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Lead Your Industry: Data-Driven Strategies to Build Influence through Guest Content


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Building credibility in your industry is no easy task. By publishing in external niche publications, you create unique opportunities to showcase your expertise, tap into new audiences, and build influence.

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Lead Your Industry: Data-Driven Strategies to Build Influence through Guest Content

  1. 1. Ma Kamp | Director of Strategic Partnerships at Influence & Co. Data-Driven Strategies To Get Your Content Published on Influential Sites May 2015 Presentation
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  3. 3. Ma Kamp - Influence & Co. - @thema kamp Ma Kamp is the director of strategic partnerships at Influence & Co., a content marketing firm that specializes in helping companies showcase their expertise through thought leadership. Influence & Co.’s clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 brands. Thue Madsen - KISSmetrics - @ThueLMadsen Thue is the KISSmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Specialist. Before joining forces with KISSmetrics, he was a Ly driver in SF, which is also how he ended up as a KISSmetrics marketer. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him fishing and hiking in the Sierras.
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  5. 5. 1 Section One - How to build influence with content 2 Section Two - The Thought Leadership Approach 3 Section Three - Content marketing is the new SEO Table of Contents 4 Section Four - How to create content editors crave 5 Section Five - How Influence & Co. works with clients to achieve their business goals through contributed content
  7. 7. Section One 80% of business decision- makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.
  8. 8. The Solution Guest publishing thought leadership content. Section One
  9. 9. Section One Content marketing is all about PEOPLE
  10. 10. Section Two - The Thought Leadership Approach 2
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  12. 12. Taking a Thought Leadership Approach to Content Marketing Section Two • Goals + benefits • How contributed content fits into your overall marketing plan • Increase qualified leads
  13. 13. Section Three - Content marketing is the new SEO 3
  14. 14. It Builds Natural “SEO” Section Three • Long tail searches are up 68% since 2004. Easiest way to rank for long tail keywords is content marketing. • Source: QuickSprout
  15. 15. How SEO and Content Fuel Each other Section Three 1. Create content your audience is searching for 2. Take the conversation to the next level 3. Tailor content to the buyer’s journey
  16. 16. Top of the Funnel Awareness Content Marketing Funnel Content here should largely be educational and help the individuals connect the dots from the problem to how they may be able to solve it. Example: An educational e-book explaining more about your industry. Middle of the Funnel Consideration Our goal is to present them with the solution and show them the complexities and expertise involved in doing it well, which will overwhelm them and convince them that they want help implementing the solution. Example: Guides, and best practices Content focused on truly identifying your company as the best solution is ideal here. Example: Case studies, comparison documents, and trial offers focused on why your company is an ideal solution to the problem Bottom of the Funnel Decision
  17. 17. Section Four - How to create content editors crave 4
  18. 18. How Brands Can Get Published Section Four 1. Document your content strategy 2. Research the publication’s audience 3. Share your expertise & get personal 4. Back it up with data 5. Perfect your piece before submission
  19. 19. Document a Content Strategy Only 35% of marketers have a documented content strategy. -Content Marketing Institute.
  20. 20. What Your Content Strategy Needs Section Four • Is your content relevant to the publication? • Is it non-promotional? • Does it engage and educate the readers? • Is it unique?
  21. 21. Research the Publication’s Audience Section Four • Established goals • A target audience • Key metrics
  22. 22. What Editors Of The Top Online Publications Had to Say Section Four
  23. 23. Share Your Expertise & Get Personal Section Four “It’s imperative to get direct content and insights from key players in the industry, whether they are peers of our readers or general colleagues.”
 — Editor surveyed in the State of Contributed Content Report
  24. 24. Organize Your Expertise With a Company Knowledge Bank Section Four
  25. 25. 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Knowledge Bank Section Four 1. Update it regularly 2. Keep you're audience in mind. 3. Crowdsource the knowledge 4. Organize your info by category & keywords 5. Make it accessible
  26. 26. Back Your Content Up With Data
  27. 27. Perfect Your Piece Section Four • Be a perfectionist - edit your work! • Fact check • Plagiarism check • Tool: Copyscape
  28. 28. Section Five - How Influence & Co. works with clients to achieve their business goals through contributed content 5
  29. 29. Yuriy Boykiv CEO Gravity Media Luba Tolkachyov Co-Founder, New Media Development Gravity Media
  30. 30. Goals Section Five • Position Gravity as a leader in multicultural marketing. • Publish consistent content to individually position Yuriy and Luba as thought leaders • Drive additional exposure to Gravity • Create sales opportunities.
  31. 31. Our Process
  32. 32. Key ROI Points Section Five • Early invite-only contributors to LinkedIn • Inc. weekly columnist • Numerous Agency Awards (Ad Age, Agency 100) • Speaking opportunities and further press coverage • Credited content as key sources to 2 major accounts in 201
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  35. 35. Questions? Ma Kamp Director of Strategic Partnerships Influence & Co. @thema kamp ma Thue Madsen Marketing Operations Manager KISSmetrics @ThueLMadsen
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