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Intro to Online Marketing (Donegal CEB / Ion Online Marketing / LYIT)


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Certificate in Online Marketing - slides from module #1

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Intro to Online Marketing (Donegal CEB / Ion Online Marketing / LYIT)

  1. 1. • Strategy • Web Design ONLINE • Measurement MARKETING • e-commerce STRATEGY • Reputation and Social • Planning by Niall McKeown • Case Studies commodity vs value proposition Marketing is the art of telling stories Selling is overcoming objections
  2. 2. Strategy strategy architect vs builder Strategy Strategy architect vs builder architect vs builder
  3. 3. Getting Attention Consolidated reporting Viral Marketing Offline Campaigns pushing to online Online Brand Management Online display advertising Video/YouTube Channels Blogging Web Site and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Permission Marketing Affiliate Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Online PR Webinars Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Social Media Podcasting Paying Attention THE COST OF RELATIONSHIPS Website Content Website Design • Ad in business magazine - !500 Email Marketing Pay Per Click • Readers - 10,000 Social Media SEO • Remember Ad = 700 Blogging Display Ads • Act on call-to-action 2% = 14 people Affiliate Online PR Marketing • !35.71 per persons attention Viral Campaigns Accidental Viral
  4. 4. !A written marketing/communications strategy ! Objectives ! Social media engagement policy ! List building strategy ! Resource requirements and role definitions ! Publishing schedule ! Points of integration ! Measurableoutputs; Audience, Engagement, Loyalty, Influence, Action ! Published review calendar Web Design
  5. 5. journey re ctuwo s tru rds design
  6. 6. Design Winner or Relevance Winner?
  7. 7. Design Winner or Experience Winner? Design Winner or Structure Winner? Design Winner or Content Winner? Design Winner or Usability Winner?
  8. 8. Utility versus Significance journey re ctuwo s tru rds design Best Practice words structure journey design
  9. 9. Measuring Your Online Marketing Success measurement Open Rate Click through Unsubscribes Bounce Backs Revenues 0 150 300 450 600 Fathers Day Back To School Mid Season Sale Christmas
  10. 10. Generic Search Hotel Name Brand Title e-commerce Ref & Direct 4% 18% 14% 63%
  11. 11. Consumer Consumer e-commerce Low Cost High Volume Model What Counts Time Investment Cost & Reputation Brand & Attention Cost & Appearing Consumer Consumer
  12. 12. Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer
  13. 13. Consumer Consumer Online Reputation & Social Media reputation
  14. 14. Online Reputation & Social Media social Creating Influence 6 DEGREES OF SEPERATION Connectors Mavens Sales Men
  15. 15. planning Customer Journey Planner © 2009 Objectives Strategy Goal: Getting Attendance At An Event Initial Broadcast Total List With Invite Tactics List Building Review & Change Cleansing Matrix Accept And Sign Up Reject Sign Up Offer Those that do nothing after 3 days Hot Prospects Thank You Email Email Offer to High Other Events In With Offer To Invite Repeat Email Scorer With Special Future Friend Landing Page Publishing Policy Email Day Before Campaign Layout Event With GPS Instructions/Map, Phone Open Email Last Minute & Execution Only Reminder & Publishing Menu and Well Wishing Schedule