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Hendix Autho

  1. 1. AUTHOBIOGRAPHY OF HENDRIX CAJANO VALVERDE “Have you heard the news?” “ This is the moment”, “Oh, finally!” “This is the great blessing that we ever had in our entire marriage life” .Oh, thanks to God! “I’m really really happy!” Those expressed exaltations broke the silence of the night. Those people kept on running and felt the tension of that momentous moment as if everyone’s world stopped and waited for that blessing to come. Happiness were seen everywhere. Their eyes flickered as brightly as the moon. The whether also united with the gladness that felt by everyone… because of the new angel brought by GOD to this blissful couple. It was 8:35 of July 18, 1992 when a bouncing baby boy witness the world. His parents HENRY FERNANDEZ VALVERDE and RECY MONFERO CAJANO couldn’t waste each moment that passed by to look after to their first son with the thought that their family is totally complete. The first baby boy of CAJANO VALVERDE FAMILY is baptized in the name HENDRIX CAJANO VALVERDE( aligned with the name of his
  2. 2. father and two older sisters). Hendrix has grown to be a good child, smart boy and now a GOD-FEARING one and a Gentleman. Family, friends and all people closed to him used to call him “PENDIK”. PENDIK is the third child in their family. His eldest sister HERSHEY MAE VALVERDE-DELA ROSA is a teacher and happily married with PHILIP V. DELA ROSA with two kids namely: JAMES BRYLLE and MACHIEVELLI. His second to the eldest sister is an Agricultural Engineering and now working in Manila, she is HARLENE C. VALVERDE and her daughter’s name is ELISHA. His youngest brother is a first year high school student at SINILOAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. When he was young, he is so talented and fun to be with so their neighbors were so happy if stated to dance. So when he entered the school it was never been a surprise when he made it the top. He had multihued days in preparatory where he graduated with honor at Don Felipe Subdivision Day Care Center, Siniloan, Laguna. He was really a smart boy so when he took elementary, he received awards and recognition. He was enrolled at BUHAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from grades one to three and then transferred to ANGELA ONG JAVIER MEMORIAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL due to family and residential reason. His grandmother
  3. 3. TRINIDAD MONFERO CAJANO died so they were forced to occupy the inherited house of his mother. (Before they were living at Mariposa St. Don Felipe Subdivision and because of that incident they left their house and moved to their ancestral house at Gen Luna Wawa Siniloan, Laguna). He continued his study at that school but after a year he was again transferred. He had finished his two more year in elementary at SAN LORENZO RUIZ MONTESSORI CENTER. He graduated with recognition of being the outstanding BOYSCOUT of the Year. In 2006, he entered at SINILOAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, he belonged at the CREAM section, and there he was able to show his talent. When he was second year, he was moved out from cream section but that occurrence in his life had never been a hindrance but it became a way for him to soar high. So he was able to get back in cream section. He said to himself that time that he will really strive for the best, he really made it. He became one of the top and trusted students. His acting talent was also noticed. Also, his other potentials were discerned. He gained confidence. Year 2008-2009, he proved to himself and to other people that high school life made him not just a complete person but a fulfilled individual. He was chosen to play ARCHERY and luckily selected to
  4. 4. join LAGUNA ARCHERS. Together with his co- players, they trained for a month and competed to the other school. They had brought honors and awards to the school because when they became champion. He had garnered gold medal and also his teammates. Sadly, Team of Laguna didn’t make to the top for this year. He joined co-curricular activities such as street dancing and cheering competition. Those activities boosted his confidence and self- esteem. He belonged to top students of that year that made him happiest boy in the world. He graduated with recognitions and honors coming from his teachers, family and friends. In 2009, he took his tertiary level at LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE; he is taking BACHELOR of SECONDARY EDUCATION and planned to take MATHEMATICS as his Major. He really never planned to take that course but because of their financial status he took that course but now beginning to love it. Now, he is enjoying what he has right now. He is happy with what he is doing. For he believed with this: “TIME IS GOLD”.