The Essence Of Technology Of Bachelor Of Secondary Education Program<br /><ul><li>The Essence of Technology of Bachelor of...
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  1. 1. The Essence Of Technology Of Bachelor Of Secondary Education Program<br /><ul><li>The Essence of Technology of Bachelor of Secondary Education Program The essence of technology in everyone of us not only in Bachelor of Secondary Education Program, it enables us to make our communication easily so the through this we can do everything behind our imagination like making something different or amazing, it also test the creativity and learning of one individual, on how they possess the ability of being knowledgeable and how they practice the art of technology, in which this technology is the first or primary source of wealth of the riches personalities in the whole world. In the term education it has a big connection in the word study. Studying what? New ideas for the new generation in which the technology are involve. The bachelor of secondary education students is the group of persons which are trained to be the one of the best performer in term of technology, trained to learn and add new knowledge and ideas in their mind. We all know that technology has a big function and is very important in our everyday living, it can help us to do something fast and clear, when we hear the word clear it means that it can easily understand. Imagine a life without technology what do you think will happen? For us technology makes everything softly done, through this different appliances gadgets are made even though those things that involve electricity, they are made for each one of us. Everyday in our life there is a technology, the electricity that flow in every wires that makes your light bulb to produce light, of course the television then the electric fan most of us used those thing because we all know that they are not affordable but comfortable to used. Through the modern technology it was so easy for every student to do their homework, project, assignment and even their report nice and presentable but don’t forget to apply your dedication in every work that you need to do. With the use of computer we are able to do all those things. Computer which is the most popular and most versatile form of information technology, in fact most of every individual are defending their selves in the computer because using computer are really nice and you cannot deny that it is a habit too. Most of the general users are use computer for typing, research, reporting and making designs in every project that they will be able to do aside for that each of their knowledge is useful in making their own business. In making household chores most of the appliances are needed so we can avoid spending much time in our work.
  2. 2. Energy is also a technology that gives an opportunity in everything to function and to resist it capabilities and abilities. In Bachelor of Secondary Education program technology are very well used specially while teaching the only thing that you need to do is to prepare your report in Microsoft Power Point, you may used a background and details about your report in every slide you may use a sound effect so it can be more attractive during the presentation or discussion and the listener attention will focused on your report properly. All of the things mention above are the advantages of technology in everyone of us in our everyday living that can makes all better to live life enjoyable but still all things has disadvantages because sometimes they used technology as the source of sorrow because some stole files from the property of other and also most of the student are spend their money in not important things like playing computer games and watching earthly movies instead of doing their assignment or house hold chores.