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Zeedo BrandGames_VC-prese


Published on BrandGames to VCs and FundedByMe crowdfunding

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Zeedo BrandGames_VC-prese

  1. 1. Discovery2Deal Brand Games - turning seconds of attention into revenue FundedByMe -campaign presentation Peter Green, CEO, co-founder [] Introducing Discovery-driven Hybrid Advertising via involving Discovery2Deal Brand Games
  2. 2. Augmented Reality Scanning concept is based on the DOSCOVERY, Image Recognition features, augmenting the brand messages (for example Out of Home, OOH advertising) with personalized offers through smartphone lens -Alternative entries QR codes, NFC tags, direct links, push SMS messages etc…
  3. 3. Discovery2Deal concept Discovery2Deal Brand Games are played within the urban environments–in the cities around the world, just by scanning branded messages with smartphones and receiving tasks within the Brand Game
  4. 4. Discovery2Deal & Outdoor Advertising Out of Home (Outdoor) Advertising will be the first major playground for the Zee-do Brand Games, making ads involving and interactive, enhancing the brand loyalty and commitment. This is the way to make Brand Ambassadors, shared in Social Media.
  5. 5. The Problem: OUR SOLUTION: Brand Manager creates account and specifies campaign parameters at online service. Brand Game is initiated to the existing advertisement Oh, I love Nike. Let’s see what kind of game they have this time, always fun and rewarding. Point and shoot it is. OK… CONSUMER DISCOVERS THE BRAND GAME WITHIN OUTDOOR AD… Consumer opens app and points his phone to ad. Campaign is recognized, Brand Game started and Consumer gets a reward. Brand Manager reviews campaign analytics real - time ZEEDO IS A REAL WORLD BRAND GAME MOBILE SERVICE THAT WILL ENGAGE THE CONSUMER TO THE BRAND VIA A GAME-LIKE EXOERIENCE, REWARDING AT THE END OF THE GAME. INVOLVING!.
  6. 6. The Zee-do Brand Games platform User is in the center, playing the Discovery2Deal Brand Games Brand Games played within Outdoor Ads; on the streets and malls and transportation hubs, where Outdoor Advertising is popular. Games are leading people to go to retail outlets, both traditional and online. “Fun Tribes”, the user created games, are based on Discovery and Actions enabled by the Brand Games –platform The online service/dashboard consists of automated elements, making campaign creation, as well as real time analytics and optimization, easy
  7. 7. Market and Business Model Mobile Augmented Reality and Contextual Mobile Advertising will reach 3 – 4 % of global advertising spend by 2015 with 500 m AR - enabled mobile devices generating advertising revenues of 13.5 Bn$* ZeeDo has an easy start, on-demand, success - based business model with following revenue streams by the advertiser. • Cost per Discovery (CPD, like CPC) – each ZeeDo checkout has a minimal price between 0,05-0,10€ • Cost per Desired Outcome (CpDO, like CPA) – each played Brand Game has a game specific price of 1-2€ • Real-time Metrics and Analytics, Campaign Optimization as well as tailored Brand Games fees (project based, 1-2K€) ZeeDo is in early Alpha - phase (Launched at SXSW in March 2013) moving into Beta with functioning prototype for both advertisers and consumers during Q4 2013 * Source: CMA Research Berg Consulting, Dec 2010. MAR Research Juniper Research, Feb 2011
  8. 8. Zee.Do Rockin’ Team w/ Long Mobile Experience Peter Gréen Former Head of Mobile, Satama Interactive 15 years+ Tapio Hämeen - Anttila Former Global Head of Operations, NAVTEQ 15 years+ 15 years+ Ismo Rantala Co – Founder of Mobile Monday, Former Managing Director, Finnish Mobile Association PETER has a long history in digital marketing, and has specialized into mobile and connecting “people & places” with mobile since 1997. Currently multitasking with multiple projects, including Digital Evangelist tasks at Clear Channel Outdoor, getting ready to rock the world with Brand Games as a full time CEO TAPSA has a long history within Nokia and Navteq location based mobile advertising in mobile. Currently spending his time in developing various gamification concepts and algorithms, and getting ready to rock the world with Brand Games as a full time CTO ISMO has a long history in all things mobile, has been running Mobile Monday’s worldwide, the Finnish Mobile Association and currently the Nest New York accelerator in New York.. As a Chairman he is located where the main media markets are, in the New York City, and is getting ready to rock the world with Brand Games as active COB and CFO Together the founding team has approximately 50 years of experience within the Digital- and espevially Mobile industry – and there’s just three of them. Take a closer look at their LinkedIn profiles!
  9. 9. Game On! We Want You!! is participating into FundedByMe crowdfunding program, and we want you to join our team for World Domination We are looking for new owners, who might end up being in our Board or Advisory Team and our Ambassadors. Here are few quotes received by our unofficial advisors, our friends. We need more of these to make the dream come reality. Have a quote on in mind – let us hear it ”Modern marketing platform” ”People See and People Do” ”Discovery2Deal” ”Brand Games” ”Involvement Game” ”Adwords for the real world” ”Games for Urban Environments” Brand Games is starting on FundedByMe on November 2013 – we are looking for serious ambassadors, and now it’s easy to join in with Crowdfunding. Welcome!!