root of that prayer is your tears, sweat and blood, and out of it beautifulflowers will blossom. When Jesus prayed on Gethsemane he was deadly serious, sheddingtears, sweat and blood. All day long you must be in a prayer mood, not just one hour, but 24hours. What prayer position do you prefer? The best is to kneel and lower your head. Youhave to restrict your bodys freedom, as though it were bound. You will feel pain, butovercome it because you must be serious. Then God will know your attitude. That is anecessity for prayer. Without prayer Jesus and the saints could not have done the great thingsthat had an impact on the world. When you resort to the power of prayer you can have hopebecause you never know when the fulfillment will come.My prayer is centered on the culmination of the third seven year course. You may think I relaxwhen I am alone, but there is no moment of relaxation because my mind is alwaysconcentrated on the completion of the third seven year course. You must understand theimportance of prayer and have conviction that prayer will be answered. Through prayer youcan receive power.Through prayer you can receive visions into the future and guide yourself accordingly. Youwill know what kind of difficulty is coming and how to divert it and overcome. If you knowhow to steer yourself then you can do big things, and prayer alone can pioneer such a path. Itis more important than eating. I go out to nature because it gives me a better environment forprayer, and I love nature for that reason. I love the quiet of midnight. I dont say much aboutthe visions I receive, but if you receive them then dont you think I do too? That kind of newworld can only be reached through prayer. In that position you can taste love. This world isdesertlike, but the world created through prayer has a climate where love can thrive. 13
  14. 14. You must learn how to generate your own power. You cannot expect that I will always pullyou and push you out. You must make yourself self propelling. In order to do that, prayermust be the diet of your life. Whether people recognize your efforts or not, you must do yourduty enthusiastically because you have a covenant with God. Day and night you move on;there is no pause. That is a living testimony.Every several years my topic of prayer changes, which shows progress to a new era. In aprayerful mind I know precisely what time it is in Gods timetable. That kind of preparation isnecessary for self perfection, and you must learn it through the power of prayer. Do you prayin the way I taught you today, for His kingdom and righteousness? Pray that this country canbecome a center of Gods righteousness. Your country has seen many fervent patriots, but youmust pray with more fervor than any of them. If your concern for this country is greater thanGods then this country will survive, but other wise it will crumble.What is our goal and destination in the Unification Church? I am leading you where Goddesires for you to be. It doesnt make any difference whether it is difficult or easy becausewhether there are many obstacles in front of us is irrelevant. The important thing is not justgetting there, but getting there in the shortest possible time. If we go quickly then there is lessdanger, but when the process is stretched out there are many opportunities for disaster and wemust not allow that.This is a transitional period; we are entering into a new era, a new plateau and history of faith.Therefore, this is a critical moment for you and God. Last night I spoke to the departmentheads about the true meaning of home church. Home church is the greatest gift God and TrueParents can give mankind. It has never existed before and will not again in the future. Whenyou make this gift yours by fulfilling it, you will definitely become a son and daughter ofGod. I have prepared this precious gift for you for my entire life of sixty years and now Ifreely give it to you. You can make it yours in six months. This is an incredible opportunity.Home church should be the subject of your prayer. Pray with a parental heart for your homechurch people as your children who are struggling in hell. Your heart as a parent must begrieved and desiring to save them. If you dont have that feeling then you are in a direemergency; you must open your heart to parental feeling of love toward your people. If youdont have real love for them then push yourself until you do. No one has to teach a parent tolove his children. If you feel like a parent to your home church then your love will be the sameand no one will have to teach you.Just finishing elementary school takes six years of daily attendance. Do you think homechurch is comparable even to elementary school? It is the school for becoming a messiah.Think of how important it is. Even though you might attend it your entire life, you must giveyour heart and soul because you could not have any better school. Even though you have only360 homes, God will treat your efforts there as though you had given them for the entireuniverse.In America there are about 70 million homes, and if each person had 360 homes we wouldneed 200,000 members to cover all America. If the entire Christian population accepted 14
  15. 15. Divine Principle and wanted to do home church, what would happen? There would be noroom for you! There is nothing more important for you than this. Test your own power ofprayer: take one person and pray for him fervently, constantly, without telling him. Praytearfully for his wellbeing and then that person will feel a magnetic attraction to you. He wontknow why he feels drawn to you.If you receive in your prayer that you will meet a person at such and such a time, when you gothere then that person will come. If you are dead serious then these things will happen.Hypnosis can transfer a person into another state of consciousness, but how much more canprayer change lives. There is no distance or limit to its influence because the power of thoughttravels everywhere. You can mobilize the entire spirit world by the power of prayer. You haveexperienced that I will work through your prayers and tell you certain things. There is no limitto the power of prayer.When you have the right attitude in prayer then miracle after miracle will happen. The mostimportant part of a launching pad is the foundation. At takeoff it must not break under the heatand pressure. Your prayer is like a missile firing and you need a solid foundation. You mustnot pray from greed for yourself. That prayer would be harmful to you. Public prayer as apublic person will cleanse you and elevate you higher and higher.If you live with this high sensitivity to spirit world, you will sense what is forthcoming. Yourperception will be keen and you can prepare for the future. You should know that you are liketwo people in one. Your inner man is like a mirror, clean and bright. When the inner andexternal men are not synchronized you feel anguish. but when they are perfectly aligned youfeel joy and power. This is happening every day within you. When you see a person yourinner man can tell you what kind of person he is, and if you hear a persons report, a sixthsense tell you how truthful it is. When someone walks into a room, I can see whether he isbringing good news or bad.Dont neglect this inner man but consult him all the time. When you are higher spiritually youare always there, always speaking with this inner man. You have a spirit man and he wants totalk to your physical man. You may not have any intention of saying anything yet suddenlyyou find your mouth moving. That is not you but your inner partner speaking. Even the rats ofa ship can sense when a ship is in trouble and run away, but how much more should man, thesupreme creation of God, know when life or death is coming? Shouldnt you be alerted when acertain destiny is forthcoming? For your inner and outer man to become one you need thepower of prayer.I have a family but I seldom pray for them. My prayer is anguish for the nation and world andcosmos. God will concern Himself with my wellbeing because I am concerned with Gods. If Ionly paid attention to my family instead of to the world and God, my family would get sick. Idont concern myself with my familys wellbeing; I concern myself with the Church and Godswork and I know God will take care of them in the meantime. This is the principle of give andtake. 15
  16. 16. Those who want to do more for others will receive more; those who want to go down will belifted up. Dont pray empty prayers. Now you know the power of prayer. Everyone needs toexperience these things spiritually. You must know whether the things you do will succeed orfail. You know that certain things will succeed because you feel pulled in that direction andare eager to go ahead. Your body is like the receiver of a radio. Free yourself from self-centered thinking, and then mighty things will happen to you. You must open that valve.You are entitled to ask for Gods power, but only for the sake of His righteousness andKingdom. Then He will come down. Pray and act; you will feel different from yesterday andyou will know the power of prayer is in action. Today is just the beginning; pray to tell Godthat you are just beginning and need His help. Make a showdown with God every day. It shallbecome second nature, and without being conscious of it you can live that life all the time.Lets do it then.Let us pray. 16
  17. 17. Necessity of Prayer June 22, 1980We all understand that prayer is an indispensable element in religious life. Being a religiousgroup, we emphasize prayer. Why? In a word, it is because we havent fulfilled everything,and because we are not fully equipped to do everything we need to do. From earliest timesmankind has been praying, and we can conclude it is because man has not fulfilled what hehas wished for.There are all different levels of prayer, about the individual, family, tribe and so forth. Thenwhy hasnt the purpose of mans religious life already been fulfilled? We know prayer wasnecessitated by the fall; man is trying to accomplish something left undone by the fall. Whosefault was the fall, Gods or mans? We must make sure, because if it wasnt done by the firstancestors of mankind, then some people somewhere must be perfect. If it was true that someindividuals became perfect, but a family broke up, then we wouldnt have to pray about theindividual. But we know there is no one who is perfect, so the fall must have been caused bythe first man and woman.Then why did the first ancestors fall? Man did not go in the direction God desired; by going inanother direction man fell, so where is mans liberty and free will? Before modern times didmankind have liberty? Western countries cherish freedom, especially since the Renaissance.Then where is this freedom to be found?It is not really freedom to have liberty and then always walk backward, or just do anythingyou like. In the same way it is not natural to use just one eye, or to plug one ear and listen withthe other. Freedom which does not satisfy the Principle is not really freedom. Will freedom beobtained by fulfilling necessary conditions, or does it just come along?Is freedom necessary for its own sake, or in order to fulfill the ideal? Is freedom itself theideal? No. It is valuable only because it is necessary for fulfilling the ideal. Actually it is theideal to be natural in a way that cannot be accused. For example, it is ideal for eyes to blinkonce in a while; it is torture for eyes not to blink.The ideal has a direction and freedom has a direction. Human life has a direction; we dont justlive aimlessly. Just as an individual has a direction in life, so does history, even though it mayseem to move haphazardly. We can even say that God has a certain direction and purpose.When something has an objective, then it has a direction to go in. You got up early thismorning and something in your mind kept pointing you toward Belvedere, so now you aresitting here. The fact that you have assembled here shows that you are united in wanting to goa step further in a certain direction, to a higher level. 17
  18. 18. By meeting True Parents in the morning you come into unity, to see a new direction and reallygo forward. A succession of this kind of event is what we call development. A person strivesfor the ideal as an individual, and then moves onto other levels. One result of the fall is thatmankind lost direction, and thats how man has been living for thousands of years. The worldis in confusion, not knowing where to go or how to find an example.In order for something to move it has to have energy; that power is just as necessary in humanhistory as in nature. In the confrontation between Russia and America we see that the morepowerful of the two pushes the less powerful. Where does this power come from? It is greatestfor the nation that has a clear sense of direction.Power also stems from unity among a nations people. America is a nation divided internally,with individuals just going their own way and not caring about unity or direction. How aboutthe Unification Church? It has a completely different outlook because it has a differentdirection and it has unity. Your unity with True Parents is so strong that your parents getupset.What should we pay most attention to? We unite because we have a certain direction toward ahigher level. You have to know whether you have a precise direction, not just an idea of one.It seems true that in the garden of Eden God had a direction. The fall basically meant that Godsaid, "Lets go this way, and man said, "No, lets go this way." So who should follow whom?Why wouldnt it be just as well for God to follow man?The subject-object situation was absolutely necessary for God, and under the law of creationthe subject is always followed by the object. The fall meant that this law was not observed,and today mankind doesnt even know there is such a thing as subject and object. Today manywomen think they are able to be subject. We know that starting with God and the firstancestors there is subject and object; the subject must love the object, which follows, and theymust come into unity by following a clear direction. While they move in that direction theycan come into unity.In history we see that there is a force which is rearranging the confusion of society anddirecting man toward a certain purpose. Without power or energy we cannot move at all.Certainly some force was necessary for the natural world to come into being, and in historysome power has always led men to a desirable direction. It is a realistic conclusion to say thatall things are done through energy, or force.Where does power come from? Power results only from action and reaction. To accomplish ahuge task, a huge amount of power is needed, which requires a huge action and response.Before the universe has power it must have the right situation and response. When we eat foodit enters the stomach, and when it becomes one with the body it gives us power. Power canonly result from action. For example, the response to the food is digestive action. Evenscientists recognize that there is great power in the universe, but they fail to recognize thatgreat action preceded that power. 18
  19. 19. If you really look into what must precede action, you will find that subject and object areabsolutely necessary. It is easy to see this principle at work in the natural world. We know thatthe Divine Principle is wonderful, and one of the key realizations it contains is this deepunderstanding for the necessity of subject and object; we can deeply know the dualessentialities of God through this point.Starting with subject and object as the base, we have give and take. Then we can see that theyfulfill the four position foundation, through which they attain all their beauty. When this isfulfilled in a sequence of steps, it has direction and unity and purpose. The subject and objectrelationship clearly comes first with a certain purpose to achieve, so it has precise direction.Unification Church women have a certain ideal and purpose, and thus have a certain direction.More concretely, women have an individual purpose, plus a purpose leading to men.Centering on yourself you have a purpose as subject, and al so as object. Why do women havetwo purposes, instead of just one? This is because women resemble God, who happens to haveduality; because subject and object want to get together, you have two purposes.When subject and object come into oneness, they can go to a higher level and form a subject-object relationship with a higher being. Then when they form unity they in turn will becomeobject to a higher-level subject.First you have mind and body as an individual, each of which have a purpose, so within youthere are dual purposes. They vaguely correspond in direction, but nevertheless they aredistinct. How do they coordinate with each other? It all happens within the foundation of fourpositions, with give and take action going round and round. Within an individual it is alwaysthe mind that directs the body, not vice versa. Is that relationship the result of receiving ahigh-level college education, or were you just born with it? That is taking place every daywithin each of us. The power within the universe moves in the same way, just as a tornado ortyphoon finds an appropriate path.Often the body seems not to hear, however. Until you understand this principle you mighthave room for going a different way, but once you know this is how the whole universeoperates then you know your body should follow your mind at all times. This is where powerwill come from, so having a clear idea of subject and object will help revolutionize yourindividual life, family life, and so forth. Is this just fine talk, or do you feel this is really thesecret of your being?We know that for many years mankind did not understand this because the fall confused thisbasic concept for man. The archangel had a relationship of object to God, but he failed toobserve the right direction. The archangels idea of purpose became different from Gods idea,so their relationship and direction became separate and unity was not obtained.It is important to know clearly about subject-object relations. In the communist countries theysay the capitalists exist for the workers, but they totally fail to understand who is subject -- theworker, or whoever runs the company. In your idea who is it? Right or wrong, the owner is inposition of subject. In the four position foundation we have God, the owner, workers andcompany, so the owner has to have relationships in two directions. The worker will be in the 19
  20. 20. object position, but on an equal level with the subject. The nation is moving in a certaindirection, so the worker as object and factory-owner as subject will move together in thatsame direction. This principle is the only reason for anyone to pay taxes. In the same way,there are a leader and citizens in America and they must go in the direction the countrydesires. Even within the individual the same pattern will be found, though in a smaller scale.Now we have learned that fulfillment of the purpose of the ideal is found in the four positionfoundation. You have two eyes, an optical nerve, and a point of focus in your vision; togetherthe y form a four position foundation. Air enters through two nostrils; you hear through twoears. We have to be aware of the subject position, realizing there is such a thing as an object,and then we can have purpose, direction, and unity.The communist ideology is founded on the idea that there is no such thing as subject or object,no such thing as purpose, and thus no direction or unity necessary in human life. If acommunist concedes that any of these elements must be present, then he has denied the wholecommunist philosophy. Their typical view of a subject-object relationship is understood onlyin terms of fighting: through conflict they become one! In this thinking, then, men and womenmust fight before they can have unity. They say that mind and body have to fight in order tofind unity.They view the material world as subject, and say that the existence of the mind is onlyaccidental. It really is a satanic outlook on life, inverting the actual universal Principle. Thedirection communist countries s et for the individual and nation is one of fighting. Of coursethey say they want to unify the whole world under communism, but they also say that bloodmust be shed before that can happen.This is exactly how they are thinking and this activity cannot be forgiven. It not only goesagainst the direction of history, but also against the law of existence in the universe.As long as the communists have no clear objective to reach after their revolution, and theyonly fight in the name of progress, then they make no sense at all. They say something goodwill probably happen after the fighting, but actually they have no clear idea of what they willbecome. Now the communists in different nations are fighting among each other. But unlessthere can be unity, how can the ideal come into being?What we have here in Unification Church is founded on solid rock. In the history of theuniverse, where is the subject and object? Is it God and man together who have to createhistory? Can America say that it has been prosperous without God, and just continue on itsway? If we learn from what happened in history, we wont make the same mistake. No greatempire or nation knew beforehand that it would collapse. Individuals can do a certain amount,but after that they are helpless.People today have stopped pursuing the ideal, saying that things like religion arent necessary,and they indulge in sensual excitement as a way of life. No person has met more persecutionthan I have; whenever I spoke up the commotion began, in the churches, the government,every place. No one else has ever met so much persecution and survived. How did I do it? I 20
  21. 21. am the only one who lived according to natural law, moving in the same direction as theuniverse. Thus, I prospered more and more.Eventually America will have to listen to me, and even though the President may notrecognize me, this nation will eventually believe me. Even in daily life am I a success orfailure? I do not take great pride in what I know, or manipulate people. I get out and s et theexample of how to live. But I will never try to compromise the Principle; whatever is thePrinciple way, I do. What makes me different from anyone in the world is my notion ofsubject and object. That is very serious and very strong. I follow the same direction God does.I have a clear view of the future of the world, and an objective to go toward, and I will nevercompromise that. I am all for bringing everything into unity. As long as someone is a son ordaughter of God, he will come into unity centering on God.Why do you find yourself here in Unification Church? You dont eat delicious food here, andyou cant sleep as much as you want; people dont even respect you. What do you have hereanyway? Your purpose for being here is to be like a rock upon which God can rebuild theworld. God is pounding on you to make you tempered steel. Do you know about the processof making Japanese swords? The metal is put in the fire and then beaten, again and again.That is what is happening to you year after year . Everyone who mistreats you helps in thisprocess. In order for you to have great power you must have much give and take action, andbeing pounded on is part of that action.I start many new things because I am not interested in just one area. Thats how my life hasalways been. I started training myself much earlier than you did. I know what it takes to traina person because I have gone through the same things. Is it bad or good that I want you to bestronger than me? You have a difficult time being pounded, but I who am doing the poundingalso have a difficult time. The name of the game is who gives up first! All you have to do issurvive until I give up.Would you feel that your children cannot be greater than you? Though you are the parent, youwill want them to be better than you because you know your own deficiencies. You alwaysthink that I will give you more assignments to make you work hard. In your mind you thinkthat you dont question whatever I do, but you wonder if you can really work harder . Youawkwardly conclude that you love me but feel that Unification Church life is too hard, that itis too hard to be object to the subject. You might want me to listen to the object once in awhile.You and your ancestors are used to the American life and maybe you think I dont understandAmericans. I always have a reason for what I do, so should you listen to me, or me to you?God has a definite idea whether I should listen to Him or He should listen to me. The wholeuniverse centers around the positions of subject and object; an equally strong law is that theobject must follow subject. Is the whole thing clear to you?Maybe you ask if it would be better to follow a religion with an easier course, like Buddhismor Hinduism. There are not even chairs to sit on here. On the coldest winter day you alwayssat on a cold concrete floor, but just recently you have been provided with a carpet to sit on. In 21
  22. 22. any other church you sit on pews to listen to short sermons, and feel that the other churchmembers are interested in your problems. They will never make you fund raise! The ministerwill warmly shake your hand and come visit you, but I dont do that.In light of all this, why do you make a determination that you must do even more? It isbecause such thinking perfectly conforms to the Principle. Whether other people approve ornot, we go on because it is the right thing to do. Even though you may not have gone tocollege, you know what contribution I have made to history. By myself I have broughtthousands of people closer to God.Other people say we cannot ever compare the Creator to His creations. But the purpose ofreligion is to bring God and man together, and I have brought this lofty idea of God into livingreality and lifted man all the way up to heaven. We can live with God in our daily life, not justin concept. God is the subject over our daily life, over where we will go, and over whereAmerica will go and where history will go 10,000 years from now.We have to be serious about subject-object relations all the time, in every part of life. We areon the right track, and if we just keep going we will reach the ideal. That is our destiny. Itreally matters little whether it is agreeable to or approved by others. It would be easier if Ididnt have to take the Unification Church along with me, but not only that, eventually I mustbring the entire world. The same tears that roll down my face should roll down your faces;whats good-tasting to me should taste good to you also.You and I eat different food; I sleep on my back, while you sleep on your stomach. I evenspeak a different language, but our tears and our hearts should be the same, whether white,black or yellow. This is our common denominator and meeting point.Now you know that you need much power, so you need much action. Before you can comeinto action you must establish clearly defined subject-object relationships. With that poweryou will go toward a purpose, in a specific direction. Finally the whole thing will come intounity on a higher level, and ultimately everyone will unite on the highest level. This is aprecise summary of what I have told you this morning. Is there any fault in this?In order for there to be power it is absolutely necessary for subject and object to come intogood action. If one eye sees clearly and the other eye sees dimly, can they focus well? Thenthe four position foundation will not be formed in a correct way.If you work in many directions then after successful give and take action you will have muchpower. That means you need many subject-object relationships, both as subject and as object.You dont generate action for its own sake, but with a purpose in mind. Once you come intoperfect unity with America and it responds, then you will go toward the world. Then the worldwill come within your embrace and become one. Once the world becomes our object, we areready to form a perfect relationship with God as subject and the world as object.Then what belongs to God is yours, and what is yours is Gods. There is no such thing asdivision in that case. All is done with love, and then the whole process will be finished. Then 22
  23. 23. our laughter will never cease for eternity. Definitely the universe will develop according tothis principle. Communists insist that their doctrine will continue eternally, but actually atsome point it must join forces with our doctrine. When we reach this goal, the communistswill be connected to us.This will take place when subject and object become harmonious in every way and the wholeuniverse comes into perfect unity centering on God. One force will act and another respond;one will go up, then down, in and out, and so forth. With each force alternately pushing, theuniverse will go around. When a childs top is spinning slowly it wobbles, but when it iswhirling quickly it stands perfectly in place. In the same way, when the forces acting on theuniverse are perfectly balanced, it whirls in place.Todays human knowledge reveals that the universe is expanding, but doesnt show that it alsocontracts, or comes back in again. It doesnt just repeat a certain static pattern but goes in avertical field or sphere. Then why is the earth round, for instance? Because it is in perpetualmotion of horizontal and vertical. Thats the principle of the universe in action.Where would I go after I finish my work in America and the world? I would go back to myhometown. Always you can think that the first place you will go when you succeed is back toyour native land. Why? Because of this universal principle I have just described.You breathe by inhaling and exhaling. Air is not stationary; it constantly moves in areas oflow and high pressure because of this principle. You might want to stay on the level you havebeen brought up in, and wonder why you should go to the national and world level. It isbecause the only way to perfect oneself is to perfect the world; there is an indivisiblerelationship between the two.You all want to be the most important person in the world, whether you are qualified or not.There is no one who would refuse that. When we reach the world level, without fail it willcome back again, completing a circle of action. The world will turn on an axis which linksGod and earth. Even though there may be a plus and minus, however, without love the axiswill not come into being. The Unification Church must have an idea of individual perfection,but without also having an ideal of world perfection the individual cannot reach his goal.Though it might take us millions of years, this is the way we have to go.We can achieve hundreds of times more here on earth than in spirit world. This is why we areso fortunate to know the will of God today. When we reach up to fulfill all levels of unity, wewill start experiencing Gods love; this is where He beckons us to come.Now let me return to the question of why we have to pray. From the point of the fall we haveto reach up to that point, and then eventually we will reach the center. When the axis is placedfirmly and give and take action can take place, then the ideal horizontal way will followalmost immediately.We have to have a definite idea about God and His grandchildren. Gods objective was notlimited to Adam and Eve. God has a triple objective purpose, of three purposes and three 23
  24. 24. objects. The four positions are necessary as a foundation for action and maneuver. God is thealmighty subject, but He is not happy alone, so in order to move He had to have objects. Thisis why He created man and woman.But those three are not complete either. Since God wanted to move in spherical motion, Heneeded the fourth position, to form a south pole to His north pole. Subject and object weredivided in order to take after Gods own image. If plus and minus have give and take, anotherbeing of plus and minus is bound to come into being. For these purposes God neededgrandchildren. Without having the fourth position, man could only have two objects. If he didnot have three objects like God did, then he could not be elevated to the same level as God, orbecome His perfect object.Thus, even for Adam and Eves triple objective purpose children were inevitable. In achievingthat they could become the same as God. Even the children have the triple objective purposefulfilled. Now we know the reason man absolutely needs woman, woman absolutely needsman, and both absolutely need children. This is the law of creation of the universe.The gay movement is very fashionable in this country. Men and men decide to marry eachother and forget about women. You have to know why that could never create the ideal. Whenparents love children, they form the same pattern as they do in loving God, and they representGods love. Children loving parents is the same as mankind loving God. For children to lovetheir parents is the same as their loving God. Gods loving His grandchildren is the same asHis loving Adam and Eve. By loving Adam, Eve loves God and children at the same time.The same goes for man when he loves Eve, he loves God and children as well. Now we knowwe definitely need man, we definitely need woman and children, but we also need God.For God this is the ideal of man, woman and children because it includes love. Some peoplesay they dont want children, but they must know they really do need children. If a womandoesnt have children, she might as well not have a bosom. Do women have bosoms forthemselves, or for someone else? Korean women are careful to hide their bosoms, but whenthey are breast feeding their children they dont care who is around to see. A Korean womanmight think she is justified in this openness because God wants to see it. You have seen thepractice of American women in this matter. A bosom becomes less valuable when it is shownto everyone all the time. Why do men have broad shoulders? To work hard a man needs goodmuscles and strong build.When you look at the world with this basic knowledge, you can know instantly what is goingon. If you have a firm knowledge of what I have just told you then you can evaluate what isright and wrong with people, and also with yourself. Now you know how nice is the ideal ofthe four position foundation. Everything is included in it. The elements are subject and object,direction, purpose, unity. There the ideal is fulfilled.Applied to your situation, you fundamentally have mind and body. Can women say they onlyneed God and then go into a monastery? Can men say they dont need women? Woman has tofind a man. As soon as a woman has mind and body in complete unity centered on a directionand purpose, then she has to trot along to a man. When a man as subject and a woman as 24
  25. 25. object become completely one, they form the four position foundation with their children.When that is accomplished they can bring society into unity, then the nation and the world andspirit world as well. Then they return to God. We originated from God and then eventually wereturn to God.What does a person leave behind? The only thing he leaves is love. As soon as your mind andbody come into unity then you love your spouse, your family, your country and then the worldand universe. Then finally you return to God. Maybe you start out quietly, but when you loveeverything and return to God you do so with great laughter.This is the only way God can be happy, you can be happy, and all other elements can behappy as well. Since it is so important that woman meet man, when Unification Churchwomen marry they never have more than one husband. Once a couple are united perfectlythen they immediately take on a higher subject. American men always follow Americanwomen, dont they? Do American women want to lead or follow American men?Your ideal as an individual is not sufficient; only after fulfilling dual ideals are you inconformity with the universe. If a plus never wants to unite with a minus then eventually itwill be eliminated by the universe. A plus cannot remain as a plus all the time and still be inmotion eternally. Now in America men and women want to stay single. According touniversal law should this practice be perpetuated oreliminated? This is not what I say, but what the universe says. Do women want to have a manso that they can become smaller or bigger? Your spouse is a bridge, without whom you cannotlove the universe, whether as plus or minus.Then why do we have to pray? If you are not altogether sure who your subject is then youhave to pray. Whether they realize it or not, all mankind is looking for the absolute positivesubject. That is God. Before we pray, we ask whether we have established ourselves asabsolute objects to the absolute subject. Once you are sure your position is sound, then youmake sure you are an absolute object, and then you can follow whatever God says. Its notconditional based on what God does for you, but means doing 100% whatever the perfectsubject says. This is how we have to be established.A prayer asking to be shown the existence of God will never have power. First you have toestablish yourself as absolute object to the absolute subject and then have direction of absoluteobedience. Living things want to go their own way, especially Americans, and especiallyAmerican women! Only on the basis of the absolute law which God created will He respondto our communication. God hears, without exception, but cannot always answer.If you are disregarding the direction while you ask God to answer, He cannot answer eventhough He hears you. There must be direction, from the individual, the family, and nation tothe world. You also need faith that you as a small minus, an individual, can be as big as theabsolute plus. Though a magnet is small, it responds the same as a big magnet does. Now thatwe know what He would like the world to be, we can pray to God that regardless of the 25
  26. 26. persecution, we have no objection: "God, I will give up everything that is important to me andcare about your purpose." Then God will respond to us.First we have to become one with God in His purpose, and after that help our poor family,nation and world. If you say to God, "Let us two get together and forget about the world,"nothing will happen. But if God hears you praying for absolute faith to become one with Himand do His work, God cannot deny that. The Messiah opens the way in place of mankind, allby himself. After he achieves that, he will inherit everything, and on that foundation canbequeath the course he has achieved, which you know is home church. Now you know theright direction to go.If a person prays that he has listened to me and agrees, but just cannot do anything, then Godcannot help him. God works only by the Principle, which states that man has to find his ownway. Now you know the direction of prayer.Rather than pray about your household, when you pray about the world your children arealready included. One thing for sure, whatever we pray for, God will fulfill, though it maytake some time. The only problem is whether man will carry on and persevere until Godfulfills. God will never forget, but man is always going up and down.I am now praying about things to happen in a thousand years, and I pray that I will continueuntil those things are finished. You may feel you have prayed deeply about something yet Goddid nothing, but that is not the case. He may not have achieved it through you but throughsomeone else, and you just havent seen it. But always in time those things will come back toyou. Because the universe goes around, either you will find that event or it will find you.A typical churchgoer prays usually for his family, or at best for his nation, but hardly ever forthe world; people today just dont pray for Gods will. Again, your primary concerns aresubject and object, direction and purpose. Whatever we do, as long as it is to achieve a certainpurpose, it will be there and nothing will be wasted.From the time you achieve that purpose you will be elevated one step higher, praying for thesake of mankind and the universe and eventually meeting God. This is Gods desire too, so ifyou pray like that then certainly God will fulfill it. If He doesnt then He isnt fulfilling Hisown purpose. When you have a high objective and ideal for which you pray, God will meetyou when you achieve it. Certainly He will appear and reveal what you should do after that.People commonly ask why God doesnt love them, but only after we achieve our purpose canGod truly give His love. He has to give His love when we arrive at the higher subject-objectrelationship which He needs so much.With this basic knowledge I can know precisely where in history todays world is, and what acountrys destiny is. When America doesnt do what it ought to then difficulties will come to iteven within a few weeks. Its trouble is love. When, as a perfect object to the perfect subject,you pray for Gods own purpose then God will listen to every word. Thats the one thing youwont have to worry about. Of course a small prayer will bear fruit more quickly, but a far-reaching prayer will come back to your descendants, or to the Church. Sometimes I pray for 26
  27. 27. something and ask for it to be achieved in 10,000 years. By the time t hat prayer is fulfilledmy boundary of love will be enormous.Finally, when we pray we must act and carry it out. If you pray about a content often then youshould act to a level of fifteen. Then God will be right behind you, even though you cannotsee Him, supplying you with power. If this is an actual law then how can you get tired? Evenif you have worked hard for many years and just became engaged, you shouldnt be concernedif you dont have a chance to be with your fiancée as much as you would like. What kind oflife you live and in what direction you go is more important than your fiancée. Do you pray atall?Perhaps you have been down for a while, and then feel that you have to make some resolvebecause you just cant go on like that. There are times when you are breaking your backwitnessing or fund raising, yet even at that time you have to repent. You are in a minusposition to the huge plus of economic work, for instance. Wherever you go you have to graspquickly the subject-object relationships you find there.In witnessing, Abel is plus and Cain is minus, and you have to unite them. Even though theminus may be more powerful than you are, somehow you have to make that relationship worklike it should. Because God is right behind you, it will work. That is the process of re-creation,and reversing the tide always involves difficulty. Because of love, God had a happy mindwhen He first created the world, even though it might have been a difficult job. The purpose iswhat matters, so we can do difficult things with a happy mind. God sees all of us together asone individual, so each one must really try to come into unity with the group; the mosteffective way is to cherish the person beside you. If you truly have that feeling then the wholecongregation will be united.If you feel you are needed and are living for the congregation then the meaning of the wholechurch will become very clear and you can give everything for the sake of the whole. That isthe process of re-creation. When you truly do that then you will become a subject and otherswill really like and respect you. Once you are accustomed to this basic pattern of life then youdont have to pray so much because everything you do is prayer. Once you pray, God will justreply, "Go ahead and do it." Now and then you would pray to make sure that what you aredoing is what God wants and the universe wants; then you can pray for power if you are wornout.Sometimes you dont want to go on unless some immediate need is fulfilled, such as food.Then either you could eat and go on, or you could get mad and tell the food that it is yourenemy at that moment. Then your bodys need for food will gradually subside. You know youcan go on for seven days without food, but actually it is rare that you have nothing available toyou for that long. If your fiancée is somehow blocking your way then you have to chase thatbarrier away. If your clothing hinders you then you have to turn against it. Maybe you feltenergetic all the time before coming to Unification Church, but after being a member for along time you feel drained. Now you know how you lost power. 27
  28. 28. I have had the experience of wishing I hadnt said some things in prayers, and in order tonullify those words I fasted for weeks. Such is the power of prayer.Should you pray for your fiancée, or just go straight for the sake of the world? Actually thereis little you can do about your fiancée if you are worried. God knows what he needs betterthan you do. You might think your husband or wife-to-be doesnt care about you, but he or shehas a higher being to love and dedicate his heart to. Once he achieves that, he has to returnand love you anyway. All you have to do is wait for that time and tag along in obediencemeanwhile.In your case you can tell me that since I know so much more about prayer than you that Ishould do the praying and you will just follow what I say. That attitude and action are asmeaningful as your individual prayer. Then you wont complain if I push you to work hard.Actually 90% of prayer is not about doing this or that, because you and God already knowwhat must be done. 90% of prayer is repentance. This parallels Jesus teaching to repent, forthe Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repentance is very valuable if you do it correctly.Other people dont have to see you repent and work hard. When you work according to yourrepentance then your goal is getting nearer. If you walk many miles in one day and it gets darkbut you want to walk even ten steps further before you collapse and rest, that is better thancounting up what you did and calculating you can reasonably stop until tomorrow. Alwaysyou should stretch yourself to the maximum.Do you pray? How do you pray? If your prayer is centered mostly on personal requests, it isneither valuable nor powerful. Now you know how to pray. I understand that you want to prayabout yourself, and there is one way to do that. You might introduce where you are precisely,saying, "Father, I am one part of womankind, a representative of all women. I know the worldis more important than myself, but in order to reach the world I have to have a spouse andfamily so I can fulfill your desire." In that way you can ask God for an ideal spouse.Sometimes you are much too self-centered and want individual advancement. God just cannotlisten to that prayer. The first thing is to determine what your direction is and to work towardthe goal, repenting in daily religious life. God will always listen to the needs of such a person.Now you have a precise idea about prayer. I have followed this principle so closely that if Iwanted to pray in an unprincipled way, my mouth wouldnt even open. Then I would knowGod was going in a different direction.When I just close my eyes momentarily, I know which way God wants me to go. If you livelike I do then God will always be near you and always around your family. Our purpose is tonourish that kind of family, In that respect prayer is very necessary. Your life right nowshould be one of uniting with each other and praying for the sake of the world. When a wife isworking very hard should the husband be idle and the children playing all the time? No, allshould go in unison.From now on you should pray about going in the direction God desires, checking to see ifwhat you do is acceptable. Praying in any other manner is not acceptable. 28
  29. 29. Mission and Prayer June 12, 1983When you are asked if you have a mission, how do you answer? What is your mission? Inview of the dispensation, is your mission to restore one person, one family, one nation, or theworld? It is easy to answer "the world," but can the world be united overnight? You need afoundation to reach the world. Do you have that foundation?Do you really know the True Parents? Do you understand our essence? Do you know what wehave been doing? Each of you should know clearly what our mission is, what we are doingnow, and what goal we are working toward. Also you should have a clear idea about yourselfand your own mission.People have ambitions and desires, but they shouldnt take them to the extreme. Suppose, forexample, that an ambitious person goes to the mountains to gather wild berries or plants,determined to bring back only the best. He may spend the entire morning and afternoonsearching but if he cant find the best, he will return empty handed. In contrast, another personmight spend the day picking all types of berries: poor, average and good. At the end of the dayhis basket is full, and chances are he brought back top quality berries as well. The secondperson has the best strategy in this case. He picks all types of plants: A, B and C. Even thoughtype C is not exactly what he wants, they can be washed; he finds many type B plants and anoccasional type A. Wouldnt you agree that this is a wise person?Ask yourself what type of mission you have. Reflect on the type of mission I have given youas a Church member. This is a serious point to consider. You must understand, of course, thatI am speaking to all of you in general, and not about the specific mission that you as anindividual may have. Each of you should apply these concepts to your specific situation.Let me give you an example so you can better understand what I mean. I started TongilIndustry from scratch many years ago. My idea or goal was for Tongil to attain the higheststandard of technical expertise and production in the world. The foundation for TongilIndustry was 35 years of study and thought. Now Tongil machinery has reached the pinnacleof world technology.To accomplish this goal, we didnt start out with sophisticated equipment but rather with thesimplest and humblest machines. I determined to make the very best simple machines eventhough I realized there were more sophisticated types. After producing the best on one level,Tongil advanced to the next level and continued in this manner for 35 years until reaching itspresent level. 29
  30. 30. Not all of the people working at Tongil, however, had the same concept about how to reachthe goal. Some people complacently came to work at starting time, took lunch breaks, and leftas soon as it was time to go home.The attitude I wanted to see was for the workers to rise while it was still dark and think,"Today I will perform even better than yesterday." Then they would arrive at the factory early,before the others, and prepare to work.Its the spiritual attitude that makes all the difference. If you plan to do just what others do,you can never excel over the competition. You have to make things consistently larger andbetter. That requires investing energy into a project even if it is something you dontparticularly care to do. That is the only way to accomplish it. If you think of your task as just ajob, you will never excel. Furthermore, each time you improve the product, you must educatepeople. All this takes money which you have to make and use wisely, on productimprovement and employee education.Now when people see with their own eyes the kinds of machines built and sold by Tongil,they are filled with admiration. They say, "Father, you are just a wonder-man!" But during thecompanys development many people didnt believe me. They told me, "Father, you cannotdevelop that much technology in just a decade, and maybe not even in a century! We have nofoundation." Yet, we kept building it up and now people tell me that the accomplishments areamazing.I have always had keen insight. People took it for granted that German technology is the bestand that nobody could rival it. They predicted it would take us centuries to surpass it. "Is thatso?" I thought to myself. So I went to Germany, checked around, and found the industry alittle shaky. I visited all the machine tool factories and examined their equipment. Machinetools can play a critical role in unifying the world and that is why their development is one ofour goals. We are doing it for the sake of the world and for the sake of Germany, but theGermans didnt understand it that way. They were worried that we were trying to infiltratetheir technological expertise, although they wondered what I could accomplish by spendingonly one day visiting a factory.Even our members in Germany had only a foggy notion of what I was doing. "Oh Father,"they said, "you go out visiting for a day and now Germany is all stirred up! Why didnt youjust leave them alone?" Even now, can you say that you understand what I am doing? Do youhave a foundation to reach out to the world? You say yes, based on my foundation, but do youreally know what I am doing? Answer me honestly.Actually, you hardly know much about anyone other than yourself, and occasionally eventhats doubtful! Sometimes you are going in the proper direction and at other times you areheading in just the reverse. You may make a resolution to work for the goal and devoteyourself for the sake of God and the world-and then at the next moment you look at whatothers are doing and decide to take it easy for a while. You are constantly changing, and if youcontinue living that way, you will become confused and not even know yourself! 30
  31. 31. This is why it is necessary to spell out in detail the nature of our mission. The overall missionis the same for everyone here although individual missions vary. One person might have amission as a lookout, watching what is going on; another person might have a mission towitness and give life to people. You should know exactly what your individual mission is.We are all working to advance Gods providence and fulfill His will. If I ask how many of youare willing to sacrifice your life for Gods providence and Gods will, I know all of you wouldraise your hands and sincerely mean it. I know you are devoting yourself to this mission, butcan you sacrifice yourself for one entire day, morning to night? Right now you may say yes,but at noon you might change your mind! Since you have vacillated in the past and may do soagain, your promise is not absolute.People may have various attitudes in making an offering. Which is better, to offer yourselfwhen you are asked to, or to volunteer on your own? Would you be willing to offer your lifeto accomplish the goal, even without being asked? If you are willing to offer your life,couldnt you give just one day? You are still young; can you give one year out of your life?And if you are willing as a teenager, will you be sacrificial in your twenties too? If you arewilling as a young adult, will you continue to be sacrificial when you are in your thirties? Canyou pledge to work harder so that if you were to die ten years from now you would have noregrets?Some might be unwilling to die for the mission because they are working to obtain a blessingon earth. Which would be preferable: to receive a blessing before you die, or to sacrificeyourself and receive a variety of blessings after death? Actually, we need to take the sacrificialpath in order to fulfill our mission.The real content of the mission entrusted to each of us is to liberate God and to liberatemankind. This is not easy. Liberation may take ten lifetimes and we may need to face deathten times!If we are unable to fulfill our mission of liberating God and mankind during our lifetime,someone whom we have raised up should carry on the mission in our stead. We should be ableto say, "Even if I die, my place wont be vacant; my successor will continue the task. Someonebetter than I will take my place, therefore, I dont have to worry about dying."Even when we reach our fifties or sixties, we should not expect to take things easy becauseour bodies are not what they used to be. Rather, we should work harder to make the most ofthe time that remains. This is how I feel.With all its accomplishments, the United States is not big enough to liberate both God andAmericans. Therefore, we must march on to Moscow. Moscow will be even more difficultthan America. My attitude is, if you agree with me, can you take it easy after accomplishingthe present mission? Actually, an even harder mission is awaiting us.If we live this way each day, when the time comes to die we can face death with honor andglory, since every day of our life has been spent preparing for it. But someone whose daily life 31
  32. 32. lacks this quality will be surprised when death visits him and will not know what to do. Hemay cry out to God to save him. If you can face death with honor, one of your heirs willvolunteer to take your place. At the crucial moment, someone you have educated will tell you,"If you go to spirit world I will take your place and do even better than you. Please dontworry, I will complete your mission."Since we have only one life, how will we spend it? One type of person knows his missionclearly and devotes each day to its fulfillment. The other type of person has a vague idea ofhis mission, so he just lives one day at a time. Each of you belongs to one category or theother. To which would you like to belong? Why? The first category is preferable because thatway of life is more valuable.There are some older members here who have been in the movement for a long time. As theyears go by, some may wish to take it easy since their body is getting old, while others resolveto run ahead of the rest -- just as if they were still in their thirties or forties. When you reachyour fifties or sixties, what attitude will you have?As Unification Church members our goal is so clear. We should be willing to continue ourmission joyfully forever, without regrets. We should eagerly await the dawn of each day sowe can jump up to work. If we live this way, we wont get tired out or run down. We wontcomplain about being unable to continue and we wont lose energy.How do you rate compared to this model? Do you really believe that you have been called byGod and that this is your vocation and lifetime task? Could you ever erase all memory of meout of your head? Dont you feel that you and I are inextricably linked? One person mightpromise to follow me wherever I go, and other might say, "Father, I will not only follow you,but I want to help you." Which attitude is better? [The second] So do you want to help out, inaddition to following me?Actually, you are headed this way because it is your goal anyway -- whether I go there as welldoesnt really matter. The correct answer to the last question would be: "Well, Fathers goaland my goal are the same. He is going there ahead of me, so I will accompany him and helphim reach that goal." You should be convinced that if I had not done all the work in advance,you yourself would have laid the foundation. Since I have already accomplished so much, youshould be only too grateful to help me, because it is your work anyway.You might actually feel like telling me you have a better idea on how to liberate God andmankind and you would prefer to do your mission differently. But as you watch me yourealize that I have already laid a large foundation and I seem smarter than you and have abetter way of doing things. Therefore, you decide to drop your way and follow mine in orderto reach the same goal. This is why you want to follow me. In fact, you should say, "Father,you have already done so much and will continue laboring to achieve the liberation of Godand all mankind. When you go to spirit world, I will be happy to take your place and try evenharder." 32