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Rehaboo! pitch deck december2017_pitch txtbox


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Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified angel round pitch deck.

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Rehaboo! pitch deck december2017_pitch txtbox

  1. 1. Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified > Peter Green; Co-founder, CEO. Pitch Deck Angel Round 2017/2018 / / +358 40 5707 911 PITCH: the spoken words: Rehaboo! Physiotherapy lacks motivation. We make kids, and elderly, and later working adults too, to do physiotherapy exercises in front of the large screens If you saw us at SLUSH, or other events we have been – this is the PITCH you have heard: the spoken words on each slide: =>
  2. 2. PITCH: the spoken words: Physiotherapy Gamified. We motivate patients to commit to rehab via gamification - using their own body as controller Rehaboo! Squat is our first game, MVP out in a month (12/2017)
  3. 3. PITCH: the spoken words: Here’s the gameplay – squat to move the handcar, collect diamonds with your hands, watch out for the obstacles. It’s race game like Minecraft’s mine cart and HUGO back in the day Fun, Empowering, Measurable.
  4. 4. Rehaboo! started from involving marketing campaign for Polar, where game played with movement sensor was used to motivate for empowerment Clear path: first children/pediatric hospitals, then elderly, then working adults Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified PITCH: the spoken words: Our user tests show that kids love to play with movement – and we bet that elderly love it too. Our first elderly game is called ”Walk in a Park”
  5. 5. YES WE CAN. YES WE DO! • Working with Movement Sensing tech; Microsoft Kinect, Intel Realsense, Orbbec Persee, and soon AI with normal cameras • Hardware is not our business, exergame software is • Physiotherapy & esp remote training lacks motivation (and training, too). We bring motivation, with empowerment • Fun, rewarding, measurble • Main business is in measurable remote (home) training. Multiple devices = multiple licences • v Yes, Apple is in the game as well with their TrueDepth camera… so far just Poop Animojis PITCH: the spoken words: We are working with Movement Sensing, making physiotherapy Fun, Empowering and Measurable. HOWEVER remote training is NOT done well at the moment. Patients lack motivation and we bring trough empowerment.
  6. 6. The Rehaboo! squatting team our founder team is awesome - multitalented & diverse • Peter Green, Innovator, serial entrepreneur & CEO, Sensei. Co-founder • Katju Lähteenaro, Foot therapist/podiatrist, COO. Co-founder • Jukka Naskali, Social Services & Empowerment expert. Co-founder • Matias Koskinen, CTO, Head of all things tech. Co-founder • New co-founders Jukka Aho & Mikko Mikkola add value, since May 17 PITCH: the spoken words: Rehaboo team is awesome. Me with 20 years of business experience, 3 just graduated multitalents as co-founders. And the new co-founders bring seniority with me. Our Network is awesome, too. GE Healthcare for example.
  7. 7. 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 1 2 3 4 Rehaboo! 1+10+100+300= 411 -chart 2017 (1) 2018 (10) 2019 (100) 2020 (300) Customers.1+10+100+300 • 1+10+100+300=411 is our careful scenario, w/ kids and the elderly • Working Adults will add a lot to this – not even estimated yet • Average Annual Revenue per Hospital: 42.000 € (SaaS) – with remote dev’s • Average Revenue per Care Home: 9.000 € (SaaS). Recurring revenues PITCH: the spoken words: Our business model & Hockey Stick are awesome too: 10 customer deliveries in 2018 – 100 in 2019 – 300 in 2020 We are in the SaaS business. License model leads to recurring revenues. And it’s scalable. Games sold to children’s hospitals, for multiple devices, with multiple licenses. Centric devices for care homes.
  8. 8. WHAT A BUSINESS • Physiotherapy equipment: • Worth 20 Bn $ • 7% growth • Children’s rehab: • 500+ pediatric hosps • Gamification ! • Elderly market: • Worth 720 Bn $ • 6% growth • Internationalization plans: • Finland & S-Africa • Sweden, Denmark • UK, Germany • USA (ASIA then, too) PITCH: the spoken words: Worldwide physiotherapy equipment market is big and growing. There’s over 500 Children’s hospitals globally Elderly market is huge, and also growing We start with Finland and Nordics, with pilot project in South Africa, thanks to GE. Then moving on to central Europe and eventually to US
  9. 9. ANGEL ROUND. RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW • Looking for 150-250K€ Angel/pre-seed investment • For scaling up to international with pediatric hospitals, and reaching new target audience, the elderly • This investment will be doubled with Tekes R&D loan in 2018 • EXIT strategy 2020, bought by a bigger rehabilitation player, hospital chain… 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 1 2 3 4 Rehaboo! 1-10-100-300 chart 2017 (1) 2018 (10) 2019 (100) 2020 (300) PITCH: the spoken words: Our round is open!!! We need 150-250K€ now, to scale up internationally, and create new games, also for the elderly. We plan to join Tekes Innovation fund research project, fun, and thus double the collected money right away Q1/2018 Exit in 2020 when we will be bought by some of the industry giants
  10. 10. / Thank You Very Much - Now Let’s Do Some Squats PITCH: the spoken words: Let’s talk more! /Boo & the squatting team