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The New Rules For Modern Communications: Owned Media to Agile Engagement at PRSA 2012


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Presentation by PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media, Michael Pranikoff, given at the Public Relations Society of America 2012 International Conference in San Francisco Conference - #PRSAICON . In this presentation, topics discussed include the future of content vs. advertising, search working with social, the importance of visualizing your message, and brand engagement.

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The New Rules For Modern Communications: Owned Media to Agile Engagement at PRSA 2012

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  2. 2. Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoffFollow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  3. 3. Disclaimer:I am not a Guru. I am not an Expert.All tips, recommendations, and ideas are from reading,exploring, and learning anyway that I can. I consider myselfa B+ Student at best.
  4. 4. Engage opportunity across all channels Social Web sites Search Mobile Video sharing CONTENT Blogs Microblogs Print Broadcast
  5. 5. Engage opportunity with all key audiences Investors The Media Decision Bloggers Makers CONTENT Influencers Consumers Shareholders
  6. 6. The “Old” Paradigm – Silos Prevailed PAID EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA A brand pays Publicity gained when A brandto place ad or content an influencer owns in a channel promotes a brand a channel• Advertising • Press pickup • Company blogs• Events • Blog mention • Company website• Direct Marketing • Social sharing • Company social • Word of mouth accounts
  7. 7. SILOS in Corporations are OLD and CRUMBLING Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  8. 8. Communications Comes Into Focus Marketing COMPANIES WANT: • Direct consumer access Public • Opportunities to engage with Relations audiences • Continuous messaging that is easy to share • Analytics, ROI They want to communicate in a Advertising way that combines PR, Marketing & Advertising.
  9. 9. Convergence of Paid, Earned & Owned Media PAID EARNED OWNED The lines between them MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA are blurred Conversation now A brand pays to Publicity gained A brand continues across allplace ad or content when an influencer owns in a channel promotes a brand a channel Earned media is increasing in importance• Advertising • Press pickup • Company blogs Increased mobile usage• Events • Blog • Company is accelerating earned media growth• Direct mention websiteMarketing • Social • Company social Ecommerce is becoming sharing+ MOBILE SOCIAL accounts embedded into all, with • Word of the option to buy from a mouth channel, ad or link
  10. 10. The Unification of Content as a strategic asset in an organization is a competitive differentiator. It is a must in order to be a good storytelling organization.Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  11. 11. CONTENT IS BEING CREATED AROUND THE ORGANIZATION BUT LACKS CONNECTIVE TISSUE. Collateral Case Brand Ad Marketing studies Company s Newsletters CRM PR News Lead & emails Nurture Digital Demos Infographics Testimonials Product Surveys Blog Marketing posts Social Forum discussions Lead Tweets White Generation Mobile papers Facebook posts Apps & Games
  12. 12. COMPANIES MUST UNIFY CONTENT TO SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE.The silos will remain, but must develop a functional layer across all departments to package, repurpose and promote all the content being generated. Brand/ CRM Lead PR Social Digital Product Mobile Lead Generation Marketing Nurture Infographics Case Ad Forum s discussion Testimonials studies Tweets s Collateral Surveys Blog Demos Company Faceboo Newsletters posts White papers News k posts & emails Apps/Games
  13. 13. Content unification allows for your story to be… Amplified – More relevant Told faster once separateto stay ahead of to your audiences content can now based on the current complement one conversation real-time learning another to reach in virtuous loop further Increased ROI from the content and systems you have already invested in
  14. 14. “In 1965, 80 percent of adults could bereached with three 60 second TV spots. Today it requires117 prime time Commercials to produce the same result” -Jim Stengel, Former CMO, P&G Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
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  16. 16. The Emerging Media Landscape User Generated Editorial Consumer Business
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  20. 20. Keller Fay Research 2010Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  21. 21. Keller Fay Research 2010Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  22. 22. + Reach Earned Paid Owned - - + ControlFollow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  23. 23. We Need To Create Proactive Messaging Proactive Messaging Should Be Created With Optimization Proactive Messaging Also Means Creating Content That Is Directional
  24. 24.
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  26. 26. Is Your Content Like A Turtle In A Slow Race?
  27. 27. Or Do You Syndicate Your Content With A Jet Pack?
  28. 28. How About On Here?
  29. 29. Billion Core Searches in July 2012 in the United States
  30. 30. Source:
  31. 31. EndodontistRoot Canal Dentist
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  33. 33. Source: Searchmetrics Report – Google Ranking Factors US – June 2012
  34. 34. A note on Google+: analyzing Google +1s…. we found a significant result of 0.41. From this we can assume that the quantity of +1s has the strongest correlation of any of the metrics analyzed in the study.Source: Searchmetrics Report – Google Ranking Factors US – June 2012
  35. 35. Make Your Content Directional CONTENT
  36. 36. More Multimedia = More Views * The number of stories with downloadable files such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs is significantly fewer than those without, however the data shows the potential for very high visibility when such assets are included along with other multimedia assets. Source: PR Newswire Web Analytics, June 2012
  37. 37. Using multimedia with your content increases engagementAccording to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
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  40. 40. Agile Engagement is a Virtuous CycleWith each rotation, content produced becomes more relevant to youraudience to increase engagement and amplify impact.
  41. 41. Biz Stone – Co-Founder of Twitter Speaking at the PRSA 2012 Opening Keynote
  43. 43. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENTLISTEN, ANALYZE, IDENTIFY & TARGETMEASURE &STRATEGIZE LISTEN & ANALYZE In 2010, State Farm noticed that it had received a better-than-usual reaction (including some play on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) to a video it had created about the dangers of using turkey fryers& Thanksgiving. PROMOTE & ENGAGE at SYNDICATE INTERACT STRATEGIZE In 2011, State Farm’s Heather Paul, a specialist in digital platforms and social media, had a brainstorm. What if she could get William Shatner to talk about his own experience being burned in a turkey fryer mishap?
  44. 44. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENTLISTEN, ANALYZE, IDENTIFY & TARGETMEASURE &STRATEGIZE With Thanksgiving only a few months away, State Farm worked with MultiVu to contact Shatner’s agent. Shatner agreed to tell his story that would become the basis for “Eat, Fry, PROMOTE & Love,” which State Farm described as ENGAGE & a “turkey fryer fire cautionary tale.” INTERACT SYNDICATE
  45. 45. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENT State Farm identified the top three States (Texas, Illinois, & Ohio) as well as the top 10 States where there were Thanksgiving Day related cooking fires.LISTEN, ANALYZE, IDENTIFY & TARGETMEASURE &STRATEGIZE TX IL OH The goal was to raise awareness of cooking related PROMOTE & Thanksgiving Day fires in order to reduce claims. ENGAGE & SYNDICATE State Farm did this by connecting multiple forms of INTERACT content into a single format that people would want to view and share.
  46. 46. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENT State Farm could certainly have posted a multimedia news release (MNR) on its own corporate Web site. But that would have been less effective, Paul says, than doing it throughLISTEN, ANALYZE, PR Newswire, which has an establishedTARGET IDENTIFY & distribution network and enables one-clickMEASURE & sharing to more social media sites thanSTRATEGIZE State Farm could offer on its own. The content was syndicated on November 15, nine days before Thanksgiving Day 2011. PROMOTE & ENGAGE & SYNDICATE INTERACT
  47. 47. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENT MEASURE The video was picked up from the MNR and aired on television in 80 of the 10 top DMAs generating over 35 million views with anLISTEN, ANALYZE, estimated publicity value of $4.7 million IDENTIFY & TARGETMEASURE & The video had over 650K views on State Farm’s YouTube pageSTRATEGIZE An estimated online audience of 23 million from postings and views with a publicity value of $1.8 million State Farm claims of Thanksgiving Day cooking related / grease fire claims dropped by almost 300% with an estimate saving of $1 million in each of the Top 3 States identified as targets. PROMOTE & LISTEN, ENGAGE & SYNDICATE ANALYZE, INTERACT $1M MEASURE & $1M $1M STRATEGIZE
  48. 48. CREATE, CURATE & OPTIMIZE CONTENTaround the campaign still taking place ConversationLISTEN, ANALYZE, IDENTIFY & TARGETMEASURE &STRATEGIZE STRATEGIZE State Farm PR & Marketing proved successful in creating an Owned + Earned Media campaign without a Paid component PROMOTE & ENGAGE & SYNDICATE INTERACT State Farm will look to apply knowledge gained from this success to future public awareness campaigns using online video and hashtags
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  50. 50. Burberry Art Of The Trench Campaign – Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  51. 51. Burberry Art Of The Trench Campaign – Burberry CEO – Andrea Ahrendts Speaking at Google Zeitgeist 2011 Building a Digital Brand Follow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
  52. 52. Publish a steady stream of content TRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT Keep it relevant & interestingFollow The Conversation on Twitter #PRSAICON #Agile
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