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Case Study: Innovative, Fun Marketing Tool Go-to-Market Plan (Cisco myPlanNet)


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A few slides from the go-to-market plan for the Cisco myPlanNet simulation game, incl. traditional and social media marketing. Some integration examples also included.

Oct 2009 - Jan 2010 results:
- 77,730 unique hits
- 25,658 Facebook fans
- Played in 130 countries by over 2,500 institutions
- Press and analyst coverage

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Case Study: Innovative, Fun Marketing Tool Go-to-Market Plan (Cisco myPlanNet)

  1. 1. A Few Slides from the Cisco myPlanNet Go-to-Market Plan<br />Public Availability: October 2009<br />
  2. 2. In This Presentation…<br />Communication Strategy<br />Note: this presentation only contains a high-level overview of our public go-to-market efforts<br />Communication Assets<br />2<br />© 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />Cisco myPlanNet_0210<br />
  3. 3. The Concept<br />Encourage learning and/or a walk down memory lane<br />Become a telecom CEO making research, technology and business decisions<br />Translate speeds and feeds into end user value<br />Become a CEO. Change the World.<br />
  4. 4. External Communications Strategy<br />Get the word out using multiple angles: online, offline and on the go <br />Find ways to insert into Cisco-driven learning initiatives<br />Establish presence in various Cisco service provider campaigns and programs <br />Identify standalone promotion opportunities <br />Take advantage of paid, owned and earned media<br />Tightly integrate with social media to increase word-of-mouth promotion<br />
  5. 5. External Communications Tactics<br />Inform<br />Act<br />Participate<br />Forrester Podcast<br />Listen<br />Direct Email<br />Shows and Events (Demos, URL Cards, Signage)<br />Web, Widget Integration<br />Welcome Ad<br />Cross Links<br />Public kick-off at ITU Geneva in Oct 2009: game demo, URL cards, blogs, tweets<br />Banners<br />Content Synd<br />Newsletters<br />Read<br />Biz Card-sized URL Card<br />DCoF* Virtual Booth<br />Facebook Fan Page, Ad<br />*Data Center of the Future<br />Cisco, Event and Third Party Blogs<br />myCiscoCommunity JIVE Platform Integration<br />*myPlanNet Game Support Page. Game also available from Cisco Mobility and Collaboration Communities<br />Socialize<br />Twitter, Slideshare, StumbleUpon, YouTube, FB<br />Program Integration<br />Bookmark and Share<br />Sales “Pass Along” Assets<br />*Broadband Stimulus, University Relations, Sales, Partner,Launch integration<br />*Functionality on web site<br />Cisco Learning Network*<br />*Home Page, Game Arcade, Green IT Page, Discussion Forum, Facebook Shoutout<br />Videos<br />EBC* Customer Courtesy Laptops <br />Watch<br />Digital Signage<br />*Executive Briefing Center<br />
  6. 6. Key Destinations: Working Within Corporate Branding Guidelines<br />Game Landing Page<br /><ul><li>Hero spotlight including legal acceptance and registration forms to download game
  7. 7. Live feeds from discussion forum on community page
  8. 8. Bookmark and share feature to promote “pass along”
  9. 9. Multi-dimensional leader board (this week, this month, all time)
  10. 10. Video trailer</li></ul>We decided to make this a downloadable game because the game is so big (almost 50MB) that it would have provided for a poor user experience online.<br />
  11. 11. Key Destinations: Connecting Traditional and Social Platforms<br />Community Page<br />JIVE platform adopted by Cisco for: <br /><ul><li>Online help
  12. 12. Tutorial videos
  13. 13. Polls, discussion forum, news feeds
  14. 14. Suited for user-generated content and tip sharing among members
  15. 15. Available from landing page, links to landing page andFacebook fan page</li></ul>Most commonly used for online help, “how to”-s, and learning about and/or sharing game details. <br />
  16. 16. Key Destinations: Fan Page for Cisco myPlanNet Enthusiasts<br />Fan Page<br />Low-engagement effort platform for:<br /><ul><li>Casual, fun, light-hearted conversations and posts
  17. 17. Socially competitive mini games
  18. 18. Suited for user-generated content and sharing among members
  19. 19. Available from JIVE community page, links back to landing page
  20. 20. Tremendous organic growth</li></ul>Mainly used for quick comments and likes in response to higher level posts, global participation in socially competitive fun, mini games.<br />
  21. 21. Communication Assets<br />Video Trailer<br />Banner<br />Electronic and Print URL CardsTrade Show/Event Signage<br />HTML and “Pass Along” Emails<br />
  22. 22. Connecting Traditional and Social Media<br />Phase 1<br />(~6 weeks)<br />Phase 2<br />(6+ weeks)<br /><ul><li>Primary objectives: drive awareness, drive downloads
  23. 23. Traditional and social media hand in hand
  24. 24. Integrate between traditional and social media and within social media
  25. 25. Messaging
  26. 26. Tie main message theme to social media messaging
  27. 27. Adjust main message to fit social media channel and create channel –specific content as appropriate
  28. 28. Channel Use
  29. 29. Leverage main creative and assets in social media
  30. 30. Point social media postings back to game landing page
  31. 31. Start bookmarking and share press/blog mentions
  32. 32. Cross link , cross link, cross link
  33. 33. Primary objectives: drive new downloads, keep top of mind, encourage engagement
  34. 34. Traditional media to
  35. 35. Focus on long-term program/event insertions and support social media as needed
  36. 36. Seek out social media opportunities in programs/events
  37. 37. Social media to drive this phase
  38. 38. Keep content fresh to give a reason to return
  39. 39. Create activities to encourage participation
  40. 40. Experiment, Listen, Monitor, Assess and Choose Action
  41. 41. Educate
  42. 42. Share myPlanNet development and marketing experience with others
  43. 43. Take advantage of one channel for communication in another, synchronize communication channels , cross link</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Strategy<br />Engage<br />Listen<br />Share<br /><ul><li>Listen: monitor blog/press mentions, pulse on Cisco myPlanNet, reaction to engineered and organiccontent</li></ul>Share: communicate and share Cisco myPlanNet news/tidbits, events, and assets via blog, Twitter, social bookmarking, video and other sharing sites, and virtual event sites<br /><ul><li>Engage:</li></ul>Create interactive engagement opportunities, e.g., online discussion forums, online events, socially competitive mini games<br />Assess and prioritize blog, press and engagement feedback, and address as appropriate<br />Note: specifics have <br />been removed <br />11<br />© 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />Cisco myPlanNet_0210<br />
  44. 44. Social Media Strategy (Cont’d)<br />Improve<br />Integrate<br />Measure and Analyze<br /><ul><li>Integrate:</li></ul>Tie social media messaging and efforts to serve overall marketing goals<br />Integrate social media with traditional media, across various social media and within same social media platform (cross promote, cross link) <br />Measure and Analyze: Track performance, evaluate usage, identify areas for improvement<br /><ul><li>Improve:Recommend and implement changes, make it a continuous learning process, experiment!</li></ul>Note: specifics have <br />been removed <br />12<br />© 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />Cisco myPlanNet_0210<br />
  45. 45. Social Media Execution<br />Events/ Programs<br />SM Objectives<br />Channels<br />Content<br />Note: specifics have <br />been removed <br />
  46. 46. Example #1: Connecting to Corporate Initiatives: Cisco’s 25th Anniversary<br />Cisco Celebrates 25 Yearscorporate press release<br />Cisco myPlanNet:Evolution of the Internetover the past 25 years<br />Service Provider blog <br />Cisco Celebrates 25 Yearscorporate blogs<br />
  47. 47. Example #2: Connecting to Industry Initiatives: Broadband Stimulus<br /><ul><li>Promote Cisco myPlanNet through Broadband angle
  48. 48. Point people to Cisco’s Broadband Stimulus program (in return Broadband Stimulus program helped cross-promote Cisco myPlanNet for a while)
  49. 49. Link to Cisco myPlanNet articles written by broadband industry subject matter experts</li></li></ul><li>Example #3: Connecting to Events: Trade Shows<br />Business card-sizedURL cards distributed<br />Post-event Cisco blog about show with Cisco myPlanNet mention<br />Trade Show/Event<br />Web link and videotrailer featured<br />
  50. 50. Many Thanks to…<br />Don Nelson, Stephen Liu and Robert Sealey of Cisco Service Provider Marketing for their help with executing the go-to-market strategy and many thanks to all the groups and individuals on the extended team involved in the development of Cisco myPlanNet<br /> Created by<br /> Petra Neiger<br /><br /><br />
  51. 51. © 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />