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Stitching Together a UX Strategy for Wearables and the Mobile Mainframe


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Google Glass, Samsung Gear, MetaWatch, Fitbit Flex, and a whole host of other wearable devices are weaving a connectivity web with a similar underlying pattern: the smartphone is emerging as the mobile mainframe. Our phones are powerful, always-on, always-connected machines that pipe data to and from these terminals (or devices). The result is an amazing collection of capabilities and experiences for the user.

Published in: Devices & Hardware, Mobile
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Stitching Together a UX Strategy for Wearables and the Mobile Mainframe

  1. Stitching Together a UX Strategy for Wearables and the Mobile Mainframe Big (D)esign Conference Friday, Sept 5 at 1:00pm in the Mobile (Trinity V) by Philip Likens
  2. Wearable Love & Hate @PhilipLikens
  3. 7 Questions For New Tech 1.What is it? 2.What can it do? 3.Why does it matter? 4.Who are the leaders? 5.How do I design for it? 6.What does it mean for our profession? 7.Where are we headed?
  4. WHAT IS IT?
  5. WHAT IS IT? / Wearables Body-borne devices with complex interfaces, visual displays, multiple use cases, ongoing connectivity, and some computational power. This is not to take away from smart clothing, etc. @PhilipLikens
  6. Internet Of Things Is Here! WHAT IS IT? / All things working in perfect harmony! @PhilipLikens
  7. Er…Internet Of Thing? WHAT IS IT? / All things funnel through 1 thing - the Mobile Mainframe! @PhilipLikens
  8. “…And finally, users always have their smart phone so we want to make sure all these connected experiences work based on your smart phone: be it your wearables, be it your car, or like we have shown with Chrome Cast, your television…” – Google IO 2014 Keynote
  9. Internet Of Things? WHAT IS IT? / @PhilipLikens
  10. WHAT CAN IT DO? @PhilipLikens
  11. Log WHAT CAN IT DO? / Athos @PhilipLikens
  12. Notify MetaWatch M1 WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  13. Communicate FiLIP WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  14. Monitor Sproutling WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  15. Record Baidu Eye WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  16. Find Pebble WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  17. Consume Bragi Dash WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  18. Control Samsung Gear WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  19. Verify Nymi WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  20. Comfort Cuff WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  21. Others Digitsole WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  22. WHAT CAN IT DO? / Powerful Experiences • Notifications on my wrist without having to look at my phone • Doing simple tasks on my wrist without having to access my phone @PhilipLikens
  23. WHAT CAN IT DO? / Drawbacks • Overwhelmed with notifications • Connectivity challenges • Fashion • More devices weighing me down @PhilipLikens
  24. Fashion Withings Activitie WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  25. Fashion Motorola Moto360 WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  26. WHAT CAN IT DO? / Fashion Samsung Gear S w/ Swarovski Crystals @PhilipLikens
  27. Fashion Tory Burch for Fitbit WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  28. Fashion Stelle Audio Clutch WHAT CAN IT DO? / @PhilipLikens
  29. WHY DOES IT MATTER? @PhilipLikens
  30. “Across the world, people check their Android phones an average of 125 times every day.” – Google IO 2014 @PhilipLikens
  31. WHY DOES IT MATTER? / My Take Wearables are the emerging front-end for mobile design. Next embeddables? @PhilipLikens
  32. Adoption Rates Of Tech WHY DOES IT MATTER? /
  34. WHO ARE THE LEADERS? / Google • Contextually Aware • Voice Enabled • Seamless • Mobile First Apple and Google seems to be diverging in their approaches. @PhilipLikens
  35. WHO ARE THE LEADERS? / Apple Speculation • Maybe announced Tuesday? • Could be awesome? • Could use Today widgets as a jumping off point? @PhilipLikens
  36. WHO ARE THE LEADERS? / Pebble • Nov 2013 adopted a new SDK platform • Ready to go • Should be relevant for a while @PhilipLikens
  37. WHO ARE THE LEADERS? / Hold On Heads Up • As a consumer, don’t know what to do with it now • Directions is the current killer app • Need better use cases • Must get more fashionable • Must get more discrete • Industrial / Business path to adoption? @PhilipLikens
  39. HOW DO I DESIGN FOR IT? / Map Information Needs • Make note of potential environment(s) • Consider personal context •We used a Graffiti Board to gather ideas from within Sabre concerning Traveler Needs on the day of travel ex. What information / tasks do you need access to when you’re sitting at your gate? @PhilipLikens
  40. Notifications HOW DO I DESIGN FOR IT? /
  41. HOW DO I DESIGN FOR IT? / Threshold For Action • There is a threshold for action moving from a wearable to your phone. • Dig the phone out of your pocket (or find it) • Unlock it • Find the app • Do the task •Wear’s “Open on Phone” helps • Apple’s continuity extended to wearables? @PhilipLikens
  42. Taking Action HOW DO I DESIGN FOR IT? /
  43. Taking Action HOW DO I DESIGN FOR IT? /
  45. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR OUR PROFESSION? / Design With Context • Consider the environment • Leverage sensors • Be careful of speculation @PhilipLikens
  46. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR OUR PROFESSION? / Design For Continuity • Think about what you’re calling the user to do • Make it easy for them to pick up where they left off • Assume interruption @PhilipLikens
  47. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR OUR PROFESSION? / Design For Voice • Voice will be a huge part of the next 5-10 years. Google is betting on it. Apple seems to be as well. • As UXers, are we glorified Graphic Designers or truly concerned with UX? •We have to understand the UX of voice. @PhilipLikens
  48. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR OUR PROFESSION? / Voice Testing • Hotel search tutorial • Voice only • Text only • Call & Response • 15 total participants • Threw out call and response • Text & Voice tied on task completion • Visual (12), Auditory (0), Kinesthetic (3) Learners @PhilipLikens
  49. WHERE ARE WE HEADED? @PhilipLikens
  50. WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / My Future •Watch w/ Cell: notifications / small tasks / emergencies • BLE Headset: audio content consumption, talking on the phone, small content creation • 7” Tablet w/ Cell: creation + consumption • Laptop: creation + consumption power use @PhilipLikens
  51. In Everyday Life voice/watch/phone/tablet/car/laptop Kids: Commute: Walking: Desk: Meetings: Lunch: Evenings: + + + - - - + + + + + + + - + + + + + + + - + - + + + + - + - - - - - - - - + + - + WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / @PhilipLikens
  52. In Washington DC voice/watch/phone/tablet/car/laptop Train: Walking: Airport: - + - + + + + + + + - + - - - - - + WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / @PhilipLikens
  53. WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / Not Sure When It Will Happen • It benefits major manufacturers to tether devices together • Need a disruptive outsider (as Apple was with the iPhone) • Turns out Samsung is disruptive, even to themselves, though we still have the ecosystem limitation @PhilipLikens
  54. My Future? Samsung Gear S WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / @PhilipLikens
  55. Jawbone Era My Future? WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / @PhilipLikens
  56. My Future? WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / Samsung Galaxy Note 3 @PhilipLikens
  57. WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / Os Convergence • Because of the non-native connectivity, I think we’ll have an OS funnel • Apple • Google’s Android Wear • Tizen • MetaWatch • Pebble • 2-3 major platforms - my guess is Apple, Google, Pebble (lo-fi / underground option) @PhilipLikens
  58. WHERE ARE WE HEADED? / Other Thoughts On The Future • Fashion Matters • OS consolidation brings better UX • Fitness bands largely disappear • Connectivity has to resolve before mass adoption • Touch (only) is not the holy grail @PhilipLikens
  59. Thank You. @PhilipLikens