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Families action programme


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Families action programme

  1. 1. Families Action Programme Helping families reach their potential  Your own Family Adviser  Job Planning  Debt Advice and Support  Health and Well Being Support
  2. 2. Delivery Model (Westward Pathfinder will be concentrating on the secondary route) Primary Referral Route Local Authority Referrals Secondary Referral Routes JCP Referrals, Partners and Direct Recruitment Eligibility Check Assessment & Action Planning Progress Measure Interventions – Support & Training Work Related Training e.g. Vocational, Employability, Basic Skills, Enterprise Other Training e.g. Parenting, Health, Debt & Money, Confidence Other Support e.g. Housing, Work Experience, Volunteering Employment or Apprenticeship Exit
  3. 3. Eligibility This ESF programme supports families with multiple problems (such as complete worklessness causing financial and social distress), or those who have a history of worklessness across generations. The definition of a family is deliberately left open to interpretation. ESF is a voluntary programme and supports individuals for 12 months (max). It will not interfere with other benefits or support. • To be eligible for provision, there must be a member of the family who can say “yes” to all of the following statements. This person is known as the “Passport Holder”. • Are you claiming one of these Working Age Benefits ? JSA, ESA, IB, IS, CA, SDA • Are you aged over 16? • Are you eligible to live and work in the UK? • NB: The Passporting Member does not have to participate • For each additional Family Member: • Are you aged over 16? • Are you working less than 16 hours a week or not working at all? • Are you eligible to live and work in the UK? • NB There are a series of evidence requirements to prove eligibility for secondary referrals
  4. 4. Recommended Progress Measures (groupings below are only a suggestion) Target Group Progress Measure Lone Parents Debt & Money Training Housing Support Digital Skills Training Confidence Training Young Unemployed Vocational Training Confidence Training Apprenticeship NEET into EET Unemployed Debt & Money Training Housing Support Work Skills Vocational Training Job-Ready - All Target Groups Work Experience Volunteering Min Hrs Proposed Evidence 12 hrs 10 hrs N/A New N/A New 8 hrs Unspecified 16 hrs 6 hrs Register Support Register Register 20 hrs N/A New 3 mnths N/A New Unspecified 6 hrs Unspecified Half a Term Qualification Register Registration Register 12 hrs 10 hrs 30 hrs 20 hrs 8 hrs Unspecified 30 hrs Unspecified Register Support Register Qualification 60 hrs 16 hrs 30 hrs 16 hrs Register Register
  5. 5. Other Progress Measures Measure Min Hrs Proposed Evidence Parenting Training 20 hrs 10 hrs Register Children’s Centre Engagement 20 hrs 12 hrs Register Family Counselling 5 hrs 5 hrs Added value Domestic Violence 12 hrs Un- specified Added value ESOL Training 25 hrs 16 hrs Added Value Enterprise 24 hrs 12 hrs NCFE Condition Management 12 hrs 12 hrs Added Value Engaging Estranged Fathers 24 hrs 12 hrs Register Measure Min Hrs Proposed Evidence Substance Abuse 8 hrs 8 hrs Added Value Re-offending Training 12 hrs Proof Register Gang Membership 20 hrs 10 hrs Register Carer Training 20 hrs 10 hrs Register Disclosure Training N/A New 6 hrs Register Benefits & UniversalCredit N/A New 5 hrs Register Health Training 24 hrs 12 hrs Register Literacy & Numeracy 20 hrs 10 hrs Register
  6. 6. Contacts Paul Harrison 07450261755 Pharrison2