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The collapse of the universe


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The collapse of the universe

  1. 1. The Collapse of the Universe Written by: ABDEL DAYEM AL KAHEEL Prepared by:Ahmed Adham Translated by:Ola Ahmed
  2. 2. Introuction
  3. 3. Most of the scientific studies point out that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate surpassing the scientists imagination and consequently will collapse, a fact that the Holy Quran had clearly talked about in many verses. In this presentation we will dive in this fact to understand the holy Qur’an in a new perspective.
  4. 4. Quran And Godless People
  5. 5. The tenet of the Godless people depends on an essential principle that is the universe was found by coincidence and that it will stay endlessly. The Quran had disagreed this principle and showed the falseness of those disbelievers by telling them that the universe will collapse and nothing will remain except Allah, the Almighty. All praises to him says: "And invoke not any other god along with Allâh none has the right to be worshipped but He. Everything will perish save His Face.His is the Decision, and to Him you (all) shall be returned" 88: Al Qasas. Also says: "Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish* And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will remain forever" (26-27 Al Rahman).
  6. 6. What do recent researches emphasize?
  7. 7. Professor Andrea Lindy at the Physics Department, Stanford University and his wife Renata Caosh, confirm that the expansion of the universe will be ceased and the universe will collapse in the relatively nearby future. The researchers added that the new theory points out that the Dark Energy which appears to pull the universe, this energy's repulsive force is gradually slowing down leading into the collapse of the universe and everything to fall into the "Black Holes".
  8. 8. Here, we can feel one of the great blessings of Allah, the Exalted, which is holding the universe to be consistent and not to come apart. If the coincidence was to rule the universe, then there will be strenuous collisions between universe parts and falling of meteors, rocks, stars and others but what prevents this is Allah's mercy upon us, as He be exalted states in the Quran: "He withholds the heaven from falling on the earth except by His Leave. Verily, Allâh is, for mankind, Full of Kindness, Most Merciful" (65 Al Hajj).
  9. 9. What is Supernova?
  10. 10. The scientists, in their amazing results that they have concluded, had relied on the observation of what is called "Supernova", that is the exploded stars that can be observed at the other side of the universe. For the explanation of this phenomenon, the scientists used an idea proposed by the scientist Einstein, which tells that there is, in apparently empty space (but it is not empty), a type of empty energy that is referred to as the Dark Energy which repels everything around separately.
  11. 11. The scientists expect that the galaxies would separate from each other and become like separated islands of dead stars that can be even hardly distinguished from each other, which means that the light of the stars will gradually fade away till it disappears. This was stated in the Quran in Allah's, the Almighty, speech: "Then when the stars lose their lights* And when the heaven is cleft asunder" (8-9 Al Mursalat).
  12. 12. These verses confirm that the stars will not stay forever, they will run out of fuel and their brightness will gradually reduce until it completely fades away. The Quran expression is scientifically precise as it complies with the modern scientific facts. The second verse also confirms a recent scientific discovery about the heaven that is the presence of clefts in the Heaven.
  13. 13. Moreover, the scientist said that our galaxy, Milky Way, will become like an isolated island in an unchanging sea of totally dark space within the next 15 billion years (the actual period of time is know by nobody except Allah). He, the Exalted says: "And when the stars fall" (2: Al Takwir). This is what the scientists believe now; they say that stars of all galaxies will fade away gradually leaving cold clumps of frozen planets that will be swollen by the Black Holes.
  14. 14. Scientists say that the age of the Universe is estimated to be 14 billion years and it is now at the middle of its age. However, Professor Lindy says that the physics scientists know that the Dark Energy can be negative and that the Universe might collapse in the very far future about trillions of years to come.
  15. 15. But, we have to mention that the day of Judgment and the Universal collapse will happen surprisingly, unlike what the scientists believe that it will take billion of years to happen.
  16. 16. The reason behind this is what Allah, all praises to Him, says in Quran: "And to Allâh belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. And the matter of the Hour is not but as a twinkling of the eye, or even nearer. Truly! Allâh is Able to do all things" ( Al- Nahl). Also be He exalted says: "People ask you concerning the Hour, say: "The knowledge of it is with Allâh only. What do you know? It may be that the Hour is near!“ (63: Al Ahzab).
  17. 17. New Study emphasizes that the Universe is flat
  18. 18. The astronomers working at the sophisticated telescope, based in a far hill across the Desert of Chile, had managed to get the most clear and detailed photos for what is known as the first ray appeared in the universe. These photos are considered as the first applied scientific test for theory of Universe Evolution and Development, also they serve as the first scientific evidence to prove that the Universe is flat and governed by the Dark Energy and matter.
  19. 19. The big telescope consists of 13 telescopes working by connective microwaves and it is based on 5080 meters height above sea level in one of the driest deserts in the world, the Atacama Desert in Chile.
  20. 20. The telescope, known as Cosmic Background Imager, had managed to get photos for the tiny variations of microwaves in the deep space or what is known by the scientists as "the Echoes of the Big Bang". These tiny microwaves are background radiations exploring the universe for around 14 billion years, i.e. since the appearance of the first atom in the Universe according to the Big Bang theory.
  21. 21. The pictured maps of the vibrations and variations illustrate the first formation of the universe surrounding us, which means that they are the first origins of the matter and energy which had evolved and transformed to what we have identified of hundred of thousands of cosmic clumps of hundred of galaxies, isthmus and aggregated stars and planets.
  22. 22. The Holy Quran had already talked about these clumps, He names it Big Stars, Allah, the Exalted says: "And indeed, we have put the big stars in the heaven and we beautified it for the beholders" (16: Al Hijr). So, the big star is a big and exquisite structure that is present in the universe at high density and the scientists call them "Cosmic Structure".
  23. 23. Rita Colwell, the Director of the National Science Foundation, said that this study's conclusions are considered the best and most significant of its kind till now because each new photo of the early universe enriches our knowledge of how was the universe evolution and birth, and the more the universe expands and inflates, the more we gain knowledge about the origin and way of expansion of the universe.
  24. 24. The head of research team, Antony Redhead, says that we have seen, for the first time, how the first seeds had granted the life for the galaxies and massive cosmic clumps, which puts the proofing theories for the universe evolution under telescope.
  25. 25. Here, we say that the Quran had manifested this fact in the following verse: "And (remember) the Day when we shall roll up the heaven like a scroll rolled up for books. As we began the first creation, we shall repeat it. (It is) a promise binding upon us. Truly, we shall do it." (104 Al-Anbiya'a).
  26. 26. The data that the scientists had accessed thanks to the telescope, especially the data related to the distribution of temperature, support the modifications done to the idea from which the Big Bang theory was revealed. This idea is known as "Inflation theory". It was mentioned that a group of International Astronauts in April 2000, had discovered the first evidences that support the theory of a flat universe meaning that the parallel lines of which do not cross or interfere.
  27. 27. Universe will not crunch into small particles
  28. 28. A new study published in Nature Magazine had showed up one of the most complicated secrets of universe, as it clarifies that our universe is flat not convex as was thought before. These conclusions were obtained due to a zeppelin journey above the South Pole continent. The description of a flat universe, according to the scientists, means that the conventional geometrical rules can apply to it that is the light travels in straight not curved lines. The scientific point of view lately tends to say that the universe is flat and the latest facts added more credibility on this view.
  29. 29. The same study had predicted that the universe will stop expanding at the end according to Big Bang theory from which it had evolved, but it will not collapse into small particles! Professor Peter Eddy, one of the research team who conducted the study said that the result is very amazing and it will result in rewriting the history of the universe. The information given by the study includes precise mapping for the faint afterglow of the Big Bang, which is known as Cosmic Microwave Background.
  30. 30. Wayne Hu, the teacher at the Natural Science Academy had informed that the results of the study support the proposal that the universe is flat in high density and there is nothing to make us believe that it will collapse into small particles. In this regard, my beloved brothers, we say that the Quran had affirmed these facts when Allah, all praises to Him, said that the universe will be rolled on and not disintegrated into small fractures, Allah the Exalted says: "And (remember) the Day when We shall roll up the heaven like a scroll rolled up This is agreed with for books". the recent findings.
  31. 31. Universe Recreation
  32. 32. The scientists now discuss the recreation of the universe, scientist Neil Turok at Cambridge University is founding the base for a new theory which states that many of the cosmic phenomena are being recreated such as water cycle, climate cycle, carbon cycle, stars cycle, rocks cycle and many more. The following Quran verse is manifestly describing this matter: "As we began the first creation, we shall repeat it. (It is) a promise binding upon us. Truly, we shall do it.“ He also confirmed that the process of recreation is a suitable one in harmony with the general system of universe.
  33. 33. The scientists noticed the expansion of the universe at accelerated rates because of the Dark matter which is more than 96% of the universe matter. There are many verses which confirmed Allah's recreation and repetition of the universe, all praises to Him. Allah, the Almighty says: "See they not how Allah originates the creation, then repeats it. Verily, that is easy for Allah." (19: Al Ankabut) Also be He exalted says: "Allah (Alone) originates the creation, then He will repeat it, then to Him you will be returned“ (11: ArRum).
  34. 34. The Big Rip
  35. 35. The universe is accelerating in its expansion, as found by the scientists, which means that the galaxies moving at an accelerated velocity, in another meaning, the velocity of the galaxies changes with time and becomes faster. We can imagine this through the following example: Car A speed is 100 km/hr, which is a constant speed. Car B speed is zero then 10 km/hr then 20 then 30 then 40 then 50 and so on. This car is moving at an accelerated speed and so is the expansion of the universe. Its rate of expansion is accelerated not constant. The question asked by the scientists: what makes the universe expansion accelerating?
  36. 36. At the beginning, they have assumed the presence of dark matter that strongly attracts the galaxies making them accelerating at their movement, then after doing certain calculations they found that this matter comprises 96% of the universe! This led the scientist Robert R. Caldwell to propose the Big Rip theory which states that everything in the universe starting from atoms and what is even smaller up to the humans, planets, stars, galaxies, everything will be ripped apart before the Big Rip of the universe. He also added that the dark energy, which is still a phantom, will greatly participate in the horrible ending of the universe in the Big Rip.
  37. 37. Conclusion
  38. 38. If we contemplated the verses of the Quran, we shall find it assuring the rip of the universe, Allah the Almighty says: "Then when the heaven is rent asunder, and it becomes rosy or red like red-oil, or red hide" (37: Al Rahman). And moreover: "Then on that Day shall the (Great) Event befall. And the heaven will be rent asunder, for that Day it (the heaven) will be frail and torn up". (15-16: Al Haqqa).
  39. 39. The great heaven will become frail; this is what Quran revealed and was agreed with the scientific studies in Astronomy. Furthermore, due to the importance of this cosmic event, Allah Had named one chapter in the Quran by "rip" or "al inshiqaq", the first verse of this chapter says: " When the heaven is split asunder, And listens to and obeys its Lord - and it must do so". (1-2: Al Inshiqaq). This verse tells us that the universe will not stay forever, it will rather collapse and be ripped apart and it is God's willing which guided the scientists to discover physical evidences for this end to prove to the suspicious that the Day of Judgment is undoubted truth.
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  41. 41. We have to supplicate God by saying :( Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Best granter.)( Sûrat Âl- Imrân- verse 8)) Please , forward this research to your friends Website address