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Buying Media in An Inbound Way

  1. Inbound Buying Media The Opportunity for Agencies
  2. Paid, Earned, Then Owned Traditional agencies spend their client’s money first on ads. Their PR firms are still trying to earn it. While big agencies talk about “owned media”, they don’t do it that often.
  3. Own, Earned, Then Paid Inbound marketing agencies don’t buy a lot of media for clients. They ‘build to own’ and they earn it quite frequently. But they don’t pay for it that often.
  4. Inbound Media Buying Will Change All of That
  5. HubSpot’s Partnership Program for Media Companies But more specifically… The Opportunity for Agencies Announcing the [very soft*] Launch of …. *As in we’re only posting this on slideshare. And we’re only doing that so that we can tell existing HubSpot agency partners. We’d actually prefer that you don’t read it if you’re not a certified partner. You’re not really ready for this .
  6. Introductions Peter Caputa IV Melanie Collins VP Sales, HubSpot Agency Partner Program Founder @pc4media Media, Sales & Partner Program Manager, HubSpot @melaniecollins1
  7. Mea Culpa #1 Advertising = Outbound* *Assuming it doesn’t interrupt people, and it’s targeted in a way that the person finds it relevant to them.
  8. Sponsored Content = New Black
  9. Mea Culpa #2 Stop Selling Campaigns/Projects
  10. RETAINERS CAMPAIGNS and PROJECTS* *Sell Retainers. Then, sell campaigns and projects on top of them.
  11. Why?
  12. 2 REASONS Photo Credit: Trey Songz & T.I.
  13. Reason # 1 Inbound’s Barrier to Entry…
  14. Reason # 2 Massive Missed Opportunity… Source: Gartner US Digital Marketing Spending, 2013 Survey
  15. Reason # 3 (for the non-inbound ad agencies who ignored my earlier request to stop reading) So, you think all the action is in “programmatic ad buying”? It’s not. It’s content, stupid… Source: How to Measure the ROI of Inbound Using HubSpot … While ad agencies are trying to fit their creative in banner ads , text ads and 140 character sponsored tweets to grab awareness, impressions and maybe some clicks, inbound agencies are building ebooks, creating videos and writing blog post series in order to capture leads and sales for their clients.
  16. The Solution Photo Credit: Ben+Sam
  17. We’ve Been Training Them* “Them” = media and publishing companies. They are using HubSpot and the methodology above to drive more meaningful, ongoing results for their advertisers: leads and sales; not impressions and awareness. That’s right – Buzzfeed isn’t the only using technology to innovate!
  18. Your Client = Their Advertisers Yes, This note is snarky. But, it’s true, right?
  19. 2 Ways for Agencies to Work with HubSpot’s Media Partners
  20. Two Situations For Your Prospect 1. Having trouble justifying 12- month multi-$k retainer + HubSpot subscription? 2. Partner with a media company who reaches their audience. Then, sell a campaign instead. 3. You create offer and promotional copy. Media company hosts and promotes landing page via their channels. 4. Deliver leads to client. For your Client 1. Having trouble generating the right volume of quality leads quickly enough for your client? 2. Build offers and landing pages on client’s portal. 3. Work with media campaigns to promote client’s offer via sponsored content, email, ads, social, etc. 4. Leads delivered to client.
  21. CTA Landing page Forms Contacts Database Social Inbox Email and workflows Whitepaper Newsletter Offer: Workstations whitepaper • 13,834 views • 4,038 leads • 24% purchased w/in 90 days • 33% still evaluating vendors Campaign Example #1 (B2B)
  22. CTA Landing page Forms Contacts Database Social Inbox Email and Workflows Sponsored article eNewsletter Digital Display Offer 1: ebook Offer 2: Webinar Offer 3: Demo Request • 1600 people visited ebook landing page • 826 Downloaded the ebook • 93 watched the webinar • 13 requested a demo Campaign Example #2 (B2B SQLs)
  23. On-air promos Display ads Text messages Landing page Forms Contacts Database Social Media Email and Lead Nurturing 1,000 leads ready to buy 1-6 mo. 5 Pools sold, $35,000 ASP 10,000 landing page visits 5,000 leads 1,100 leads ready to buy 1-6 mo. 9 Cars sold, $29,700 ASP Campaign Example #3 (B2C)
  24. This Landing Page and corresponding CTA were created by Freedom and promoted through digital display, social media, and email. CTA Landing page Forms Contacts Database Social Inbox Email Newspaper Banner Ad Social Media Offer: Cosmetic Seminar By local plastic surgeon • 604 viewed landing page • 62 attended live seminar Campaign Example #4 (B2C)
  25. How to Get Started • Consult our spreadsheet of media partners.* • Identify prospects or clients who could benefit from their reach. • Reach out to them using the contact information in the spreadsheet. • Talk about how you can run a campaign together for your client. • Give us feedback.** * We will be constantly adding to this list. Check back frequently. ** We are looking for examples of HubSpot agency partners and HubSpot media partners running a campaign together - to feature at Inbound.

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