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Moreton bay introduction powerpoint and activities


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Geography lesson

Published in: Education
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Moreton bay introduction powerpoint and activities

  1. 1. What’s This?  Where is it?  Why is it important?
  2. 2. Articles  Read the two articles about Morton Bay and summarise the geographical characteristics of the region and current and future threats.  In exactly 50 words!
  3. 3. Mapping Rivers and Landuse  Use the Map of the Brisbane catchment as your basemap. Mark the following on your outline map:  Key cities and towns including Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Caloundra  Islands – North Stradbroke Island, South Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island, Bribie Island and Peel Island  Bays – Moreton Bay, Deception Bay and Bramble Bay  RAMSAR area.
  4. 4. Discussion Questions 1. What types of human activities and land use do you expect to find in the Moreton Bay catchment? Why? 2. What types of human activities do you expect in Moreton Bay itself? 3. What impacts do you think people might have on Moreton Bay? Why? 4. What do you think are the likely impacts of Brisbane being located so close to Moreton Bay? 5. What ecosystems do you expect to find in this area? 6. Are there any similarities between the area you live and Moreton Bay?
  5. 5. Create an overlay to show landuse in the catchment  Use your A4 piece of tracing paper to trace the outline of the map of Moreton Bay. Focus on the coast, key islands etc.  Use the link below to access the different types of land use in the region. Create a key (or use the one on the map) and shade the ways in which land is used in the region.  Ensure you have included BOLTSS. After creating your overlay, answer the following questions: 1. Compare the land use map with the catchment area. Estimate the percentage of land in the catchment which is used for grazing. 2. What are the four main ways in which land is used in the Moreton Bay catchment? 3. For each land use type, predict ways in which this may have an impact on Moreton Bay itself.